Snow Apocalypse at PG!

Hey! Good evening from cold and blustery WI. As I’m sure you already know we’re in the midst of yet another “winter storm warning” that’s affecting the entire country from Maine all the way to California. Starting out this morning we woke up to about about five inches of new snow here at Primitive Gatherings, which was actually exactly how much local meteorologists said we’d get in the first round (they were actually right for once – how strange). The next wave of heavy snow started this afternoon and is predicted to go strong all the way into Thursday, so I spent most of my day trying to get everything squared away in the studio in case it’s even worse tomorrow. You never can tell what these storms will do and from what they’re saying, this one sounds particularly nasty. 40+ mph winds, frigid temps, ice storms, snow squalls, and torrential rain in some more southern places…Yikes! Given the weather prediction track record for storms so far this year, all I can say is I’ll believe it when I see it. We might get dumped on and it might just be light snow – only time will tell. In the meantimeI found this extremely accurate weather map to help give you an idea of what we’re expecting up here:

Ha ha – see what I did there!? All joking aside, I’ve been pretty disappointed with our blizzard season so far this winter. I can recall several times when “the big one” was predicted and everyone panicked and bought up all the bottled water and toilet paper, only to get a mere five inches or less. To some that might sound like a lot, but if you’re from WI you know that though five inches of snow maybe enough to cause a bit of mess and delay, it’s not enough by any means to shut us down. When I hear the snow apocalypse is on the way, I want a good old fashioned white out, snowed in, travel impossible = snow day kind of storm! I’m sick of the piddly stuff that’s not even good for sports. All it does is make a mess!

On the bright side, snowy and cold weather is also perfect stitching weather. There are plenty of bright, sunny, HOT days ahead so I’m embracing the opportunity to stay inside and stitch while I can. Even though it’ll be a while before sandy beaches, state fairs, fireworks, Harley rides, and bonfires will be on the agenda, it’s always a good thing if you can get spring and summer-themed projects started or even finished ahead of time.

Speaking of state fair season, with the holidays getting in the way it’s been a while since I’ve done a PG Ribbon Winner’s Circle mention. If you’re not familiar, it’s where I take a moment to give credit to my fellow stitchers who have won an award for a Primitive Gatherings design that they personally made and entered into a juried show or contest. I love PG Ribbon Winner’s posts because I think it’s super important to recognize creativity and talent, and to pay homage to those who excel at what they do. Nothing inspires me more than seeing the creativity and accomplishments of others. That being said, without further ado let’s get started with this month’s featured ribbon winners!

The first quilt I’d like to talk about comes to us from Roxanna H. She entered her mini quilt, Friendship Rose into the 2022 Fulton County, OH fair and won 1st place for her needlework in the Wall Hanging – Senior Division. Check out her masterpiece… Just awesome!

Friendship Rose is a beautiful miniature quilt that I designed with the intention of displaying it in a variety of fashions. This stunning piece looks awesome both hanging on the wall or set out on your favorite table as a mat. It is a wool on cotton appliqué quilt that features a floral motif perfect for spring and summer décor. If you’re looking for a petite project that’s not too difficult, Friendship Rose fits the bill. At 18″ x 18″ this little gem is a nice size if you’re new to the art of wool appliqué and don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. Or, if you’re a seasoned quilter, it makes for a fast and easy project if you’re looking for something you can accomplish in a short amount of time. As a special bonus, half-square triangle paper is included in the pattern to make your life that much easier. Dark and light versions are available. What do you think? If this pattern fits your stitching agenda you can get everything you need to make it by clicking the button below!

The other piece I’d like to show off today is coincidentally another stitcher from the great state of Ohio. Diane Ziegler submitted her finished piece, Everlasting into both the Champaign County, OH fair and Franklin County, OH in 2022 and impressively took Best of Show in both events.

Isn’t it gorgeous? Impressive work, Diane! If you’re a fan of spring, flowers, and wool appliqué, Everlasting is for you! It features flowers, birds, cottages in the woods, and the words, “Life in Full Bloom” in the center. At 60″ x 60″ this quilt is a nice size if you’re breaking out of the “newbie” zone in wool appliqué quilting and looking for something a bit more challenging, yet you don’t want to give your life away in order to accomplish it. Whether you display this versatile design on the wall or as a bed cover, you can’t go wrong with Everlasting.” If you want the pattern and kit for yourself simply hit the button below to order!

