Redwork Quilt… another great quilt & giveaway from Redwork Gatherings.


The REDWORK Quilt that inspired it All…

My favorite quilts in my collection are the Red & White ones…I love red & white quilts so much that I knew I had to create fabrics inspired by these quilts. A treasured antique Redwork quilt inspired the main panel in this line and can be used for so many things…

If you love slow-stitching –and you know I do- the blocks can be stitched or they can be left as they are. The designs can also be used as the center squares of pieced blocks, or just add a feather stitch between the blocks and it will be like the inspiration quilt…the possibilities are endless.

Redwork Gatherings is a small but timeless quilt that uses the main redwork panel, small shoo fly blocks and a fun pieced outer border. The quilt is 57×74 and is the perfect combination of piecing and hand stitching (if you want to that is…)

Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Redwork Quilt

Sorry for the not-so perfect photo…It has been so windy that I could not get a great full shot of this quilt outside…so I just shot it in my studio. 

The traditional baptist fan quilting is beautiful on this quilt and was a no-brainer because of how basic and a not so overpowering, kind of design.

The Redwork Quilt is made using simple shoo fly blocks and all 54 of the redwork designs from the redwork panel.

Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Redwork Panel

Some closeups from the Antique Redwork quilt.

Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanI love this cow face!!!

details of our REdwork Quilt

Shown here is the beautiful backing we picked from a previous Primitive Gatherings line…it works beautifully and if you would like this same backing we have some nice yardage of it yet…but it will not last long and I have showed in a couple of photos already…It is running the right way on the back, but since I have it turn up it looks like it is running the wrong way…since the quilt is directions and the backing is as well so pay attention or remind your quilter that you want them both to be the same direction.

Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

I thought we would originally stitch all these blocks with a stem-stitch and red thread…but they looked so good we decided we did not need to…Sometimes you just have to take the easy way out…\

When you work with deadlines like we do, it is a tough life.  Trying to balance having a life or working all the time when trying to put out the best things possible with the time you are given…

There is not a lot of time with Market lines…so I gracefully accepted that these panels where beautiful as is and there was no need to try and break our necks, fingers and hands trying to get these stitched by hand.Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanWe have kits and patterns available for this quilt!  Or if you want to create your own, the panel sells for just $12 for all the 54 designs.  The quilts are still 10% off for a little bit…and the pre-cuts are 20% off.  The sale will end on Wednesday…so that gives you a couple more days to decide what you need.

Click HERE to buy a kit for the Redwork Quilt!

Click HERE to see more of Redwork Gatherings or to order the panel.

All Redwork Gatherings orders will receive a sticker pack!REDWORK GATHERINGS Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanI posted earlier about these four quilts if you missed it… make sure you go to their posts and comment to win kits and patterns.

REDWORK GATHERINGS Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Long, Long Way From Home

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REDWORK GATHERINGS Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
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Easy/Primitive Gatherings

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55 & Life to go with Salesman fabrics

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Redwork Quilt

I loved reading your comments about what you have leaned during our pandemic…It’s funny how things like this change the world, and how grateful we can be now, knowing some of the simplest things we took for granted really mean so much…

If you wish to win this kit and one of the 6 patterns I will be giving away…

I know you are all probably tired of commenting, but I want you all to know that you are important part of this blog…If you do not comment, or read, or join in the fun at Primitive Gatherings, I would not get to talk about all the quilts, the stitches and life in general…so THANK YOU!!!  I am GRATEFUL that you are here!  Comment with one word what you are feeling GRATEFUL for.  I will pick winners for ALL REDWORK blog posts on Friday!!!!  I am able to give-away kits and patterns because you have already so generously supported Primitive Gathering in pre-order buying patterns, kits and fabrics…

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  1. Robyn Brown Avatar
    Robyn Brown

    I LOVE redwork quilts. Something about the contrast between red and white. Just gorgeous.

  2. Judy Donovan Avatar
    Judy Donovan

    Love all the patterns for this line! Don’t know which quilt I will make, so hard to decide!

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    Joan Richards


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    Jeanne Berry

    Family time

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  9. Julie Kennedy Avatar
    Julie Kennedy

    I’m grateful for Ed (my husband.)

  10. Diane Avatar

    HOPE is my word.

