weekend at anchor point…

Well I’ve been home a whole week…still moving “stuff” from the old house to the new…little by little…we are living at Anchor Point…but we still have about 40% of our stuff to move out of the old house…I spent some time sewing in my new studio…I am “functional”, but not “pretty” yet…I want to live in the space before I decide to decorate it…My space is amazing…I have everything from the old home studio plus what I had at the lakehouse, so 2 sewing stations, 2 pressing stations…3 cutting tables and a sitting area…plus a bunch of built in storage…I do not have a fabric vault..but you can’t have it all!  Why does one need all of this?…I plan on working at home Mondays and Fridays and Amy my assistant may be with me some of that time. I plan on going into the work studio tues-thursdays working 12 hour days…so thats the plan…wonder if it will work?

This made be laugh so I thought I would share…Jeter (who is my dog, he was really supposed to be Nick’s but they really choose us) who spends time with me when I stitch…was checking out all the “new” spots in his new studio…IMG_5952IMG_5949IMG_5947

So far I have nothing in any of these cabinets….hmmm I know I have lots of things to put in them…but what should I really put in there???  I promise to show real pics again when it’s decorated.

I am stitching on a quilt from my fabric line…The Farmer’s Son..Wool & Needle Flannels IV.  Does this ever happen to you? IMG_5941 It happens because I layer 4-5 fabrics when cutting…but here is my solution…I may not even need this one as I always have extras but just in case…IMG_5942IMG_5943I have a wonderful selection of permanent Sharpies…IMG_5944I use them when needed…I sometimes have to “fix” things…so I’m prepared…Now you know we will only see a little bit of this right?  Have you ever done this?

Well really there is a lot going on here in my world.  I have the pieced SBOW figured out..we are also doing an EPP(English Paper pieced SBOW too, and I think I might have settled on the wool appliqué one……just thought I would touch base and let you know I’m working hard and will be sharing soon!

I also got to hang out with “little man” today…he was so much fun…he’s gonna be a little dare-devil…IMG_5963gee I don’t know where any of that comes from!!! IMG_5961Happy Sunday!!!


PS…If you have read this to the end…It’s National Quilting Day…Leave me a comment at the end of this post on what you are stitching on and I will pick some winners!  I will pick tomorrow night when I’m in my hotel room in MI for a workshop and guild meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday…they will be mystery packages!  So fun!

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

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  1. I have used the sharpie methods a few times too. I am working on a baby quilt for my new nephew. Lots of bright colors.

    1. Love your storage space in new studio. It is beautiful. I am working on a sunbonnet sue – recreating a quilt my grandmother did in the 40’s or 50’s for a family reunion.

  2. I’m stitching a couple of orange peel mini quilts–one for me, one for my cousin.

    Your stash of Sharpies made me laugh. I have similar Ball jars filled with sharpened pencils and my favorite black ball point pens “just in case”.

  3. I had to start a new quilt on National Quilt Day in spite of the many projects underway all around me. I did finish binding a mini quilt on Friday night, so at least one project can be called complete this weekend! The new quilt uses a Jolly Bar — the first time I have used that particular precut.

  4. Putting a hanging sleeve on an Easter quilt that has been hung with pins for several years.

  5. I am stitching your summer sampler. I found this beautiful pattern inseptember/October 2012 Fons &Porter magazine.

  6. I am working on the borders of my Wool Vases of Flowers BOM. Just received the March packet yesterday and still trying to wrap my head around all the pieces of wool that came. Wow! Thus far I am up to date. That is an accomplishment.

  7. Nice to know you are enjoying your new home and a beautiful,Mary one it is. Your sewing room looks so comfy and your dog validates that. I just finished hand quilting a wool on primitive gatherings background. What fun.

  8. Lol! Somewhere in time SBOW block 11 & how does your garden grow block 14 is finished
    Tavern on Green is all put together with the first border ready to stitch down … I just might have 1 more square of something else to stitch on also!!!

  9. The partially completed sewing room looks amazing!! I am currently working on a small wall hanging to be framed to give to my mom for Mother’s Day. Enjoy the new set up!!

  10. I am in the moving process, too. I am so excited to get settled and get to arrange my ‘quilting’ room.

  11. Working on a mini quilt and wool applique. Really enjoy hand stitching. Aren’t grandkids the best?!?

  12. I’m just starting the long sashing from last Summer’s SBOW. Reading your comments about this summer’s is motivating me to get stitching!

  13. I use colors to fill in sometimes . With 96 colors you can always find a match. After I color it in I iron the fabric and it sets the color into the fabric. Have a good week

  14. I am finally stitching the backing on my Flower Garden Crazy Tablemat. I have had the embroidery for a couple of years. Can’t wait until it’s done! Thanks for all you do for us!

  15. I’m making place mats from my saved-for-years selvedges. First one ready for quilting! And, of, course a little wool going on too. I got out my tree skirt wool (your primitive Christmas book) and am drawing holly leaves. :). Blessings, marlene

  16. Find it hard not to read your posts to the end! I am working on an applique piece right now to frame and hang in our living room. Slowly but surely we are getting decorated in our new home. I know what you mean about living in it before you decorate it. Can’t wait to be able to order another of Al’s frames when I finish!

  17. I’ve been working on a memory quilt made of men’s shirts…and I finished the top Friday night!! I’ve been working on the backing this weekend. I’ve also been keeping up with the Splendid Sampler blocks. Safe travels!

  18. Sharpies can’t be a quilters best friend!! They have come to my rescue many times. I am currently on being held down by two of my dogs, but when I am not a comfy nap spot for them I’ve been working on the Beauty All Around BOM 🙂

  19. Grandson Essex, age 1 has 1 quilt from grandma. Sister Avery, age 2 has 6. Got to catch him up!

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  20. I am working on a small quilt, using civil war fabric! I really enjoy making small quilts! The doggie is in the best room of the house!

  21. Love the studio! Looks like Jeter found some comfy rugs to sleep on. I’m working on a wedding quilt for my newly-married son. I didnt get it finished in time…

  22. I am anxious to see this summer’s projects. Of course, I am not finished with last year’s or the year before. I am working on them though.

