SAVE 20% on Lakeside Gatherings Flannels!

Hello, hello everyone! I’m currently on my way back home to WI with another successful International Quilt Market officially under my belt. I can’t wait to tell you about it, but I’m actually traveling as we speak and only have a few minutes to chat, so I’ll have to wait until this Thursday on my LIVE show to share it all with you. Right now, I just wanted to jump on while I had the opportunity to give anyone who may have missed today’s POP-Up CommentSold SALE a big heads up that you can still get 20% OFF all Lakeside Gatherings Flannels kits, pre-cuts, and project book now through 11:59 p.m. tomorrow – Tuesday, October 31st, 2023 on CommentSold (sorry, sale does not include yardage, or items sold in-store or through our regular website)!

In case you’re not familiar with CommentSold yet or just still iffy on the idea, let me explain why we decided to introduce it to Primitive Gatherings. Since we’re no longer able to air our weekly LIVE show, Shop Talk with Shelley, we wanted to replace it with something fun that would still allow you the opportunity to see what’s new in the shop, and to quickly make purchases right from the comfort of your easy chair (or office chair – shhhh). It’s super easy and fun to participate. You can join us through your smart device or computer – whatever works best for you! Please note that though we do run sales quite often through CommentSold, the items we offer for sale through the platform are not necessarily discounted. They may also include new inventory, things we have an abundance of, or items with extremely limited quantities. Interested in learning more? Click HERE to read my blog post on how to get the Primitive Gatherings CommentSold App FREE!

Hopefully by the time most of you read this I’ll be back on WI soil and settling in for the night. Nothing better than getting home after traveling – that’s for sure! I’m really looking forward to it. As long as all goes well in Jess Land and she doesn’t slip too far under the weather, I will see you all in the comments tomorrow during CommentSold at our normal time of 10:00 a.m. CST! If not, we will certainly let you know. Either way, have a wonderful night, happy flannel shopping, and I’ll see you soon! ~LHB

8 responses to “SAVE 20% on Lakeside Gatherings Flannels!”

  1. Rosemary Avatar

    Safe travels on your way home to your loved ones 😘

  2. Jane Noble Avatar
    Jane Noble


  3. Barb R. Avatar
    Barb R.

    Safe travels…get back before the snow flurries!!!!

  4. Shari Avatar

    Got hold of some of that Lakeside last week. I love that line!

  5. Sherry Cowley Avatar
    Sherry Cowley

    You’ll see me at The Gathering on the 13th; can’t wait. Hope Jess went home today and took a nap. Enjoy sleeping in your own bed tonight!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      She actually did Sherry! The girls chased her out as soon as CS was over. She feels much better today!

  6. Audrey Moore Avatar
    Audrey Moore

    Thank you, Lisa! Order placed this morning for items on my radar for quite some time! Wishing you safe travels!

  7. Connie Thomas Avatar
    Connie Thomas

    Woohoo hope you made it back safe and sound.. Love love love lakeside gatherings

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