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    Dawn Oyer


  12. Lj Peters Avatar
    Lj Peters

    Hope- my one word to be grateful for. That I have the eternal hope is the most important decision, the most important relationship to have. Everything else falls into place when this comes first.

  13. Jackie Hicks Avatar
    Jackie Hicks

    Life (all of it)

  14. Glenda McCarthy Avatar
    Glenda McCarthy


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    Andrea Parks


  16. Rita Nichols Avatar
    Rita Nichols

    The Redwork Quilt is my favorite!

  17. Laura Avatar

    I am grateful for my faith and my husband & the life we have with all our wonderful friends.

  18. Alice Phipps Avatar
    Alice Phipps


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    Diane Ziegler


  20. Carolyn Hechel Avatar
    Carolyn Hechel

    I am grateful to be alive and I can quilt to make other people happy.

  21. Sarah Gray Avatar
    Sarah Gray


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  23. Mary Kinsey Avatar
    Mary Kinsey

    Grateful for the ability to communicate via phone and FB and other ways while sheltering in place. Made it a lot easier. Grateful for continued health and for an employer that was open to working from home.

  24. Sherry Avatar

    I really miss seeing my family whenever I want too, especially 2 new grand babies

  25. Joan Robinson Avatar
    Joan Robinson


  26. Rita Evans Avatar
    Rita Evans

    I am so grateful for the love of quilting! Especially during these times of staying at home! Love your quilts!

  27. Patti O'Donnell Avatar
    Patti O’Donnell

    Life! A good life that I am blessed to be living. And this quilt is my favorite!

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  30. Barbara Residential Bayer Avatar
    Barbara Residential Bayer

    So sweet! Love this quilt. It is perfect in everyway!

  31. Jonnie Nottingham Avatar

    I am so happy that you decided not to stitch the designs on the panel. It gives me permission to do the same? You know that I love your work and am looking forward to receiving the Redwork Gatherings items that I have ordered!

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    Angela Brady


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    All the ways we can reach out to others at this time

  39. Joan Avatar

    Hard to pick just one thing I’m grateful for but I would put family at the top of my list! BTW… all these red and white quilts!

  40. Sharon S Avatar
    Sharon S

    Life! Be Brave, Be Strong, Be a Force!

  41. Lee Avatar

    I’ve enjoyed the beauty you have shared with all of this redwork! My primary hobbies are knitting and quilting, but during the pandemic I have discovered crochet and the easy stitches have been very soothing during times of stress!

  42. Lynelle Ussery Avatar
    Lynelle Ussery

    You make it look so easy, Lisa! Thank you for inspiring us to keep on sewing! The Redwork is a classic!

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  48. Lisa Bremer Avatar
    Lisa Bremer

    Another beauty in Redwork Gatherings

  49. Phyllis Beneditz Avatar
    Phyllis Beneditz

    I love all the redwork quilts, and I think you were right. The panel looks good just as it is!! The antique one is beautiful! Hand stitching the panel would only make it better.

  50. Cynthia Albrecht Avatar
    Cynthia Albrecht


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    Cary Alexander


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    Donna Hoel


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  54. Judy Zei Avatar
    Judy Zei

    I’m so looking forward to this collection hitting my local quilt shop! I’ve made red and tan quilts, but I’m dying to do one with a lighter cream or white. Beautiful talent you have!❤️

  55. Phyllis Hosier Avatar
    Phyllis Hosier

    I am grateful for –my UFOs

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  57. Essie Avatar

    I am most grateful for Jesus

  58. Shirley Avatar

    Love the red work quilts

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    Sue Kruckenberg

    Sunshine on these days it can be so gray….

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  63. Donna Oelfke Avatar
    Donna Oelfke

    LOVE. “Love is the answer; and you know that for sure”

  64. Peggy Dalberto Avatar
    Peggy Dalberto

    I was a bit intimidated when I realized the panel with the birds and flowers were designed to be hand stitched too, although after using your wool stitching book I’m getting the hang of some of the fancy ones! I love the fabric and am awed by your quilt designs!

  65. Norma Avatar

    I am grateful for my husband Ray.