  23. I am stitching on one of the Frivols from Moda. Working my way up to yours 🙂 Love the pics you shared of your studio….it’s awesome. What fun you’ll have deciding what to put where as well as decorating it. Wish I had that kind of space.

  24. I have been stitching a tumbler quilt which will be a table cloth. My tumblers are smaller than the ones I did from your kit. I also finished binding my Colfax County quilt. Love it.

  25. Love the pictures of your new home…you must be so please.
    I am having the Grand Bend Ontario Canada Quilters tomorrow morning to my home for a quilting day!
    We enjoyed being at your retreat house this past fall….but are still working on the Stitch a long Project..LOL
    Have a great day tomorrow, we will!

  26. Glad to see and hear you are slowly getting your new studio put together, and are enjoying some sewing time. I am working on a couple of baby quilts; one for my grand nephew, and another for the baby that a former coworker is having later this spring.

  27. We’re on the road traveling home to Ct having gone down to the Mountain Quiltfest in TN this past week. So I brought along 2 woolie candlemats to work on. Almost done!! Your grandson is getting to be a big boy quickly!

  28. You have a beautiful new home!! I just finished a table runner and baby quilt. Next up is basting a quilt for my DIL and then to think about how I’ll hand quilt it.

  29. I am working on a mixed medium block of the month using silk dupioni, wool, cotton, home dec and silk matka! The center mosaic consists of one inch silk squares!

  30. working on a “quilted” Easter basket for my younger grand-daughter. She never had one. The home looks wonderful and sure you guys are enjoying it. Jeter looks real happy. The little guy is so cute. Enjoy it all!

  31. I am working on 16 patches using Laundry Basket batiks, and am eagerly awaiting Tuxedo block of the month! Will April never come??!!

  32. love all your cabinets. I am working on a Kindred Spirits class little quilt. thanks for opportunity to win. I am a hooker and love combining wool & cotton fabrics.

  33. I’m working on three different wool stitch along projects and quilting some tops that I’ve made in the past 10 years – goal of the year to get these finished! Just finished three donation quilts for my guild’s annual project to the children’s hospital.

  34. Stitching, with friends, at a retreat in Michigan. Finishing up our projects from the wool applique cruise! What a great way to ring in #60!

  35. Your new house is absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to see once all moved in and “decorated”.
    Due to recent knee replacement I’ve been working on a couple of wool stitching projects. They are for fall and I’m really enjoying them.

  36. What an amazing space! Would love it and the little one is so precious! Hope to win but won’t have email till Saturday so I won’t be able to collect my prize till then……don’t I wish!

  37. Working on the mystery quilt that we are doing in Scrappy Club. Fun project to use up all those little pieces that seem to multiply when put into bins!

    1. Spent the week end cutting out blocks and made 12 pillow cases for mastectomy patients. Wish I didn’t have to make these but they are so appricated. Get to use my stash. Your home is so beautiful and little man is so cute

  38. What a fun read!!! Love the furniture color in your new studio!!! But your grandson stole the whole article!! Adorable little man!!! Thanks for sharing some of your life!!

  39. Your new home is beautiful. Your grandson is a beautiful child and I know some if the happiest moments are what you share with him.
    I love your work-you work so hard but your
    designs are wonderful. Happy Spring and safe travels.

  40. I just finished a little wall hanging for my sewing room. I know you will enjoy that new home. Congratulation . I am still working on the Summer Block of the week – way behind….

  41. I’m working on a house quilt, got the houses done, now working on the connecting blocks. Can’t wait to get the connecting blocks done to construct the top. Need more time to sew!!

  42. I’m working on a wall hanging with Dresden plate flowers and as always, working on hexies for a quilt for our bed, instead of a gift. What an adorable little guy. Grandkids are so fun.

  43. Easter baskets. My daughter in law tore a page out of a magazine, handed it to me and asked if I could make these Easter baskets for all the kids. Sure, anything for those cuties.

  44. Working Folk Art Album and Somewhere in time. I will post on FB my Sunflower Gatherings that just won Viewers Choice at the Bulloch Hall Quilt Show! Love your designs!

  45. I just love your beautiful new home! I finished up a baby quilt for my great-nephew and gave it to him. I also worked on sewing units for a pinwheel half square triangle swap that I am doing with five other friends.

  46. I am working on a clover for St Pat’s day !! Mimi quilt 2 of them and of course I miss the holiday ! I am either late or early for next year !! I have been blessed with 12 grandkids !!

  47. I am working on a pink and brown Stars of the West, an applique table runner and getting projects together for a week of quilting with my sisters in the east Tennessee mountains. I have so many UFOs I want to finish that it is hard to choose what to take! Maybe I should start something new…hmmm…

  48. I am working on a log cabin quilt for my granddaughter and her fiancé. Also working on some wool stitch alongside.

  49. I am working on the mystery quilt from quiltmania today. Also picking fabrics for my new Grandsons quilt that his three year old big brother picked out the pattern for, which is airplanes. I’m thinking I might try to use some family cotton shirts in it to make it more special.

  50. I am working on the Folk Art Album. I have the blocks and inside border on and am now working on the outside border. Just love it.

  51. I am having the same trouble you are. Its so hard moving your sewing room Its bin 2 months now and I am still lost cant find a thing……But its such a nice room 🙂 .. working on my wool.

  52. I am planning a baby girl quilt in my head and working on a wool on cotton applique for hand work!! Too fun. Just finishing up the hearts pincushion from your Christmas event and then will stuff it!!!! Love it!

  53. I spent the weekend working on my daughter’s graduation quilt. She didn’t think I’d be done on time, idk why she’d say such a thing…

  54. I can’t wait to see the final studio tour! What a beautiful space (and dog and grand baby) I am stitching my WIPs this year! Thank you very much for having a giveaway.

  55. First the last photo of lil man is adorable!!! His look is like “yep I stuffed most of this snack in my mouth and there’s no way I’m taking smaller bites”. Yes, I have put the selvage in a couple of my quilts I figure only God is perfect so I left it I never thought of coloring it so I’m filing that idea away for when I need it. Now on to your sewing studio: I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! You have an awesome space to work! I especially LOVE the cabinet that has Frivols 7 sitting on it, reminds me of 1/2 pie safe/ buffet and 1/2 bookcase. The flooring is perfect, is it reclaimed barn wood or is it those tiles that look like wood? BTW before I forget this evening I’m working on my Primitive Blooms I’ve just about finished all the flower blocks. LOL in addition to National Quilting day it’s also the first day of Spring!

