Quilting giveaway: Valdana thread box, a giveaway hosted by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Friday Quilting Giveaway: Valdani Thread Box!

Quilting Giveaway: Valdani Thread Box giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean


It’s Friday…why not celebrate…just a little…at least!

When was in Houston I talked Dana, from Valdani to let me give-away a #5 wt thread pack… since we just ordered a sick amount of balls from her recently!

And early this week we got in a HUGE order at the warehouse… so we are busily putting away all those balls and boxes and if you have not used the 5wt Valdani thread yet… you will if you are doing anything Primitive Gatherings…. I just LOVE using them for my embroidery stitching… They make the stitches look so gooooood!

Quilting Giveaway: Valdani Thread Box giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean: image of Valdani thread box5 wt Valdani ball

HOw to Enter the valdani thread pack giveaway:

So… pretty simple here…If you would like to get your name in to win this Valdani pack…Please leave a comment and let me know how many total(any weight) Valdani thread balls you have…10, 110 or 410!  You can kinda guess if you don’t really want to count them…and the winner will not be based on if you have a lot or none… I promise… be honest and let see what everyone says!

All for now… Keep Stitching EVERY DAY!…

I am working on some fun deadlines… I can’t wait to share them with you!


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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

1,306 thoughts on “Friday Quilting Giveaway: Valdani Thread Box!

  1. I’m on the road so I’m gonna goes about 50 for me. And there’s plenty of room for more.

    1. I am just starting my collection of Valdani—I have about 18 balls. I love wool appliqué and have many projects on my “ to do” list. Thanks for all of your wonderful designs!

    2. I am fairly new to wool embroidery but already have collected about 25 balls of Valdani 12 wt. I love stitching with Valdani!

      1. I’m working on getting a nice assortment of colors. Just ordered 8 new colors and now have about 27 total. Love working with valdani thread!

  2. I have about 55 balls of Valdani thread pearl cotton. Thanks for making me aware of 5 weight.

  3. I love Valdani! I have 9 colors, but I seem to use 3 more than the others – they’re getting pretty small! Thank you for this opportunity.

    1. At least 24, but maybe more. I keep the ones for kits separate from singles. Only thread I buy for woolies!

      1. Valdani is my favorite thread for embroidery work in my quilts. I have around 100 balls but none are 5 weight. I am excited to try this size.

    1. I have about 80 spools in all different weights. I’ve been getting the wool boxes so I purchasing threads for those kits!! I love Primitive Gatherings. Thank you for all the wonderful things.

  4. I don’t have a lot of Valdani threads, but once when doing a specific project where I needed one color throughout, I ordered 6 of the gold/yellow (don’t remember the number). I have close to 20 balls of Valdani thread and it is one of my ‘go-to’ threads for surface embroidery.

  5. I think I probably have over 200, of mostly 12 weight, but many 8 weight also. I have about 20 of the 3strand thread also. I carry your Valdani thread book in my purse just in case I find a color I don’t yet have in my collection. I just found my first #5 ball a few months ago.

  6. Well, I have zero balls of Valdani thread, but oodles of DMC (not really being used right now). Would love to try some Valdani :)!

  7. Oh my…I only have three balls. I have over 70 of another brand and just recently noticed how nice the colors are in Valdani. Today is my birthday so maybe I will treat myself to a box with the yummy soft colors.

  8. I just love Valdani thread but I don’t have many. The thread is light weight so I bet I have 60.

  9. I have only recently started working with wools and can’t wait to start that really cute little sheep wool project that I saw on your blog. I really don’t have many of the balls of thread yet but I am sure I will be adding to my collection soon!

  10. I would love to try the #5. I have 8 and 12 only, love stitching your patterns and seeing you in Houston at quilt show! Oh, I probably have 40/50 balls all from primitive gatherings.

  11. Lisa…ALL my thread came from you! A long time ago…we made a trip to Kentucky and there was your booth with wool….and sew it began…..

  12. Probably 50 12’s and 25 8’s and a maybe 8 16’s but no 5’s! Oh, and never all the colors that I need for a project!

  13. I have 3 of your boxes full plus so I a guessing about 250 balls love it and all the projects you have for us to use it!!!! I do not have any 5 so I need this box!!!!!

  14. I’m not home right now as I travelling but I have at least 25 I think. Love Valdani threads.

  15. I have about 25-30 Valdani threads, different weights. They are very nice threads to use and nice colors. Especially for Lisa’s wool!

