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Triangle Gatherings Block 66 & 67

Click here to print Block 66

Click here to print Block 67

What are you working on besides TG? I am trying to get this center of Live a Simple Life BOM together so I can work on the borders…This will be a 6 month BOM starting in Jan 2018…We will be posting details and signups soon!!!
Have a great day!



Moda Blockheads…block 25

Twice the Friendship…by Kansas Troubles Quilters…Click the link and go to her blog for the pattern….

Hey Ya’ll!!!…This post is coming from the road….I was just in Texas…and now I am in Utah…so…I quickly made this block yesterday for today’s post…I did not follow the directions.. AND…I really don’t know how I pulled it off…because I cut blue triangles…when I should have cut squares but I made it work anyhow…just made sure the seam allowance hung over 1/4″…but it turned out GOOD ENOUGH!!!  I found a bigger iron at Joyce’s house so I kind of have the same look to my presentation…right??? lol…


The questions of the week is…Settings…have you thought about it?…I am stitching 1″ HST’s all around the blocks..and then I need to sash it with wider sashings for quilting…I did not think about the cornerstones yet…

Make sure you visit us all today…see whats happening…


I had such a blast in Texas hanging out with quilting friends- I look forward to this time every is extra special!!!

I took a pano shot of the room…look at all that creativity!!  The location was Sunset Retreat.

Now yesterday…we started a retreat in St. George…lots of lovely quilters! I only took one stitching pic of the class I taught…but it’s a good one…This is Beth’s…Just Picked wool runner…but after dinner last night  we went for a little side trip…a hike up the red rocks…Joyce Weeks runs a retreat every year in St. George…#quiltstgeorge    If you can, come join in next year, I wound not miss it!!! It’s only been one day and I love the quilters and the location!!!  Us ladies should not be hiking in our flips…but that did not stop us…


AQS FALL Paducah Classes and a little more!!!

As promised I am letting you know you can now sign up for my classes in Paducah this Fall/September…Here are the projects I am teaching…Click HERE to get the full details…I only have a few teaching opportunities outside of Primitive Gatherings left to do until maybe 2019…so don’t put this off as I may just stay home from now on!!!

It is raining here today…and when that happens I seem to get a lot of more done…I have some quilters coming to the house as well as a photo shoot for a book publisher coming up….so I have been trying to “pick up”….The “fisherman” came in my sewing room and went…”whoa…you picked up???” so if he noticed… thats good right?…This area is where I alway dump bins, bags and whatever I am carrying…so I feel good about my “start”…I do a little something everyday….Oh…did anyone notice?  I got that thermostat moved…so I could “finish” my ruler hangers…all the way…

Yesterday I taught one of my favorite classes…”Big Stitch” quilting…Mary here was my star student…but all the ladies did well…no flunkies!

This quilt was brought in…now it’s all basted and ready to hand quilt!!!

Are any of you seeing our Summer Block of the Week projects?…If you are still on the fence and thinking about signing up we have an End date of June 25th before we quit taking any more signups… and if we have any left we run a block of the month…but the price and the freebie make doing the SBOW soooo worth doing it now..Join us and on our Facebook groups for each project!!!

One of twelve “free” house blocks…included with the Summer blocks of the week!!! Click HERE to see the other options…Hexi Haven and Starlit Skies… 

Well I think it’s time to go to the store and get a beef roast…get it in the oven…and then back to stitching…

my best…Lisa



Summer Block of the Week 2017…

Today Spring Quilt Market opens!!!! This is a big deal for those of us in business in the quilting world…We get to talk to the shop owners and share our designs and products, we also get to find new and exciting stuff for our shops to keep our stores fresh and full of ideas when you come in or see us at a show…so it’s a big deal…and it all starts today!!!  I will take lots of pics in the next couple of days…for future posts…

and Wow…I have had a super busy first 6 months of the year and my schedule slows way down from here…I started the summer BOWs real early this year but somehow…I had just enough done to show you what my offerings are for the summer. Now I have a time to talk about them…they are all up on our website and I thank you for those of you who have already signed up and tested our new system…The Summer BOW is for our loyal customers who have to do a summer project for the fun, for the excitement of getting something in the weekly mail other than bills and for the FREEBIE…Not only is the SBOW at special price you also get an extra project for participating in our summer event!  It all starts June 5th!!!!