  56. Your new space is wonderful. I am on the downside of my primitive garden BOM. feel sad it is over was so much fun getting my block in the mail.

  57. I’m been sewing my next block for the Saturday Sampler class that I am taking. These blocks are teaching me new blocks that I have never sewn before because I was always so afraid to try them. I’ve enjoyed my own little National Quilting Day! I can’t wait to see your room when you are all settled in.

  58. Love your amazing studio! I’m so happy for you! I can’t wait to see you in MI and take your classes. See you Tuesday!

  59. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I worked on a block for Evelyn’s sampler wool quilt today. We are looking forward to your program on Tuesday for our Guild!

  60. I am working on several projects. One is “Lost Mittens” for piecing and the other is applique “Auntie Green’s Garden” which will take me forever to complete. Your studio is beautiful!!!

  61. Stitching on The Splendid Sampler block. Embroidering the center block makes me think about my Grandmother & all the crocheted doilies she used to make.

  62. I’m sewing First Holy Communion veils. I make lots of them and sell them on Etsy. The money I earn from this work provides a way for me be able to afford the beautiful quilting fabrics and supplies. You can see my work on my Etsy shoppe, Joyous Illusions. I love sewing on all the pretty bridal fabrics and creating new designs that seem to sell as soon as I get them listed.

  63. I am getting caught up on 2015 designer mystery block of the month. Was finally caught up and received another in the mail. Sort of feel like I am building a house, too! No, a village.

  64. What am I working on ….. More things at once than I should be lol!! But actually right now I am making some table toppers for my end tables from Primitive Gatherings fabric. I’m making these from the triangles I cut off and discarded from making flying geese for a queen size quilt I made for my sister-in-law. I love a challenge and waste not, want not!!

  65. What a beautiful new work space. I am busy hand quilting a baby quilt for a new great niece or nephew we will be welcoming in June. Lots of appliqué with a giraffe, zebra, monkey and lion, such fun!

  66. I am quilting a couple of table runners, supposedly for St. Patricks’s Day. Can’t seem to get them finished. I don’t like the quilting, so I am “unstitching.”

  67. Working on a quilt I got at your shop several years ago from a designer from Australia and mission quilts!! Love seeing pictures of your new home and work stud io!!!!!!

  68. The new studio looks wonderful! Have fun filling all the spaces with all the things you “need” to have. I’m currently working on a quilt with half inch squares and strips. I have plenty of yardage to work bigger but love the little pieces and hate to throw away the scraps so this is perfect. I meant to work it in as leaders and enders while working on another quilt but have found it addictive and now the other quilt is being worked in, instead! Visited your booth at Lancaster and as usual there were many people looking to see your latest!


  69. Yes, I’ve used Sharpies or Pigma pens to disguise a little oops. I’m stitching on the Yoko Sato Vases BOM and finishing up a McKenna Ryan.

  70. Well there are three going right now. A group piece for the San Diego Quilt Show. An Art Quilt for Visions Art Museum and a kids quilt for Royal Family Kids Camp. And tax preperation is getting in the way. Bad Taxes!
    Sally Parrish

  71. I’m working on a section a month (similar to BOM) and can’t wait till I get to the wool part. I’m going way beyond my comfort zone using silks, cottons, batiks, wool, and textiles. So ex!citing yet so intimidating In between the blocks I’m about to start on some Itty Bitties!

  72. I’m working on a mystery quilt of Bonnie Hunter’s design. I am only a a a year behind in finishing it. It feels good to be working on it again.

  73. Oh my gosh, your studio is to die for. I’m actually rug hooking while watching basketball games. Jeter looks very contented in the new digs as well!

  74. Working on an Almost Free Quilt Block of the month from my local quilt shop. Also have two of your projects close around me to finish up the stitching – all the wool is on!

  75. Love the studio! I’m finishing the round wool table mat (black) with the leaves and small flowers around the edge. I can’t remember it’s name but I’ve had it for a couple of years. It’s turning out very nice.

  76. I’m trying to keep up with three block of the month quilts and also a couple others just for fun!!

  77. Have several projects going right now but the one I have been working in lately is the Sbow2015. Switch to Maggie Walker’s Fox Chase or Hat Creek Quilts Campania when I need a change of pace. Love your new space – and Jeter’s search for the perfect spot!

  78. I’m working on last years mystery from buttermilk basin getting them fused because my friend and I have been going to panera to stitch, have lunch and stitch some more. Excited for the block of the week even tho I don’t have the others years done.

  79. I love your new space! Right now I’m working on a wool applique piece. Tomorrow I’m binding….I can never get ahead!

  80. In celebration of National Quilting Day I spent the day working on several projects. I added a label to a bed quilt that I recently completed. Then I pieced the # 11 of the Splendid Sampler. Then I finished the quilt top for a Lone Star Pattern that I started 20 years ago for my family room wall. So happy that I finally completed it. I also worked in the 2014 BOW block # 7 while watching NCAA. As you can see- I am always behind with my projects!

  81. Your new space is looking great! I’ve been going to call you – am starting a list of things I want to tell and/or ask you! Talk soon hopefully!

  82. I’m working on some stitching on a paper pieced winnie the pooh quilt from fandom in stitches.

  83. Making progress on stitching the first border of SBOW. Hope you’ll be able to stay home a bit more to enjoy your lovely new home & of course, ” little man “.

  84. That little boy could not be cuter. Great cuddly age. I have been working on a quilt called Blue Moon Over Kentucky. The new studio looks amazing. Since it has two work stations, I would be happy to occupy the second spot. Cannot wait for the SBOW’s.

  85. I am working on a pumpkin table mat in wool, your pattern. I’m also working on my son and daughter in law’s signature quilt from their wedding. I plan to give it to them for their first anniversary in May.