  66. Dee Hill Avatar

    I am very thankful for all the essential workers putting their own lives on the line for us. Praying they continue to stay safe not only for themselves but their families. I have enjoyed the time for extra sewing for others. Thank you for all you do for your customers. Stay safe!!!

  67. Belinda Jones Avatar
    Belinda Jones


  68. Arlene Schweiger Avatar
    Arlene Schweiger

    I love embroidery. My grandmother taught me at about 6 or 7 years of age, with encouragement from my mother. My grandmother also taught me to sew at age 8 and I’ve been hooked my whole life. What a blessing in this time of pandemic!

  69. Joan Rockvoy Avatar
    Joan Rockvoy

    Grandchildren The frosting on the cake of life!

  70. Coleen Avatar


  71. MaryAnn Mairs Avatar
    MaryAnn Mairs

    LOVE. The love of my husband, my family and friends. Your quilt is a beauty, for sure, I have always enjoyed REDWORK.

  72. Barbara S Avatar
    Barbara S

    Mesmerized by the beauty of these red and white quilts. I just love them all!

  73. Linda E Avatar
    Linda E

    Sewing machine

  74. Camilla Barringer Avatar
    Camilla Barringer


  75. Virginia Holyoak Avatar
    Virginia Holyoak

    Love the red work quilts, each better than the last.

  76. Dee Avatar

    The stitching would be a good ongoing project!

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    Kathy Johnson

    So grateful for my little family, friends and fabric!

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  87. Kathy Roloff Avatar
    Kathy Roloff

    Family and others in my life that feel like family.

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    Susan G.


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    Renee M.


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    Pat K.


  92. Jan Avatar

    I have learned gratitude and am trying to learn acceptance of what is.

  93. Beth Pfeffer Avatar
    Beth Pfeffer


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    Carol Currid


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    Love redwork!!

  98. Elizabeth Berry Avatar
    Elizabeth Berry

    Grateful for Sunshine!

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  100. Candra Sowder Avatar
    Candra Sowder

    Grateful… for a world filled with beauty in the midst of trials. That God balances the hard with the beautiful so we do not lose hope.

  101. Paula W. Avatar
    Paula W.

    Hobbies! All of my hobbies, (quilting, weaving, spinning, knitting, gardening, music) has made my self quarantine bearable. And I’ve finished some UFOs, yay!

  102. bauersal Avatar

    I’m grateful for the caring, happy people who remain positive during these times.

  103. Cheryl M Avatar
    Cheryl M

    I am grateful for my job in healthcare. Although it has been super stressful as of late, I feel grateful that I have the skills to help others in their times of need.

  104. Jennifer Theien Avatar
    Jennifer Theien


  105. Ferne Watt Avatar
    Ferne Watt

    My life

  106. Darlynn Venne Avatar
    Darlynn Venne


  107. Tena D Avatar
    Tena D

    The redwork patterns are so lovely! Thank you for all your hard work to bring us such beautiful and inspiring things! They feed my soul with little bits of joy in these troubling days.

  108. Linda Anderson Avatar
    Linda Anderson

    I’m grateful for TIME to appreciate all the wonderful things in my life!

  109. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi


  110. Kim Anderson Avatar
    Kim Anderson


  111. Raquel Garcia Avatar
    Raquel Garcia

    I’m forwarding this post to my embroidery class teacher. We had a zoom call and I mentioned your Redwork quilt. Redwork was the last technique we practiced before our community class was shutdown. So timely!

  112. Carmen N Avatar
    Carmen N

    Home, sweet home!

  113. meltontb Avatar

    So very grateful for my health 💙 Good health allows me another day to enjoy spring’s beauty!

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    Jan M


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    Jane K


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  119. Terri Mulinix Avatar
    Terri Mulinix

    our kids and grandkids

  120. Mary Kastner Avatar
    Mary Kastner


  121. Sysan Avatar

    I’m loving the red and white quilts. It makes me think of the Infinite Varity Show in NYC years ago. I am totally in love with the red work quilt.

  122. Lisa C Avatar
    Lisa C


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    Kathleen Reed


  125. Debbie Haggard Avatar
    Debbie Haggard

    LIFE !

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  127. Gayle from Tennessee Avatar
    Gayle from Tennessee

    Hi Lisa. I am grateful for so many blessings, but mostly family love.
    Stay well.

