Let it Snow! Farmhouse Friends Mystery -FREE Patterns

Hey Everyone I am Lisa Bongean from Primtiive Gatherings…I am so glad you are here. Today is my day to post my block…I love how this stitch-along is coming along!!  My block is block 5…It is 121/2″x 12 1/2″ and features Moda grunge background and our wintery-looking wools from Primitive Gatherings….Let It Snow- playtime

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If the pattern doesn’t open for …it may go directly to your download folder. 
Check there…In some browsers it goes there directly…and if you keep pressing the link it downloads lots of times!  Also…we know some of you do not have printers or color ones and you want us to print it for you…all those options are below.

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If this is all NEW to you…here are the previous blocks

BLOCK 1 is from our leader Rhonda who had designed the quilt and I love the layout!  All we have to do insert blocks…some of us have 12 x 12  some 12 x 18  some  6×42  or something like that… Farmhouse Friends BLK1

Click HERE to go to Rhonda’s site.

BLOCK 2 Is from Rita from Reets to Rags…These girls are so talented!Reets to Rags BLK3 Click HERE to go to REETS RAGS TO STITCHES

BLOCK 3 is from Kathy-Heart to Hand…How Fun!Kathy-Heart to Hand BLK2 Click HERE to go to HEART to HAND

BLOCK 4 is from Bits & Pieces by Joan…a nice winter night….

Block 4 Let it snow!

Click HERE to visit Bits & Pieces

BLOCK 5 is from Gloria at OLDE GREEN CUPBOARD   Even snowman must do laundry!OLDE GREEN CUPBOARD BLK4 Click HERE to go to OLDE GREEN CUPBOARD

There is so much going on…I hope you take advantage of the FREE downloads and also support the designers by purchasing their kits before they’re all sold out!  Or before we have to sub background fabrics!! LOL, good problems!

Please feel free to  join this blog  subscription and my YouTUBE &Facebook groupS STITCH with Lisa Bongean…we have lots of fun sharing quits and wool projects!  Last week we did a Spring bed turning…check it out here below!

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Sheep Drum Pincushion Tutorial

Hey!!! We have something fun for you all today!!! 

My stitching friend, Kathy Decker will be joining me LIVE today on YouTube AT 1PM CST!


This is where Kathy will be showing us all how to make this awesome Sheep Drum Pincushion!!!!

Now we have a bunch of the items Kathy used on our website HERE. 

We so appreciate you all that we are giving this pattern away FREE.  But we sure would also love it if you choose to purchase some of the items needed from us!!!!  I know you will not let us down!!!


This is going to be so much fun….Don’t miss it!  See you all soon! LIsa


12 Days of Needful Things…Day 2

Day 2- Needful Things-   Re-claimed Seam Rippers

I fell in love with a gifted seam ripper I received from a quilting friend.  When everyone raved at how awesome they were I thought they would be perfect for our Needful Things.  Because let’s face it, seam rippers are needful.  Ripping is much more enjoyable with a pretty ripper.

Now to find someone to make them for me.  I have this uncanny ability to come up with something for my family member “to do”.  My new brother-in-law, Doug is a concrete finisher for CRMeyer.  He usually works out of state on a big job, long term, but right now he is being shuffled to smaller jobs here and there.  He has a big beautiful shop so I asked him if he could make them for us!  So for the last two months, we have been scouring the antique shop and thrift stores for chubby knife handles.  You are doing us all a big service keeping Doug busy making ripppers!

We have a large selection but not many of one kind.  So we have put them into 3 categories.  Ornate Silver                           Unornate                                   GoldReclaimed Seam ripper from Primitive Gatherings

Ornate SilverReclaimed Seam RipperReclaimed Seam rippers from Primitive GatheringsReclaimed Seam rippers from Primitive Gatherings

Unornate-(not so busy) Reclaimed Seam rippers from Primitive Gatherings

Reclaimed Seam rippers from Primitive Gatherings Gold.

Reclaimed Seam rippers from Primitive Gatherings

These will make perfect gifts for your sewing friends and for yourself.  We will randomly pick it and put it in your order.  I am sure you can understand for obvious reasons why we cannot let you pick. So we appreciate your understanding

I know we are all busy so If you want a  chance to win a re-claimed ripper, just quickly leave me a comment here telling me what you are wishing for from Santa this year!
and if you are not busy take a  minute to watch our   Red & White bed turning live from the lakehouse yesterday!!!
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Light Bulb Ornaments by Primitive Gatherings

Christmas in July…at Primitive Gatherings

Do you want to do a better job at being ready for Christmas?

Let’s face it when you give a hand made gift, the person who receives it…remembers it, cherishes it and maybe you think they might not like them, but I think as people evolve they do love those gifts made with love are way better than the gift card to the department store.  Are you someone who has given a hand made gift and have been let down when you don’t get the reaction you thought you were going to get?  I think this also hinders hand made gift giving…but remember…it’s a gift…give it freely and let it go after that…if they love it great!! if they don’t…that’s ok too…you gave it from your heart and someday it may mean a little more to them than it did at the time you gifted it…

With this in mind it is July and Christmas in July is a big topic, so let’s get going on the planning and working on what we want to give this Christmas…Do we want to make hand stitched ornaments to all?  Do we want to make Christmas quilt for the Grandbabies? What is it we want to give this year?