  86. Your new space looks fantastic. I’ve been working on some hand sewing. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I’m actually working on a pieced quilt as well. I never get bored this way. 😉

  87. I love your workroom! I am currently working on some little quilts to give for Easter.

  88. I’m trying to keep ahead of three block of the month quilts and a couple others that I’ve started!!

  89. I am cutting T-shirts to make memory quiltsfor 5 grandchildren.. Hopefully they will be able to wrap themselves in LOVE from their Grandmother, hopefully by fall when it starts turning cool. CUDDLE TIME with memories . . I am their aunt and their ages 3-9. Possible will make Quillows or … … small wrap size. The label will include a picture of Grandma and the specific child A fun project, a pleasure to do for them. Rachel

  90. I’m working on a couple of spring inspired tablerunners, one for me and one for my daughter. Loved seeing the sewing space and the grandson!

  91. One of the Frivolas in the fall was a block made from ‘geese’ units. Loved it. In the process of making 30 blocks, good thing I didn’t figure out the number of units needed before I started! Using 9 different charms, really scrappy!

  92. Your black hutch cabinets are gorgeous! Primitive all the way. My “little”house is primitive and black is my favorite color for lots of furniture, It is also a favorite quilting color and of course a wool background! Just finished my “Ball ” jar rug mat from Hampton and am cutting out Christmas ornies! The “little man” is adorable!

  93. OMG!,, Gorgeous space!! Well, I am working on a few things… Several paper pieced BOMs , the Farmers Wife QAL, and in between the BOMs, a fall-ish 9 patch throw.

    Keep those Lakehouse pictures coming!,,

  94. Your studio looks amazing – even undecorated. Looking forward to sneak peeks at the 2016
    summer block of the week. Jeter seems to have found several comfy spots in your studio. Our basset hound Buford enjoys snoozing on the mat in front of our wood stove.

  95. I am currently working my April Pillow Talk from PG. I have enjoyed working on these monthly designs. Your new home is beautiful!!! I’m so happy for you and your family, you started a wonderful business , built it into a huge success, even opened a second store, this new home is the fruit of your labors!! Enjoy!!!!

  96. Today I fused the last round of flowers and vines to last years Freebie, “To plant a flower”. It’s so pretty. I’m anxious to finish this now! Happy National Quilting Day!

  97. Your new studio is just stunning. Looking forward to more pics as you get more settled in there.

  98. Hi Lisa! I’m working on quilting a couple of small quilts for Spring. LOVE you new sewing/quilting studio! It’s a beautiful space with room for everything ! Your Little Man is a cutie-pie! 😊

  99. Like you i have just moved and unpacking so its cross stitch and wool stitching right now since its handy till i get it together Love your sewing area

  100. Just finished putting borders on, cutting backing and batting. Getting our
    Guild Raffle Quilt ready for hand quilting. Next, finish a Memory Quilt for a wedding gift.

  101. On National Quilt Day a few friends and I shop hopped some not so local shops 🙂 Now I’m finishing up an original wool runner for a silent auction donation for our church. Love how Jeter is getting the lay of the land 😉
    Blessings, Patti

  102. I just finished up 112 five inch blue and cream nine patches for a swap. Now to cut out a fishy quilt for my soon to be born grandson. Our first and we’re so excited after having the joy of two little granddaughters. Love the progress you have made on the lake house. Just stunning.

  103. I have spent most of my day working on a couple of projects and important ones! First, a pillowcase and quilt for grandson’s room in his new house – Texas flag theme. And auditioned fabric and patterns for baby quilt for new granddaughter due in June. 🙂

  104. Our quilt guild had a sewing day on Saturday from 9 til 6. Everyone won a door prize donated from our local quilt shops. We had all kinds of projects to work on like comfort quilts, preemie blankets, pillow cases and quilts of valour. All to be donated. We also had a 1600 jelly roll contest and I came in 2nd. It was a great day with fellow quilters.

  105. Love the dark furniture in your sewing space. I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures again when you get everything in. I am working on a couple of freebie wool projects and trying to not spaz out when have to change colors, my mind just can’t get it. I have to blanket stitch upside down, lol. I am also trying to get my sewing space in order, yours looks tons better than mine. I have a closet that could pass for a fabric vault-too much fabric! But I could always take some more if it is your wool and needle flannet, love that stuff,,can’t get enough!

  106. I’m glad you were able to spend time at the Lakehouse. I love your new studio space and it will fill up quickly. I got to spend some time with my own little man this weekend too. They are so wonderful.

  107. Love your work space. I brought a yard of fabric back from Hawaii….That print was only available in that quilt shop! Brought some back for my friends also. Today I pieced a travel pillow to use while doing my handwork…just like you taught me in a class I took of yours in Bloomington, Indiana last year.

  108. Lucky you! What a wonderful sewing space! Oh my goodness-what am I working on-way too many projects! I am doing the Latimer Farms block of the month and still making Barbara Brackman’s stars from LAST year and then when I am not working on those, I am also working on a wool primitive quilt from Maggie that she designed several years ago. It may take awhile but I do finish ALL my projects! 🙂

  109. Fabulous work and design space!! I’m sure your plan will bring wonderful fruits of amazing quilts!! Pups are so much company as long as they don’t chew on the art!
    I’m stitching on a ️wool quilt, my favorite thing!

  110. I have been sewing 1.5″ squares into 16 patch blocks. Now I am taking the 16 patch blocks and a solid square and turning them into a lap quilt.

  111. I am working on some Dear Jane blocks, and just (accidently–arghhh) trimmed off the seam allowances on a 2 3/4″ square that has 13 pieces of fabric in it. hmmmm-no amount of sharpie pens will fix that one for me!! Love your new studio.

  112. Your new sewing space looks like a dream come true for you. Since today is National Quilting Day, I’ve spent some time hand quilting on my daughters wedding quilt. Their wedding is in July and I have lots to do, so back at it. Every minute I can get some stitching done gets me that much closer. Enjoy your day!

  113. I got together today with some lovely ladies at Woolkeeper in Oswego and stitched some wool eggs by Susan Wojiechowski.

  114. Just finished up sewing 112 four and a half finished cream and blue nine patches for a swap. Now to cut a quilt for my soon to be born grandson. Our first and we’re so excited after having the joy of two wonderful granddaughters. Love the progress on the lake house. Just stunning.