  16. Thank you Lisa for offering this giveaway. I have approximately 52 balls, mostly 12wt. Would love to win the 5wt and try them.

  17. Working on your beautiful wool block of the week from last year now – so my stash of valdani thread multiplied with the thread pack that went with it – so probably 50ish

  18. I didn’t know about the 5 weight. This would be an awesome gift to win. I actually went into my room and counted mine – 76!

  19. Alas and Alack ~~~~~ I do NOT have any so now is the time for me to have some for those PIW aka Projects in Waiting

  20. I Had my first experience with Valdani thread when I did the Moon flower BOM. I have loved using that thread and have already accumulated 67 balls of thread. Most of mine are size 12 and 8 and I need to try out the 5 size.

  21. My husband purchased your box of the most used colors for me for Christmas 2 years ago! Love them all-I guess I have about 200!

  22. I have 15 balls of size 12 but none of size 5! I just found the Valdani brand on your website last week! Hopefully , your contest will help be build my size variety! Thank you so much for this opportunity, Lisa!

  23. I have about 40 but mostly in #8 weight. Love! Love! Love them and especially their variegated ones. I’d love to try the #5 weight.

  24. Lisa, I’d absolutely love to win that thread box! On vacation in FL now, but I can safely say that I have 14 balls. Win win win!

  25. I love Valdani and don’t think I would ever go back to floss. I estimate I have about 30 balls.

  26. I think I have about 40 balls of Valdani – I just started a new Kathy Schmitz project with # P1, Brick Red – love it!

  27. 27, I have number 8 and 12 only. Would love to have the number 5 set offered.
    Really missed the Primitive Gatherings booth at the Daytona AQS. Wasn’t worth the cost of admission without you!

  28. I must have at least a hundred balls and I still sometimes can’t find the color or weight I want!

  29. I have about 100 and love them for wool appliqué and embroidery- and yes I would love to have more😉

  30. What a lovely treat it would be to have more of the #5 threads! I too discovered how much better my stem stitching looks with the heavier threads. Plus I invested in your stitching book so now my stitches look more like they are supposed to. I did have your book spiral bound so I can avoid destroying the binding .
    I have the thread kit from the primitive garden bomb, plus 2 more of your boxs full of more!

  31. 133! I have them all organized by weight and color number, plus the little book from Lisa to note what I have😊

  32. I have about 50+ balls, but I always add to this number when I start new projects. Just love the thread!
    I enjoy working with the different thread thicknesses.

  33. I don’t have a single one, so would love to win. I haven’t hand embroidered since I was a young teen.

  34. I love Valdani and always have a few balls out to do some stitching. I have 257 balls.

  35. I have never heard of this thread. Id love to win, as I am a thread snob! Love good quality thread. Will surely try some out when I get the chance.

  36. I’m just a beginner so I only have 17 balls, but I love each and every little ball. Thanks for the chance to win some of these beauties!

  37. I do not have any Valdani right now. I have tons of DMC thread and Sulky embroidery thread, though. Would love to win some! Thank you!

  38. I have at least a hundred balls but I still can’t find the color or weight I want

  39. I love valdani thread my favorite, and you can never have enough. I have around 50.😊

  40. I’m at work, so have to guess. I’m going to say roughly 50 – 60 balls. Thanks for sponsoring the give away. Very exciting. 🙂

  41. I have around 50-60 balls of Valdani threads from over the years – and I can proudly say that I have even seen the end of some of them (as in I have used up entire balls!) I did two of your early-designed large quilt projects – Primitive Garden and the one that followed … I am currently working to finish Moon Garden while also working on a couple of small bowl fillers (I have ADD! Ha!) I am on the last block of Moon Garden and doing the setting squares in the sashes! Yay! Even though wool can sometimes make me sneeze – I can’t stop working with it 🙂

  42. I probably have over 100. I think I only have one of the #5 from the Old Glory class you did in Springfield last summer .

  43. I have about 85. Most are 8’s but I love the 3’s and 5’s so that would be most welcome.

  44. Only about 10 – so far! – but growing! I do have a ton of floss though from way back in the counted cross stitch days, which I understand is making a comeback too.

