Friday Quilting Giveaway- WOOL, NEEDLE & THREAD book and wool kits !


This week’s quilting giveaway….

I am running two give-away’s today…one here on the blog…

and one HERE in a Facebook Group called Mystery Quilt Sew A Long.

So… you have more than one chance to snag the prize…I know I need to post more about MY book Wool, Needle & Thread The go-to Guide for Wool Stitchery...I feel like you all have it already and that I should stop talking about it.  But the truth is I get new members here everyday and I should be educating them the best I can.  With this in mind if you already have my book you still can win something…read on.

Why this book again?  To celebrate… it’s getting reprinted…again!!

I have heard our book is still selling like crazy so we have to celebrate that!!!B1524-WoolNeedleThread-WEBOrder this book now!

For those of you who are new here…I have a book out (released-October 2019) telling all my secrets about Wool applique, that means, the right tools, the explanations, the tips, the stitches and STEP by STEP PHOTOS!  This is THE next best thing to having me right there by you guiding you through it all…Now…here is my disclaimer…this is MY way to do this…there are other ways…but I have been teaching for over 20 years and my work has won a few prizes…I will sign every book purchased too!

Here’s a peek into the book…

How to get started…B1524_06-1

How to put a homepsun back on and then stitch the edge without any knots showing…


Step by Step photos of how to do each stitch…12 of the most popular embroidery stitches..


You will always have it…it is a reference book..

We still added a few patterns for you to test your new skills and stitches!


Autumn Tablemat Kit Available

White Geraniums Tablemat kit

Posey Pincushion Kit

Geranium Sewing Essentials Kit


A signed book with a kit attached.- for those who do not have book…PS if you order it .. and then win it..we will add another kit. So don’t be afraid to order it!

A nice couple of nice wool bundles-for those who already have the book.

An Autumn Table mat kit or your choice..-for anyone

Now, make sure you also go to the FACEBOOK group…yes you have to join, or if you are already a member you good…but there are different prizes there as well.

If you do not have the book and would like to win it…please comment with what you are working on during our #isewlation…If you are not in #isewlation please tell us what you are doing, exampl…I know meany of you are nurses…and We all THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for what you do!

If you do already HAVE the book comment about what it is about the book you like best!

I can’t wait to read your comments…Winners picked on Monday….hugs and smooches to you all..


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Spring wool projects featured by top US quilting and sewing blogger, Lisa Bongean.

Spring Wool Projects

Spring Bunny Pillows

I have a couple of wool projects that I want to get out to you before the season is over.  These simple bunny pillows only take a couple of hours to stitch, so you will be able to have them done before Easter!  They would also make the perfect gift for a neighbor or the person who is hosting Easter dinner.  The are wool appliqued onto flannel.  The bunnies are then hand stitched with perle cotton. 

The first pillow is Buster the Bunny... is sitting pretty…he is shown a little dark in this photo, he looks much better in person and he was the favorite of the staff….

Spring wool projects featured by top US quilting and sewing blogger, Lisa Bongean.Click for Buster the Bunny Pillow

Spring wool projects featured by top US quilting and sewing blogger, Lisa Bongean.Then the two pillows shown with the same design are called Honey Bunny.  I could not make up my mind so I did one on the pretty tan plaid with a natural wool.  The other is on a dark grey flannel with a light wool texture.  You get a choice between these two options.  All these pillows are 18″ finished.Spring wool projects featured by top US quilting and sewing blogger, Lisa Bongean.Spring wool projects featured by top US quilting and sewing blogger, Lisa Bongean.

Click for Honey Bunny Pillow

Spring wool projects featured by top US quilting and sewing blogger, Lisa Bongean.

Click HERE–Like Mother, Like Daughter Pillow

You do remember this right?...Like Father, Like Son Pillow.  We can’t leave the girls out! So I used these cute bunnies for the “girl” version of Like Father, Like Son, called Like Mother, Like Daughter  You could also add a little bow on the little girl bunny, I did not however…no clothes on animals for me….This pillow finishes at 16″.

All the threads have been listed in the related products as well as pillow forms.  We have nice priced on our pillows and I know this because while I was in CA with Dru we had to stop at one of the big box craft stores to get one and they were outrageous, 23 dollars or something…I suppose because of their coupon…I can tell you ours are cheaper even after you would use a coupon..

Visit my Hidden Zipper Tutorial HERE

If you use a zipper in your pillow back you can stop buy pillows or stuffing.  You can just change the pillow cover!

I hope all is well with everyone one of you…and none of you have the COVOID-19.

 Keep stitching AWAY everyone…I know we did not wish for this virus…but we kind of all wished we could be locked in our sewing rooms for a long time…and now…it’s time to do our thing!  It’s fun to see everyone making masks…I think they are great for our own personal protection.  I may have to stitch a few up.  They may be the new fashion rage this year.  Later on I am going to ask everyone to post a pic with their mask on.  I know I am trying to make lite about it all and have a good attitude but It is scary…health wise this takes a toll on our mental health…worrying about our family, finances and…hoping it does not last long and we and our country can recover quickly.

stay safe…all for now…LB