  115. I am working on a BOM by Lynette Jensen on Craftsy called Garden Charm. Didn’t get any sewing done on National Quilting Day because I spent the day with my 4 year old granddaughter and her mom…we had a fabulous day shopping and out to lunch!!

  116. Love your space and your sewing buddy. Yesterday I stitched on the sbow 2013. Slowly finishing up some things.

  117. Oh were to begin. A very good friend just helped me organize my sewing room. It is beautiful, nothing falling out of the closet. Just finished the Moda Shuffle and gave away to a very deserving police officer. I had so much fun, I might start another one. You just never knows who will find comfort in a quilt.

  118. Since it was also my Bday – my daughter came over (with dinner!) and help me select some colors for a new quillt and work out a plan for a border on another.

  119. I am stitching on my completely pieced project in well over a year–everything has been wool applique or embroidery! Pattern is a Moda Bakeshop design using Fig Tree Farm House. It screams spring!

  120. Love your new space, I am working on wool applique blocks for your Home For the Holidays quilt. We are having a sewalong on Instagram. I can’t wait to get this to the quilter, hopefully ready for this Christmas!

  121. I am working on Lucy Boston block and a wool penny pillow. Your studio looks amazing, Lisa. Love the dog!!!

  122. Stitching on a moda shuffle quilt…..fun blocks. Hoping I can get up to the guild meeting on Tuesday night!

  123. Love those cabinets! Cant wait to see it when you are done with it, I know it will be awesome. Tonight I am taking a break from what I am supposed to be doing and working on Stacy West’s Let it snow BOM.

  124. I’m still working on the 2014 summer block of the week! I absolutely love it!
    Your studio is amazing – love that floor and those cabinets and……..

  125. Well, believe it or not, I’very just finished covering a cornice for the guest bath – sewing with a glue gun counts, right? And there’s the 3 embroidered and quilted pillow shams for a friend in the northeast, and we can’t forget my daughter’s 20th wedding anniversary king size quilt, can we?

    Jeter looks comfy, everywhere he goes! Your new studio looks dreamy!

  126. Working on some wool projects I got from you a couple of years ago. Just finished a quilt top. Ready to start another one.

  127. Your studio looks wonderful! What am I stitching? Just like you, I love small blocks. I am working on a 4 inch finished foundation piece pineapple block done in scrap reds and creams. Each block contains 33 pieces of fabric. I am planning on making a king quilt. Doing this intricate sewing and quanity has taught me patience! My sewing machine just died, so into the repair shop tomorrow for CPR ! I love, love, love your newsletters! I am hoping to get to your store in Menasha within the near future on a road trip. Thank you for all of your inspiration! <3

  128. Enjoy reading your comments. I’m working on the blocks of the month from”Little Gatherings”. Oh what a challenge for me!

  129. Lovely studio
    working on 2015 block of the week.. Almost done with the squares…
    Will be off for a few months with right shoulder replacement…

  130. I, too, am in the process of moving, and so I can identify with the pain and excitement of moving your quilting room . Good luck with it. Since I am on vacation now, I have a tumbling blocks quilt that I am hand piecing as well as some embroidery that I am working on. When I get home, I will be starting a new project with some friends. 🙂

  131. Just got back from the sewing and quilting expo in Ooshkosh. So full of ideas! Just can’t decide which to start…HELP!

  132. Finally started piecing this year’s raffle quilt for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! This will be the fourth year, but each year I wonder if I’ll be able to pull it off. Hope I can get it done in time. National Quilting Day was my motivation to complete the first two blocks.

  133. Made a pumpkin pincushion, portion of the scrapbasket sampler, bag to hold stitching items and now working on a quilt for a friend great weekendt

  134. I finished stitching block 2 of backyard gatherings and fused and stitched some of block 3. I’m doing this in the light colors and am loving the pastel colors after working on some darker projects. It makes me happy. Love the photos of your studio and am envious of your space and storage cabinets. It’s just beautiful! Can’t wait to see the space decorated.

  135. I so understand everything your going through. Been there about 5 years ago. I’m making a quilt for my hubby and working on two new patterns. One is soooo not me and soooo out of any box I’ve ever owned, I can’t wait to show you. Enjoy every moment with your grandson.

  136. Me and the kitty are working on Christmas quilts for the grandsons. Sure wish the kitty was more help and then I would feel confident about finishing in time.

  137. Thanks Lisa for sharing all your journeys with us! Your quilt room looks amazing with dog and all! I just went to a guilt retreat and worked on a mystery guilt this weekend. So glad I took that leap cause its going to be a keeper!

  138. I am working on the farm girlquilt but also looking for a pattern to make one of my granddaughter’s a twin size quilt. Thanks for the update and chance to win.

  139. Cutting out the March mystery block for Buttermilk Basin’s mystery quilt. Your sewing room is going to be awesome.

  140. I am working on a sampler quilt. I have had the pattern for a couple of years and finally settled on the fabric I want to use. So far I love the results.

  141. Hi Lisa,
    Enjoy your posts. Wanted to thank you also for the Christmas blog hop patterns. I did all 9 with all my wool and just love it. I’m working on bears now for a baby present. Thanks again for sharing your expertise with us all. Keep seeing….Yvonne

  142. I’ve been obsessed with basket blocks lately so I just started Flower Baskets from your Little Gatherings book. I’m going to stretch National Quilting Day out to the end of the week so I can finish. I just finished block #11 in the Splended Sampler. Love your new wool and needle flannels…so much texture! Jace is just adorable and is getting so big. Thanks for the surprise giveaway.

  143. Your house looks lovely. I have been cleaning up my messy quilt studio, since I was sick almost all of last year, it seems to have grown a lot.

  144. Hi Lisa, you’re place looks awesome!!! So happy for you and Jeter! I think your plan to work from home is a wonderful idea, and how fun to work with Amy! Tell her “Hi” for me. I totally use the marker trick too. Ha! No one looks that close and it blends right in, great emergency tool. Hugs, Jakey

  145. I am working on a farm girl sampler and a twin size quilt for one of my granddaughters. Thanks for the update and a chance to win.

  146. What a beautiful space! Best wishes for many hours of happiness in your new home! Of course, I am stitching my THREE primitive Gatherings BOM’s as I travel for work!

