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Triangle Gatherings…block 69

Hey…I’m home from Paducah…So much excitement there…I meant to post this while I was at the show…but you know…too much going on…So here another fun block!Click her to print Block 69

I am in Paducah( ok…i WAS)….surrounded by wonderful quilt…this is the show banner…I snapped a few pics of the quilts I thought were awesome, all of these were “on the way” to our booth….

The muted colors on this one below were so sweet!!
I loved all the houses…and cars and shops and it went on…and on..

This quilt was just so well done…Dru this one is for you…
This next one was so interesting …lots of dates…basically a timeline of events in this quiltmakers  life…

This was David’s quilt…one of my longtime customers in Paducah…Congratulations David!!!  This is a Nancy Rink design…we are doing this in the CA shop as a BOM.Then there was this…I believe this pattern of mine is about 13 years old???   But we all know quilt patterns are really timeless…I thought I would be able to read the quiltmakers name from this photo… I will hopefully get it today-Bobbe Green from Paducah KY… thank you for the nice surprise…She really just used my blocks added the appliqué border and left out all the HSTs I had in mine…It’s a beauty!!!

Then I think there has been a Primitive Garden in every KY show for a few years now…how special it is to see another…this is Tamara Watts-McPhail’s from Ankeny, IAI have MUCH more to share from the show…so I’ll save some for another post….have a great night!!



Triangle Gatherings Block 68

I am so happy to see all your blocks on our FB group!!! Keep up the posting…I will do a give away next when I get home from KY…Click here to print Block 68

I am in Paducah teaching all week at the fall AQS show…I hope to see some of you while I’m here! We are setting up today in the convention center….so look for Primitive Gatherings there if you are coming to the first ever FALL Paducah quilt show…

I am also trying to get my new wool/flannel BOM finished for photography for Fall Market…I am hand stitching  the wool appliqué on the borders…which is  really easy… I just have to keep at it!!!  This quilt is so much fun…I’ll let you know soon when you can sign up soon!



Triangle Gatherings Block 66 & 67

Click here to print Block 66

Click here to print Block 67

What are you working on besides TG? I am trying to get this center of Live a Simple Life BOM together so I can work on the borders…This will be a 6 month BOM starting in Jan 2018…We will be posting details and signups soon!!!
Have a great day!



Triangle Gatherings Blocks 65

Thank you everyone for understanding that I needed to take care of hubby during his surgery…He is doing well and I thank you again for continuing to pray for his recovery…I just entered the sewing room today for the first time in about 10 days…Feels good to be back…unpacked from the trip and organized what needs to get done…

As a warm-up I did 3 TG blocks..but only had the graphics to 65, so I will get them from Terri tomorrow and give you the other two blocks…she usually gives them to me 10 at a time…Click here to print Block 65

Since I am trying my best to be a good nurse for Nick I am staying downstairs and decided that we would do some canning…So Mom has been over, the long weekend and we made the following…stewed tomatoes, whole tomatos, medium salsa, mild salsa, beets, both pickled and plain, I also vacuum packed sweet corn and pablano peppers that I will freeze for my tater tot casserole and chicken enchiladas…I am looking so forward to next year..staying home and cooking for my friends & family…I will be putting labels on each one…

Happy Labor Day everyone…hope you all had a great weekend!  Lisa


Triangle gatherings 63 & 64

So…. I am posting this today in honor of Lissa Rodgers who is officially caught up on all of her TG blocks……well not anymore…We are at retreat in St. George UT…and having lots of fun…I have included some pics from class and some of the projects people are working on… Click here to print Block 63

Click here to print block Block 64

Here is the Joyce Weeks  TG 4″ blocks…she is working on here too…and Lissa Rodgers 120 some blocks…6″


Triangle Gatherings Block 61 & 62

I realize some of these posts are not coming as fast and as consistent as some of you would like…lol…but I reminded everyone in the beginning that I lead a very busy life…and life sometimes throws things at you that you have to deal with and things get put on the back burner….we all have this happen to us, I am not immune from it…I will be sharing what has happened in a post when I have a little more time…but its something major and we are going to need your prayers…  I am asking that you do not send me comments like this…

Is 60 the end of the blocks? 8-16-2017 no posting?

I have removed this from the comment section, but it does still hurt that one feeling I still have left…

We have 4 1/2 months left and 30 blocks…we can and will get them in…here are two more…
 Click here to print Block 61

Click here to print Block 62
Block 62

I am in Dallas…at Moda working with a bunch of wonderful designers…OK… we are having fun too!!!!But I want to share with you some of the photos from the classes/sit and sew’s we have had…

Kathy…made Penny Path from the American Patchwork & Quilting issue I am featured in ……Look how BIG she made it!!!  So Awesome!!!
These are antique dresdens….look at that quilting!!! OMG!!! Roxy’s hexi project…Her and her husband just arrived home from a 4000 mile motorcycle trip!!! I wonder if you can do hexies while riding on the bike? lol…

Another wool project…we helped get that edge finished!!!


Terry had two projects…one hand pieced another kit from PG- Small Treasures Book…she added a fab border… This was a bag…. Then we all stared in amazement at Lori’s hexi project…look at this organization…so impressive…Makes me want a hex project!!!!

I will share more…with some more blocks soon…take care my friends…and let get some stitching done!!!LB



Triangle Gatherings Block 59 & 60!!!!

Hey!!! We are about 2/3’s the way done!!!  I gave you all some time to catch up again…your all doing great!!!  Please post on our groups FB page!!!



Click here to print Block 59

Click here to print Block 60



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