55 & life to go… another great Quilt Giveaway from Redwork Gatherings.


I love re-creating quilts…but when you start re-creating your own? 

Redword Gatherings quilt giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
55 & Life to go…

55 & Life to Go…this 55”x 55” quilt is a re-creation of one of the first quilts I designed as a Moda fabric designer. I know 10 years doesn’t make an antique…but I couldn’t help myself….I wanted to see this design in red & white…

Now… I may have been jumping the gun just a bit…when I made the 45 & Life to Go quilt, I was going to be 45 years old…kind of a middle of life age…but what I thought was 10 years is not quite so I won’t looking at 55 for at least another year…by the time this fabric comes out…oh, well I think that happens when you make it this far…can’t remember everything…45 was made is two sizes..55″ and 110″  so if anyone wants a king size that is the pattern they need to get…just in case you are thinking that you want this on your bed!  I named this quilt because it has 45 star blocks in it…kind of like candles on a cake…but way better!

So…now almost 10 years later, ok not 10, but close enough …I have recreated this quilt in red & white…but I also have to admit..I did not actually stitch this quilt…Dawn Cornell, my friend pieced this for me…I cannot do them all…I know I want to, but it is just not possible…So I have some wonderful stitchers who can make some money making quilts for Primitive Gatherings…I did put the binding on!  I’ll talk more about the quilting in my quilting post of Redwork Quilts!..

Redword Gatherings quilt giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
55 & Life to go…

These little stars are only 5″.  But strip piecing makes the centers possible in a snap!

Redword Gatherings quilt giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
55 & Life to go…close-up
Redword Gatherings quilt giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
55 & Life to Go…even closer
Redword Gatherings quilt giveaway featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
55 & Life to go…

We have kits and patterns available for this quilt!  It would make a great quilt for a ladder, it’s small enough to be a wall hanging and hang on the wall…or even folded up and hung just about anywhere!

Click HERE to buy a kit 55 & Life to go!

Click HERE to see more of Redwork Gatherings.

All Redwork Gatherings orders will receive a sticker pack!REDWORK GATHERINGS Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanI posted earlier about these three quilts if you missed it… make sure you go to their posts and comment to win kits and patterns.

REDWORK GATHERINGS Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Long, Long Way From Home

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REDWORK GATHERINGS Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
I Think I’m in Love

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If you want to win a kit for Take it Easy and I will also give away 6 patterns…please leave me a comment for what you do when you need a break..it is your stitching?, a walk, call someone…what do you do?  Read what I do below…Winner will be picked at the end of the Redwork Event!

Take it easy is the easiest quilt of them all here…for a chance to win a kit and or patterns click HERE if you did not already comment on this post.

55 & Life to go with Salesman fabrics

If you wish to win this kit and one of the 6 patterns I will be giving away…leave me a comment and tell me what you have learned during this time of pandemic…nothing political please…but we have time to think and I been thinking a lot…I want to know if we all think alike or are we all different?

I am trying to catch up after Jace spent the day and overnight!!!  So I need to get one more post in about the Redwork Quilt…coming soon…

230 responses to “55 & life to go… another great Quilt Giveaway from Redwork Gatherings.”

  1. Dori Bockbrader Avatar

    What I’ve been thinking about is–I wonder if things really will change or if people will just rush back to their old ways and maybe even worse since they’ve been “caged up” for so long. Hoping for the best.

  2. Jamie Austin Avatar
    Jamie Austin

    I have learned not to take things like going out to eat with friends for granted anymore!

  3. Laura B Avatar
    Laura B

    I have learned that I like the slow quiet and alone life and also that people really still are caring about each other. Here’s to hoping it stays that way It would be a better world if it did

  4. Deb Valentine Avatar
    Deb Valentine

    I have learned to shut the tv off and fill my home with music and laughter. My family all live in other states and we now text/talk/motivate/cry/complain/laugh/love so much more than we used to. I have seen so many blessings from slowing down and actually being in the moment. We have also added a more focused daily scripture study. This is where the ultimate peace is found. I very much enjoy this group! Thank you.

  5. Lisa Burchardt Avatar
    Lisa Burchardt

    There are several things I do when I need a break but my favorite is going for a walk. Spring, summer and fall are the best in WI as birds are singing and animals are wandering. Winter time is a bit different but it can be so peaceful especially just after a snow storm. Thank you Lisa for providing us with such beautiful patterns and inspirations.

  6. Diane Wyte Avatar
    Diane Wyte

    I really adore the red and white line. That’s my all time favorite color combo! I like all the quilts you’ve done for this line, but the Take it Easy is just my style! I’d love to win a pattern or really a kit for it would be fabulous!! Either way, great fabric line! Yummy.

  7. Vicki Sprain Avatar
    Vicki Sprain

    I have learned that I need to take better care of myself!

  8. Sharon Cirillo Avatar
    Sharon Cirillo

    I have learned that we cannot take the little things for granted and that life and family are precious. We need to plan for the unknown and be more aware that we must be prepared to survive on our own and not count on others. Such as we need to raise some of our own food learn how to preserve it for tough times. Learn how to help those that cannot help themselves. Quilting centers me and keeps me from going to deep in dark thoughts. Thank you for such beautiful patterns and all the great lessons.

  9. debby Avatar

    I’ve learned that I like the slow and easy life and I love red and white. Would love to win this wonderful fabric.

  10. Dana D Avatar
    Dana D

    55 & LIfe is my favorite of all these gorgeous redwork quilts. It is gorgeous! I’ve learned that not being able to travel to quilting and rug hooking events has made my work weeks seem twice as long as before! I never realized how much having those trips to look forward to helped make a very stressful ‘day job’ far more tolerable!

  11. Mary Andra Avatar
    Mary Andra

    They are all absolutely fabulous. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  12. Karin S. Avatar
    Karin S.

    The first thing I learned was that ’55 and Life’ can be made to fit my King size bed! Woo-Hoo! I can seriously get behind that! The next thing I learned is that I am OK being at home…and not running all over creation constantly….and being happy. Guess I’m more of an introvert than I thought (my husband says I will talk to ANYONE–while waiting in line, in passing, or wherever). Who’da thunk it! Distance teaching is hard…but I am learning so much about technology that I can use with my students even in a more typical future. Apparently, I am learning a lot about a lot of things!

  13. Sandi McDaniel Avatar
    Sandi McDaniel

    I have learned how much I miss my outside activities and friends….quilt club, rug hooking group and the gym.

  14. Renee Arnett Avatar
    Renee Arnett

    I have learned that I really miss giving my 91yr old mother hugs and kisses! Seeing her via FaceTime and occasionally in-person ‘from a distance’ isn’t the same.

    I have learned that a lot of my stash fabric can be put to better use so I’ve been making donation quilts during my stay-at-home time and it feels great!!!

  15. Sandi McDaniel Avatar
    Sandi McDaniel

    I have learned how much I miss my outside activities and friends….quilt club, rug hooking group and the gym.

    1. lj Peters Avatar
      lj Peters

      I have realized how blessed we are in all circumstances. How we need to share the love even if some are not loving in return. How much our Heavenly Father cares for us through whatever we are going through.

  16. Carol Avatar

    I have learned to appreciate and reach out to family and friends more and to appreciate walking and biking almost daily. Love your new line and patterns!

  17. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    I have learned that you had better not advance in years without a hobby, a set of interests or skills, or having been kind enough to others over time, so that they keep in touch with you in times of need. How I have learned this is through my 90 year old mother who lives with me. Without hobbies, interests and skills, and having maintained few close relationships, she now finds this endless unstructured time to be interminable.
    I hope that I will be able to sew, stitch, design, cook, read, garden, talk to friends and in general be able to happily entertain myself no matter how isolated I am.

    And I have also learned that no matter how much unstructured time I have, I’m never going to use up all my fabric or finish all my wool projects!

  18. Jacqueline Leibfried Avatar
    Jacqueline Leibfried

    The pandemic has made me realize how much I like to socialize and that I won’t take my personal freedoms for granted.

  19. Sharon Avatar

    I was a Primitive Gatherings fan when 45 and Life To Go first came out and bought the kit. A great quilt, Lisa! I have learned to appreciate even more the collection of fabric I have accumulated over many years and have been cutting scrap quilts and finishing UFOs during this quiet time. I also appreciate my mother teaching me to sew and do handwork when I was barely old enough to be in school. What would I be doing now without my hobbies and these skills!!

  20. Rita Nichols Avatar
    Rita Nichols

    Life isn’t much different right now than retirement. It has been time though to sort through life whether it’s cleaning house or cleaning out memories from the past. It’s a good time to make new priorities.

