Moda Charm Week 6

It’s the last day of July (sad face) already! My favorite time of the year is flying by fast! (as always) but lets celebrate with a give-away…read on!


Here is a peek at this week’s Charm Swap pattern…Vanessa from Lella Boutique is using MY Star & Stripe Gatherings fabrics….This is an awesome table runner…I love how it sparkles!   Head on over to Vanessa’s  BLOG  to get the pattern!Mini Chandelier Table Runner1

If you need the Charm pack for this runner click HERE-do not hesitate there are limited charm packs left.

If you need the white/red background click HERE

If you need the red binding click HERE

If you need backing click HERE

I hope you love this runner and if you need any red, white and blue fabrics we have a bunch of them HERE!

If you would like to see more of the Star & Stripe Gatherings Precuts click HERE.

If you would like to WIN a kit for this table runner please leave a comment and tell me your favorite summer activity!

Here’s was the whole Summer Schedule if you missed any of the designer patterns
June 26 ~ Kansas Troubles
July 3 ~ Sherri McConnell   
July 10 ~ Laurie Simpson
July 17 ~ Me and My Sister Designs
July 24 ~ Primitive Gatherings
July 31 ~ Lella Boutique

Do you have all six pattern printed?

Have a great summer day!  It’s 100 degrees in Dallas…and I like the heat, but it is kinda like walking inside of a furnace….look for some fun pics from QuiltStock and ReStore this week!

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

137 thoughts on “Moda Charm Week 6

  1. Because I live on the Ohio River one of my favorite activities is watching the various sternwheel boats as they make stops and dock at our Levee through the summer and fall. Last week we had the Queen of the Mississippi. We can also watch them lock through upriver a few miles before they make it to our city. Brings reminders of a era long gone. They are always decked out in red, white, and blue flags and banners!

  2. My favorite summer activity is sipping lemonade on the back porch watching the fireflies light up the yard. 🙂
    I’d love the kit for this week’s charm pack. That is very cool! Love the blog!

  3. My favorite summer activity is sewing in the air conditioning and sewing on my wool summer block of the week!

  4. Beautiful table runner. My favorite summer activity is watching the sun set over Lake Erie with a cup of tea at the end of the day.

  5. I love to be at our beach house with the family. Can’t beat a sunny day with the kids running and playing in the sand and swimming.

  6. I love to reach summertime beach reads outside or inside with the fading summer light in the evening. The kind of books you only like to read in the summer.

  7. Love the quilt! With the heat we are having in Maryland Quilting is the best activity for summer. Gardening when cooler.

  8. I love walking around my yard and garden to see what’s blooming and what the deer haven’t eaten–if only they would eat the weeds!!

  9. My favorite summer time activity is getting to spend time with my granddaughters while they’re out of school.

  10. Martha, I love the stars and strip fabric. Love to make a quilt four one of my four grandsons. My favorite activity this summer is watching our twelve week old English cocker puppy, Abby Rose. I try to quilt when she is sleeping beside me on my double rocker.have a great summer.

  11. I love gardening. It still amazes me to plant to a seed and see the emerging plant push its way through the dirt in search of the light, and then flourish to produce beautiful flowers that nourish our souls or gorgeous vegetables that nourish our bodies. It’s so metaphorical. I even find weeding satisfying, well most of the time. It’s a time of contemplation. And then seeing the clean beds of green and color flowing is very satisfying. Even better when followed by a glass of wine on the patio!
    I also love walking the dog in the sun without being bundled up in layers.

  12. Love the table runner! I live on a lake so I like to be on the water or in the water as much as I can in summer!

    1. My sewing room is too warm due to no air-conditioning and lots of afternoon sun, so I use the warm summer days to do handwork. I have a wool applique project from Primitive Gatherings to work on next! Once the days cool off, I’d love to make that runner for one of my daughters. My husband, dog and I love kayaking too, I love summers in NH!

  13. One of my most favorite summer activities is sewing in the AC! But on cool evenings (before the bugs come out) I like to hand sew on the patio!

  14. I’m so grateful you share your talent with us (I’m still looking for my talent). My favorite summer activity is: being able to leave the doors and windows open and hear the birds and other outdoor noises and feel the air and hang my sheets on the line to dry…………….

