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12 Days of Needful Things…Day 4!


Then next two items go hand in hand.  While the Aurifil thread is no stranger to us, these cute little bobbin buddies are new this year…IMG_4722

The  50wt. Aurifil threads is the best threads for our sewing machine stitching.  Hands down… It’s fine…doesn’t take up room in the seam…its a 50/2 this means it 50 wt. but only wound with 2 strands of thread…most 50wts. are 3 strands….it’s clean…there will be hardly any lint residue in your bobbin case or machine… They come in three sizes…mini spools with 220 yds for $5.00…regular spools with 1422 yds on them for $13.35…and then the large cones with 6452 yds for $50.00…I use mainly the regular and cones sizes for my machine piecing and the mini spools would be for hand or machine appliqué where you would need lots of colors….

Why the big cone?  It’s like getting one of the regular sizes free if you do the math?  Yes, the cone seems like a lot of $$$ but it is the better bargain especially if you only stitch with 4 threads like I do…cream, black, medium tan, but mostly the dark taupe…

Now my favorite thing to mention is one the biggest mistakes people do in machine piecing… drives me crazy when I see it…and I notice it right away…Do you know what it is??? Using TOO light of thread when piecing…it sticks out like a siren blaring!!! We need to darken our threads so they blend in…I know we need to use cream when we are piecing cream on cream…but when we are piecing cream and navy together I still would use a dark thread…My all time favorite thread that is stitched into 90% of my quilt is 1140.  Shown here on my machineIMG_4756…I know it looks dark here…but it disappears in my piecing.  Have I ever led you astray? If you do not want to go this dark…the other one that would work 2372…but I really love the 1140. Shop the AURIFIL selection of threads by clicking the link. The threads we carry in the cones will have a drop down box for you to pick your selection of either cone or regular spool.  If you want a fast link to my cone 1140 here that it…1140  All Aurifil Thread will be 25% off and will show up in the cart at the discounted price…

Now aren’t’ these little bobbin buddies so cute?  Organization is the key here…its so nice to keep a bobbin with a thread for when you need to quick stitch something…and you don’t have to look for a matching bobbin, its right there…I love that I can now store my lonely cream thread with it matching bobbin…and when I need it…its right there!  The bobbin buddies are reg. 6/$2.10  on sale for 6/$1.75.  Order yours here. BOBBIN BUDDIES The discount will show up in your cart.

Fast post today…lots to do at work and for the Holidays….I stitched most of the day yesterday…on this lovely blockIMG_4754…do you stitch everyday? If so tell, me…your daily schedule…if not…tell why NOT??? in the comment section for today…Remember, to HOLD if your holding and I have to slow down a little and enjoy this all…you do the same today!

…and to clear up the questions about the Lakehouse…We held Luke and Brooke’s wedding on August 22 this last summer….

IMG_0962 IMG_0786 IMG_0878 IMG_0916 IMG_0652 IMG_1007 IMG_1171 IMG_0955the next day we emptied the house…on Monday Habitat for Humanity striped the house, as we donated the house to them…The next day it was down and hauled away, there is no part of the house remaining, full tear down..that is why we had to move back from the lake to 58 1/2″ at the closest.  New construction is now 75 feet away…but because we were 30ft, they took an average and came up with the 58 1/2 feet…the boathouse/guest house is still standing we will remodel that…no more turd brown house with turd brown trim.…IMG_3435


Summer Update

I hope you are all having a great summer….I am trying to do some fun stuff along with all the deadlines I have to make!!!

I have been to SeaWorld in SanDiego…IMG_2684I have been hanging out at the Lakehouse with my Family..and friends and trying to see as many Sunsets as I can..IMG_2768IMG_2761IMG_2749I have been teaching ALOT also…At the WI studio..IMG_2740IMG_2745IMG_2743IMG_2744I forgot to take pics of the 2 Day Crazy Mat class…sorry Ladies…

I also want to share some of the samples that were brought in to the CA shop over our Grand Opening!!!

Here is Linda’s Timeless Rose quilt…IMG_2665and then we have Marsha’s Dashing Through the Snow…IMG_2666then some wool pumpkins on Midnight Harvest made by Cindy…IMG_2670It is so awesome when I teach a class and then the next time I’m at the shop someone brings in their finished is Trina and her sample from our Punchneedle class…IMG_2671Then Jo shared a couple of things…little Thimble quilt…see how she placed her colored thimbles?…along with a SEW pincushion..IMG_2664Again…so much going on…I’m stitching ALL the BOW’s.  Both from the WI shop and the Little Bow Ties from the CA shop..IMG_2797 IMG_2833IMG_2821

We also are planning a wedding for the end of summer for these two…I think they were enamored with ‘little man” and want one of their own even more now!!!IMG_2796also last but not least I finished the FREEBIE…I will show it as soon as they get it on the website…lol…so coming soon!  Enjoy the nice weather and get those BOW fused down or cut if you are doing the pieced one…and then when you have little moments of time you can use it well!  Make the best of everyday….and STITCH!  LB

oh…one more thing…I am seeing lots of cool wildlife at the Lake…like this huge toad…he was as big as Luke’s hand..IMG_2779and then this big beautiful Moth…IMG_2754Until next time!!


