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Triangle Gatherings Block 82

Just a quick post to let you know I have not forgotten about our Triangle Gatherings blocks…only a few more left…part of me wants to savor them but I know some of you want them all asap!!! So today I am getting my essentials for a Hot Cocoa Bar at our Primitive Christmas Event that starts tomorrow…and finishing up just a few loose ends…but I thought I would quick shoot you a block to work on if you have nothing else to do!!! LOL…we probably all have 12 things going on at the same time…take care and stay warm today..Click here to print Block 82


Triangle Gatherings Blocks..79,80 & 81

I hope you all had a great Halloween…I am in Houston but we had a practice Trick or Treat before we left…so Mimi could give “little man” his treats…He didn’t need much practice….and he was a little ham..oh I mean shark… then I received some pics from the real day…
Looks like he knows what to do!!!

Here are a few blocks to keep you busy until we make it home!!! Can’t wait to see a bunch of you all this weekend…we have 6 booths here in Houston…the most we have ever had…so come visit us!!! and for the rest of you who aren’t coming to the biggest and the best show of the year we will keep in touch here!  Happy November!! LB

click here to print Block 79Click here to print Block 80Click here to print Block 81



Triangle Gatherings Block 75 & 76

I hope you all are loving our “fall”…the nights are getting chillier…the days shorter…but we are working hard here…Quilt Market is right around the corner…Our Primitive Christmas Event in November…and then Christmas at the Beach in the Outer Banks of NC…

The quilt market projects are coming along…and I have a book deadline we are working on at the same time…not another book but one quilt in the book…and this quilt is a doosy!!! Over 3200 HSTs….so 6400 pieced in just the triangle units…but it is a bucket list quilt…and of course it was due at the end of September so that is hanging over our head…but life happens and I can only do so much…they are very patient with me so I appreciate that…but it’s “on my mind” constantly as I don’t like to be late…

So I snuck in a few TG blocks for you…Click here to print Block 75Click here to print Block 76I also have to make my Blockhead block today…hopefully I will make the right one…Happy Tuesday All…



Triangle Gatherings Blocks 71,72,73 & 74


 Click here to print Block 71

Click here to print Block 72

Click here to print Block 73

Click here to print Block 74

I have just finished a week of hosting a great bunch of gals from CA they arrived on Sunday…We spent a week in WI…Day 1 (Monday)we visited Primitive Gatherings Quilt shop and got settled in….Day 2 we, had a wool workshop, where I encouraged them to pick their own wool colors and add some accents to a basic design I furnished them with…here are a few of them in progress…see the similarities and then their options…this workshop was a blast…and i think they thoroughly enjoyed it …also a tour of PG warehouse and my work studio, where they worked on their new designs…and then retired back to the retreat house. Day 3 was quilt shop road trip day to Country Sampler in Spring Green, Mill House Quilts in Wanakee, JJ Stitches in Sun Prairie and then Nancy’s Notions in Beaver Dam…What a day!!! We also stopped at a Farm market to see the pumpkin house!!! Day 4- we visited some local antique shops and found wonderful treasures!!!  Day 5 we stayed in and stitched at our retreat house…Day 6 was Cheese factory and VandeWalles Candy store and then to the Octoberfest activities on College Ave where there were tons craft booths and lots of food vendors along with lots of bands and lots of people-watching!!! you know that’s an activity right?….Day 7…Up early(4am) and off to the local airport (ATW) Were I did a round trip drop off in less than 25 minutes and was back in bed…until the next drop off at 11am…I loved hanging out with them and getting to know them all a lot better…after all we quilters are pretty much the same…Maybe you can join in one of our week retreats next year!!!  I’ll be posting them in December/January for 2018.

Our weather was perfect…for the start of Fall in WI…I wish the color was more abundant but I guess you can’t have it all…above, my real/live centerpiece on our farm table…love the new neutral fall style…

I know I gave you 4  Triangle Gatherings blocks…you can handle it!!! I had to play a little catch up after this week!!! Tomorrow I leave for my 2nd to a last final teaching of the year…to Michigan, Macomb County Quilt Guild…trunk show tomorrow night, workshop Tuesday and home Tuesday night!!! How sweet is that…I have some wonderful prizes for this teaching event.. don’t miss it if you are in the area!!!

Stitch on my friends!!!



Are you looking for Triangle Gatherings Blocks?

Hey…If you are looking for past blocks that you cannot find here are three ways:

First way is to read the original block post—use the search bar on the blog…you may have to scroll to find the search bar…enter the block number  you are looking for…this will give you the most information…

Second if you on are a phone/tablet scroll down on my blog and keep going until you find this…shown here in green…this will take you to the archive where all the blocks are listed as I load them…I do not have them up to date as I want you to read the blog post where they are…this is just a log I enter them about once a week or so..

Third, If you are on a computer on my blog click the Triangle Gatherings line right under the header, circled in green…this is also the archive…

I have received many requests asking me to send you your missing blocks…I am sorry but I do not have time to send those to you individually but it bothers me that I can’t help…they are readily available here on the blog..

thank you kindly for understanding…so hopefully this will help you out, and I am sure it will if you read this post and not just look at the pictures…lol

We are going to have a new kind of class today at the studio…we are going to design our own projects!! We have a basic idea…the students will color it, add to it or do whatever they wish…We have the whole warehouse full of wool and cotton for this adventure…I’ll let you know how it turns out!!!LB


Triangle Gatherings block 70

We are enjoying the hottest days of year here this Fall in WI…crazy weather….but I know I love it!!!

Here’s another block…have a great day!!!


Click here to print Block 70


Triangle Gatherings…block 69

Hey…I’m home from Paducah…So much excitement there…I meant to post this while I was at the show…but you know…too much going on…So here another fun block!Click her to print Block 69

I am in Paducah( ok…i WAS)….surrounded by wonderful quilt…this is the show banner…I snapped a few pics of the quilts I thought were awesome, all of these were “on the way” to our booth….

The muted colors on this one below were so sweet!!
I loved all the houses…and cars and shops and it went on…and on..

This quilt was just so well done…Dru this one is for you…
This next one was so interesting …lots of dates…basically a timeline of events in this quiltmakers  life…

This was David’s quilt…one of my longtime customers in Paducah…Congratulations David!!!  This is a Nancy Rink design…we are doing this in the CA shop as a BOM.Then there was this…I believe this pattern of mine is about 13 years old???   But we all know quilt patterns are really timeless…I thought I would be able to read the quiltmakers name from this photo… I will hopefully get it today-Bobbe Green from Paducah KY… thank you for the nice surprise…She really just used my blocks added the appliqué border and left out all the HSTs I had in mine…It’s a beauty!!!

Then I think there has been a Primitive Garden in every KY show for a few years now…how special it is to see another…this is Tamara Watts-McPhail’s from Ankeny, IAI have MUCH more to share from the show…so I’ll save some for another post….have a great night!!


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