  15. In summer I like to spend time with my family and special friends, picnics, long walks on the beach in the early mornings, finding a spot in the shade to read a book, or sew! Love the longer days, and lazy times in the garden. Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. 4th of July as our entire family gets together the celebrate the many blessings we have living in our great country and naturally the fun of playing with all the children along with good food and naturally homemade ice cream!

  17. Love Primitive Gatherings. My favorite summer activity is getting out and enjoying nature in any way possible, probably mostly hiking.

  18. I too love to end a summer day, outside in my shaded area doing some handwork. Having a nice hot cup of coffee, or maybe a whiskey and coke. I put some bird seed out for my bird friends. A pair of quail have brought their littles, the last two evenings. I also love to go creek fishing. Perfectly fine if I don’t catch anything, just being there is what makes me happy. I love simple things.

  19. I spend many hours doing handwork while lounging on the pontoon. Need to enjoy the warm weather while we have it, Summer goes by fast in Wisconsin.

  20. I enjoy the more relaxed pace of summer. Even though our everyday activities don’t change much during the summer months, there is a calmer, “slowed down” feeling about the hot, humid days on the Gulf Coast. And maybe an extra glass of wine as my husband cooks on the grill!

  21. My favorite summer activity is hanging out by the pool with my grandchildren. I love summer but they are way too short here in NH.

  22. Swimming is my favorite Summer activity! I am in the pool everyday that it doesn’t rain. I also like to sew small projects in the Summer and leave the larger quilts for cooler weather. I love this table runner and it is on the top of my to do list. We are a military family and I love this red, white and blue line of fabric!

  23. Summertime means enjoying my multiple flower gardens and even pulling weeds is quite satisfying. The garden always changes from year to year even if I don’t plant anything new. The relaxing part of the days are spent stitching on the patio with the beautiful summer light shining from under the shade of the day.

  24. I like traveling with trailer in tow. Sewing machine and hand stitching always come along.

  25. Being outside at the water in my backyard or at a restaurant enjoying my meal on the patio. It rains so much here I just love to soak up the sun when it is here. This has been so much fun I can’t wait to do this one then I will have made all 6. :). Enjoy your day!

  26. I can’t lie… my favorite summertime activity is staying inside in the A/C and binge-watching a series on TV. I always have a quilt project to work on while chillin’!

  27. Very pretty runner! I grew up living on the ocean and my favorite thing to do was walk on the beach in the evening,listening to the surf. So peaceful!

  28. Talking with all the international quilters at the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh WI is my favorite summer activity.

  29. I love the summer garden and relaxing outside in the summer evenings while watching the lightning bugs gently light up the garden.

  30. Love the table runner and your fabric! Favorite summer activity is early mornings walks with my doggie before it gets too warm outside. He loves them, too, is a prancer/show off! Its really quiet and peaceful that early, hardly any traffic; you really get to enjoy our little world.

  31. My favorite summer activity is spending time with my four year old grandson. We play and talk and read
    and even sew. He is growing and changing daily. What a blessing it is to spend time with him.

  32. My favorite summer activity is enjoying all the homegrown fruit and vegetables at farmer’s market. Love the colors, smell, taste, trying new recipes.

  33. There are so many things to love about summer! Longer days to be outside, gardening, swimming, BBQ’s with family and friends, and spending time with my 2 adorable grandsons!

  34. I love hanging with the grandkids since they are out of school. We have had a detour this summer though since my husband has had some unexpected surgery and has been immobile. So I really look forward to next year hanging with the grandkids again and maybe even teach one of them to make a small quilt!

  35. I have several favorites in the summer. Seeing my flowers bloom & that this year the deer didn’t eat my phlox, high fiving the bumble bees on the cone flowers, watching for the monarch butterfly & the others. Watching the hummingbirds dive bomb each other as if that’s their feeder. Then when I’m out watering they chat at me to say a feeder is empty. Picking the veggies & canning or sharing. Then swimming in our in-ground pool we keep in the neighbor’s back yard. Only a little sewing gets done as it’s time for stash building & project gathering. Little road trips to new shops or far shops.

