Hello, and welcome to the Black Star Flower Farm Block of the Month Information Page! Here you will find everything you need to participate in this monthly stitch-along! Patterns will be posted here on the tenth day of each month for a total of 13 months starting on August 10th, 2023. PLEASE NOTE: if the 10th of the month falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the Black Star Flower Farm blocks for that month will be released on the next business day.You have the choice of doing either the wool or cotton version for your quilt. Patterns are FREE to download for one month after they are posted. They will then go up for sale on our regular website for $8.00 (plus shipping) each when the next block is released. There will be a finishing option including sashings, borders, and binding for an additional charge available at the end of the program.

Whether you’re planning to purchase your blocks kitted, or you would rather use your own stash, there are three options to choose from to participate. They are as follows:


As you might already know, due to our website being under construction we have not been able to offer subscription boxes or pre-paid BOM’s yet this year, which caused a major delay in the launch of this stitch-along. I finally got sick of waiting on empty promises, so as an alternative we began offering Black Star Flower Farm with the option to pay in full. With this option, block kits will be shipped monthly and include the wool, homespun, and shipping built into the cost. Your FREE pattern will be included as well. If you so choose, you will also receive the background fabric in your first shipment when you pay in full. For customers in the U.S., the cost of this option including background fabric is $410 ($32 per shipment), which after everything is said and done, saves you the most if you are purchasing your kits and backing from us. To sign up for this option, please click the button below!


The second way to participate is by paying monthly for your kits. Despite the fact that we are still not able to process this option through our website, we decided to say to heck with it and do things the old fashioned way – with good old pen and paper! If you choose this option, patterns and kits are shipped out monthly. For customers in the U.S. it comes out to be $36.00 per month for a total of $468.00. On the 15th day of each month you will be billed $36.00 for your shipment, which includes your FREE printed pattern, wool, and shipping (background will ship with your first block). PLEASE NOTE: This option is available for the WOOL version ONLY! Please call the shop at 920-722-7233 to sign up for monthly billing!


The third option is for those of you who are planning to use your own fabric stash, and are opting out of purchasing block kits from us. If that’s the case, all you have to do is visit this page – The Black Star Flower Farm Information Page – every month to download your block pattern for FREE! A printable PDF of each block will be posted on the 10th day of the month FREE of charge, and will remain posted FREE to download until the next month’s block posts. At that time it will go up on the regular website for sale for $8.00 each (plus shipping). Ready to get started? Click below to download block #1 now! PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to download and save your FREE patterns onto your computer or device in a timely manner. There will be no exceptions made for missing a download.

If you have any questions regarding this stitch-along please feel free to call the shop during our normal M-F business hours at 920-722-7233. You can also email store@primitivegatherings.us. Happy stitching everyone!