  21. Laurel Miller Avatar
    Laurel Miller

    The quilt is beautiful in red and white! What I have learned…actually I have learned quite a few things. Do not take your life for granted…Learn to breathe in the fresh air. I take 20-30 mins every day to sit on my back patio and reflect on my life and meditate. Cherish the simple things and love your family and friends. Thank you Lisa for all the amazing opportunities to win some pretty awesome kits and patterns. A a HUGE thank you on all the amazing videos. It is so helpful

  22. Dee Johnson Avatar
    Dee Johnson

    I so appreciate your taking the time to share your quilts and wool expertise. Loving the red and white quilts. I cut out my Tulip Triumph and have to say the lipstick red wool is amazingly beautiful color.

    What have I learned during this time….how important family is and connecting with them. As I am in the “65} group my kids have been doing my shopping for me, much as I used to do for my parents…circle of life.

    The other thing I have pondered is the extent of my stash…thankful to have it during this at home time.

  23. Gwen Avatar

    I have learned we are strong and face challenges. I’ve also learned that community is everything!

    1. Kathy Johnson Avatar
      Kathy Johnson

      I have learned I already have what I need – between a peaceful home and sweet family and a sewing room stuffed to overflowing!

  24. Deb Otto Avatar
    Deb Otto

    I love this quilt!! I think it’s my favorite if the Redwork quilts so far. I have learned that I’m OK just staying home and I can cook!

  25. Stephani in N. TX Avatar
    Stephani in N. TX

    Love 55 and Life to Go. With strip pieced stars, maybe I can “go smaller.” I am in that higher age group. I just learned to grocery shop on an app on my phone and drive over to PU without going in the store. It worked well and I always love a new way to use my phone or my home computer. I may be grocery shopping this way a long way into the future, to stay independent longer.

  26. Mariann Miller Avatar
    Mariann Miller

    Oh my…. I’ve learned over this Stay-at-Home that I really like being home and stitching and gardening !!!! More importantly… I’ve learned that I probably will not outlive my fabric stash!!! So much fabric, so many projects… and still not enough time!!!! Stay safe everyone!!!

  27. Beth N in AZ Avatar
    Beth N in AZ

    I have learned that “common” people, nurses, food workers of all kinds, transportation workers (how any goods/foods get anywhere) are all way more important than entertainers and professional athletes.
    I have learned that my friends are dear and that there are multiple ways to keep friendship a live
    I have learned that my girls are so grown up that they are taking care of me and that often THEY know better than MOM about a lot of things and are worth listening to and admiring and respecting
    I have learned that everyone can do *something* that helps others – even if you spend your day in a recliner in front of the TV you can cut and bend the ends of wire for face masks.
    I have learned that stitching is a refuge

  28. Karen Alliban Avatar
    Karen Alliban

    I have found how precious life is ❤️ And how family is sooo important and loved 💕

  29. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
    Tammy Marquardt

    What a beauty, red and white. Love the look. I have learned I have a love of this quiet time, slower pace. I’ve always been appreciative of the little things in life and this has just confirmed that. But missing those grandbabies tremendously!

  30. Marlene Leonardo Avatar
    Marlene Leonardo

    Oh I love this remake more than all the others. It’s beautiful!
    What I have learned….that I have enough stash to endure more months of “stay at home”, I am actually liking staying at home, and that I realize that my husband is truly a gem.

  31. Karen Alliban Avatar
    Karen Alliban

    Love love the quilts ❤️ Through this pandemic I have learned how precious life and family is cherished and loved. My daughter, son in law and grandchildren have been such a great help to us over this time 💕💕

  32. Kathy Hutson Avatar
    Kathy Hutson

    I am so glad that I have oh my crafts to pass the time! That said, I can’t wait to get together and craft with friends in our new normal!

  33. meltontb Avatar

    During this pandemic, I’ve learned to better appreciate the little things…I’ve mad facemasks, baked my own bread, and have started seeds for my garden. Life is good 🙂

  34. Terri McBride Avatar
    Terri McBride

    I find that I am calmer and sleep better with this quieter life which is helping me decide how I want to live out the rest of my life. I do miss going to my favorite quilt shops though because I absolutely love all fabric.

  35. Rachel Pappas Avatar
    Rachel Pappas

    I’ve learned that we are a community that deeply cares for each other and willing to make sacrifices for each other…

  36. Pat aBraun Avatar
    Pat aBraun

    I have enjoyed the peace and slower pace of life. I’m hoping what I’ve learned I’ll be able to carry over once the pace picks up.

  37. Cindy Carlson Avatar
    Cindy Carlson

    I have learned how much I miss my friends and family but have come to appreciate the solitude and downtime. The big negative is I’m eating way too much and need to get back to the gym! Lol!

  38. Sue Sawyers Avatar
    Sue Sawyers

    I’ve learned how lucky I am to have sisters and brothers who care about me. I have friends who live alone and therefore are mostly alone, all alone, at this time. I have learned the value of my sister Mary especially. We get together for daily walks and that’s saving us both I think. Stay well

  39. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    I have learned to appreciate family and friends…the simple things in life, the scent of a rose, a hot cup of tea, and a dark chocolate peanut butter cup from a Trader Joe’s!

  40. Cheryl Harrod Avatar
    Cheryl Harrod

    As a retired critical care RN, I have learned how proud I am of all the medical field for their absolute devotion to saving lives and helping the world recover from this pandemic. I would have been right back in the hospital working if hadn’t turned 75. I love the new red and white fabric line and I love your continuous sharing and teaching.

  41. Barbara Guarniere Avatar
    Barbara Guarniere

    I am glad that I am a quilter and sewer so it hasn’t been that bad being at home. I have also learned that we really do not need many of the things we think are so important. Good health, is most important.

  42. Linda Becker Avatar
    Linda Becker

    I have learned that my husband of 55 years and I really like each other. We let each of us do our own thing but also enjoy being together. We each have our own hobbies and interests and we have combined interests too. Thankfully we have secluded 5 acres and share a love for the woods, flowers, wildlife, freedom and life in general. We do dearly miss our kids and grandkids but know we will see them soon.

  43. COlleen Hicks Avatar
    COlleen Hicks

    I need wind therapy. A nice motorcycle ride around the country block sets me just fine. Harley trike is just the thing for me!

  44. Dawn Schoening Avatar
    Dawn Schoening

    I have learned I have too many ufo’s but dearly miss my family and friends, but enjoy my workouts, quilting, and thank god for my health and zoom, and Houseparty.

  45. Linda E Avatar
    Linda E

    Another lovely red and white quilt! How will I choose?!!
    I have learned to be thankful for each day, Never take for granted the most important things, my family, friends, my hairdresser. My quilting stash and social media have been a huge help during this uncertain times. Lisa, you may not realize how much you have helped me and others, so thankful for you and the extras you have done for us during this Pandemic!
    God is so good!

  46. Mary Kolb Avatar
    Mary Kolb

    I’ve been going for a walk with my husband when I need a break.

  47. Pat K. Avatar
    Pat K.

    For me, the key to dealing with the current health crisis is to stay busy (quilting) and not dwell on the ‘little things’…as we can see, life is so short!

  48. Marylou Crawford Avatar
    Marylou Crawford

    Difficulties facing us can be chances to see the good in others and challenge yourself to be a part of that. I am in awe at the many heroes that have toiled selflessly helping others, and I am so profoundly grateful. Like our soldiers that go to battle,they too are fighting a war. I feel so fortunate that the worst events bring out the best in many. It is a reminder to be grateful for what i have, and to put what is truly important in my life in perspective.

  49. Gini Baldi Avatar
    Gini Baldi

    I’ve learned to take each day as it comes and make the best of it. I enjoy being able to spend time in my sewing room, working on a few UFO and planning out my next project. I’m drooling over the Redwork line, but decided I need to do some stash shopping first. Hoping to buy when it arrives in August.

  50. Sharon Cirillo Avatar
    Sharon Cirillo

    Learn to be forgiving

  51. Marilynn Avatar

    I love the idea of a star representing a year….. so many possibilities!

  52. Kim Anderson Avatar
    Kim Anderson

    When I need a break, I facetime my grandkids to see what they’ve been up to!

  53. Angie Avatar

    I learned stuff does not matter. Relationships and showing love is what really matters.

  54. Colleen Freeman Avatar
    Colleen Freeman

    I have learned to go back to the basics and simplify. It is ok to slow down and take care of yourself. I am getting caught up on projects instead of running around and it’s ok.

  55. Marilyn Y. Avatar
    Marilyn Y.

    Re-learning that I can’t be of help to others, if I don’t first take care of myself. The color red demands attention.