  36. I love paddle boarding at the cabin. But I also just love no coats, no boots, warm ground under bare feet.

  37. My fave was just spent enjoying my granddaughters ages 6 & 4!!! I’m sad they left for home this am😔

  38. My favorite summer fun is going to the beach with my family. I look forward to it every August!

  39. Sitting on my front porch when it’s cool in the morning & evening with a good book & my stitching. Sipping a cup of tea or iced tea watching the birds, butterflies & bees enjoy my flower garden. I added a fountain this year. I just love it.

  40. Sitting outside and listening to the sounds of summer, the sound of a lawn mower in the distance, singing cicadas, laughing children playing outside. And, watching lightening bugs light up the night sky!

  41. Love that table runner! My favorite thing to do in the summer is head to the beach to escape the triple digit temperatures in the California Desert. If I can’t make it to the beach, I’ll be sitting under the A/C vent!

  42. Love it! I’ve enjoyed this series, seeing designers move outside their box. Thanks for sharing!

  43. My favorite summer activity is hiking in the Olympic National Park near where I live in Washington state. You never know when you will round a curve in the pateh and see wildflowers or a waterfall or a glimpse of the ocean. Love the pattern Vanessa did with your fabric. The swap has been fun. Thank you, Lisa.

  44. I love spending time at the lake with my kids. And on really, really hot days, time in my sewing room catching up on all my UFO’s.

  45. I enjoy travel during the summer but what I love most is just having a slower pace, sleeping a bit longer, having more time to sew, grilling out, etc. Just enjoying life a little more.

  46. Beautiful runner! Lazy day’s sipping cold drinks and eating all the local fresh fruit, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and peaches.

  47. I love eating! Lol! All the fresh fruits and veggies just beg to be eaten. I top them off with fresh herbs from my garden. Delish! Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful table runner kit. I think some fresh salads would look magnificent on it!

  48. Summer is when I am able to get together with friends for a quilting retreat! Don’t always get much done, but the fellowship is great! I have really enjoyed all the great ideas for what you can really do with a charm pack!

  49. Beautiful runner and I always love a red white and blue combination. My favorite summer pastime is spending time with my grandkids. Fewer schedules since they are out of school.

  50. Reading a book outside in the late afternoon early evening after the heat of the day has lessened where I can also enjoy the plethora of wild animals and birds esp hummers coming in for dinner and not realizing that I sit quietly for a moment of pure peace and joy watching them.

  51. I like to be outside unless the humidity is too high, then it’s in the A/C with some wool stitching for me!

  52. My favorite part of summer is being outdoors as much as possible enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. My spend my time gardening, going to the grand-kids activities or going for walks.

  53. July is always busy – I live in Seward, Nebraska’s 4th of July City. And once that is over and the cleanup is done – it’s time to start getting ready for the Nebraska State Quilt Guild’s annual convention – QuiltNebraska. This year is was held in Seward and I was one of the co-chairs – so extra busy this year.
    On to August and time to relax and take some quilting time just for me! What fun it would be to work on this charm project

  54. I love summer! We love to go to the beach and just relax and read a good book. But paddle boarding or kayaking on one of the many lakes in the area is right up there with favorite things about summer. Thank you for showing us this darling quilt using such a fun charm pack.

  55. I love to sit back. I my rocker on the front porch and read or stitch or enjoy a cup of coffee or maybe an adult beverage on a pleasant evening.

  56. Love to make quilts and read for pleasure (instead of reading for work) during the summer!

  57. Love the red, white n blue and creative use of a tradional block! Love all the outdoor flowers and plants, but quilt retreat is my favorite activity!

  58. Love the runner and your red, white and blue fabrics. Favorite summer activities are sewing, reading and camping. Also really enjoy all the fresh veggies from the garden.

  59. I love to spend time at our cabin in northern Wisconsin. Swimming kayaking biking and drinking adult beverages 😀

  60. Summer treats are my fave – fresh strawberry shortcake, ice cold watermelon, cantaloupe, and ice cream. All delicious ways to cool off.

  61. Love your Stars & Stripes Gatherings! This table runner is so cute. My favorite activity of summer is working in my garden. The beautiful weather, beautiful flowers and vegetables – it’s all just perfect.

  62. In the summer, I love that summer vibe–the one you had as a kid. To get that feeling, I jump in the car, barefoot with a swimsuit on, and drive the 1/2 mile down to our beach/boat. Makes me feel like a kid again!

