Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Block 11: Blooming Love Quilt Block


Uneven 9 Patch Quilt Block a tutorial featured as part of the Block Heads quilting series by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Happy Block Heads Wednesday!

Here is another great Quilt Block:  BlOOMING LOVE BLOCK


My 4″ Blooming Love quilt block was made with   Urban Farmhouse Gatherings.  

I LOVE how my block turned out…I did kind of plan the pinwheel in the middle so your eyes had something to focus on…Thanks Robin for such a fun beautiful block!

BUT…I do have to admit when I made this block I did not see the “heart” in it…and that is why I made the pinwheel. It looked like the whole block was scrappy.  I guess I should look at it in color instead of black & white.   Now that I see Robin’s block it makes perfect sense!  Oh, well….that’s the way it goes!!!

Click HERE to get this week’s pattern!

This week’s Blooming Love quilt block was designed by, Robin Pickens.

Robin Pickens with her new Fabric line at Road to California Quilt show



Our Selfie…

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I have posted a bunch in the last week or so…CLICK HERE to visit the older posts

I also have to share this today…this makes me smile.

Cindy Hart Crowell’s Pillows!

We now have the bunnies pillows for Easter/Spring!  Makes me want to stitch a bunch!

xxx Lisa

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Triumph Tulips Wool Applique Mats

Triumph Tulip Wool Applique Mats

Spring is coming! (I think it is anyways.)

I love tulips. I am part Dutch 1/4 to be exact and come from a little town that has a huge actual size windmill gracing it’s downtown.  This was not there when I was running the streets of Little Chute WI as a kid…but every other yard had a kissing Dutch Boy and Girl.  Some of you who have been following me know I planted a Moon Garden when we built our home.  Moon garden, meaning all my blooms are white or shades of white…I will be home the whole time this Spring to see my tulips in all their glory!  Social Isolation has some perks!

IMG_1433 2
Tulips- Bongean Garden 2017
Spring 2017

Our “moon” garden was the inspiration for our Triumph Tulips Table Mat.  I designed this project for our North Carolina Retreat.  But that isn’t happening and we have over 100 kits of each version so I am putting them out here for everyone.  This will be the last new item we have for awhile as our Gov. had shut down our state of WI.  We will get our Bunny kits, tumblers and Tulip kits out and then shut it down until we can open.  Hopefully after Easter…like Pres. Trump wants..

I also have included a little video on how to stitch the Triple Alternating Blanket Stitch!


Here are the two options for the Tulip mats.

Dark Triumph Tulip Mat is 22″ x 22″…This color option is perfect for those new home owners where everything is a shades of grey.  This looks amazing in my home and hopefully someday it can live there after it has run it’s coarse at the shop, fingers crossed.  The embellishing stitch just adds a little extra zing and a few more hours of stitching but it is worth it!

This mat is a stunner for sure…

TTulip darkIMG_9862TTulip :LB

The traditional color way.

Growing up I only remember red and yellow tulips in our town.  This more traditional color way is still a stunner and the new red wool we used it super cool.

I am still working on stitching this version…because I wanted it to show in our workshop all the stitching options for this mat…so that is why it is not finished yet.  It is still  beautiful and fun and I will have plenty of time to get it done now…Ttulip:LB1TTulip:LBL

If you wish to purchase our Tulip mats click the button below.  We have all the optional notions you will need as well listed in related products.  Make sure you have everything you need to get started on this.  You need a piece of 24″ wide fusible web…just a reminder.

Triumph Tulip Table Mats

I hope you all can put a dent in your collection of sewing supplies!  This is why we have what we have…as long as I can stitch…I am HAPPY!  You agree?

NOTE: Please know we are working with a minimal crew…If you are calling to check on your order the girls cannot be shipping.  So please wait a reasonable time before calling to check on your order.  We promise to have the bunny pillows out before the end of this week for all orders placed by 3/25.

I have some fun new STICKERS. We will be putting one in every order for Bunnies, drink ware and Tulips and every order or until we run out!  Stickers are about 4″ and are very nice vinyl can be used outdoor and you will LOVE them!  If you wish to order more stickers they are $3 each. They are easy to apply, durable,  weather proof  & dishwasher safe. Click HERE for Stickers.


Things to do to keep yourself busy…during social Iso


Join our STITCH with Lisa Bongean Facebook group.

We have over 1400 people in less than a week.

Stitch masks for your family or people who need them.

Organize your sewing room, studio or bins.

This is very satisfying. You find lots of good things you forgot you had or at least this happens to me…

Cook and try new recipes.

I love Ashley…she is so inspirational.  Everything that she makes looks amazing!

Join & Stitch Moda Block Heads 3 Blocks post on Wednesdays

Learn something new!  I am going to practice lettering…

All for now my Stitchers!







Spring Wool Projects

Spring Bunny Pillows

I have a couple of wool projects that I want to get out to you before the season is over.  These simple bunny pillows only take a couple of hours to stitch, so you will be able to have them done before Easter!  They would also make the perfect gift for a neighbor or the person who is hosting Easter dinner.  The are wool appliqued onto flannel.  The bunnies are then hand stitched with perle cotton. 

The first pillow is Buster the Bunny... is sitting pretty…he is shown a little dark in this photo, he looks much better in person and he was the favorite of the staff….

IMG_9997Click for Buster the Bunny Pillow

Then the two pillows shown with the same design are called Honey Bunny.  I could not make up my mind so I did one on the pretty tan plaid with a natural wool.  The other is on a dark grey flannel with a light wool texture.  You get a choice between these two options.  All these pillows are 18″ finished.