  56. Marcy Avatar

    Is the pattern for the king size 55 and life to go available. I’ve learned that at 75 I’m happy with myself

  57. Katherine Avatar

    This time of great and difficult change has reinforced my belief that there are so many caring and selfless people in our world and that there are so many who would never have thought of themselves as heroes are heroic every day. From the healthcare workers on the front line of this fight, the staff that supports their work (the cleaners and security staff) , EMTs, and firefighters, police who we think of right away to the silent army of staff at grocery stores and other essential jobs like our bus drivers, volunteers at food banks and so many others who are willing to pitch in and help folks they do not know. As a people, we have demonstrated that there is no shortage of courage and kindness and it has been so wonderful to see how many people have taken the opportunity to show what is best about being human.

  58. rwolden Avatar

    I have learned that I love staying home more than I even thought I would. I love working from home & being to only have a few steps to my table after work.

  59. Belva Hipp Avatar
    Belva Hipp

    I learned about STITCH and Primitive Gatherings. I learned about wool embroidery— I was already a quilter. Just looking at everyone’s beautiful projects on stitch made me feel happy and I ordered a kit to work on. Learning about something new is fun. Right now I’m working on the fall table mat from your book, Wool, Needle and Thread.

  60. Vicki in Iowa Avatar
    Vicki in Iowa

    I’ve learned I was watching TOO MUCH news coverage during the day – it just gets too depressing to hear the death count each day. I echo so many of the comments made – learn to live in the moment, quit sweating the small stuff, and quilt on!

    I was surprised to see the re-creation of your quilt. Earlier this week I pulled out my tub of fabric and pattern for your “45 & Life to Go” quilt and had decided that was next on my list of stash busting. I can’t believe the fabric is almost ten years old. I’m sure it’s aged enough to be immune to catching the Corona virus. LOL.

  61. Dawn Oyer Avatar
    Dawn Oyer

    I’ve learned to relax a bit. When you can’t change the situation, you learn to adapt. Hardest part was only seeing the grands through FaceTime and pictures.

  62. Patsy Kellogg Avatar
    Patsy Kellogg

    I learned that you don’t know how precious family and friends are, until you can’t see them. I learned just how important my local quilt stores are because I can’t go. I also learned the disappoint of vacations and quilt seminar cancellations. I also learned how lucky we are to be here, in the USA.

  63. Susan Avatar

    I learned how to keep the label attached to my valdani threads! Mind blown! Thanks Lisa.

  64. Betty winslow Avatar

    Sheltering in place has changed how we look at what we often take for granted. One of the many things I have personally learned is how we all look forward to free or alone time, for sewing or just creatively thinking, am I right? Well, not being able to hug and be with your grandchildren and see other family members should never be taken for granted. We miss hugs, stories and time to just enjoy them.

    Lisa, Thank you for all you and Primitive
    Gatherings have being doing. ❤️😊 Betty

  65. Juel Avatar

    I’ve prayed more. Enjoyed nature, the birds beautiful songs and my dog. But most of all I thank God for the gift of my daughter, her husband and 2 beautiful grandchildren. I’m appreciating and enjoying the simple times and a non-rushed time with family. I feel blessed and more appreciative of the life I have.
    Stay healthy and safe everyone!

  66. Karen Van Offeren Avatar
    Karen Van Offeren

    I love 55 and Life to Go! The overall design is beautiful, but the corner posts in the border especially caught my attention! I’ve been challenged by learning how to take care of myself during this crazy time. As for many, my work and home boundaries are all topsy turvy and I’m having a surprisingly difficult time sorting this all out. Silver lining … I am learning more about myself and growing from it … as many others are.

  67. Teresa McGough Avatar
    Teresa McGough

    I learned there were some corners in my house I haven’t cleaned in awhile! Yikes! I also made a lot of masks and I learned that I really, really prefer to make quilts!! Also, I bought a long arm!

  68. Sarah Gray Avatar
    Sarah Gray

    Love all the red and white quilts. Hard to choose a favourite. Am grateful to have hobbies that keep me busy including a garden to wander in and smell the roses. Also very grateful for modern technology that allows me to keep in touch with family.

    1. Jan Avatar

      I have learned you can see a smile behind a mask. That the community does step up to help so much that our local food bank has had to say stop for a bit as they’re running out of storage. That watching church at home all the time is definitely not the same as being there but happy we have live streaming. My husband learned that me buying TP when it was on sale & having a couple packages of it on hand does not make me a hoarder. I’m happy for the technology we have today to stay in touch with those near & far whether they’re home or at work we can say “Thinking of you, Praying for you” without disturbing & stopping them at that moment. Once again, thank you Lisa for giving us something to look forward to & another chance to win.

  69. see mary stamp Avatar
    see mary stamp

    I think I’ve learned that I’m ready to retire. LOL! I am close enough to retirement age that I started the when will be the right time pondering before the pandemic was upon us.While I feel very fortunate to still be able to work when all this is going on, I feel I have even more to do now – doing work stuff at home (which takes longer than doing work stuff at work), planning how to keep employees and the public safe in a very public building (I work at a Library), planning meals and cooking more at home (lots more dishes to wash), and all of the stuff at home that needs attention (and still not having time to get around to it.)

    The most important thing I’ve learned – or maybe it’s what I was reminded of – is gratitude for the continued health of my family (including my soon to be 96 year old mother-in-law who lives n an assisted living facility and two grandsons with cystic fibrosis) and how the big stuff (like a pandemic) teaches us what really is important and not to make big stuff out of the small stuff.

    I’m so enjoying all of your beautiful red and white quilts.

  70. Pam Jacklitch Avatar
    Pam Jacklitch

    I have learned that it is harder to stay motivated when all your time is yours. Looking forward to being with my friends and family.
    Your quilts are so beautiful!!

  71. Christi Avatar

    As a retired scientist I have learned we need to give people the proper, correct, true information. Most people aren’t stupid so don’t treat them that way and don’t mislead them. I am amazed at how doctors can not only talk down to people but just plain tell them garbage. Where did they go to Medical School? That’s what I have learned. I love all of these red and white quilts. Beautiful!

  72. Amanda Best Avatar
    Amanda Best

    This is a gorgeous quilt! I have been learning a lot lately and changing my mind set. I think one of the most important things I have been learning is that there is no “someday” so instead of thinking I will start a garden, “someday” , I will start exercising , “someday” , I will eat it better, “someday” , I will declutter my house, “someday” , I stopped and really thought of I were to catch this disease, if I were to pass away from it, would I be proud of who I am, of what I have done, and in many ways I would be, but in those “someday” says I would not, so I have been doing really good with those things since this all started and I am pleased with my progress.

  73. Camilla L Barringer Avatar
    Camilla L Barringer

    I’ve learned that even though I have always considered myself a “loner,” I really need people!!! This situation is certainly bringing out some ugliness, but just look at all the wonderful things people are doing for each other! It brings me to tears sometimes.

  74. bobbie rumler Avatar
    bobbie rumler

    I’ve learned that no matter what Lisa is an inspration thanks yes, the red and white is to help get through this sending only good thoughts and health

  75. theresa Avatar

    I have loved the quiet and the peace. I love the slowness that life has offered of late. I love that the birds are happy and that my hummingbirds are back and feisty as ever. I have had the time to learn how to set definitive boundaries for the hard and harsh personalities in my life. I have learned that everything has a beginning, a middle and an end. I learned that my animals are very entertaining when they think I am not at home – the cats have boxing matches in the deep soaking tub – they feed things to the weimaraner – the schnauzer is quite bossy of the other three but also stirs the pot!!! I have watched our horse protect a baby deer left by mom in her field which tells me that horse and deer are friends and have each others back. I have learned that my animals have always found the joy in the life they lead and make do with what they have never asking for more. Although Bella, the cat gets in a mess of trouble when she steals a Valdani ball of thread – she doesn’t care – she plots for the next moment she can snatch one!!!

    I have always counted my blessings and been a person of deep faith but I have learned how to have a deeper more meaningful conversation with God in the slower pace of life – in the quiet.

    Needle and thread are never far away if not in my hand.

  76. Mary Kinsey Avatar
    Mary Kinsey

    You are killing me with this fabric line. Love the 55 quilt. I’m trying to save up for the SBOW and couldn’t resist Take It Easy. Now 55. And the sneak peak of the wool SBOW. What have I learned. I’ve learned the value of staying connected with family and friends— even if via phone and Face book, the comfort of touch and hugs. Not to laugh at my Mammas birdie g of toilet paper when Johnny Carson joked that it wouldn’t be available. Lol. And her stories about what you couldn’t find to buy in WW2–stockings, elastic etc. Now I have my own list—hand sanitizer, yeast, paper products, Cleansers , garlic (I’m thinking garlic necklaces to ward off the virus???). And I’ve learned to appreciate the sacrifice of people who cared for the sick and kept things going at risk to themselves and there families.