  147. Working on block 11 of The Splendid Sampler..2 blocks per week for 50 weeks..Enjoying the process and learning all about piecing small pieces..Starch is the key!,,,
    Happy quilting day everyone!,

  148. Celebrated the day by getting my new 15 year old rescue kitty adjusted to her new home. She must have known in was National Quilting Day because the place she feels most comfortable is in my sewing studio! Have a Blessed Easter!

  149. Just finished the third sashing for Somewhere in Time and prepping block 3 of Backyard Gatherings. My guild had a quilt show this weekend. I entered Sunflower Gatherings and won third place! Thanks Lisa for designing such a beautiful quilt!

  150. I’m working on a civil war colors bow tie quilt! I love your new studio! Looks great!

  151. I spent National Quilting Day with some wonderful friends. We are making baby quilts to cover the isolettes in the NICU for a local hospital. It was a good day.

  152. I’m finishing a quilt started a long time ago from Black Mountain Quilts called Sand Castles.. I hand pieced part of it and finished by machine, because it was on point. Last year I decided to finish two quilts for my two wonderful aunts in Texas, and I’m going in April to gift them. I’m also getting ready to be a grandma for the first time so I have quite Few projects in mind for the little one. You are a great inspiration- congrats on your new home.

  153. Hi Lisa,
    I sewed on some mini blocks by Pam Buda that were in the latest issue of APQ. Also made binding for a quilt that is at the long arm quilter. I love your new place…I will be at your class here in Michigan on Tuesday. Can’t wait to meet you. Love everything you do!


  154. Your studio looks awesome and where you will spend many happy hours. Can’t wait to see it all finished and the way you will decorate it. Little Man is precious and Jeter is one happy dog!!!! Love the Sharpie idea, never used that method but I will from now on!

  155. Love your choice of black furniture in your studio. I too spent a few hours in my sewing room today!

  156. Working on EPP Grandmother’s Flower Garden, just finished a Tuffet. Awesome quilting area. Good luck with your planned work schedule!

  157. Lisa…The new studio looks amazing!! Can’t wait to see the inspired finished project..because honestly…isn’t such a personal space like that need “feelings” and “passion” when it’s getting organized! I am working on numerous smaller projects now that my Primitive Garden quilt is complete and off to the quilter (what a fun and beautiful quilt you created with that one!). Started a couple of the seasonal flag runners for spring and summer and a small Easter wall hanging (better move that to the front of the line if we are going to get to enjoy it this year 😜). Thanks again for the peek in the new studio and it’s great to know I am not the onlybone that pulls out a sharpie dlfrom time to time. BTW..my dogs favorite spot is in the middle of my sewing table, sound asleep with all 4 legs in the air. Haha. They just make it home!

  158. Working way out of my norm…….brights for a charity quilt, using a house block by Camille R. with white sashing (a first)! Beautiful home Lisa………..

  159. I am visiting my granddaughter in Colorado in 2 weeks for my daughter’s 30th birthday, so I am making little Charlotte a Little Red Riding Hood doll and doll quilt to bring with me. Love the new space…

  160. Little man is adorable and getting so big. Hope it works out for you to work from home Monday’s and Friday’s. Your studio space is amazing!! I love that Jeter likes to hang out with you there. I have my two with me in the sewing room every day, they are great company. Today I worked on the 3 1/2″ churndash blocks that are the final border of the 10th anniversary sew along. I was doing good keeping up and seeing from my stash and then didn’t have a long enough piece of the green wool in the 2nd to last border and it got put away. When I was in Wisconsin last fall I came to your store and got what I needed. Just now finishing it up. Love it. Better late than never, right.
    Looking forward to the reveal of your summer block of the weeks.

  161. I’m obsessed with basket blocks lately so I just started Simple Baskets one of your little quilts. I just finished block # 11 of the Splended Sampler quilt along. Love your new wool and needle flannel…so much texture. Jace is just adorable. Thanks for the surprise giveaway.

  162. A Lady of the Lake quilt. But I sure hope your SBOW isn’t too cool . I need to catch up from last summer!

  163. So fun to see your progress. You have done such a wonderful job on your new home. I just finished a metro rings quilt. Sewing the rows together on a bordered periwinkle quilt.

  164. Love a mystery! I have been quilting this weekend ~ two UFOs. An Attic Windows lap size quilt and a table topper full of chilies for a friend’s birthday! And now, on to the bindings… What a great space and cute companions you hang out with!

  165. Almost finished with Geranium Beauty and it truly is beautiful. Needed something Spring inspiring and this has surely fit the need. Love your workshop, should be jealous but I am just thrilled for you. Where did you find black cabinets? I was looking into Horn furniture but the colors don’t fit in my decor.

  166. Today I’m sewing some rope baskets to sell in our local yarn shop. Not quilting but it’s sewing!💜

  167. Love your new space. Start filling up that beautiful furniture. I am hand piecing some 4 1/2 in. LeMoyne stars for a project. What a pain in the ####! Thank you for the chance for a surprise!

  168. I’m in the process of several projects, but the most pressing one right now is for my 10 year old grandson. It is a Star Wars quilt for his bed. I got 2 kits at RD2CA and am combining them. Also a few projects that I purchased at the CA Primitive Gatherings shop. You were there the day my group came up to spend our money!!!! So fun to see you again.

  169. Your grandson has grown so much. I am working on two projects – one at the machine and one in my head. The machine one is called Cathedral Windows and would be more fun if made with bright colors. It’s made with Civil War colors as everyone in my friendship group exchanged strips of fabric for it. Mine is bigger as I’m making it for my sister. The other piece is being planned as it’s a guild challenge using certain fabrics, etc. i know some of what I want to do but haven’t decided how to do it. Thanks for sharing the studio and Little Man photos with us.

  170. Lisa, It is looking so awesome! What kind of floor do you have in there? I absolutely love it!

  171. Ooops, I forgot to say your studio is awesome. I’m very envious. Makes me want to reorganize my space and weed out some stuff!!! One of these days I WILL DO IT!!!! Maybe I should keep looking at your pictures to inspire me!!

  172. I’m working on some string piecing for Talkin’ Turkey, a Bonnie Hunter pattern and I’m quilting an Irish Chain baby quilt for a friend’s granddaughter. You’re so lucky to have such a beautiful quilting studio!