  63. While I love days in my quilting studio… I have been a golfer for over 40 years, so days outside on the golf course is a favorite activity. As I am aging though, quilting is more of a lifetime sport! 🙂

  64. My favorite summer activity is walking my dog without having to put on a hat, gloves, a parka and boots!

  65. My favorite summer activity is mostly staying indoors and sipping iced tea, I live in Texas where it is very hot! I do love to swing outside with my granddaughter when the sun has gone partway down. We also enjoy a tradition of having “ice cream o’clock” each Wednesday night!

  66. My favorite summer activity is hiking around the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

  67. Best favorite activity is spending time with my daughter and littles whilst they are all off school! Hands down the best thing ever!!! I started the two boys on some machine sewing this summer…they are 5 and 7 and love it!

  68. Love everything in the sun …… boating swimming jet skis tubing wake boarding reading a book ……. Summer is my favorite time

  69. Favorite summer activity, is probably picking berries, raspberries, and strawberries. It is a special time of the year and the season is so short for them. You have to enjoy them while they last.

  70. My favorite summer activity is spending time with my kids. When they’re out of school we have time to bike, go for picnics and go swimming. It’s a great runner – would be lots of fun to sew!

  71. My favorite summer activity is my garden! I can’t keep up with all the tomatoes, okra, eggplant and peppers! Getting a deer fence sure made a difference from years gone by when they ate from it every night!

  72. My favorite summer activity is spending time with our children and their families at Bear Lake. Lots of sun, sand and fun! And don’t forget the good food!

  73. My favorite summertime activity is cheering for my grandkids at their baseball games. We traveled to Richfield, Wisconsin (from Michigan ) to watch our grandson’s baseball game. The following weekend traveled to Whitehall, Grand Rapids , then onto Rockford Michigan all in one day to watch awesome baseball games! Go Coast Guard, Lakers, Rams!!

  74. Favorite summer activity is getting to spend more time with our granddaughter!! Especially at the cabin in the Sierra. Beautiful scenery, so many fun things to do!! Especially our trips to Yosemite!! Gorgeous!! Love all of the projects all of you came up with!! What a fun challenge and an extra bonus for all of us!! Fun!! =:)

  75. Summer is for sitting on my front porch and watching the Humming birds eat. Plus drinking tea and eating watermelon.

  76. My favorite summer activity is our trip from California to Montana where my in-laws have property. It is 31 miles outside Yellowstone and it is the most peaceful place! No Internet (I miss it a lot) and no television (except DVD player). Right on the Yellowstone river! I also love the warm summer nights here in California when I sit out on the patio and read while sipping margaritas.

  77. I love the patriotic table runner. Great for summer. Summer goes by so fast, so like to do as many activities as possible. I love to go on walks with my husband and dog. My colorful flowers light up my world. Also love to try new grilling foods.

  78. Summer is the best time for quilting road trips here in WI. That is my favorite thing. That table runner is so pretty. Will have to try to duplicate this color scheme. Thanks for the giveaway.

  79. My favorites are spending time with my grandkids, sitting outside reading and dreaming of quilts and fresh tomatoes off the vine. Life doesn’t get much better than that (unless I win the table runner kit) 😁

  80. I love to play and take walks at the beach; along Lake Michigan here in IL; with my Standard Poodle! He really loves to fly after the ball catching it with a twist in mid air. Being a poodle he prances as we walk. I have so much fun with him! When we chill in the backyard, I with a glass of ice tea and he watching for squirrels in the trees or chipmunks along the ground. Thank you for a chance to win the ADOR able Kit. 🙂 AND for such a fun topic to write about :)!

  81. It’s so hot here in the south. In the summer, I like to sit on the screen porch in the morning before it gets too hot with a Diet Coke and stitch.

  82. My favorite summer activity is taking road trips with my family and discovering new places!

  83. My favorite summer activity is split, one is spending time with my three youngest Grand babies, and playing outside. The second thing is riding my horse on week long rides, camping as we go along. Then if I’m home, I’m totally happy with my sewing machine happily humming along on my latest project!

  84. Adorable runner! I love playing water balloon volleyball. Fun game for every age. Thanks for the giveaway.

  85. My favorite summer activities are deadheading and watering my flowers. Love that table runner, and I love your blog so much.

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