I’m super excited about the freebie this year…the “theme” will be HOUSES!!!  Who doesn’t love little houses…The freebies are made from the scraps leftover from making kits…so you may not always have the same background…but it will always be something nice…This block is 4″ finished..Now that I have seduced you with the freebie…here are our projects…We have 3 for you to choose from or you can do more than one…I am always amazed how much you can get done and share in our groups….some do all three and amazingly finish them in Olympic record time…

Wool AppliqueI am taking into consideration that most of you do NOT have all the SBOWs finished that you have….so why not do some easy piecing and a little appliqué???  That’s the plan this year…I myself need a bit of a break so it’s very simple appliqué….AND maybe you want to make some mini quilts?…these 12 blocks could all be quilted and bound to make a mini quilt in itself…hmmm thats cool too right?

I will be adding special stitches to the appliques and will be doing videos on our FB page, this first block has 5 different stitches on it!!…I’ll give you the FB group info at the end so you can  join after you sign up…They are closed groups only for those who do the SBOWs and they are still ongoing we do not stop them so it takes you a year to complete your project the group is still active…Randy is also on board to help us again in our FB groups- this is awesome as we all LOVE Randy, his quilts and his gardens…


All the details and the pricing is here on the Shop BLOG  I did not want to screw anything up so Jess has everything in detail there…there are also supply kits for everything that we discount at 25% off of everything you order.  When you are reading the shop blog…click the links leading you to the website to order.

Pieced Quilt…Starlit Skies...I LOVE this quilt and everyone who saw the blocks in person loved them too!!!  Also did you notice…NO Triangles!!! So keep making those Friendship stars while you make this as well…this is easy easy easy…my fast cutting and piecing directions will make this fun to piece…

You will get 4 blocks each week for a total of 48…I will have two ways to set the quilt, with star cornerstones & sashing and you can choose when we offer the finishing kits…Jess also has a supply kit for this as well..

Hexi Haven is our Hand Pieced or EPP project…

Debbie from the shop is making this…and it’s so gorgeous!!!  Again…all the details will be at the link above, too many to list here….

This is the hexi pattern from my floor at the Lakehouse!!!

I hope this interests you enough to go and see if you want to join in…I especially love the Facebook group…I love seeing everyone’s blocks each week and the help that’s available there…so I can’t wait to see some of you again and I hope we get some new people who this might be the first time they are doing the SBOW…(Summer Block of the Week)

And PLEASE,  if you have any questions after reading this or the website descriptions please call our shop…the girls will be ready to help you with anything you need.  We are a full service quilt shop and want to take care of you personally if you give us the chance…our phone number is… 920-722-7233.

Here is the info for the Facebook groups:

As we have done in previous years we will have a Facebook Group set up for those of you who join any of the 3 SBOW programs. This year we will have 3 separate Facebook Groups, one for each of the SBOWs. Please make sure that you are Friends with Jessica Holz on Facebook, and then PM her to tell her which group you are in, she will then put you into the group. You will need to be Friends with her on Facebook since this is a CLOSED Group and only those in the SBOW programs can join in. This is a great way to learn new techniques and to share with one another! Some of you are already friends with me, for those of you who are not please look for this profile picture for who to friend request.IMG_3072       Jessica Holz Facebook Profile Picture to Friend Request

Have a great weekend! Lisa



CA Sit & Stitch…Soooo much fun!

Well….I hope you all are up to your ears in blocks that you have to get done to keep up!…It is so fun to be busy and look forward to spending time with your machine…even if you have only 15 mins here and there….it all adds up when doing these triangle blocks and of course the Moda Blockhead blocks too!

I have returned from California after a rough start…plane was delayed a whole day…so my Saturday class turned into a Sunday class…then it was 3 more classes on Monday & Tuesday and then home quickly to spend some time with Nick to celebrate our 19th Anniversary…but here is a recap of my trip…hope you are inspired!!

Sunday…Well I didn’t have the full class that I was supposed to have on Saturday but I am happy for the 5 that could make it…This class was on “big stitch” quilting….This class was Barbs idea…she came in one day and showed a bunch of quilts and I said they would make awesome hand quilted quilts….I told her to see if she could find a used quilting frame and she could bring it in and I’d show her how to get started…

We basted the quilt in class…its an American flag for her son’s classroom….then we learned the big-hand quilting stitch on our large feathered wreaths or another project if they had one…and Barb got started on her quilt frame doing 3″semi circles piled on top of each other…not quite clam shells but close…can your see them on the edge of the frame?


Then a bunch of full classes on Monday and Tuesday’s…I sure do have fun with these girls…

Julie showed her finished Magic of Christmas quilt!!! I’m bringing it home for photography for our book…


Do you remember Sylvia???? The one who I made her redo a whole block my way in a previous Sit & Stitch?