  77. Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts Avatar

    When I need a break, I usually call a friend, or pick up a book~ I am re-reading lots of old ones and plan to donate them all when our library re-opens. I’ve learned to appreciate the little things, stop and really smell the flowers, and that slowing down is good. I have always combined trips when going out, and am basically a homebody, so staying home has not been much of a problem.

  78. Karen N Avatar
    Karen N

    Learning how much we miss our family when we can’t visit them. That may sound weird, because it’s not a surprise that we would miss them. But going so long and the desire to travel and visit is hard knowing we can’t do it. Love this quilt!! So excited for this collection!! Loving that you’ve been doing two color collections!!

  79. Christine Schoon Avatar
    Christine Schoon

    Such a beautiful quilt in red and white! This one always has been one of my favorites too! Staying at home is especcially good for the kids. Away from lots of pressure, they find new ways to have a good time with each other!

  80. Cindy M Avatar
    Cindy M

    Beautiful quilt, I adore anything red and white! I am enjoying the slower pace of things and having the extra time to create. Having just finished sewing and donating almost 200 masks I am now looking forward to working on a quilt again. When I need a break, I head outdoors with my camera, take a nice walk in the woods and photograph wildlife. It’s migration time once again and sure to get some amazing photos. This new slower lifestyle has been lonely without family but I’m enjoying it none the less!

  81. Beth Talmage Avatar
    Beth Talmage

    I have seen how differently my partner and I respond to this time of rationing and infrequent grocery shopping, and I remind myself more and more of my grandmother. I want to use less, and keep thinking that we’ll need whatever it is more in the future than we do now. John seems to be at ease with continuing our same old routines–or even indulging a bit more, because things are stressful. It’s interesting, because as frustrating as I find that, I’m pretty sure that is how my beloved grandfather must have responded to all sorts of situations Grandma found stressful. We kids thought Grandpa was the fun one–he woke us up at night to make rootbeer floats, and laughed with us when we went out so far in the ocean that Grandma was a nervous wreck. Now I have so much more compassion for Grandma, and I’m trying to see my partner through the same indulgent eyes with which I looked at my dear Grandpa. This crisis has given me a new perspective on a lot of things.

  82. Shell-Shell's🐚tipsandtricks Avatar

    That’s very pretty. I want to learn to quilt

  83. Carol Nichols Avatar
    Carol Nichols

    I have learned that we are fortunate to have so many ways to communicate with family and friends now, that people did not have so long ago. It has helped to be able to see family and friends on Zoom, etc. I have also learned that i really like not having to go someplace all the time! I do not mind staying home.
    I do love the red and white quilts! And I do appreciate the videos/tutorials that you have created recently.

  84. Heather G Avatar
    Heather G

    When I am taking a break, I like to nap, read a book, or do a little hand work with tv on in the background.

  85. Cindy G. Avatar
    Cindy G.

    I love all the red and white quilts. I’m learning to enjoy my own company.

  86. nancyf18 Avatar

    The colors are Beautiful,
    I work at the Customer Service Desk / Return Desk / Internet Pick up at Lowe’s, So I had to work I’m very thank I have my job, I can not say how it felt being at home but thank your lucky stars you did not work at Lowe’s, I love doing my job, I am mentally wore out, Lowe’s is the only store that you could buy essentials and Non essentials.
    so you can imagine how extremely we were busy.

  87. shadesofrandom Avatar

    I have learned to value people more, to love more, to forgive more.

  88. Wendy Aduddell Avatar
    Wendy Aduddell

    I have always felt so blessed, but during this time I have learned how fortunate I am when I get to see family because right now I am unable to physically be with them. My kids are being super careful to not endanger my husband and I. They are first responders (3 police and 1 military). I just miss them so much (especially the little granddaughters!), but at least we have the gift of technology during these times and sewing to help pass the time. BTW the red and white just really pop in this new version of your quilt!!

  89. Rachel Childress Avatar
    Rachel Childress

    I absolutely LOVE red and white quilts! Here is ANOTHER quilt kit I am going to have to get. Just beautiful! I love the design. You are killing me, Lisa, just killing me! Lol 😂

  90. Felice Avatar

    Loving this 55 quilt:) I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is patience. So much mis-information and guessing going on. Rules changing by the day. Only time shows what’s real. And most everything was out of my control. For the most part, I’m a home-body and love it. I am so grateful for a hobby, so staying home to sew was ‘business as usual’ for me. I added more walks to my week and enjoyed listening to all that quiet outside:) Thanks for another chance to win:)

  91. Susie Brown Avatar
    Susie Brown

    Another winner Lisa! I actually used this setting on my triangle gatherings quilt made from liberty gatherings fabric….

  92. Judy Donovan Avatar
    Judy Donovan

    I have always been a saver and a stocker up person, and it has served me well to be prepared. I have learned how easy it is to share those resources with those that need some help. I have also been overwhelmed by the courage of the people in professions we take for granted-health care workers, cashiers, cleaners, bus drivers, public servants and on and on They are AMAZING!

  93. Joan Robinson Avatar
    Joan Robinson

    I have learned that I can be very content “staying home” and making one trip weekly for groceries and other needs….just like when I was a kid and Mom went once a week to town for groceries, banking and other shopping. I can get a lot more done too if I stay at home!!

  94. Lisa Bremer Avatar
    Lisa Bremer

    Every quilt is stunning. 55 and life to go is beautiful and it happens that I am 55.

  95. Marsha Avatar

    The kindness of neighbors and their offer to help with groceries or whatever we need as we live in the country and health wise my husband is very high risk. My family are essential workers so they do not want to chance bringIng the virus to us. I miss their visits.

  96. Lee Ann Hartford Avatar
    Lee Ann Hartford

    I’ve learned that I have plenty of things to do and thank goddess for my hobbies. Oh yea and your wool book too . Stay well

  97. Kim Friesen Avatar
    Kim Friesen

    I have learned that I don’t need as many things as I thought. Life is actually better simpler. This quilt 45 and life to go is on my bucket list. May have to do it in red and white.

  98. Sarah W Avatar
    Sarah W

    At the very first of this pandemic I felt frozen to the tv watching for any new sign of disaster just like 9/11 Now I’m resigned to our new normal that things are changing I’ve adjusted I like staying home and have accomplished much in my sewing room I love your red and white quilts Thank you for all of your inspiration
    You Rock! ❤️

  99. Essie Avatar

    Just about a year ago, a very hard season of my life ended … the care of my husband. During those twelve years, I had to learn to stand on my own, make decisions I never thought I could or would make, be a caregiver in a very challenging situation, continue to be a mother to our sons, and grieve. I didn’t like it at first but being a person of faith, I eventually accepted the assignment and chose to learn the lessons God certainly had for me. On this side of it, I am a much stronger and wiser person and so very grateful. Each day I continue to be thankful for the country we live in, the freedoms we have & so much more. I am grateful for this wonderful hobby that gives me so much joy and connection. I am grateful for you, Lisa, your business, and the many others like you that share and give us so much to look forward to and want to make. I will certainly have to live for a long time to accomplish everything! So in this season, too, I am trusting God to bring us through, to learn whatever He has for us, and to be grateful. Thank you!

  100. Connie Schofield Avatar
    Connie Schofield

    This quilt is a gem. The past few weeks I have learned to be thankful for each minute, hour and day because you never know what can happen in life. To live life fully and make sure loved ones are included in those times. To let them know you love them and spend time with them.

  101. Cary Alexander Avatar
    Cary Alexander

    I’ve learned that people are good and kind and want to do the right thing.
    They want to help and be there for their fellow man
    I ‘ve also learned I need friendship more than I thought.

  102. Julie Kennedy Avatar
    Julie Kennedy

    I have learned how hard it is to work from home.

  103. Mishell Ruehs Avatar
    Mishell Ruehs

    I’ve learned how much I need people. I always thought I was more of a loner but after the first few days of not being around people I really missed the interaction.

  104. Robin Crittenden Avatar
    Robin Crittenden

    I’m working from home and have been in my house for 6 weeks. I have found that the solitude is good for the soul. We all need time to reflect on life and what’s important. Life is good and we can do this.

  105. ksmill Avatar

    I have learned to love all the Eagles song that my husband sings, day and night! I am even adopting some of his inventive lyrics!

  106. Sharon Ray Avatar
    Sharon Ray

    I have been practicing my embroidery. I got your book out and read and studied the pictures. I love the look of embroidery but fall short in my efforts. Several projects have been completed and I’m still working on a blue quilt with your Indigo gatherings line. Can’t wait to see your “reds”!