I really hope you are enjoying these little virtual awards ceremonies. A while back I received a great response when I made my initial call-out for winner submissions, so I have a few more to share with you in future posts. I think it’s super important to recognize creativity and talent and to pay homage to those who excel at what they do, so I’m doing my best to make this a monthly thing. That being said, I need more submissions! Do you have an award winning PG quilt in your personal collection? I would absolutely LOVE to see it! If you’d like your quilt shown here on the blog please email a photo of it along with your name and state your from to my trusty blog manager Heidi at: Please include the story behind the quilt you made, why you chose it, the event you were in, the award you won, and any bumps in the road you may have encountered throughout the process. Please also include any information you have on the contest/show that it was in so we can make sure to give you proper and accurate credit!

Alright friends, Jess just came up to the studio to tell me that the roads are horrible and that I need to either get going or hunker down for the night… I think hunkering down at the retreat center is actually not a bad idea to be honest (I’ll take any excuse to sleep in those heavenly beds… Sorry Nick! Looks like you’re on your own tonight!). I am currently working on quilt samples for Joyful Gatherings plus a few other future projects, so staying over at the retreat house is actually a really good idea for a couple of reasons. It takes the risk of driving on these roads out of the game, plus I know after a night or two there I’l be way ahead of schedule on my current projects. Sounds like a plan!!!

Just a heads up – we plan on doing everything as usual tomorrow as far as shop hours and our LIVE show goes, however, if Mother Nature decides to be “that way” we may have to change some things around. Please stay tuned to our facebook page and my blog for updates on any closings that may occur! And PLEASE – if you’re planning to drive in from Timbuktu on your only day off in the last six months for that ball of Valdani you’ve been craving, please, please, PLEASE call the shop ahead of time to make sure we’re open. I don’t want anyone making the trip on dangerous roads for no reason! That’s just silly. The number to the shop is 920-722-7233. If you have trouble getting through, please try again. If you try again and there is still no answer, it’s safe to say we’re closed. Everyone stay safe and warm! See you soon. ~Lisa


33 responses to “Snow Apocalypse at PG!”

  1. Pat Widmaier Avatar
    Pat Widmaier

    Honestly, I’d rather have the snow than what we’re dealing with down in good ol SE Wisconsin. It’s been sleeting, freezing rain and now the power outages are happening. Fortunately, right now I’m hunkered down with power, a warm quilt, and decisions to make for background fabric for the 2023 quilt, Carousel! Thanks to all for a great start of 2023! Love everything in the first box! Stay safe everyone!

    Pat W

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We’re so glad you’re safe Pat!

      1. Pat Widmaier Avatar
        Pat Widmaier

        Thanks! Me too. It’s nasty out there. Hope you guys don’t get too much more. Stay safe!

  2. Linda E Avatar
    Linda E

    Stay safe! Stitching is good regardless of the weather, as long as the electricity doesn’t go out!
    It is 80° in Central TX. We are using the air conditioner. Crazy weather for sure.

  3. Carmen N Avatar
    Carmen N

    There’s nothing like a “snow day” to get things done. They were the best when I was a kid and even now as a bigger kid. I always love to see the finishes by other quilters! Thanks for the mini quilt show.

  4. Sandi Avatar

    So glad your staying put. I’m just north of Weyauwega on White Lake, even my dog doesn’t want to go out. Italian beef in the crock pot, working on bindings, love your needles. Almost as much as I love Italian beef.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Heck yeah Sandi! It’s nasty out there. 10 is a bear!

  5. Debie Kasparek Avatar
    Debie Kasparek

    Stay safe and warm! Wish we had some snow in Texas it’s supposed to be 80 degrees here! Stitching on numerous PG projects and love them all. Love seeing all the beautiful winners quilts!

  6. lee Avatar

    Glad Pat is safe and I understand – SE MI here and freezing rain, sleet, and snow now on top but at least no power outages! Be safe everyone! I love seeing all the quilts everyone has made! Awesome!

    1. Pat Widmaier Avatar
      Pat Widmaier

      Thanks Lee. So far so good…no outages here but good portion of my neighborhood is out. Going to be a long night

  7. Debby Hillstead. Avatar
    Debby Hillstead.

    Isn’t Mother Nature fickle? At my house in Utah mountains, we have had 4+ feet and 10+ feet where we have plowed and piled. Thus storm has clobbered the other side of the mountain but we are looking at less than 6” so far. Staying inside to stitch and sew. Everyone stay safe.

  8. Donna Schulz Avatar
    Donna Schulz

    It’s amazing how different the 2 color versions of Friendship Rose look. Both beautiful! I keep waiting for that 3 day blizzard. Haven’t had one of those for a few years in our area. Perfect stitching weather. Although I don’t need any excuses to stitch!

  9. alice vail Avatar

    Your weather forecast was amusing, and probably accurate. Love the PG Ribbon Winner’s quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    Isn’t it nice to be able to walk next door and have a comfy bed and sewing all night. Stay safe and warm. I love seeing the quilts that have been entered into a show.

