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travel adventures- part 2


Hey…When you have a long weekend in St. George UT what can you do?  Stitch, Hike,  Spa, Netflix and stitch some more…

THURSDAY:On our way to Zion!  Up early, bundled up in warm clothes for our 42 degree, winter hike on my first trip to Zion National Park.

I had so much fun and want to go back to do more trails…look at this rock I was at a rock shop..

FRIDAY: We stitched in the morning and had massage appointments at Red Mountian Spa…I had the best massage ever!  Ask for Trevor…he helped with my TMJ, Arms, hands and neck…It felt so amazing!  I just may have to stay there sometime!

SATURDAY: We stitched and in the afternoon we went to this trail…it was an off-road adventure for sure.

Inside that hole in the above pic…

Some deep breaths…some meditation…and some mind-clearing for what lies ahead…I know I will visit this place, again and again, this next year…I will just close my eyes and I will be there.  This is priceless.

Simple is best!

After our hike we stitched into the night while watching Bridgerton on Netflix.

SUNDAY- Another day of stitching while watching my Green Bay Packers lose the NFC playoff game…But the best team won that day…we beat ourselves.  We finished up watching the last couple of episodes of Brigerton.  I completed almost all of my projects I  took along for the trip.  I can’t wait for you to see or receive them!

MONDAY-We packed up and headed back to Las Vegas where I jumped on a plane and now I am in Minneapolis waiting to catch my last flight home….

I also want to acknowlege we had much to celebrate during this weekend…I’m so proud of you Val…two new knee surgeries and 35lbs gone.   I so happy that you are my friend….

Thanks for hanging out with me here,  I know it’s mostly rocks…but it was amazing in person…if you want to see more of my trip I did post a video of Zion in my Facebook group Stitch With Lisa Bongean.

Have a great week….Look for more videos, quilts and wool projects coming soon!

Take care of yourselves. Lisa

Lisa Bongean

travel adventures- part 1-revised

Hey Everyone…just stopping in to write about my travels…I just decided it was time to get back to normal for me.  I know it’s not the time for everyone, but it is for me.  I started with going to Atlanta to the world market to look for furniture for our new build (check out the progress here) and for new home dec for our store for fall and Christmas …as it will be that time just when we are moving in!  This table and stools will be our conference table..Also thought you might want to see that companies are still decorating with antique quilts…

There was so much to choose from…three skyscrapers full of shop owners to buy for their stores.

I really loved these jingle bells!

I did manage to stitch one thing in Atlanta…This will be a pillow in my book in April, Farmhouse Urban Patchwork Gatherings.Lisa Bongean After Atlanta…it was off to see the California store…after 1 year of not coming to CA…it was time.  Dru picked me up from the airport, and we went straight to my favorite eating place.  The Goat & Vine…(I think we ate there a total of 3x out of the 5 days I was there.  Then I went to Big Bear Lake on Saturday and Sunday with my friend Roxanne.  We hiked and sewed…I make 960 HSTs.   This is the ski hill from our hiking trail.

We might have shopped and eaten a little too!  We are in the famous breakfast place in town?  Anybody know where?

Then back to the CA store to do two Social virtual sewing zoom gatherings with a combined total of 50 customers.  It was so fun to see everyone, stitch, talk about what was going on, and even saw some sewing rooms!  Thank you to all who joined it…it was a fun day, and I hope to do it again soon!

Next up was a flight to Vegas…yes, I know I thought we were going to drive, but the flight was too reasonable, and then I didn’t put anyone out too much by driving all day.  Val picked me up at the airport, and we started on our way to St. George, UT, but we had a side stop at…Sherrie McConnell’s house!!!  Sherrie is my Moda sister.  I miss all my Moda sisters, and it was fun to see one of them, at least!  Val machine quilts for Sherrie too!

Sherri showing us her sewing room!

All the quilts….in the vault.  Follow Sherri (A Quilting Life)  on Youtube, where she has a podcast with her beautiful daughter Chelsi and lots of videos on quilting!

And here we are in her podcast studio… It is part of the spare bedroom…who knew????