  107. Robin S Avatar
    Robin S

    These red and whites are fabulous. Is there a pattern for the redwork enobridery

  108. Joan Avatar

    What a way to start my day….these quilts are so beautiful! ❤️ I think what I have learned the past few months is how to slow down and really appreciate the little things. We have found creative ways to visit with our kids and grandkids as we follow the social distancing! I have also found that stitching, even if it is stitching masks, really calms me down if I start to feel a bit anxious!

  109. Tracy Avatar

    What have I learned???
    I don’t mind staying home.
    I hate planning meals and cooking every night.
    I love when my husband goes out to mow.
    Yet, I love having him around too.
    Retirement will be OK when the time comes.
    And I love how you and other quilt shops have tried to keep us busy and amused!
    Thank you Lisa…

    I ordered the 55 and…quilt kit. If I choose to do the 110” size, are the instructions included and how do I add to my kit to make a larger size. Also order the fat quarter bundle if that helps.
    Thanks again!!!

  110. Terry Richardson Avatar
    Terry Richardson

    I’ve learned how much I love family dinners and spending time with my kids!

  111. colleen Frittmann Avatar
    colleen Frittmann

    I have learned that I like staying home getting a lot done and don’t think I will run out of projects.

  112. Colleen Kechter Avatar
    Colleen Kechter

    There is a song that says happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have. During this pandemic I have realized how much I really do love what I have….a wonderful husband, three daughters with beautiful families, four precious and healthy grandchildren, a new grandson on the way in July and enough fabric and patterns to last me at least a year! (And technology and wonderful quilt shops where I can order more!) I
    am truly blessed. Slowing down makes us realize that!

    I love the Redwork fabric and quilts! They are all my favorites……I just can’t choose!

  113. Shirley Mord Avatar
    Shirley Mord

    Walking is my stress reliever, I love the red and white quilt. I believe I move at a slower pace with te shelter in place

  114. Beth Byerssmall Avatar
    Beth Byerssmall

    Thanks for sharing your red work creations. I have been reminded that I enjoy living life at a slower pace.

  115. Susan Gray Avatar
    Susan Gray

    I have learned how fortunate we are to live in this electronic time. When I was pregnant on bedrest yrs ago, I had no cable,online books, and there was no internet. You couldn’t download books or movies, no patterns or blogs, no amazon or quilt shops!
    I’m not saying that it’s fun being on house arrest but I haven’t been at a loss for things to occupy my time! To top it all off, many designers have offered free patterns and stitch alongside to help! How awesome is that!

  116. Dana M Haskell Avatar
    Dana M Haskell

    I have learned not to wait til next month on things like new glasses. Also, not to keep putting things off til a better time, there’s never going to be a perfect time for anything. Take it as it comes!

  117. Dede Avatar

    I have started decluttering. Downsized my house last year, but not my stuff. Along with that is completeing old kits, quilting & binding my tops, and organizing my garage. Im fortunate enough to still be working but am trying to figure out what my retirement years will look like.

  118. JennyM Avatar

    I have learned that my usual way of life with lots of quiet, little TV news and time spent outside has prepared me well for this time. Sheltering at home with my husband reaffirms that we are each others best friend and can get through anything as long as we are together. Enjoying all the red and white quilts, will have to make one soon!

  119. Sharon S Avatar
    Sharon S

    I have learned just how much I miss my granddaughters, family, friends, and my quilt group. I am so grateful we have the technology to keep in touch. We text each other every day. I don’t know what I would do without having my sewing and quilting. I have been working on some unfinished projects; in particular Twilight Garden. I’m finally on the borders and going strong to get it done.

  120. Kamaile Avatar

    I have learned to slow down, be patient, and enjoy the little things!

  121. Karen McMahon Avatar
    Karen McMahon

    I love this quilt in red and white, so beautiful! This pandemic has taught me that my husband and I really enjoy each other’s company (thank God) and that I don’t really miss shopping. I learned that making Easter dinner for two is a lot harder and sadder than making it for the usual 30+. I have Learned that nothing is more important than being with family and friends and that is what I miss the most.

  122. Susan Avatar

    I have learned that ordering many of the things we need online compared to doing the actual shopping is such a huge time saver! When you’re out in the working world it’s easy to stop at a store here or there but this stay at home situation has shown me what a huge time saver online shopping really is. I’m working from home but I find I have a lot more time for other things when I utilize online shopping.

  123. Cindy Avatar

    Finally, spring is in the air. Being outside in my backyard & feeling the sunshine is a warm welcome during this time. Watching the dogs with their noses in the air & ears slightly blowing in the wind is a sign of spring too.Throwing the ball & watching how happy they are makes me happy too. Unconditional love… how sweet it is

  124. Nancy Kintzel Avatar
    Nancy Kintzel

    I made 45 and Life to Go as a wedding quilt for my daughter and husband almost 10 years ago and it’s one of my favorite patterns! I can’t wait to see it in the red/white!
    The thing that I mostly think about is how I miss my grandchildren and children but am so grateful that they are all taking this seriously and are ok. Grateful is the other top thing on my list. We have a home, plenty of food, each other and heaven knows, plenty of fabric so I am very grateful during this time.

  125. Diane Ziegler Avatar
    Diane Ziegler

    I’ve learned that it’s ok to slow down and just enjoy the simpler things in life….quilting, gardening & enjoying this time spent with my family.

  126. Geraldine Sherwood Avatar
    Geraldine Sherwood

    To think about what I learned the most during this time .. I have been busier then ever. Thankful for my sewing skills realizing how many can’t sew and need mask and surgical caps was beyond what I ever imagine. Thankful I can help looking forward to getting back to quilting. I look forward to every Tuesday night phone call when 5 of us get together on FaceTime and stitch

  127. Mary Endres Avatar
    Mary Endres

    Having a job in an essential business, I have not been able to “enjoy” time off as most others have and have been living the other side of this pandemic. Stress beyond belief! Trying to navigate all the new regulations and laws. Trying to do your job safely to protect yourself, your family and coworkers. For those of us working on the front lines, we can only pray for this all to be over. Thankful for friends and family..absolutely!! They are the only reason many of us keep going. Crazy as it may seem, I have been spending my down time in my sewing room. Making masks for family members who work in hospitals and other essential business. Take care everyone….stay safe!!

  128. Bonnie Larson Avatar
    Bonnie Larson

    To remember to slow down and enjoy the ride. Thanks Lisa!!

  129. Janet Orr Avatar
    Janet Orr

    Fabulous quilts! Red and White quilts are my favorite with Blue and White a close second.

    I’ve learned that grandchildren hugs are the best feeling in the world – I’ve always known that but now know that feeling will be missed terribly when you can’t actually do it. My Grands might need an iron vest for when I can finally get ahold of them. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly during this time. But the good has far exceeded the others.

    I’ve got a huge stash – I’ve always called it my 401Q for when I retire. Never thought it would be so wonderful to have enough to make many masks and to have plenty of projects to do while at home. I think quilters and any type of crafters are really the most at peace at home. We don’t need to be kept amused – we love doing something that comes from love and our own hands.

    Thank you Lisa for sharing your talent with all of us. Take care and God Bless!

  130. sheryl harrison Avatar
    sheryl harrison

    I have really enjoyed staying home. I am an elementary secretary and thinking about retiring. This sheltering at home has helped me decide…kind’a. I’ve accomplished a lot of projects, finished projects and got some to do things off my list. But I love my job!

  131. Mary Fecher Avatar
    Mary Fecher

    I have learned that when my husband and I both retire we will not kill each other being home together all day. Besides vacations we really have not been home all day together. Thank goodness that I have my sewing room to retreat to.

  132. Cheryl Gherna Avatar
    Cheryl Gherna

    During this pandemic I have learned that patience is a virtue. There are a lot of things you can accomplish when you set your mind to them and focus on them. Family has always been very important, but at this time when you cannot get together you find ways to feel closer. And for fun, spend more time on your quilting craft. Take time for yourself to watch a video and learn a new technique. Thankful to those who are spending time doing live Facebook posts either to teach a technique or give a special sale to those watching. Helps to make me not feel so alone in the world, that there are others close with your same interests, and quilting love.

  133. Linda Liquin Avatar
    Linda Liquin

    I have missed time spent with friends and family. I have learned to truly appreciate time spent alone, sewing and quilting and I love time spent outside gardening with my husband.

  134. Beth D. Avatar
    Beth D.

    What I have learn is to slow down…….it is nice to have time on your hands. It is nice to sit and applique a few stitches in the afternoon. It is nice to take a few minutes and clean out a cabinet door and donate/pitch things that you no longer use. It is nice to go for a walk in the neighborhood and chat with someone for a few minutes. Time is a gift that can slip away much to easy…….