She came back!  And brought her friend Shari…Here she is with a new  finished top called Old Dirt Road…this features my Little Gatherings II line of fabrics…

She pieced her Blockhead #5 block in class…

Here’s Shari making homespun Winnebago Waves quilt!!!


Then Shirley was working on her~My Crazy Life…only has 4 more to stitch and she can put the top together… Here is Snowflake Catcher…started in class…Kristine and Terry were both making this…

Kim is working on Lisa’s Flower Garden…

Elaine is working on Triangle Gatherings… Go back to the January posts if your interested in learning about Triangle Gatherings…

New class coming to PG CA…Yoko Saito design, in her newest book Scrap Valley…Tina will be teaching this!!!

Liz and her Triangle Gathering blocks-did you also notice the quilt in the background!!! Yes that’s MaryLou’s finished Clara’s Stars…

Karen and her finished Just Picked… and some of her “My Crazy Life” blocks…Sorry Karen…wish this was a better pic…

Sharon’s My Crazy Life blocks…showing her “own” blocks…one featuring her doggie…

Alice’s(hope I got this right) Hummingbird Garden blocks…Alice is pictured in the pink next to Sharon in that photo…

Georgia’s own My Favorite Things…

About half of the girls had show & share…so it was a lot of fun to see them getting their projects completd.  I am very proud of this women and what they are accomplishing!!!

My next dates in CA…a retreat in June 11-14 and Sit & Stitch August, 28 & 29…Big stitch quilting August 26th…Call if you want to join the fun…951-304-9787

I hope you enjoyed Show & Share…and maybe this will inspire you to stitch on your project if you have this one OR to order yourself one on our website!

my best…





Classes in Menasha WI…Patriotic on the web!!

I promised to let you all know when we got all those awesome patriotic projects from the NC retreat on the web…they are all on and ready…We need to thank the NC retreat girls for proofing all our patterns!!!  See we were working too along with all that fun!!






See those little bright green things…they will grow up to be tulips…can’t wait to show you them when they are blooming!!! I brought Jeter for a walk at noon…since my flight got cancelled!!!! I will not be in CA until tomorrow…so I thought I would get some work done…do you remember when I was planting these??? I posted about it here on the blog October 2016…

So…I also have my class schedule for WI…

Come to beautiful WI…soon the tulips will be blooming… and then the summer flowers, nice temperatures and green green grass…I am listing my WI classes  with pictures of the projects in this PDF Lisa’s WI Classes  This list goes through the end of the year….I don’t know why it took me so long to get it done..but probably because I was gone to too many other places teaching!!!

We have smaller more intimate classes than at the big shows/guilds and do not have to charge big money to pay for a convention hall room…so why not come…stay over at the retreat house…and join in the fun!!!

We also are offering a Sit & Sew for you to come work on what you have and have me their to guide you and help you make those decisions you just can’t yourself…This group is a fun, interactive and who knows what we will all be doing…I bounce design ideas off of this group as well and show them what’s new and up and coming…It’s very like a personal sewing group…here is the Sit & Sew description..

Sit & Sew

Bring your projects…get advice…ask questions…learn a new technique… get a sneak peek at our upcoming designs and hear about what’s happening at Primitive Gatherings!! You will not want to miss being a part of this sewing group…Lisa promises a good time as well as lots of stitching!
This group will meet at Lisa’s studio location- 1860 Bud Dr, Suite 101.

Class Fee: $30 per session, or $200 if you sign up for all 8 sessions! Dates: Feb. 14th, April 18th, June 6th, July 11th, Aug. 15th, Sept. 19th, Nov. 21st, and Dec. 12th Time: 9am – 2pm

Bring a lunch if you wish, or we can order out and sometimes Lisa cooks for us…We will email you ahead of the class.
Spots will fill quickly, give us a call to add your name to the list!!


Then the other new class I am offering is…below…this class if less about how beautiful the project is, and more about what I’m going to learn while doing this…You get to pick your fabrics…

New Class for 2017!!   From Start to Finish-

Have you ever wondered how Lisa gets so much accomplished, in such a short time? Then this may be the class for you! She will be sharing many tips for improving your piecing skills, demonstrating her techniques and notions, and showing you some shortcuts to make quilting an even more enjoyable experience!

This is not intended to be a beginner class, basic sewing skills, and knowledge of your machine’s operation are required.

We will get together on four different dates to assemble a small quilt, from start to finish. You will be able to pick out your own color way/fabrics, and remember this is about techniques, not about how glorious the project is…The tentative schedule is here…

Session 1 – We will cover preparing your fabrics, cutting and piecing one block…then you will have some homework, to assemble the remaining blocks.