  45. Currently I have 34 balls of Vaidani thread! I love it,use it for all my embroidery.

  46. This is easy for me. Lol. I have zero! I’m just now wanting to familiarize myself with this craft.

  47. I have only 3. Just getting started and have floss up the cazoo from my long lost cross stitch days. I’d love more!

  48. I have 3 and love them! I just recently found the art of wool work and it is all consuming! I want more valdini!

  49. I would love to try valdani thread. I have a few basis colors but need to start using more color in my projects.

  50. Sadly, I only own two balls of Vivaldi, and I am hoarding them! Would be a dream to win this great give away! Thank you!

  51. I have 100+ Valdani threads, mostly #12 weight, not a lot of #8, and only a smattering of #5 and 3 strand. I would love to add these beautiful shades to my collection.

  52. I have approximately 195 balls of Valdani, with more on their way. I still have a long way to fill up my Primitive Gatherings reference book!

  53. I have at least 60 balls of Valdani. I’ve been stitching with you for awhile. Love the stuff!

  54. I have 16 balls of Valdani….all size 12, haven’t tried the 5 yet, would like to.

  55. I am new to doing the wool applique. I bought a few small spools. It is wonderful to work with. I will certainly get
    more for my next project.

  56. I am sad to say I have only two…a beautiful cranberry and a green size 8. It is NOT because I don’t desire MORE; but, because I have been trying to use up my grandmothers pearl cotton and floss.

  57. I only have about 3-4 balls for a wool project I haven’t gotten to yet, but I’m sure winning would inspire me to get busy doing some stitching. 😂 Thanks for the chance.

  58. I only have 20 and most of those are in the Twilight Garden kit. I am just getting started but want more!

  59. My valdani thread is easy to count. I don’t have any. I’ve never tried stitching with it. This would be a great opportunity!

  60. I have 135. I started stitching last year after I was inspired by the beautiful projects I saw on the cruise to Rome. I subscribed to the wool boxes and have been building my collection by ordering the suggested threads every other month. So much fun!

  61. I have 27. All 5 weight and a few stragglers. I know this because the shelf where they were stored ,fell and sent them and the bin down to the floor. Cracked the bin, they rolled every where along with a gallon jar filled with buttons. Needless to say, they are now tidy in a new bin, on a new shelf.

  62. They are so beautiful!!! I only have ten but have a new flower wool pattern they would be awesome in Wish me luck Cathy

  63. Hi Lisa,

    I have 31 valdani threads. I have a lot of Emb. Floss so I use that a lot also. I love valdani the best but try to use what I have. Also want to say I love being part of the PG wool box.



  64. I carry mine in a large clear plastic bag in my wool sewing tote that I take to my hand sewing group. It was bugging me to know so I had to go dump it and count, 143 all 12’s and 8’s. NO 5’s so would love to try them.

  65. Probably about 40-50 – some are tucked in to various projects which need to be finished.

  66. I probably have about 5. So, you see winning this would be a great addition to small collection. Thanks for the opportunity!! Happy Friday!

  67. Well? It does not matter how many Valdani threads you have —-Cuz a person can never have too many! But I do keep mine in Primitive Gathering containers that hold 48 ish balls. We know the ROYGBIV Color Pallette consists of 7 colors with Black and White not included. Most of my 10 containers are full and 10 times 48 is…..Oh Dear not enough!!

  68. I have 92 balls neatly stored in boxes and probably another dozen or so tucked in with projects I’m working on.

  69. I have only a couple as I am just learning about wool stitching. Love your work! That is where I first saw it.

  70. I have at least 150 balls of valdani thread. Probably more but I’m not counting. I use them for punchneedle, embroidery and stitching wool projects. The colors are so yummy and I love them.

  71. I have 8 balls of thread. I had purchased them to do big stitch on a panel wall hanging. Hope I win and thanks

  72. I am one of the deprived people who do not have any Valdani threads. I have been using DMC embroidery floss, and while I have wanted to try Valdani, I haven’t yet. I would love to try it.

  73. I probably have a couple hundred #12 wt .balls, but starting to spread my wings into the heavy weights!

  74. I estimate I have about 50 balls of Valdani. That doesn’t count my last order from Primitive Gatherings. Waiting for it arrive any day now.

  75. Hi, I have about 40 spools of Valdani. I have tried other brands but I use Valdani most of the time. I love the finish and variety of colors. I am in love with variegated colors. I would be thrilled to ad add to my stash. Please pass along the tip you shared on the cruise a couple of years ago about putting the thread through the label. It has saved me so many times from not knowing what color or weight I am using.