  135. Angela Avatar

    55 and life to go is a wonderful way to think about your future.
    Your quilt (55) is a stunner and your friend did a beautiful job piecing the top for you.
    Truthfully, my life hasn’t really changed from covid-19. I’ve always been an introvert and rarely ever leave my home (this explains my passion for quilting – it occupies all of my time). My three adult children live six hours away and I usually only see them once or twice a year.
    You are blessed to have one of your boys and grand babies close by to love on them. Eventually you’ll get to go to California to love on that son as well. For now virtual visits will have to suffice.
    Stay safe and keep these lovely quilts coming!

  136. Sharon Nejedlo Avatar
    Sharon Nejedlo

    I retired on March 6th, with the plans to babysit my grandchildren more and take my mother in Asst living to visit her relatives and friends….I haven’t been able to do either. So I have learned that after a career of helping others plan for retirement that we can make plans, but we had better be prepared for them to change without warning! I have also learned that the hug of a little one is as essential as the air we breathe. 😢

  137. quilter44 Avatar

    I try to sew something every day. In between everything there is to do, walking is something that keeps me balanced. Every quilt in your redwork fabrics are works of art. It has been difficult to decide on just one. 55 and life to go looked very challenging until you mentioned strip piecing. That works for me.

  138. Patti O'Donnell Avatar
    Patti O’Donnell

    I love the quilt with Redwork squares. Who doesn’t love birds and flowers. Will this be kitted? Looking forward to the Redwork Gathering line release.

  139. Denise Gosselin Avatar
    Denise Gosselin

    I love all of your Redwork Gatherings quilts! What I have learned…I’m not sure I have actually learned anything new however this epidemic gives us a renewed appreciation for the life and freedom we had as well as time to reset priorities. I think about all the things I miss doing and the most I miss of all is spending time with my grandbabies, hugging and playing with them. I fear the youngest (6 months) won’t know who we are when this is over and will take some time warming up to us. Unlike many people, I’m still working long days and can only quilt at night and weekends. Oh…I thought of something I have learned….husband needs a hobby😄. Have a great day!

  140. Linda Cates Avatar
    Linda Cates

    I have learned that I really like to stay at home and stitch, that I can adapt to almost any situation and that people really are kind in times of need.

  141. Diane Poirier Avatar
    Diane Poirier

    Love it! ❤️ During these crazy times, I’ve learned how important it is not to take anything for granted. There are no guarantees in life, so we need to appreciate every little blessing!

  142. Joanne E. Rodriguez Avatar
    Joanne E. Rodriguez

    ” 55 & life to go….” is certainly a beauty! Anyone should be honored to win it. You are a wonderful and generous person for sure!

  143. Karen S Avatar

    While I have missed the freedom of getting out and about, I’ve truly enjoyed doing more quilting, sewing, reading and knitting. I am so thankful for those who have been on the front lines of this pandemic—from doctors, nurses, and hospital workers to clerks, stock people, and many others who have made it possible to get most everything we have needed to get through this. I will be happy when others can return to work to support their families and our society can return to some semblance of normalcy…whatever that may be.

  144. sharon tseu Avatar
    sharon tseu

    I’ve learned how much I look forward to and rely on my quilting/stitching… have become re-acquainted with my husband of 52 years, and miss my grandchildren with an aching loneliness. I have the pattern for 45 and life to go, and have always loved that quilt. But it red, it’s just stunning.

  145. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    I’ve been working in my sewing room making quilt blocks but at night when we’re relaxing and watching our shows I’m always hand stitching on projects! I love to read too be haven’t had time for that lately!

  146. COLLEEN KOSKI Avatar

    I have become more aware of the fun I have with my sewing friends. We tried to get together recently but due to the current circumstances had to cancel. I LOVE our sewing days and was so disappointed we could not meet. I even miss the social part of working in an office. It is nice to have a quick laugh about the check folder eating your check. ok. That usually causes stress. LOL!

  147. Sandy Holder Avatar
    Sandy Holder

    I love the 55 and life to go quilt. I might have to make it in both sizes. It would be lovely on the guest bed all year long. You are an awesome quilt designer and fabric designer. I am a huge fan in Tennessee and was so glad you had a booth in Pigeon Forge. I look forward to all your designs.

  148. MaryAnn Mairs Avatar
    MaryAnn Mairs

    Love all your Redwork Gatherings fabrics and quilts. I have learned to take things one day at a time, not to put off what I can do now until later. And not to stress about things I cannot control.

  149. Lisa Mikel Avatar
    Lisa Mikel

    I have learned that life as we know it can change very suddenly throughout this covid-19 crisis and not to take anything for granted. There are so many things that have changed since this all started. I am a registered nurse and work in a hospital and I grieve the lack of protective equipment the most. I would have never dreamed we could have a shortage of proper masks and equipment to protect us and our patients. I also grieve for small businesses and hope they can recover from this and come out stronger in the end. I miss seeing friends and family. Luckily I am able to still spend time with my 6 year old grandson Jase, my daughter also is a nurse at the hospital and I babysit for her days we are not working together. Grandchildren are very special.

    Your quilt is beautiful! I love star quilts and the red and white fabrics are so lovely. Have a great day!

  150. Cindy White Avatar
    Cindy White

    I learned I love staying at home sewing, gardening taking a day at a time. I miss being able to go to the quilt shop, look at material and visiting with friends.
    My first quilt 30 years ago was red and I love you new collection time to make a new red and white quilt.

  151. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    We had just moved to a new town. When I was about to join a new quilters guild everything was getting cancelled and shut down. This pandemic gave us time to get our new house organized and unpacked. I found projects that I hadn’t worked on in a while and was able and able to get them done. I have always been a home body so this hasn’t been too bad.

  152. Maria L Zook Avatar
    Maria L Zook

    I have made an effort to create meals from what is in the pantry and leftovers and have found that we manage pretty well. I am certainly missing my once a week sewing time with my friends, but have also enjoyed the slow pace that day after day at home has provided. I realize that I don’t much like communicating and learning through a screen. It can never replace face- to face- interaction, but it has been better than nothing. It has made me appreciate my living situation-a neighborhood to walk in and access to what I really need and the technology to communicate and stay in touch with others.

  153. Jane K Avatar
    Jane K

    I have leaned that I have way to many projects. But find myself still adding like one or two of these red and white quilts. Thanks Lisa for all you do.

  154. Julie Avatar

    I thought I never went anywhere or did anything. Boy was I wrong. This has really been never doing anything. I can’t wait to have nothing to do again.
    I love your quilts and new fabric line.

  155. Carrie Cameron Avatar
    Carrie Cameron

    Hi Lisa, I passed the 55 mark 2 years ago. The number doesn’t bother me at all. I am embracing getting older. What has this pandemic taught me…well I guess the biggest thing is that I have learned to let go and not dwell on things I can’t do anything about. I am learning to not worry so much but mostly I am learning to be OK with just me as I am. It’s OK if the dishes don’t get done.Dinner doesn’t have to be a big deal every night …things like that. I am much more contented these days. Not being able to play with my Grandchildren has been tough ..Thank Heavens for social media..

  156. Judith Diani Avatar
    Judith Diani

    Just had to tell you that I have a number of red embroidered blocks from a great Aunt, surely done in the early 1900″s They are in great shape but somewhat thin fabric so I lined them with interfacing. Wouldn’t they be great accented with your Redwork Gatherings. Might be just what I am looking for. Don’t think I’ll make a quilt, but wall hanging would be just the thing. Thanks for you continued inspiration.

  157. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown

    I have learned to not take anything for granted. I have greatly missed giving my grand kids hugs, Friday night eating out with family and just having family and friends over to the house.

  158. T Holzer Avatar
    T Holzer

    What have I learned? I have learned that I might have been a good teacher and I’m loving my time teaching my daughter! I’ve learned my homemade buns are so much better than store bought bread! I’ve learned that being able to stay at home more is a lot easier on my bank account! I’ve learned that we need to figure out for ourselves how this virus should make us feel and not let the media do it for us. Thanks for this chance and its gorgeous fabric!!

  159. Charlotte S. Avatar
    Charlotte S.

    I learned that there are so many generous and altruistic people out there. People who are not getting paid very much but still willing to do a necessary job while exposing themselves to the virus. I also know that there are many people who do not feel that the rules apply to them – they do not need to wear masks or practice social distancing. I think I knew both of these things before but this pandemic reiterates them. The good and the not so good.

  160. Kat R. Avatar

    I just love these fabrics and quilts. Red is my favorite color and I have a red, white and blue decorated bedroom so all of these would be perfect. I already have 3 orders in so this will probably be a 4th! Love, love, love!