We set the timer for the photo. We got nicer ones…but I like this one!

Sherri made us a delicious lunch of potato soup and chicken salad croissants and then sent us back on the St. George…I’ll post more on St. George…in part 2.

Happy Saturday…Hiking again today!




2021…A New Year…a New beginning…

Happy New Year Everyone!

I know this blog post is not posting on Jan 1.  I find that you either love a new year or are not impressed with having to make new resolutions. I feel that you can make resolutions, goals, commitments, or whatever you want to call them… any time of the year can be new beginning.

In January…I do make my lists, figure out my goals and I start organizing.  This all takes a lot of time and thought.  I do not rush it. I want to feel comfortable with them and make sure they are not too big, too small, attainable, or completely out of reach.  Am I pushing myself enough?  Or am I taking the easy or simple way out?

I hope you hang out with me this year…Here on my blog, on my YouTube Channel- Stitch with Lisa Bongean, or on our Stitch with Lisa Facebook group.  We are excited about 2021.  Here is a rough list of what will be going on with me and Primitive Gatherings in 2021. Stay tuned for all the FUN!

101 Itty Bitty Stitch Along– Books are here and we will be shipping them soon!

Every day deserves to be celebrated, and with 101 Itty Bitties to choose from, it’s easy to make that happen. Use wool scraps and a bit of hand stitching to create 2″ squares with motifs and sayings for holidays, seasons, sports, gardening, pets, and more. The designs are quick to complete and make perfect take-along projects. Tuck the tiny treasures into vignettes, turn them into wearable art, add a magnet and display them on your refrigerator, tie them to a gift, or send one to a friend to brighten their day–the possibilities are endless. Make an Itty Bitty (or 101!) and make every day a celebration!

101 Itty Bitty Celebrations

American Quilter’s Stitch Along– Starts Feb 1st- Fingers crossed the fabric come in, in January.  You will need a FAT QUARTER bundle of American Gatherings fabric.  Patterns will be free downloads.  We will be raising money for veterans with each bundle sold and auctions and donationsLisa Bongean's Stitch Along

Moda Block Heads 3 is finishing up- I will be posting my layout soon.

Moda Block Heads 3 -Block 20
Lisa Bongean Moda Block Heaeds 3 Block 20- Contribution

Sewcialites with the Fat Quarter Shop- I am keeping up and doing two sizes  3″ & 9″.

Sewcialites-2-Loyal Lisa Bongean
3″Moda Bella Solids & Urban Farmhouse Gatherings I & II

Ready will be starting another monthly Wool Stitch Along?  Early Spring 2021.

We will continue to offer Video Tutorials on techniques and projects.– Let us know if you have any suggestions that are not on our list.  We are learning and buying better equipment for 2021.  Please share our videos and comment, “Like” and subscribe to our channel.  We are starting to make a little money on these videos, however, it takes lots of watched hours to make it add up.  The more who watch it, the more we can do… and it will help pay for what it takes for us to keep creating these videos!  STITCH WITH LISA BONGEAN is our YouTube Channel

Here is our latest video on Prepping, Stitching and Connecting wool pennies for wool applique.

star spangles pennie mat

Wool Box subscription– I am working on designing and completing our projects way ahead of our ship dates.  A lot of planning has to go into these with our subscription at 1300.  If I  use an FQ of flannel or wool…that is 325 total yards…just so you can understand what this means.  This subscription is closed.  We just added more spots and are filled up at this time.  Watch our group for info on when you will be able to join if we have some openings.

Photos from previous wool boxes.

We have five Moda fabric lines coming this year…American  Gatherings, Urban  Farmhouse 2, Yuletide Gatherings-Flannel, Homestead Gatherings-Wovens & Starlight Gatherings.American Gatherings- January arrival- probably February…36 SKUs

urban farmhouse gatheringws

Urban Farmhouse 2- Arriving April 2021-40-SKUS

Yuletide Gatherings

Yuletide Gatherings Flannels- Arriving July 2021-40 SKUS

Homestead Gathering Wovens- wait for more info-Arriving September- 40 SKUs

Starlight Gatherings…wait for more info…arriving October 2021


Primitive Gatherings is  BUILDING a new store/warehouse and retreat house…all set to be finished in May/June 2021 Visit this page to see updates on a regular basis.  Or look on my blog header for THE BUILD.