  128. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown


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  130. T Holzer Avatar
    T Holzer

    Our farm!

  131. Lona Long Avatar
    Lona Long

    Birthday- today is my birthday- I am thankful for another day that is denied to many! Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful kit! 🙂

  132. Linda Whitley Avatar
    Linda Whitley

    Alone time has been good for us. I miss family time but this will pass.
    My grandmother made quilts with embroidery. Makes me think of home. I would love to make one of these.

  133. Laura B Avatar
    Laura B


  134. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    ❤️ LOVE

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    Diane Poirier


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    Deborah Thomas


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    Belva Hipp


  141. Glenna Denman Avatar
    Glenna Denman

    Friendship. It has been rewarding to reconnect by phone or email when we cannot get together in person. I love this last redwork quilt – embroidery AND shoofly – what could be better!

  142. Carrie Cameron Avatar
    Carrie Cameron


  143. Mary Fecher Avatar
    Mary Fecher


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    Judy Vaughn


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    Connie Litfin


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    Terri McBride

    Eye sight

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    Jody Randall


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    Cheryl G


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    Lori Thomas


  151. Judy Shapleigh Avatar
    Judy Shapleigh


  152. Terri Battles Avatar
    Terri Battles


  153. Linda B Avatar
    Linda B

    I can’t wait to see this collection in person when I finally get to the shop this year! I actually love doing Redwork embroidery and it would be fun to combine with these fabrics!

  154. MaryEllen Avatar


  155. Lori Thomas Avatar
    Lori Thomas

    Health. I just found out last night that my niece has been diagnosed with coved 19. She has underlying health issues so if everyone could keep her in your prayers I would really appreciate it .

    1. Pam Hintze Avatar
      Pam Hintze

      Lori, I am so sorry to hear about your niece. Sending prayers for your family.

  156. Jane lamborn Avatar
    Jane lamborn


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    Cathy Cavagnaro


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  160. Anita Avatar

    Your blog.

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    Karen L


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    Sue Hoover


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    Debra Sue Brigle


  165. Jan O'Grady Avatar
    Jan O’Grady

    I am so happy that you Blog with wonderful ideas and oh so helpful information, not just meaningless chit chat. Love all those kits. I wouldn’t turn down any of them. I have your LIVE in my calendar. Hope I don’t miss it.

  166. Mari-ann Miller Avatar
    Mari-ann Miller


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  168. Nina Christman Avatar
    Nina Christman

    I am grateful I am a quilter. I have inner peace and I spread warmth and love to others.

  169. Phoebe Bitler Avatar
    Phoebe Bitler

    My very first stitching experience started at age 5 or 6 with my mother purchasing preprinted 10″ blocks and red embroidery thread. The first block I stitched was a little girl feeding a bottle to a lamb. My stitching improved as I worked on the blocks. Thanks to a mother who wanted her daughter to learn to stitch!

  170. Maryann Drouillard Avatar
    Maryann Drouillard

    Newly inspired by those red work quilts

  171. Janet Kay Avatar
    Janet Kay


  172. Deb Magerkurth Avatar
    Deb Magerkurth

    Soooo refreshing! You have made me a lover of red and white quilts! Every room needs some red!

  173. Sandie Mackintosh Avatar
    Sandie Mackintosh

    I am grateful for the fact that even though we are self employed in a non “life essential” line of work, (hardwood floor installation and refinishing) I’ve had enough money saved to pay my bills, and a freezer full of food to prepare. (Good thing that I enjoy cooking, because it’s consumed all of my time, leaving none for quilting!) Love the Redwork line Lisa! Thanks for the chance to win some!

  174. Gloria Galiana Avatar
    Gloria Galiana


  175. sharon tseu Avatar
    sharon tseu

    During day 50 (for us) of self quarantine, I am so grateful for my obsessive quilting/stitching hobby. I have never been this close to “caught up” with all my projects. These red an whites are incredible, hard to wait for August!

  176. Karen McMahon Avatar
    Karen McMahon


  177. Louise M Haddon Avatar
    Louise M Haddon

    I am grateful for family that is there when I need help.