  161. Judy Shapleigh Avatar
    Judy Shapleigh

    I love the tiny stars. I have learned that I am blessed to have a love of reading and quilting. I miss all my many activities and friends but am forced to stay home and enjoy my loves and spring. This is our loveliest month so I have enjoyed it even more from every window. I learned how to download a book from the library so new skills. And Zoom has become a valuable way to connect with church friends, book club, quilt club. Closets are still cluttered so I have learned I can still procrastinate.

  162. Kat R. Avatar

    ….and I learned how to keep my Valdani thread label attached to the ball! I’m so excited about that one for sure!

  163. Phyllis K. Avatar
    Phyllis K.

    I am a person that loves to be home. I have taken advantage of trying to loose the “winter weight gain”. My dog and I walk about five miles a day and when we’re not walking we’re sewing. I’ve really never been a blog reader but I just can’t get enough of your’s. You teach me something new every day. My favorite colors for quilts is blue and some neutrals, however, you’ve inspired me to try the reds. August just can’t get here soon enough!! Everyone who reads this please be healthy and safe.

  164. Cindy Golding Avatar
    Cindy Golding

    I have learned to Zoom. Meeting invitations and sharing screens Plus many other computer functions I never needed before. SLP from home. Bring on retirement 24 work days!!!

  165. Mary Ann Avatar
    Mary Ann

    I have learned that family is everything! I am grateful for everyone one of them. I love your rework gathering line of fabrics. I have the king size blue and white version. I love this pattern.

  166. Maryann Drouillard Avatar
    Maryann Drouillard

    Just finished ‘To Plant a Flower…’. I just love it Thanks

  167. Jan Snyder Avatar
    Jan Snyder

    I love, love, love the little stars with the patchwork centers. I can hardly wait to try making them. I have been quilting for 3 years now and was afraid of patterns with “pointy” pieces. Now I love to make them. Your patterns helped me get past my fear! I am spending a lot of time during this period of enforced “rest” making beautiful quilt projects for family and friends. (I have also just started your Twilight Garden” kit I just received.

  168. EllenB Avatar

    We’ve learned about the great nature, fossil, and native Indian areas that are near us in SW Ohio. Even tho the weather has been chilly and wet, we’ve been getting out to hike and take photos. Can’t wait till my Redwork fabric arrives later this year!

  169. Cherie Petrashek Avatar
    Cherie Petrashek

    Hi Lisa, I’ve learned not to take things for granted and that you can never have enough stash! Thank you for the chance to win. Each quilt is more stunning than the last!

  170. Clara Avatar

    It has been difficult at times to be confined to home and then, see all the changes that are made in our shopping experiences, such as one way lanes at the grocery store. I have enjoyed my gardening more and stitching the Blockheads 3 blocks. Love the beautiful Red in Rework Gathering! It will be difficult to wait until August to touch the fabrics. clara-chandler@att.net

  171. Lil Avatar

    I have a new awareness of people’s skills and how they contribute to the well being of the world. Doctors, meat packers, scientists, service staff, researchers, delivery folks, teachers, health care workers, grocery employees and truck drivers together make this pandemic less frightening. I am so very grateful for their contributions.

  172. KRISTIE Avatar

    Lovely, lovely quilt. Such beautiful reds and whites. Family time is so special, really missing ours but thankful to be learning new and different ways to connect.

  173. Sarah Alexander Avatar
    Sarah Alexander

    This is my favorite among the Redwork quilts, and I already have my kit on preorder! You’re right – this pandemic has held lessons for all of us. For me, I’ve learned how much I love working from home, at a different pace and noise level. I don’t miss the chaos of the big office at all. Who knew birdfeeders could be so entertaining?

  174. Susan Koscielak Avatar
    Susan Koscielak

    We are one people in one world. Nothing illustrates that better than a pandemic. Caring for all protects us all. It is not us vs. them. It is us.

  175. Marsha Avatar

    Truthfully, I’ve learned to slow down. I don’t have to do everything for everybody. It’s ok to let someone else pick up the slack and if no one else picks it up, maybe it doesn’t need to be done.

  176. Rita jones Avatar
    Rita jones

    I love the embroidery piece. Can’t wait! I am walking everyday and the weather here in So cA is perfect!

  177. Kim H Avatar
    Kim H

    I have learned that now more than ever I am so glad that I quilt and sew and that I need this to “feed my soul”. I have learned that we need to call our friends and family more to keep in touch. I cannot wait for the day I can actually hug and kiss my grandchildren, I miss this the most. Love your red and white quilts, you are such an inspiration Thank You!

  178. Betty Lockhart Avatar
    Betty Lockhart

    My break from quilting? Quilting is my break from daily routines. But I also read, knit, spin…………… This new red is the BEST! I’m waiting till I can get my hands on some for real.

  179. Imelda Dochter Avatar
    Imelda Dochter

    My husband retires at the end of the year and now I know it’s going to be great!

  180. Vickie Olsen Avatar
    Vickie Olsen

    What I have learned over this time of staying in, is that my husband is a wonderful supporter to me. I am very compromised so, I cannot go out at all, plus had to separate from him in the house too, since he is still working outside our home. So I have all the time in the world to stay up 24 hours if I want to quilt, quilt, quilt, OR make masks and more masks and more masks. I have enjoyed the no pressure of a mullion things to do, for awhile anyway.

  181. Laurie Parsons Avatar
    Laurie Parsons

    Happy May Day! I’ve learned I don’t mind the slower pace of life, but I do miss seeing friends and family. So have been doing Zoom happy hours and Zoom games of bingo and, trivia and Scattergories. We are all in this together!

  182. Phoebe Bitler Avatar
    Phoebe Bitler

    I have learned that our society has taken so much for granted–our wonderful, safe food supply has always been at our disposal. The food supply chain was severely disrupted by the virus, and it has made us appreciate those who make it possible. It has also brought more families to the “home dinner table”–what a blessing to strengthen our families!

  183. Alice Avatar

    I love the original but the red and white just sings! I am facing an unexpected health challenge so this time is showing me to really focus on what is important. Also, the joy of creating is so valuable and special. Thank you for being such an inspiration! 😊❤️✂️

  184. usairdoll Avatar

    Love the red and white quilts! Thanks for sharing them with us.

    We had just moved right before the stay at home/lock down. I’ve enjoyed being home and having the time to get settled and unpacked. I love this slower pace of life but miss being able to get together with friends and family.

  185. Cathy C Avatar
    Cathy C

    I have learned how to be more flexible in all aspects of life. This quilt, is beautiful but then all of them are.

  186. moosebaymusings Avatar

    Love the red version of the 55 quilt–so striking! I’ve learned that even when I am forcibly confined to my house, I still am not motivated to clean out my closets.

  187. Sharon Browne Avatar

    I have learned that I am even more grateful that I love quilting, and that I will probably never use up all of my stash! This quilt is gorgeous, and my favorite so far.

  188. celene Avatar

    I’ve learned that I miss giving friends a hug more than I would have ever thought!

  189. Glenna D Avatar
    Glenna D

    I have re-learned how much I enjoy being at home with my husband and hobbies, including quilting and reading. I am enjoying your redwork quilts immensely, and I am not usually a big fan of red – guess I just needed your take on red and white quilts, now I’m more than ready to make some myself.

  190. Jan. jones Avatar
    Jan. jones

    I have learned how to wash my hands.

  191. DebrafromMD Avatar

    I have learned to find the good in every situation and to appreciate the little things. Finding frozen peas while grocery shopping today really made me happy. I would never have had that reaction before, just taken it for granted that they would always be available.

  192. Wendy Avatar

    I have learned that the world is still a great place even with the pandemic going on. People still open their hearts and do loving things. There are still those people who are not nice. Life is good! God’s creation is so beautiful! I don’t enjoy being stuck in the house so much. I miss my family and sewing friends. I miss the library. I am running out of space in my sewing room. Am very thankful for good health and a great hubby!

  193. Alberta Bailie Avatar
    Alberta Bailie

    I have learned that time goes by really fast-even though you are home with all the time in the world. I have been sewing more than usual–and find that I am looking more and more at your website and blogs and hitting the order button.
    I enjoy walking in the yard and seeing what new flowers have popped up. God is so good and we will somehow learn to be so thankful for what we have been blessed with. Miss my famiily-hugging the grands!!

  194. Susan Kerkendall Avatar
    Susan Kerkendall

    I learned how to use a bias tape maker. It really works great.

