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Triangle Gatherings…Blocks 37 & 38

I am so happy to be home for three weeks!!! before I have to go to the CA store…but that’s like going home only hotter!!!! I spent some time outside today…We have two nesting families….our Mourning Dove who am assuming is the same one we had with the old house…if you look close you can see her head….And then we have a nesting Robin…who we tried very hard to deter from building her nest, but being gone a  week,  we came home to this…      Then we have a pair of Mallard Ducks hanging around close to the house and when I tried to photograph them the wind took the door and slammed it so I did not get their pic…so it’s a very fun to watch all the bird action going on here…St. Louis was a blast…which I will be posting about this week…but first we need to catch up on our blocks….we are behind schedule a bit…so two today!!! My sewing room looks like a tornado hit it…but I can pick up tomorrow…right?  I’ll just shove the debris aside to get these blocks done!!!  Click here to print Block 37

Click here to print Block 38

So stitch these up fast…there will be more coming soon!!!


Triangle Gatherings…Block 36

I survived!!! Quilt Market prep…barely…that’s a whole lot of sewing…can’t wait to show you all those quilts (6)…I have been giving peeks on Instagram…but holy cow…I had help..and it still was close…Amy, Jean & Katie..made the Ohio star quilt in a day they stayed until midnight finishing it…Val quilted/bound one and sent it to St. Louis, but I know I worked steady once the fabric arrived and we got home from the Grand Hotel…but…I did take a break on Mother’s Day..whet for a ride on the bike with Nick, Brad & Tina, then visited Mom and “little man”…that was a blast and a much needed break from the sewing machine…then it was back on the chains until those bindings were on…I quilted 5 quilts on Monday…2 on the long arm, 3 on the Juki…now I’m stitching binding while Nick is driving us to QM…So after I made the blockhead block last night I decided you needed another block as well…so here is 36…Enjoy…you’re the best…thanks for being so patient and waiting for me….

Click her to print –Block 36

Someone can’t wait till Momma gets back from QM so we can resume our walks…


Block 35!!! Triangle Gatherings..

Happy Friday Everyone!!

I am currently on the beautiful island of Mackinac…Getting ready to spend a week with almost 200 quilters/stitchers  We are at the Needlework Seminar put on by the Musser Family who own the Grand Hotel.  Mrs Musser loved the needle arts…so we are honored to be apart of this special experience here at the Grand Hotel..

I believe I saw an ad for the 2018 seminar in the Paducah Show book with an allstar cast of teachers…and if you can… you need to come to one of these events here on this special island!!  We are ferried in…the horse carriage brings us up to the hotel (there are no cars here) the meals are amazing…and then there is so much to do…but we are working…so we have to squeeze things in when we can…We got on the ferry in Mackinaw City…The huge bridge connecting the UP to upper lower MI…

The Island..can you see Fort Mackinac on the left?

This cart is hauling all of “our” stuff for the week…there’s a store in there as well as our sewing essentials to make our quilts for market!! You arrive in style here…will post more I promise….

We are hoping that fabric arrives today!!! Wish us luck, prayers and everything else…as the 16 draws closer everyday!!!  If we don’t get it today that means Monday!!! which is a lot of days lost…

So in the meantime I plan on stitching more TG blocks…while waiting…so here’s another for you!!!

Click here to print block-35

love seeing your blocks keep posting!!!  Lisa


Triangle Gatherings Block 34

Welcome to rainy dreary WI…my tulips are flowering!!! They are supposed to be white and off white??? oh well…they are still beautiful!!!

I’m home from Paducah…unpacked, washing and packing to leave on Thursday for Mackinaw Island…to stay/teach at the Grand Hotel!!! So much fun…BUT…I still don’t have my fabric for Spring Market…Moda will have to ship it to me on the island!!!…I will be working at night to get those quilts done…Amy is coming along to help vend and we will be starching and cutting and stitching all night!!!  I know  they will get done, but 3 big quilts and 3 mini’s…to be done before we leave on the 16th…not going to enjoy it like usual, but that’s why it’s called work!!!

Spent the day with “little man”…we had a blast as usual…he “painted” three pictures for me…he’s very prolific…see two brushes at a time!!! 


I hope I can keep all together the next couple of weeks…we are getting ready to launch the Summer Blocks of Week, then there’s Blockheads coming and next week while I’m gone too…Triangle Gatherings and Row by Row is starting soon, plus Spring Market!!!… trying hard to pull it all off!!!

Here’s anther TG keep you busy too!

Click Here to print block-34


Pop-Up Party and…Block 33

Happy Friday Everyone…We have two days left here in Paducah and it’s been wonderful!! It’s so nice to see and visit with you in our booth…So we want to have a little Pop-Up PARTY here tonight/Friday at our awesome boutique Hotel we are staying at…The 1857 Hotel has an awesome place to host a get-together…we are going to have a Nacho bar set up and we can just hang out and unwind…So after the show…6:30ish come to 210 Kentucky Ave…There is parking in the back too.  See you there!!! Hope you can come!

Now for those of you who couldn’t be here…I have a block for you!!! LOL…It’s so much fun every one is so excited about Triangle Gatherings…. the Triangle Papers & fabric charms are flying out of the booth!  So here is another block for you at home and maybe you can plan a trip to Paducah next year…who knows what we will plan for next year…

Click here to print block-33


Triangle Gatherings…Block 32

Click Here to print block block-32

I’m in Paducah this week and today was the first day of the show for us in the Finkel Building on Kentucky Ave… It was a great day and I saw/visited with a lot of you!!!

I just ate dinner at the mexican restaurant Tribeca…downtown and then it was back to my room to stitch my Moda Blockhead block that will post tomorrow…the only thing wrong with this is that I’m full,  tired and there is hardly any light in my room…so it was sewing with my machine light and my beam&read…but block is done and ready for me to write the post…yesterday when I probably should have sewn my block I walked a little around town because it is so beautiful here…found this awesome quilt that came home with me for my hotel bed…fits perfectly!!  I love this block…1880’s hand pieced…almost perfect condition ..Chrome yellow…can’t wait to snuggle in this bed tonight!!!  Happy block 32….It’s a pretty one…


Triangle Gatherings…Block 31

How are you all doing??? I’m hanging out with “little man” today…wonder what we will get into today…just before nap time we were blowing bubbles and shooting them with the squirt gun!!!  Look close you can see the bubbles!!!

Here’s a block for the weekend!!!


Click here to print block-31

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