The wedding quilts…I made one for little Talia too

IMG_0171IMG_0169 (3)


The album…family and the Bride & Groom…

Here is the last of them…sorry there were so many, but its almost like you were there now too..
I had so much fun at the wedding and the parties at the Lakehouse the days before that I wish we could do it again!
1012709_10151830110105864_1962056078_n 1005654_10151830109470864_2100686912_n 581417_10151830110305864_1226873509_n 63896_10151830111040864_1979113606_n 1002466_10151830113770864_1602775941_n 1069346_10151830116850864_225508544_n 942737_10151830117345864_479104194_n 164277_10151830111555864_659852755_n 1044386_10151830115245864_1069135780_n 1014160_10151830116605864_38034869_n 1011339_10151830117895864_1210416574_n 1004898_10151830118455864_974472639_n 1001022_10151830114945864_1470485157_n 999688_10151830113840864_639888861_n 972241_10151830114150864_1580474551_n 944571_10151830107720864_1674216590_n 557055_10151830118135864_562351654_n 74911_10151830116525864_540852646_n 1010339_10151830118740864_1200167539_n 1001539_10151830108150864_1135096540_n 1001025_10151830114300864_271666447_n 998229_10151830143850864_666007297_n 969023_10151830114220864_146613483_n 942710_10151830108840864_1363676723_n 603020_10151830107865864_818355134_n 1069344_10151830115940864_197490773_n 1002543_10151830111935864_1455053778_n 1002138_10151830108980864_1050139581_n 1001692_10151830107305864_1910532957_n 972228_10151830111420864_1833398726_n


the party….see how much fun we had!

1069937_10151830133070864_520888712_n 970629_10151830133385864_1561447592_n 15946_10151830164265864_1083543735_n 1069222_10151830134235864_629308924_n 487400_10151830140350864_1155510531_n 1075678_10151830135285864_699895286_n 28764_10151830134515864_691392667_n 1010865_10151830135680864_429302849_n 970124_10151830136745864_1793553287_n 996539_10151830165285864_1142460707_n 998868_10151830144640864_635865483_n 994252_10151830146530864_1574215998_n 533630_10151830141570864_331418586_n 1016851_10151830131860864_933855716_n 999061_10151830131720864_1098333307_n 28900_10151830131625864_1949826481_n 971393_10151830149495864_289620003_n 1016811_10151830148790864_1773883319_n 601725_10151830132255864_1804282122_n 262616_10151830148585864_1329984166_n 1044630_10151830150755864_193517290_n 1000518_10151830147420864_84384861_n 62305_10151830133695864_645639078_n 995432_10151830166685864_2029804683_n 972050_10151830151245864_1121801723_n 63919_10151830132470864_459418162_n 942742_10151830151470864_313790614_n 1000441_10151830140965864_738528945_n 1069380_10151830152440864_1557011594_n 1069253_10151830152020864_216588680_n 1012009_10151830152830864_867473491_n 1001809_10151830152945864_647040971_n 971393_10151830153210864_1627417199_n 60777_10151830140915864_1890541286_n 942741_10151830147830864_1344973581_n 1000747_10151830154840864_481888056_n 76334_10151830157560864_1457850539_n 1003011_10151830158095864_1499604467_n 374428_10151830157925864_1155522464_n 1002309_10151830158820864_910231163_n 15064_10151830158530864_1743021531_n 970792_10151830150050864_1195657108_n 1001520_10151830149005864_301495026_n 946299_10151830156615864_129203412_n


the wedding….i will let the photos tell the story…

15050_10151830086450864_20528169_n 999370_10151830086865864_570758018_n 942726_10151830086675864_162651151_n 971564_10151830087025864_1070779705_n 992940_10151830088150864_568731978_n 1005655_10151830087730864_1246623735_n 970117_10151830088630864_1504212873_n 1003013_10151830088290864_338417887_n 1075886_10151830089140864_1505284434_n 994862_10151830089295864_1133628641_n 1001198_10151830089495864_2006022778_n 1003723_10151830089465864_2001180713_n 164279_10151830090040864_1070020026_n 994539_10151830090295864_18925731_n 60768_10151830090650864_1462531228_n 969766_10151830090785864_499462897_n 969745_10151830093555864_733907814_n 972243_10151830092720864_281672250_n 946290_10151830090960864_1788223959_n 998044_10151830092445864_855412614_n 1010351_10151830092170864_70373329_n 944554_10151830095295864_1573338060_n 66718_10151830091120864_222487192_n555170_10151830094580864_1317979157_n 1002549_10151830094000864_1012073633_n 1010859_10151830094450864_706948864_n 1001534_10151830095545864_1349563808_n 970975_10151830095735864_249816912_n 1012722_10151830095965864_1379809779_n 62315_10151830096050864_683262131_n 970608_10151830096925864_1370159454_n 602678_10151830096545864_1982061163_n 557020_10151830097335864_188564677_n


The wedding photos…Pre ceremony










While I am setting up for our warehouse sale why don’t you enjoy these wedding photos…From what I have heard you all are patiently waiting …I have to say it was one of my most precious moments….I have so many pictures to share I am going to break them up into a few groups…

Pre wedding

wedding ceremony

family and guest photo album

dinner and dance…

There will be so many photos you might just have been there!

Enjoy Jake & Lauren’s day…


1069404_10151830119725864_177417500_n 993952_10151830066605864_1607626100_n IMG_1932 IMG_1936 76335_10151830069770864_1634636445_n IMG_1937 945715_10151830067125864_2100690235_n IMG_1940 262625_10151830066100864_1412098299_n 374408_10151830068280864_407830065_n IMG_1939 IMG_1933 IMG_1942 IMG_1935995115_10151830069065864_303951521_n

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