I hope Primitive Gatherings can give you some great ideas…some things will be on Sale, some will not, to stay in business we can’t always have everything on sale…We try to give you good decent prices ALL the time, instead of inflating and then being deceived by always having a sale…we have to re-train ourselves that because that may work for some companies…it does not work for small business aka…Mom and Pop shops…

This is a small recap of some of the wooly things I talked about in my LIVE facebook video in our group STITCH with Lisa Bongean on 7/14/2020 Here is the video..if the link does not work you need to join our group in which we would LOVE to have you…

Christmas in July Specials  Click the red button below to take you to the page where the book and all the kits can be found…if you do not want a book, a lot of the items are available in pattern form as well but our Book is on special for $22.50 in July for 20 projects- not just one….Also, if you place an order for 100$ or more you get a choice of one of these amazing books…Flannel Gatherings, Nine-Patch Gatherings and A Quilter’s Journal…you may put which one you want in the comment section on your order form, don’t forget!

Click to View CHRISTMAS GATHERINGS BOOK OFFERINGSChristmas Gatherings Book by Primitive Gatherings

Peace on earth…a nice mat for your table…for primitive or any decor this mat is a stunner on a nicely decorated table.  See more info HEREPeace On Earth Sheep…wool ornament…

I love this little wool sheep who is all decorated for the Christmas celebration…this is a nice ornament to make as a gift for your favorite woolie friend…Click HERE for more details.sheep ornament Perfect little tree skirt…or see my up coming post on making a full sized one for your next holiday tree….For more info click HERE

Angel Tree Skirt
Everyone needs a Christmas Journal to keep track of what gifts they bought who…what you made for that special Christmas dinner and who visited each year during the holidays….Has pocket for pictures, pencil and recipes…For more information click HERE.Christmas Journal by Primitive Gatherings

The reason for the season….another great idea for ornaments…sheperd and his sheep and the manger…perfect gifts and easy stitching…Click HERE for more details.oh holy night ornaments

Poinsettia table mat…You’ll have this stunning mat stitched in no time…the middle poinsettia is big easy stitching and then the 16 tongues will be done before you know it…Click HERE for more details.
Poinsettia table matJoy stocking…..updated wool stocking in todays more contemporary look….who wouldn’t love this stocking!  This stocking looks way more complicated then it really is…anyone can make this!!!  Click HERE for more info.Joy Stocking Light bulb ornies anyone…how cute? These are just irresistable..you’ll want to stitch many of these one for everyone…your hair dresser, the mailman…the ups guy/gal, your neighbors and your family…also would make nice addition as a tag on a gift…light up someones Christmas with these ornies!  Click HERE for more info.
light bulb ornies by primitive gatherings Chrismas in July

This Christmas picture will decorate the walls…a great quote from Hugh Downs…the famous broadcaster from an earlier time…this quote lines the salvage on each of the fabrics in Christmas Gatherings….Click HERE to for more details.Old Fashioned Christmas
Now how cute is this guy?  He is on two simple table mat/tree skirts…now these both stitch up pretty fast and then add a candle and it make the perfect center piece….or add you little tree and it adds just a simple touch to the little tree!  Click HERE for more details.
Holiday Table Mat Christmas in JulyYou can never have enough ornaments….these simple, simple stacked wool squares are fun and the whole family can make one, even Dad!!!! Click HERE to order lots of different colors

Stacked wool tree ornament
Stacked Tree Ornaments by Primitive Gatherings

Look for more Christmas in July coming soon…

STITCH Everyday!


Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Redwork Quilt… another great quilt & giveaway from Redwork Gatherings.


The REDWORK Quilt that inspired it All…

My favorite quilts in my collection are the Red & White ones…I love red & white quilts so much that I knew I had to create fabrics inspired by these quilts. A treasured antique Redwork quilt inspired the main panel in this line and can be used for so many things…

If you love slow-stitching –and you know I do- the blocks can be stitched or they can be left as they are. The designs can also be used as the center squares of pieced blocks, or just add a feather stitch between the blocks and it will be like the inspiration quilt…the possibilities are endless.

Redwork Gatherings is a small but timeless quilt that uses the main redwork panel, small shoo fly blocks and a fun pieced outer border. The quilt is 57×74 and is the perfect combination of piecing and hand stitching (if you want to that is…)

Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Redwork Quilt

Sorry for the not-so perfect photo…It has been so windy that I could not get a great full shot of this quilt outside…so I just shot it in my studio. 

The traditional baptist fan quilting is beautiful on this quilt and was a no-brainer because of how basic and a not so overpowering, kind of design.

The Redwork Quilt is made using simple shoo fly blocks and all 54 of the redwork designs from the redwork panel.

Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Redwork Panel

Some closeups from the Antique Redwork quilt.

Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanI love this cow face!!!

details of our REdwork Quilt

Shown here is the beautiful backing we picked from a previous Primitive Gatherings line…it works beautifully and if you would like this same backing we have some nice yardage of it yet…but it will not last long and I have showed in a couple of photos already…It is running the right way on the back, but since I have it turn up it looks like it is running the wrong way…since the quilt is directions and the backing is as well so pay attention or remind your quilter that you want them both to be the same direction.

Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

I thought we would originally stitch all these blocks with a stem-stitch and red thread…but they looked so good we decided we did not need to…Sometimes you just have to take the easy way out…\

When you work with deadlines like we do, it is a tough life.  Trying to balance having a life or working all the time when trying to put out the best things possible with the time you are given…

There is not a lot of time with Market lines…so I gracefully accepted that these panels where beautiful as is and there was no need to try and break our necks, fingers and hands trying to get these stitched by hand.Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean Redwork Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanWe have kits and patterns available for this quilt!  Or if you want to create your own, the panel sells for just $12 for all the 54 designs.  The quilts are still 10% off for a little bit…and the pre-cuts are 20% off.  The sale will end on Wednesday…so that gives you a couple more days to decide what you need.

Click HERE to buy a kit for the Redwork Quilt!

Click HERE to see more of Redwork Gatherings or to order the panel.

All Redwork Gatherings orders will receive a sticker pack!REDWORK GATHERINGS Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanI posted earlier about these four quilts if you missed it… make sure you go to their posts and comment to win kits and patterns.

REDWORK GATHERINGS Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Long, Long Way From Home

Here is the post for Long Long Way from home give-aways

REDWORK GATHERINGS Quilt featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
I Think I’m in Love

Click here if you want to read about I think I’m in Love and enter the Give-Away!


Easy/Primitive Gatherings

Take it easy is the easiest quilt of them all here…for a chance to win a kit and or patterns click HERE .

55 & Life to go with Salesman fabrics

Click HERE to read the 55 & Life post…

Redwork Quilt

I loved reading your comments about what you have leaned during our pandemic…It’s funny how things like this change the world, and how grateful we can be now, knowing some of the simplest things we took for granted really mean so much…

If you wish to win this kit and one of the 6 patterns I will be giving away…

I know you are all probably tired of commenting, but I want you all to know that you are important part of this blog…If you do not comment, or read, or join in the fun at Primitive Gatherings, I would not get to talk about all the quilts, the stitches and life in general…so THANK YOU!!!  I am GRATEFUL that you are here!  Comment with one word what you are feeling GRATEFUL for.  I will pick winners for ALL REDWORK blog posts on Friday!!!!  I am able to give-away kits and patterns because you have already so generously supported Primitive Gathering in pre-order buying patterns, kits and fabrics…

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Christmas Carol Mystery Quilt sew along project featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

FREE! Christmas Quilt Blocks Stitch Along… WK-4

Christmas Quilt Block Stitch-Along

Just want to update and make sure you have seen and printed all the blocks to date so far…

If you missed ANY of the first four block or need the schedule for the remaining blocks they are listed here…

Beginning April 1st, we will share with you free quilt block patterns from some of our favorite designers to complete a Christmas quilt. 

Each week, one designer will post the free pattern on their website.

  All you need to do is go to the website on the date indicated below to download and print your free pattern and order kits to complete the block if you wish to support the hard work of each of the designers.  Printed patterns will be available to purchase for those of you that can’t download the free pattern.

SCHEDULE (Mark your calendar now):

April 1, Rhonda McCray, Farmhouse Threads  http://farmhousethreads.com

Christmas Quilt Blocks Stitch Along featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

April 8, Lisa Bongean, Primitive Gatherings  https://lisabongean.com

Christmas Carol Mystery Quilt sew along project featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

April 15, Shawn York, Rusty Crow  https://www.rustycrow.com

Christmas Quilt Blocks Stitch Along featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

April 22, Gloria Parsons, Olde Green Cupboard  https://www.oldegreencupboard.com

Christmas Quilt Blocks Stitch Along featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

April 29, Kathi Campbell, Heart to Hand  https://www.hearttohand.com

May 6, Debbie Busby, Wooden Spool Designs  https://woodenspooldesigns.com

May 13, Laurel Arestad, Simply Put Plus  http://www.simplyputplus.com

May 20, Kathy and Taylor, The Cottage at Cardiff Farms  https://www.thecottageatcardifffarms.com

May 27, Dawn Shuck, Sew Cherished  https://www.sewcherished.com

June 3, Reets Carl, Reets Rags to Stitches  https://reetsragstostitches.com

June 10, Jeni Gaston, Woolen Willow Designs  https://woolenwillowdesigns.com

June 17, Joan Grenke, Bits and Pieces by Joan  https://www.bitsandpiecesbyjoan.com

June 24, finishing instructions by Rhonda McCray, Farmhouse Threads  http://farmhousethreads.com

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