  11. Jeanne Fuelling Brown Avatar
    Jeanne Fuelling Brown

    I also miss having a good ol’ fashion white out blizzard! These piddly things we have been having isn’t worth all the noise they are getting. I will take a truck load of snow over a teaspoon of ice any day. Enjoy your time at the Retreat House, poor Nick!!!

  12. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
    Tammy Marquardt

    It looks like we’re getting the snow you wanted! Maybe even more?

  13. Jennifer Roth Avatar
    Jennifer Roth

    Hello from Missouri where today we had threats of a tornado and hail as it was 70 degrees outside. Hard to believe this is winter. Too early for spring storms and honestly as much as I dread wintertime, being so warm in the winter is not always good either. I had to laugh the comment of Lisa stating people are stocking up on water. I work for a bread company and bad winter weather always influences our sales. 🙂 While it is not snowing, I am following Lisa’s influence to stitch every day and working on 1883. Enjoy the evening working on those quilts!

  14. Barbara Avatar

    Oh it’s a real old fashioned blizzard now! Yikes. Plenty of wind, snow, and white outs. Enjoy your sewing time. Stay warm!

  15. Linda Kau Avatar

    I had to chuckle at your title, Snow Apocalypse. Here in South Central Alaska we’re preparing for another double winter storm go-around. One is hitting the western area already and another one follows close on it’s heels. Anchorage already shows a record breaking snowfall for the winter, 80″ so far with more expected. High winds have done a fine job of knocking down signs and blowing siding off buildings. 2022 began AND ended with winds that are called hurricane force in the lower 48. Up here we just say “it’s windy today.” But we’re prepared to sew, snow or no snow. After all, that’s what it is all about at my house.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Isn’t it funny how depending on where you’re from, for some even an inch of snow can seem like a snow apocalypse! All said and done we got about 10″. I was hoping for more!

  16. Mary Ann Scanlon Avatar

    Living in So Cal the threat of major rain and wind is enough to keep us hunkered down! Stay warm and safe.

  17. Geri Sherwood Avatar
    Geri Sherwood

    Love the quilts. Just awesome!’
    I had to look at the snow map twice. Yikes!! Can the weatherman be wrong😂. I would love to see that forecast!! Be safe my friends up north!!!

  18. Sue Hoover Avatar
    Sue Hoover

    Beautiful quilts! Nice job, ladies!! Glad you decided to stay put for the night. We certainly don’t want anyone out on treacherous roads. Stay safe, stay warm!

  19. Nancy Black Avatar
    Nancy Black

    Love your story telling! Hope you get the snow you desire and gets lots done on all your projects!

  20. Patricia Laforest Avatar
    Patricia Laforest

    I’m making friendship rose right now! Probably won’t be entering it in any shows.

  21. Teresa Evenhouse Avatar

    I love seeing other people’s winning quilts. They are all just gorgeous! I’m fairly new to wool applique and am in awe of others stitching. We got an ice storm here yesterday and so may tree branches are downed, I’d much rather have a foot of snow. Have a great day!!

  22. Pam Avatar

    Thank you Lisa! Very stunning quilts!

    Received a LOT of snow here in Minnesota too. Great stitching weather!

  23. Gloria Waisanen Avatar
    Gloria Waisanen

    Heading from Moose Lake, MN to more snow in Lake Tahoe tomorrow. Bringing wool box items with that are ready to stitch.

  24. Doris Marie Avatar
    Doris Marie

    Hello from Cincinnati OH where one snowflake falling from the sky is enough to declare a snow emergency and close everything down. Would love to be in your area with all that gorgeous snow! Loved your old shop and are looking forward to driving up and visiting your new shop.

  25. Carol Balley Avatar
    Carol Balley

    I think you better check your spelling – it’s Maine not Main

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Thanks – corrected.

  26. carinmik84 Avatar

    Yup good ol Wisconsin winter again, and I would love to be a meteorologist in WI it is the only job where is you guess it is “ok” to be off, (unlike quilting) off by 1/4″ can be devas ting. Happy stitching and “Winter” to all, BRING ON SPRING!!!

  27. Polly Perkins Avatar
    Polly Perkins

    Well…. on the border between Illinois and Wisconsin we got freezing rain, sleet, and wind. We did not have power yesterday for 7 hours. That meant no sewing either. The mail was delivered and my quilt box arrived on my front steps. That was a tease because I could not even sew. The ice is still clinging to the trees and lots of branches are down today. It got cold in the house but I had quilts and cats to keep me fairly warm.

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