  76. Well that’s easy! I have Zero. But wool stitching is something I’m interested in. I did embroidery as a young girl and loved it. So this could send me on my way.

  77. My count (exactly) of Valdani threads is 93. You can never have too many. The colors are so luscious and rich, I’d never consider stitching with anything else.

  78. I only have about 70..ish. maybe a few more since I ordered your quilt kit with the sheep…love love this thread… and will be wanting to order and try the new 5 very soon!

  79. I started collecting valdani after you visited my guild about 10 years ago and I took a class with you. I probably have over 200 balls…..just recently started using the heavier weights on a more regular basis.

  80. Oh my, I’m guessing around 45 balls of various weights. I love, love the colors and the threads. Thanks Lisa and Valdoni

  81. I have 51 balls of 12 wt. valdani thread. I’ll have to start getting the thicker wts.

  82. I currently don’t have any, but I’ve wanted to try them. I wasn’t even sure what to start with, so a small assortment like this would be fantastic 🥰

  83. Hi Lisa.
    I have about 30 valdani balls of thread, mostly #12 and #8. Only 2 #5 balls so I would love to win some. 😉
    Went to the Mountain Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge and bought some Indigo Gatherings and Urban Farmhouse fabrics plus a wool kit of baskets with red flowers. I love it! Amy and Jake were helpful and the booth was very busy. I hope you will be back next year and maybe even come with to teach. Love your designs! 🤗

    Please everyone say a prayer for those here in middle Tennessee who lost loved ones, were injured, or lost their homes or businesses from the tornadoes Tuesday morning.
    God bless.
    Gayle in Tennessee

  84. Recently bought your book WOOL, NEEDLE & THREAD. I bought some thread and am on my way to a new love. Have 6 colors and would love more. Thank you for the opportunity. Love all your work.

  85. I have about 50 balls of Valdani. Since I do mostly PG patterns & wool, many of the same colors are used. I love working with Valdani!

  86. Wow, some of my fellow stitchers have quite a bigger collection than I do. I only have around 20 at this time. 🙁

  87. I think I have about 150 balls of valdani. I just love all the colors! Size 5 threads are what I need most…the majority of what I have are size 12. Crossing fingers!

  88. well around 163ish and still have room for more. I love working with this tread it makes every stitch look good. I love the book I received I think in the Christmas box that has a place to keep track of your thread. That way I can just open the book and see if I have the color. Thanks Primitive gatherings .

  89. I have 8 balls of Valdani thread. it is so nice to use. Thanks for the chance to win some more.


  90. Beautiful! I have 32 with several I’m not sure you could call “balls” anymore. I would love to restock with this collection!

  91. I have around 35 balls in both the #12, and #8. Love, love the variegated greens for leaves and stems, they makes the project look “real”!

  92. Love the variety of colors and the way the Valdani needles. I have about 128 balls. Neila in Iowa

  93. Due to the wonderful SBOW I have just under 100. #12 & #8. Don’t think I’ve tried any #5 yet. Those thread boxes are so cute. Need to get back to some evening slow stitching, I have basket blocks to finish!

  94. i’m a bit late to the valdani world and have 43 total so far. most all are 12 weight with only one 5 weight, so this giveaway would be wonderful to win. i do enjoy working with them and love the rich color and varigation choices. thanks for the opportunity!!

  95. I have only a very little few! I have only completed a couple projects and have several more kits that I’ve bought in the past year.
    Thank you always for your contributions to the creative world!

  96. I probably have over 200 balls. I started collecting after I took a class with Lisa at my guild. Been stitching wool every since.

  97. I love Valdani threads! I have around 150 – mostly in size 12. Would love to add these gorgeous colors to the growing number of size 5s that I have!

  98. I have about 250 balls of Valdani thread. I had not used these much until I “stumbled” across Primitive Gatherings and the really cool kits for table mats. My collection of Valdani thread grew when I joined the PG Woolbox subscriptions. Love working with wool, needle and thread.

  99. Oh Lisa, without counting, just considering how many projects I have purchased from Primitive Gatherings, I’d say around 100 or maybe even a few more, I love working with Valdani, sews like a dream.

  100. Wow what a nice Friday Surprise! Just counted, and I have 37. Wished they had a grey/grey…Lovely colors in the “give-away” box. Thank you for sharing.

  101. I have about 75 but most of them are #12 and #8. I do have some #5 due to last summer’s block of the week! It was nice trying a new weight of thread on that project! What a great giveaway!

