Thursday- already?

Ok..I really do not know where the days go…last weekend i attended Patsy’s Homestead Cabin Retreat in Hillpoint, WI. I met a lot of nice new people. If you ever need to get away this is the place. I love the food, and my Sweedish Birth, that were i slept…like a log, I might add… i am pictured here stitching in my sweats by the fire in the old cabin. This is the best place to runaway and stitch, or whatever…. 


Hand Quilting





Today  is way below 0 degrees here in WI with a wind chill factor of -45degrees, schools are closed and I am getting ready to go to a retreat this weekend.  So lots to do…My photo is a quilt that I am hand quilting.  Crazy Hearts by The Buggy Barn.  It is nice to do a row every couple of days or so…some quilts just need to be hand quilted.  I inserted a big pic so you hopefully can see the stitches.  Fans about  1-1/2 inches.  I have some acrylic templates from Judy at the shop, she gave them to me for my birthday, all my tools are shown here.  I have a wonderful frame that looks like a piece of furniture, so it is ok with me that it is set up in my sewing room.  In other words, it is not ugly.  

Yesterday I was in Brookfield WI teaching a workshop on Wool Applique and gave a lecture and trunk show of my things…I met a lot of new ladies and seen some old friends.  My students were all outstanding and will be happy with there projects.  I appreciate the ladies all coming out in this awful weather.  I forgot to take pics at our class, oh well next time…

New Year 2009

Below is my first quilt of the year! I started it on New Years Eve and finished it today! I just love it.  I have not peiced this much in awhile.  I used 9 bobbins piecing it and it measures 106×106.  It will be for the new book coming out this spring!  I ran out of spray size, that was a bummer. I will talk about why i use it in another post.  My New Year resolution is to BLOG!  I am going to try at least a couple of days each week..Instead of my late night TV watching …A&E -Dog the bounty hunter or intervention..last nighth and tonight i watched 100 best rock songs…that took me back a bit…i will blog at night..why didn’t i think of this before..  So here’s a peak at my 1st quilt of the year..good night and have a great year!  Where did that red tape come from on my drawer?chimney-stones-0081