Click for Honey Bunny Pillow

Like Mother.jpg

Click HERE–Like Mother, Like Daughter Pillow

You do remember this right?...Like Father, Like Son Pillow.  We can’t leave the girls out! So I used these cute bunnies for the “girl” version of Like Father, Like Son, called Like Mother, Like Daughter  You could also add a little bow on the little girl bunny, I did not however…no clothes on animals for me….This pillow finishes at 16″.

All the threads have been listed in the related products as well as pillow forms.  We have nice priced on our pillows and I know this because while I was in CA with Dru we had to stop at one of the big box craft stores to get one and they were outrageous, 23 dollars or something…I suppose because of their coupon…I can tell you ours are cheaper even after you would use a coupon..

Visit my Hidden Zipper Tutorial HERE

If you use a zipper in your pillow back you can stop buy pillows or stuffing.  You can just change the pillow cover!

I hope all is well with everyone one of you…and none of you have the COVOID-19.

 Keep stitch AWAY everyone…I know we did not wish for this virus…but we kind of all wished we could be locked in our sewing rooms for a long time…and now…it’s time to do our thing!  It’s fun to see everyone making masks…I think they are great for our own personal protection.  I may have to stitch a few up.  They may be the new fashion rage this year.  Later on I am going to ask everyone to post a pic with their mask on.  I know I am trying to make lite about it all and have a good attitude but It is scary…health wise this takes a toll on our mental health…worrying about our family, finances and…hoping it does not last long and we and our country can recover quickly.

stay safe…all for now…LB




A FREE Quilting Pattern featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

A FREE Quilting Pattern You’ll Love

Those of you who are working hard through this all we THANK YOU! And make sure you stay safe….

Those of you who are quarantined, maybe this FREE quilting pattern will help a little.

Be Kind to all… help when and where you can and share your TP!



A FREE Quilting Pattern featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean



What can a Quilter Do During the Coronavirus Quarantine? Thoughts shared by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

What can a Quilter Do During the Coronavirus Quarantine? Stitch!


I don’t know what to say, as I do not know what to do, or how to fix it!  But hopefully, the smarter people in this country will figure it out.  The only thing that seems logical to me during this Coronavirus quarantine is to stay home and/or stay in a protected environment with those who choose to not venture out.  We agree only to be  going to work and back.  We have closed the WI store, but are operating our quilting web/online site…We are here if you need anything, but if you don’t need anything at the moment, we understand that too.

Dru and the crew  in CA will decide when or if to close the CA store, if you want to call and pick something up they will have it ready, or if you need it shipped they can do that as well.  If you need a quilt quilted Luke will surely love to stay busy and will have your quilt done in no time. We also know there are more important things going on right now than buying quilting supplies online. Let’s pray we will be all able to bounce back from whatever this deals us.

It was all hands on deck today to get our Wool subscription boxes in the mail, yes I actually stuffed boxes!!!  We do not want them in postal limbo.  What if they decide to shut down our mail? So to be safe, rather than sorry, our crew got them ready and they will be going to the post office tomorrow.   Not to worry, your boxes are on the way!!!  We actually have only 30 boxes unsold for this round out of a 1000, so pretty soon our subscription will be closed.  If  you are looking for some nice little projects the wool subscription boxes are super fun and a great deal… over $100 worth of exclusive designs for only $60! You will have to call the shop in order to buy them at this time 920-722-7233, the subscription is $60. They are $82 after they have been revealed.


As Quilters, we should be relishing the fact that they are telling us to stay home.  There is so much to do.  We can stay in our sewing rooms for days/weeks and be just fine with it!  Let’s stitch to our hearts content and post our progress on our social media.  Flood it with our beautiful sewing accomplishments.  When times get tough, the tough keep stitching!!!!

Personally, I am taking this time to work on my deadlines to catch up and to be actually ahead for once. We almost have all our new quilts done for Quilt Market!!!!  Here is a peek at our Spring
Quilt Market release.   Redwork Gatherings, I promise a post or two to show you all the quilts on this later.

What can a Quilter Do During the Coronavirus Quarantine? Thoughts shared by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Redwork Gatherings Coming in August 2020!

Yes, I’d be lying if I wasn’t worried about making our payroll with no sales coming in.  But worrying about it is not going to help, a lot of small businesses will be in the same position.  So I am just going to stitch away and hope it all works its way out.  We have invested in a big quilt show coming up and a beautiful retreat in the middle of April in North Carolina.

What can a Quilter Do During the Coronavirus Quarantine? Thoughts shared by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Triumph Tulips designed for our Outer Banks Retreat in North Carolina

I hope we are all able to go by then…fingers crossed….if we stay home now maybe by then it will be over…


Good News!

we have a winner for last Friday’s Quilting GiveAway!

Robin Crittenden

I buy fat quarters or 1/2 yards unless the fabric really.takes my breath then I do yards.

has won a kit for our Be Kind/ Golden Rule quilt and a Two, Four Six, Eight Quilt book using Fat Quarters! Please contact Amy at– and she will get your kit out to you!!!  Your book will be a download and will be sent in an email from Martingale!

What can a Quilter Do During the Coronavirus Quarantine? Thoughts shared by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

This kit comes from this book…

B1532_cover Instagram square

all for now….

Be smart and be safe my friends! xxx Lisa