Session 2 – We will cover assembling your blocks into rows, joining the rows, cutting, and attaching the borders.

Session 3 – We will be making the back for your quilt, layering the quilt, and covering some basic machine quilting techniques.

Session 4 – We will be making your binding, and attaching both the binding and a sleeve to your quilt, and celebrating your finished project!

Class location will be based upon number of students signed up for the class, please contact the shop a few days prior to the first session.

Instructor: Lisa Bongean
Class Fee: $100, for the 4 sessions
Time: 9am start time – Ending times will vary per each session Dates: June 7th, 28th, July 12th and 26th

Hope to see you sometime!!!Come to WI enjoy the GREEN!



obx….outerbanks NC

I’m so glad I got to visit the Outer Banks of NC (OBX) and I want to share it with you…as I know not all of you can go… so why not share our experience…

…It was a long two days of driving with a packed truck…so packed we couldn’t stop to shop if we wanted to…but once we got to the OBX it was beachhouse after beachhouse on the drive up…with resturants and shops in-between it all…while it was not prime vacation time we did have some nice weather after the first couple of days…but hey..we were focused on stitching so no worries…

I don’t have many pics of the beautiful house…when you are teaching 44 people it is hard to think about the scenery around you …I was focused on teaching these ladies everything I could about wool appliqué and the fun stitches it takes to make them come alive…we also did demos on triangle papers, nine patches (from Nine-patch Gatherings) punch needle, transferring letters with press & seal..and a few finishing techniques for wool appliqué even though our projects didn’t require were our four projects…they will soon be added to our website for all to enjoy!..I’ll let you now when…

The tiny Thimble flag…you got to choose your appliqué for the blue field…and all the Thimbles were cut in the kits… already for them to stitch together…

We all need more pincushions!!


OR….make them into little quilts or mug mats…

Home of the Brave picture….or this would make a wonderful pillow too!

USA pillow…I also mounted this mat to a wood board…we tried to give them different finishing options for their projects..three stitches to learn…

The ladies got surprisingly far on their projects!!!  Here is the sewing room…it was a big room so I couldn’t get it all into one is one half…and then the other half..

It had beautiful views on three sides..I projected up onto the slanted ceiling when demonstrating..

Sunday for us was setup day for the worker bees..lots of hauling..the sewing room was on the third level…I got 15000 steps in that day!!!

Monday was guest arrival day…and open sewing…

Tuesday we worked on two of our wool projects…and played a fun game with lots of prizes and cash!!!

Wednesday was a free day…do what you want…I went shopping and out for lunch…then in the evening we went over a crazy stitch for our USA pillow…

Thursday…Full day of teaching…we stitched little Thimbles to make our little flags… some started their pin cushions…I always tell my students…in every class we have Fast Freddies and Slowpoke Sally stitchers…you are who you are…and just enjoy!!!

Friday…another free day…I had a message at 10am…they came to the house…so awesome!! We stitched till about  noon and then went on an adventure…some of the ladies were going on a dune buggy ride to see the wild horses…the message lady told be I could drive my truck on the beach if I had a Four wheel drive…you don’t live in WI without a FWD….It was a little scary getting on the beach but she told me just to gun it until I was through…good advice…we made it and drove 10 miles on the beach looking for the horses…turned around and came back…didn’t matter that we didn’t get to see them…the ride on the beach was awesome!!

We visited Kill Devil hills to see where Wilbur and Orville first flew… this is the memorial…

Then there was a bronze sculpture recreating the event…

Then we visited the actual spot… where it all happened…


Since I ride very frequently on an airplane I really could appreciate this…I would not be able to do what I do…and these two guys started it all here…

Now…lighthouses…we had to visit at least one light house…200 steps to the top…no big deal…HA..right..had to take a little break going up!!!

tried to take a selfie…didn’t work…too windy!!!! We finally stopped and North Banks Pub to eat….and then back to the house…for more crazy stitching and hanging out…

Saturday…lazy day…working on projects…stitching on the deck..walking the beach in search of treasures…the beach was sandy and then there were patches of small rocks/shellsJust as we were going in for the day the dolphins showed up and gave us a show…jumping for the longest time…must have been eating something!!!  Time to pack up and we had to be all moved out by 10am on Sunday!!!

Amy was there with me helping with the store and whatever else me or the ladies needed!!!

The rest of the crew…wonderful ladies to be on retreat with!!! Couldn’t have asked for a better time!

I am so sorry if you missed this one…but there will be more to come…no worries…it was way too much fun not to do it again…and we learned a the next one will be even better!!!


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