  102. embarrassingly probably more than I should have, but I always need more….I have five or six of those Primitive Gathering boxes (the ones that came with the SBOW when you ordered thread) full….so maybe about 185! By the way, I need more thread. There are always colors I don’t have.

  103. I just started this hobby a year ago, and I have only 5 Valdani’s, but I love them and totally see the difference in quality between them and other brands. I plan to gradually build my collection of colors, but would love to win this box of Valdani thread.

  104. 96!!! And I’m waiting for more to show up in the mail!!!!! ❤️🧵👍🎉🌻

  105. I only have 22 balls…however TODAY is my last day of work and my retirement needs more 🧵!!!

  106. I have at least 20 balls of Valdani. Maybe another few are packed in projects I have “kitted” to start. Great thread, great colors!

  107. Love love Valdani!😍 I’m at a quilt retreat so will estimate 200, but guessing more. Keep adding all the time. My preferred pattern company to go to is Primitive Gatherings. Must have Valdani colors to give me satisfaction of desired look for projects completion. You’re wonderful!👍 love your Blog.

  108. I have 5. but have a ton of embroidery thread handed down to me from my grandmother. I learned fast that it’s just not the same! lol

  109. I would guess about 100. Hard to count because they are “resting” in various WIPs!

  110. I have 22 Valdani balls (mostly size8) and I would love to add to the collection! 🤗

  111. I think I have about a dozen balls of Valdani left, I am not stitching as often as I used to, but still love to look at my threads and wool. The colours are wonderful!

  112. I have roughly 70 of the valdani threads, mostly in the 8 and 12 weight. I would love to gather some of valdani’s floss weight (6 strand) for cross stitch. I just recently picked up cross stitching again after 20 years! Don’t know why I ever stopped!

  113. About 50 ish of the #12 and 3 of the # 8. I don’t have any #5 and would love to stitch with them!

  114. I’m just plain lazy, don’t want to get up off the couch to count, but I have some, under 20.

  115. Since I’m in the car and 726 miles from home, I don’t have any idea how many balls of the 5 weight I have, but I’d love to have more!

  116. That would be an awesome to win the box of Valdani thread. I have none of the #5 weight thread ! Love all the the projects you post !

  117. I hate to admit but probably at least 200! I’ve been collecting a long time, but it’s all I will use. Just started last year w #5, and I love it for the embroidery wrk!!! You have taught me soooo much!!!

  118. I’m so glad you ordered more, I just ordered some from you during your sale for my projects I got with the Christmas wool box and you were out of two of the colors I needed! I think I might have 12 – 15 balls. I’m just getting started so I don’t have a lot. I did get your wool stitching book and it is fabulous. I’m retiring soon so I hope to really dive into this world of wool applique!

  119. Valdani is beautiful thread, and I LOVE working with it. Have not tried the 5 wt yet, so I would love a box. I counted and I have 17 balls in my thread holder and another 10 stored with kits. Thanks for the opportunity and your enthusiasm!!

  120. I just recently started wool appliqué so I have 8 in neutral colors since I didn’t know exactly what colors to buy.

  121. Started collecting the Valdini thread with your Moon Garden BOM and now I’m hooked on wool and the thread! Just finished a big quilt that is being hand quilted with Valdini #8 … its going to be just beautiful. So, that means several boxes of thread are on my shelf … at least 125 balls of all sizes and colors and of course I am willing to have more! Thank you so much for the giveaway and all your beautiful work and sharing!

  122. I have about 170 Valdani thread balls and love all of them. I do have to keep mine put away because my cats think the pretty balls of thread are their toys.

  123. I have some 3 strand for punch needle and a few colors of size 8 for big stitch quilting, but haven’t tried size 5. Sounds like I need a new project.

  124. I’m at work but I’m going to guess about 40 or so. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  125. I love to use Valdani threads. I have about 65 balls, mostly 12 at. I usually buy as I need them. There is not a store around me that has a great selection so I order from you.

  126. Lisa this is a fun contest. I have often wondered how many Valdani threads I have. Because I have your Valdani thread book it was easy to find out! I have 297! And I must admit, room for more! It’s the only thread I use ❤️

  127. Lisa, I have about 100 Valdani Threads. I would not have any if it was not for you.l
    took my first Wool class with you in Hampton Va.I have used #5, as it was in the SBOW 2019. To be honest I love all Valdani thread. The colors are awesome .