  173. Took your Big Stitch Class on Thursday and do enjoyed it. I hope I win but luck is never on my side Quilty Hugs

  174. Little Man is a cutie! So glad you got to hang out with him. And your studio is amazing. Enjoy!

  175. We, too are moving. Going from home in Illinois, to a winter place north of Tucson. Each trip involves 27 hours in the car and I am working on Primitive Garden III. What a great way to pass the time!! Enjoy your new home and studio!

  176. I’m finishing up your No Place Like Home and there truly is no place like home. It’s been a quick and really cute project. Can’t wait to finish it and put it on a table.

  177. I’ve been working on Mr.Snowman for my grandson, Charlie. His name fits perfectly ( I’d post picture, if I knew how!). Your little Jase, is about same age. Top is done, now to quilt it! Great pattern and instructions! I just finished quilting Homestead…. Did you know there are a jillion half square triangles in that quilt??? Everyone has a little feather design in it ( so, who is the crazy one😳). Absolutely love it! Love your fabrics and designs!

  178. Most of today I worked on the cotton SBOW from Ca, the bow ties. Friends think I am a bit loony to enjoy these tiny pieces. After the evening meal I switched to a crocheted rag rug made with strips cut 7/8″ to 1″ wide. A great day.

  179. I am working on a Blackbird Designs quilt called Home Sweet Home. Yes, I know I is OLD – but it is hand appliqued and hand quilted and I am slow! In my defense – I’ve done many newer items since starting this one. So I am determined to get this one done!!! Wish me luck. By the way, your new sewing room is gorgeous!

  180. Since I’ve been sick at home in bed, I’ve been working on several of my wool projects and getting lots done! I got so tickled about the sharpie repair- I do the same thing when needed! I don’t share that info normally but now it’s out! I don’t feel so guilty about it now! 🙂 Love your new spaces!

  181. I am working on a Quilt a Long-with Spring colors, refreshing. Love the new studio-it’s a quilters dream, dogs included!

  182. I looked at my personnel calendar and it said EVERYDAY IS NATIONAL QUILTING DAY. calendars don’t lie!

  183. I just finished a Double Wedding Ring quilt for our oldest granddaughter’s wedding. Now, I am working on the second wedding quilt for another granddaughter. I am busy all the time. I also work in some Christmas gifts as well.

  184. The new studio is beautiful, spacious but with a warm and cozy feel…furry friend included. Your little man is adorable!

  185. Yep, I’ve used the sharpie trick. 😉 Right now I have about 6 projects going on. Once of which is the Backyard Gatherings BOM (Dark Version). I absolutely love it!

  186. Your studio is going to be amazingly gorgeous. I’m working on hand applique for a row quilt exchange and then on to some wool applique I’ve already prepared.

  187. I am working on a paper bag pattern from your shop from a while back, the one about stats and our loved ones looking down and smiling at us. I love that thought.

  188. You won’t believe this, but I’m finishing a SBOW from 2008! It’s called Summertime and I’m finishing the last block. I love it and now that I’ve just retired, I have the time to finish some of my UFOs.

  189. Can’t wait to see pictures of your studio when it’s all set up. Love all your black cabinetry. I am working on a tumbler quilt.

  190. Still stitching on my border leaves from last years SBOW. Just a few more and I’ll have it done. Just in time to start a new one!

  191. Sooo many cabinets to fill … soooo much fun! Enjoy that beautiful new space. I’m finally putting blocks together on my Allietare quilt by Bonnie Hunter (renamed “the never ending quilt top”!) Candy

  192. I am working on several projects. a lap quilt in reds and creams, a block of the month, and a scrap quilt are getting most of my attention.

  193. I also use the sharpie trick when I am SID and come out of the stitch line, just color the thread the color of my fabric, so my SID doesn’t look wobbly! I am working on a 9″ wool needle book that will have my initials on it. We moved to our dream home almost 2 years ago, and I am still tweaking my sewing room!

  194. I just started spring frolic cross stitch by Brenda Gervais. Keep up with the photos of the new house. So dreamy.

  195. Stitching using your Songbird fabric (a fatquarter bundle) and using the instant Antique spray to make it look old. Playing with the layout. Leave it square or on point. I think on point already thinking about how to quilt it. It’s funny how your mind jumps a head.

  196. Love the sharpie trick, and I’ve done it too. The new space is awesome, even better having it Jeter approved.

  197. I am working on the Friendship Rose mini quilt we just received on the cruise. I have all the wool cut out and ready to put down. It’s going to be so pretty!

  198. A Primitive Gatherings Pin Cushion, a BOM and Irish Mist, a kit I’ve had for a couple of years now!

  199. I am stitching on so many projects right now!!! BB free BOM, Dawn Heese’s basket blocks, your Primitive Garden, plus I have a longarm business! Like so many of us I can’t imagine not working on some project everyday!!! Happy Stitching everyone!

  200. I’m currently working on “45 and Life to Go”.. It’s about 1/2 pieced.. I’m getting there.. Love, love, love this quilt!

  201. So grateful for that first wool appliqué kit from your booth in Houston in 2007 that started my obsession! I loved taking your class at quilters station in lees summit. As I teach and do trunk shows I say ” primitive gatherings” a million times. Thank you! Tonight I’m stitching on wool as I do most days.

  202. I am working on a quilt for my bedroom – fabric is Curious Nature by Free Spirit. Also working on Village Green by Maggie B and a couple of other small projects – you know………

  203. I’ve been working on 3 table runners that will be gifts. 😊 Love your new studio & your little “helper”!

  204. Moving, too, and will be happy to empty the boxes. Each ill be surprise. Working on BOM wool pojects.

  205. I just finished another block of Bertie’s Spring. Waiting for the last block. Then hope I find time to put it into the small wall hanging.

  206. I’m not sewing at the moment because we’re moving too! We sold our house in MI and are going to buy a house in Florida but haven’t found the right one yet! Everything we own including my sewing room is in a trailer! Our summer place has no water until the end of April so back to Florida we go to find a house! Good luck with the rest of your move!! I’m looking forward to seeing the new SBOW!