  195. Camille Avatar

    The vicious, deadly Coronovirus and COVID-19 disease have changed the world as we knew it. My heart aches for the families who have lost someone because of the ongoing pandemic.
    My thinking and adaptive skills are being challenged daily.
    I am learning that I must increase my ability to improvise with what I have.
    I am learning the mental and emotional significance of conversations with family and friends.
    I am learning to be more aware of the impact my choices have on others.
    I am learning to acknowledge my selfishness and to work to overcome it.
    I am learning to sacrifice some of my freedoms for the safety of others.
    I am learning ways I can support the heroic efforts of our medical community.
    Lastly, I have taken too any things for granted. I am learning to be more aware of my personal and community needs, to strive to contribute in a positive manner, to be grateful for my successes, and work to improve my failings.
    I hadn’t planned to be so philosophical but I have been thinking a lot about behaviors and responsibilities more than any other time in my life. I am still learning…

  196. Susan Palcic Avatar
    Susan Palcic

    I have learned how much I miss hugs, how fortunate I am to have a stash full of fabric and yarn, and that playing my newly acquired cello brings me peace.

  197. Rita Gillis Avatar
    Rita Gillis

    I am an essential healthcare worker so I haven’t spent a lot of extra time at home. I have seen extraordinary acts of kindness from strangers. All the masks that have been made and donated, meals that have provided and encouragement from every direction are a few examples. I have always believed most people were good. Now I have learned I was right all along.

  198. Berta Keeler Avatar
    Berta Keeler

    Listening to music is my go to stress reliever while I stitch. Or going for a nice walk if the weather allows. I love the redwork and have added that to my list of projects for the future.

  199. Lisa Angel Avatar
    Lisa Angel

    Really love this line. Waiting for all your posts so I Can decide on my fave.

  200. Beht Avatar

    HI Lisa – Love this one too 🙂 I have been very fortunate that I can work from home. I am enjoying have more time to quilt, but miss my volunteer activities.

  201. Laurel Avatar

    I’ve learned to appreciate this unexpected “down time” from all of life’s busy-ness. I thank the Lord each morning and pray that His will be done …

  202. Joan Richards Avatar
    Joan Richards

    I have learned that things we are doing to help each other out right now we should have always been doing.

  203. Patti S Avatar
    Patti S

    As a healthcare worker, I’ve learned how much time, energy, and resources it takes to be prepared. And how willing everyone is to work toward keeping people safe and make sure basic needs are being met.

  204. jrp53 Avatar

    I’ve learned that I can be much more patient than I ever thought I could! I have luckily still been full time employed albeit far from the office so I have not had as much time to quilt as I would like. I adore looking at all the quilty

  205. jrp53 Avatar

    I have been fully employed this whole time albeit far from the office. I adore getting to read all the quilty emails and long for my retirement at the end of August. I’ve learned to never take full grocery shelves and freedom to go out for granted ever again. Thanks for your beautiful eye candy!

  206. Bev F Avatar
    Bev F

    Another beautiful quilt! Love this new fabric collection! These past weeks has shown me how much I’ve taken for granted, like grocery shopping, going to church, and hugging my grandchildren ( driveway visits are just not the same)!!

  207. Krissy Butorac Avatar
    Krissy Butorac

    Love this pattern in Red! Thanks for keeping our minds on beautiful quilts and fabrics instead of all the negative out there. this has been really fun to follow. stay safe.

  208. Robyn Wiggins Avatar
    Robyn Wiggins

    You never let us down! So, so beautiful ❣

  209. Debra Braz Avatar
    Debra Braz

    I have learned there are things I can live without, and it opens up opportunities to more important things in life.

  210. Linda Regan Avatar
    Linda Regan

    Let’s see, what have I learned during this time of pandemic? I have learned how much I can miss grandchildren’s kisses, how wonderful it is to see their faces and hear their voices on facetime, how nice it is just to listen to the rain, how comforting prayers are when I take the time to really TALK with God, how puppy antics can make me giggle, how giving so many people are, how good it makes me feel to have another spring to plant seeds, how truly wonderful it is to be able to quilt and cross stitch and let the walls recede and the horizon widen, how vital it is for the world to have talented and ethical scientists, how I CAN cut my husband’s hair and hear him say I did a pretty good job, and what a gift life and love are and how much I should remember that more often.

  211. Kathleen winslow Avatar
    Kathleen winslow

    There is always that just one more! This would be perfect to make for my daughter in law. Her birthday is July 4th! Her bed is a king size and I would have to get a kit and start it yesterday. I love all your quilts. I have many done. In the bag and on my wish list. She is a lover of red. This would b perfect. Thank you for thinking of us.
    Kathleen and Maria

  212. carmen mullins Avatar
    carmen mullins

    I have learned that I really, really don’t like to cook; even for just myself. Ha! I’m happy with a bowl of cereal or a plain sandwich. I’ve also learned that online shopping is not as fun as as enjoyable as laying hands and eyes on fabric and notions and patterns and sewing machines and on and on. And I’ve learned that when I retire, it will be as wonderful as I have imagined it. 🙂

  213. Judyk Avatar

    I have learned that no matter how much time I have to sew, I’ll never get everything I have done. And then you design another quilt to add to my list! (45 is on my list already, but I love this red fabric version). Thank you for all you do, you have saved the sanity of many of us.

  214. Sandy Baitz Avatar
    Sandy Baitz

    I have really enjoyed the time to slow down and figure out what is really important – my faith, my family (I miss my grandsons!) and my work family. I have spend time with my husband at our farm getting the crops in the ground and in the garden at home. I will can more this year and try to remember to simplify our lives when things get back to whatever the new normal is.

  215. Carla Avatar

    I work for a healthcare organization but not in a direct patient care area. I get to go to work every day. I’ve learned to be grateful for that because there are a lot of people who don’t have that.

  216. Lynn J Avatar
    Lynn J

    Wonderful quilts, Lisa. Red is so exciting. Love all you do. This ‘virus’ time has brought awareness to everyday simple things. Valuing what we have as so many suffer financially. But most of all a fear for loved ones working directly with covid patients and anxiously waiting for it all to stop. Want a return to normalcy but knowing this planet will never be the same again.

  217. Jill Avatar

    I have learned how to use Zoom for virtual meetings with my 4-H families. We need to keep programming going even when we are not able to meet face to face.

  218. Cheryl Baker Avatar
    Cheryl Baker

    I have learned that it’s a wonderful feeling to finish those lingering projects so I can move on to more great fabrics and patterns. 💜

  219. Mary Durham Avatar
    Mary Durham

    I am so glad I don’t have to pick a favorite of these wonderful red and white quilts. They are all fantastic.
    I have learned how fast the days can fly by even when I’m staying home all the time. I have also learned how much better I feel now that I have gotten back in to the habit of going for walks. In addition I learned to download books to listen to on my phone and did my first online order for groceries for outside pick-up.
    I do miss my grandkids, friends and church family.

  220. Kris Searle Avatar
    Kris Searle

    I have learned that we are truly resilient despite the hardships we face. Most people are trying hard to meet the restrictions of stay at home orders. I will be eternally grateful to those who must be on the front line. Your 55 quilt is really great— my favorite so far.

  221. debimchugh Avatar

    This quilt is beautiful. I have learned that it is great to slow down and have time to catch up. 2019 was a very fast moving year for me and I am grateful for the chance to work on projects. Down side, I am not able to spend enough time with my children that live in various places but hope to catch up with them soon. If it is possible that we might get sick then I better work on my primitive gatherings projects first they are my favorites.

  222. Theresa K Avatar
    Theresa K

    I have learned to accept the things i cannot change and be grateful for all the good in my life. I love the checkerboard stars. Thank you

  223. Tina B Avatar
    Tina B

    First I must say that ALL of your red and white quilts are breathtaking ❤️ For stress relief I do several things….take hikes in the wood with family or walk our Golden Retreiver ( actually just looking into his lovable eyes is a big stress reliever), go jogging, work on sewing projects if they are not causing the stress or find a quiet spot to read or working in the flower beds….pulling weeds is gratifying work.

  224. Tina B Avatar
    Tina B

    I learned that Mom was right wash your hands and keep them out of your mouth…🙂
    I never try to take family or friends for granted and acts of kindness no matter how big or little make a huge difference but mostly I’ve learned that we can actually can get something done if we put our minds together…even the entire country. That if we look after each other we can get through a crisis no matter how big it seems to be. Be strong, be brave, look after each other and love one another.

  225. LeAnne K Avatar
    LeAnne K

    I’ve learned that having “nothing” to do and “nowhere” to go is actually more stressful than it seems. But it is enjoyable to get to sew and create things. And finish projects that have been set aside!

  226. Karen H Avatar
    Karen H

    I’m a blue person, but the red is growing on me. The red work designs are fun. I’ve been digging through some older linens from my mother-in-law and grandmother; trying to find some red work pieces I got from them years ago.

  227. Pat D Bley Avatar
    Pat D Bley

    I think this 45 and Life To Go is my favorite of all the red and white quilts, but then they all are really nice. I already have the pattern done in the browns and I never got to that one yet, but now I could do it in the red and white theme. Love it!! Keep up the good work.

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