  128. We have many!! Many as we use them in your projects!! We keep them in the containers you sell which we love!!! Would love to add these to our collection!!! Cindy

  129. I lost count how many balls I have. I love using them in my sewing machine as well. Gives my quilting a different look.

  130. I have about 300 of 12 weight, about 50 of 8 weight and another 50 of 5 weight….but even that is not enough! Love Valdani!

  131. Have about 10 that I bought specifically for a Primitive Gatherings Wool Fall mat project. Love the pattern, wool and thread!!!

  132. I have well over 150 balls of mostly 12 wt. just love the colors. As I get more and more into decorative stitching I’d love to add 5 wt.

  133. I have no Valdani threads as they are not sold in my area (Louisiana.) I am currently working on the white tulip Welcome banner from Primitive Gatherings and have been wishing I had some of your thread to complete this project!

  134. I am the proud owner of 423 valdani – I use #12

    I absolutely positively LOVE valdani

  135. I am a new follower and love your tutorials, books and everything embroidery! I was able to purchase a couple of valdani balls locally and an anxiously await the arrival of my shipment from Primitive Gatherings of 7 more beautiful colors of valdani thread. So I will have 9 colors!!!!

  136. Hi! Thank you for the giveaway! I love that thread. I have approximately 50 balls of thread. Such pretty colors!

  137. I’d have to go through two drawers and count them all – but I can tell you it’s a LOT. I love Valdani thread, and have from the very beginning – years ago. It’s my “go-to” thread when I work on wool projects and the best around. I prefer size 8 or 12 for what I do, but would love to try #5. Great stuff !

  138. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Valdani for my wool stitching! I didn’t count, but I’ve gotta have at least 50 balls. When I consider that I’ve only been stitching for 2 years, I’m well on my way to 400+! 😳🤣

  139. My first wool appliqué I made with your Lisa,s Flowergarden, and since than I was falling in love with it. My stash on the embroidery thread is not so big I only have 33 , but I hope I will buy more because I was falling in love with it.

  140. I own 53 balls of Valdani. I have purchase probably 90% at Primitive Gatherings. Yeah!

  141. I have 56 Valdanti. I agree with Cindy I keep then in the plastic containers you sell and love them. I can always know when to find them, and they are kept nice, need and clean.

  142. I’m guessing about 250. I love Valdini thread! I only have a few spools of the 5 weight though!

  143. I do not have a single one but are obviously anxious to try them. Mandi, Pretoria, South Africa

  144. You can never have enough Valdani threads!
    I would love to have add these to my collection😁

  145. I started with one in my Wool Box and I have bought 3 more! Such beautiful variegated colors, there’s just nothing like it!

  146. I have over 100 different spools of this thread. When I see it somewhere I buy it like I am buying a box of Sees chocolates and individually pick each piece. I use them in all my projects. It is the best thread ever!

  147. I just started using Valdani threads and I discovered what I’d been missing! It is beautiful thread with a wonderful luster and feel. I have about 20 mostly #12 since I joined the Valdani club through Primitive Gatherings. Would love some #5 to try! Thanks!

  148. I have probably 40 Valdani threads. I enjoy doing wool thread work & reading your blog.

  149. I have about 30 colors in a combination of 5,8, and 12. I tend to purchase colors when working on a particular project. The threads shown are besutiful.

  150. I have five of your thread boxes filled with Valdani- I started getting them after I took one of your classes- now I’m hooked on wool appliqué!!

  151. Approx 25-30. Love the Valdani colors and thread. Thank you chance at an awesome giveaway

  152. I have 103, how did that even happen ! 😳 but I love them and try to stitch every night, even if it’s small.

  153. I love Valdani and have about 20 balls to embellish your beautiful wools with. Obviously, I need more!!

  154. How many skeins of valdani thread do you need???? Just one more pack! I have appx 200, some duplicates because I like the colors I like and never have had a list of what I already have when at Paducah or at your shop in Wisconsin traveling through to Minnesota. Hoping you bring a couple of your thread journals to retreat in April so I can finally get organized.

  155. I have about 75 ball as of 12. Some I have several balls of favorite colors. This is my favorite Peele cotton. I have some glosses, too.

  156. I have a little over 200 but only 3 of the #5wt what’s up with that lol…I think I need to work on this lol!

  157. I don’t have any yet, but this would be the perfect way to get started on a PG project. Love the colors……