  207. I just finished a girl baby quilt and have a boy baby quilt to make now. Your new studio looks so amazing. Love the pictures with your grandson and your dog trying to find the “best”spot in the new studio.

  208. I’m piecing a back with the leftover fabrics. Almost as much work as the quilt, but I like that I’m using up all the fabric.

  209. I just finished a wool Welcome banner from Summer Gatherings, and a little quilt from one of the BOMs. It’s late and I can’t remember the name😂, Anyway, I am loving your new studio! I can’t wait to see the pictures! 😊

  210. Beautiful home, Lisa!! I’m looking forward to seeing how you fully decorate it.
    I’m working down on my stack of UFO’s right now; finishing a strip pieced mega quilt by Bonnie Hunter.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  211. Stitching using your Songbird fabric (a fatquarter bundle) and using the instant Antique spray to make it look old. Playing with the layout leave it square or on point. I think on point and think about how to quilt it. Funny how your mind jumps a head

  212. Working in my states BOM and my nieces wedding quilt among others. Also packing as I will be at your class on Tuesday in GR. So excited to finally learn from the master.

  213. Love your new sewing studio–you deserve it! I am working on a patriotic plaid summer quilt using woven fabrics, and have the blocks all done. Just have to put it all together now. The blocks are 9 patches, all half square triangles–using plaids and a cream background for one half of the triangle. Loving it so far!

  214. Sounds like a wonderful respite. I am trying to finish my nieces wedding quilt and State BOM. Also have to pack as I am going to GR to take your class on Tuesday and Wednesday. Finally get to learn from the master. So excited. See you soon. Susan

  215. I’m working on a Christmas quilt. Maybe I’ll actually have it finished forChristmas this year!!

  216. I love your new studio! I am sewing the binding on a Kansas Troubles quilt made with Sweetwater Feed Company

  217. I have been making tooth fairy pillows , your little man will need one before you know it. He’s so cute!

  218. I am so envious of your sewing studio! My room is 9×10, and it holds my sewing cabinet, ironing board and cutting table + 2 large dog beds. I have two Goldens and they want to hang out where I am just like your pup does. Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your beautiful new space, it’s so inspiring.

  219. I am working on a quilt I found on Moda Bake Shop. Fun and full of spring colors! Thanks for all you share with us!

  220. Lisa — I am so happy to see your new sewing studio and know you will be busy and productive there. And, please tell me when you have never been hard working??? Just loved having you as a teacher at Village Dry Goods a couple of years ago!! For NQD Saturday, I worked on a pattern called “Cobblestones” by Amy McClellan – lots of little 3″ seams stitching into corners – right up your alley! Then made an apron from one of my husband’s shirts to show at our quilt meeting tomorrow. LOVED THE DAY! You are the best!!

  221. I am presently working on a quilt for my youngest granddaughter, a Star Wars quilt for my grandson, and I really have to start a baby quilt for a good friend having her first baby. I am determined to get them all done on time. The only problem? We have a new puppy in our home. Hunter a bundle of energy and mischief. Wish me luck. I think I’ll need it.

    PS Can’t wait to see your studio when done.

  222. I am showing my sons girlfriend how to hand appliqué. And of course I am so excited and proud of what she is doing.

  223. Working on donation quilts…making seven at the same time. These are for senior citizens moving into assisted living/Alzheimer’s units and the quilts are a welcome gift to say “you are loved”. Sometimes these seniors move into the center with next to nothing and are so happy to receive a quilt of their very own. I love making quilts for these seniors, even though I will never meet any of them…the rewards are all mine! Thank you for the giveaway, Lisa! Your new studio is awesome! Enjoy every minute you can spend there.

  224. So happy for you. I’m finishing my lap pillow and loving it. Can’t wait for BOWs to begin! Enjoy your new sew space!

  225. Love hearing the news about your new home and what you are working on. As for me, I am making hst for the Winnebago Waves, pattern that I picked up in your CA shop this month. Must tell you what a sweetheart Drew is. She came to the “sisters” retreat center for the Traveling Quilters retreat, and brought us a bag of special treats, fat quarters, etc. Many thanks to you too for your generosity! Happy sewing in your new space!

  226. Have fun filling up that BEAUTIFUL studio!! Right now, I am trying to finish up the rainbow garden blocks I got back in 2014 as bom, along with the SBOW 2014 from Primitive gatherings. Last nite, & today did the BOM from buttermilk basin, & also on 3 little red button mini’s, plus cut out a king size quilt last week with The Little Black Dress fabric line that I have had curing in my stash, so lots going on! Loving every minute of it!! Love being creative!!

  227. I could only dream of having a studio like yours! I spent Saturday and Sunday working on using up scraps to make charity lap quilts.

  228. I am working on a BOM from my local shop. And just starting Moda’s “Go tell it on the Mountain” for my son and daughter-in-law that recently moved from Illinois to Arkansas.

  229. Lisa your new home is lovely, thanks for sharing pictures. You deserve this lovely space for respite. I lost my husband after a 2 year journey with cancer, retirement did not happen. Please remember that as I know you work very hard, as I did in my profession. I am working on the Splendid Sampler and I got behind, it is a little difficult to focus as you probably know from your losses. Anxiously awaiting your block for the Quilt Along.

  230. I’m glad you are having fun in your new home. It looks wonderful and I would Love to have a sewing room even a quarter size of what you have. I have the smallest bedroom in the house and I have LOTS of fabric and sewing misc. but I don’t want to sew in the office in the basement so——–. Enjoy your new home and please continue to share pics. Thanks for the tour!!

  231. Congratulations on moving, what an exciting for you! Love that you are sharing photos ;-D
    I’m working on an embroidery and piecing project called Sundress by Crabapple Hill.

    Thanks for a chance to win!


  232. I am finishing up a quilt I started years ago called “Garden of Stutches” by Backyard Quilts. I bet that rings a bell for you!!! I did it in cottons, no wool. Got stuck on the outer border and put it away.. I recently got on a kick to finish these half done, started years ago quilts. One more border to put on and it will hang in the done pile. I think this is one of my favorite quilts, so thank you Lisa!

  233. Love your new space and home. I just spent the last 4 and a half days at a retreat with a bunch of friends. Got one ufo pieced and a second one mostly done. I also worked on some wool applique.