  178. Jean Quinn Avatar
    Jean Quinn


  179. Pamela Moore Avatar
    Pamela Moore

    All the red and white quilts are beautiful, but this one is my favorite

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    Heather G


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    Virginia Howell


  183. Krissy Butorac Avatar
    Krissy Butorac

    This is so wonderful! i love the simple shoo fly block. Compliments the red work beautifully without over powering it. Now, where to start? so fun.

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    Brenda C.


  186. Cathy B. Avatar
    Cathy B.

    Front line workers. We just found out 2 days ago Covid is pervasive in our disabled son’s group home.

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    Pat Braun


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    Susan Kerkendall


  196. Teresa Coffindaffer Avatar
    Teresa Coffindaffer

    I love the embroidery work on the Redwork Quilt! I ordered it all right away:) Thank you for finding these antique heirlooms and making it available for us to own too!

    1. Susan Avatar


  197. Teresa Coffindaffer Avatar
    Teresa Coffindaffer

    The 55 and Life quilt is so beautiful! Thanks:)

  198. Teresa Coffindaffer Avatar
    Teresa Coffindaffer

    I think I am in love with the I Think I am in Love Quilt! I love how you make red and white look so homey and warm!

  199. Laurel Avatar

    Home 💜

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    Berta Keeler

    Home and family.

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    home delivery

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    Karen Wolfgram


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  211. Harriett murray Avatar
    Harriett murray

    My husband for 48 years! He is so supportive of me & my habit😊. I miss seeing, hugging my kids & grandkids. It’s like they live in another country! I so look forward to seeing them this July when at least my daughters & family can visit. My wool work has brought so much joy to my life too!!!

  212. Lisa D. Avatar
    Lisa D.


  213. Cherie Petrashek Avatar
    Cherie Petrashek

    Health (and stash!).

    My favorite quilt of all! Thank you, Lisa.

  214. Donna Oelfke Avatar
    Donna Oelfke

    Question: what color Valdani thread would you use on this red work quilt if you were going to stitch the
    pictures ?

  215. Debbie Popp Avatar
    Debbie Popp


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    Lorraine Wiex


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    Vicki Sprain


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    Lisa P.


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  222. Pam Avatar

    I am grateful for our hobbies quilting and stitching. I can always retreat to my sewing area for some solitude and fill my time in that way. I often have thought how much more difficult this time would be if I didn’t have quilting and stitching in my life and the wonderful communities within the quilting world.

    I have often wondered if you had planned all your lines would be a name followed by gatherings. Did you always plan it that way to use your business name in that way?

    Thank you for all you do and share with us.

    God Bless

  223. Colleen Freeman Avatar
    Colleen Freeman

    Family—I am thankful for my husband during these trying times. He has done all of the shopping and errands so I have been able to stay home.

  224. Lisa Barcomb Avatar
    Lisa Barcomb

    I am grateful for TECHNOLOGY during this time. Without technology I would not be as connected to my family (who all live far away) and my friends. Technology enables my children to interact with their teachers and it enables me to continue to work to support my family. Most fun, though, is the ability to connect with other stitchers and support quilt shops.

  225. quilter44 Avatar

    I am grateful for grandchildren who make me laugh and not worry about the little things We cannot change. Quilting has been a blessing along with long walks while social distancing. the Redwork gatherings is something I am patiently waiting for.

  226. LeAnne Kehoe Avatar
    LeAnne Kehoe

    Happy little grandchildren!

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    Barbara Lotthammer


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    Cathy Rasmussen


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    Family !! 😍😍😍

  232. Monica S Avatar
    Monica S

    (Good) Health

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    Deb G. in VA


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    Nancy D


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  236. Lori V Avatar
    Lori V

    Another beautiful quilt pattern! Love shoofly block.

  237. cahirasnana Avatar


  238. Pam Hintze Avatar
    Pam Hintze


  239. Beth Avatar

    Health 🙂 Thank you for sharing all these quilts and the back stories

  240. Marlene Leonardo Avatar
    Marlene Leonardo

    Husband ❤️

  241. Linda Valentino Avatar
    Linda Valentino

    Redwork Gatherings! Whoops that’s 2 words… but 1 pattern… hmmmm… I’m grateful for ‘Redwork’!

  242. Cathy King Avatar
    Cathy King