Today we have a LIVE so join us at 2pm CST…that is 3PM East Coast, 1 MST and 12 PST….see you then…We will be live on is above.

I know this is a lot of information…Know that you helped make this all possible..Can’t wait to share our year together…Love Lisa


Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Along Project Block 15 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Along Project Block 15 & Giveaway!

Uneven 9 Patch Quilt Block a tutorial featured as part of the Block Heads quilting series by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Happy Block Heads Wednesday!

Here is another great Quilt Block FOR OUR QUILT ALONG PROJECT: STARRY EYED
Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Along Project Block 15 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

My 4″ STARRY EYED- quilt block was made with   Urban Farmhouse Gatherings

How do you pick your fabrics for your blocks FOR YOUR QUILT ALONG PROJECT?

I started with two Layercakes…one of Urban Farmhouse & Indigo Gatherings

I have my unused 10″ layercake squares to the left…I have all the fabric that I have used in previous blocks in baggies sorted by color.  So I try to use a new fabric that I have not used before and then if I need just a little something I use one of previously used fabrics…

I start cutting and then laying out my pieces from A-to how many letters there are in the block…

Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Along Project Block 15 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean
Planning what fabric to use in this block…

then I put all the fabrics on the design board to see if I like them…

Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Along Project Block 15 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanNow… I think it looks OK…but what If I gave it a little more oommmph!

Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Along Project Block 15 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanJust by changing one fabric I like it better…now…there is nothing wrong with the first attempt, but sometimes you need to play a little…

This week on all the designers blogs you can enter to win a Moda BlockHeads 1 Book!  The coolest quilt book publisher… Martigale… is sponsoring this today!  Winner will be picked on Monday!Moda Block Heads 3 Quilt Along Project Block 15 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

And don’t forget to print your block 15 pattern from our Moda Block Head Quilt Along Project in this link below:

Click HERE to get Corey’s pattern!

Here is the list of ALL the participating Moda designers for you to visit and enter their givea-way!

Click this Icon to visit Primitive Gatherings!

primitive gatherings logo featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Quilting giveaway hosted by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Winner of Fridays Antique Quilting Book

Antique Quilting Book Piece by Piece featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanThe winner of Friday’s Giveaway is…..

Carmen N

My Great Grandma was a quilter. I have fond memories of her quilting on her wooden quilting frame (my mom still has it somewhere). Most of her quilts were utility type quilts but they still inspired my quilting journey. I have a fondness for 30’s quilts but I would love to reproduce some of the appliqué quilts at the DAR museum. Antique quilts always make my heart flutter.

We will get Mary & Joe’s book out to you as soon as you contact Amy with your address Amy’s email is

I hope everyone is hanging in there and making the best the situation…I see lots of social media contact…stitch-alongs, mask making…keep up the good attitudes.

I have started a new Facebook group called “STITCH with Lisa Bongean“…if you want to join search for it on Facebook and join! It is open to all!

my best…LB


Fat Quarter Quilts featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Favorite Fat Quarter Quilts & a Friday Quilting Giveaway!

Quilting giveaway hosted by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Two, Four, Six, Eight Fat Quarter Quilts you can Appreciate!!!

What a clever name for a quilting book?  We all have Fat Quarters, lots of Fat Quarters! So this is another tool you can use for sewing  those Fat Quarters  up into quilts, you then can make room for, maybe more fabric?  Not right away of course, but you know there will soon be something you cannot resist  so you will have room if you just “have to buy” it…

Wait, back on point, This new quilt BOOK!  This is another great compilation of Moda quilt designers coming together to aide another great cause: the proceeds of this book will go to Special Olympics!

Fat Quarter Quilts featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

and look!!!!! My quilt made the cover, over on the bottom corner!!!! My quilts usually do not make covers, they usually are too dark for covers, but not this one!!!!!

Click HERE to get your Copy of Two, Four, Six, Eight!

Click HERE to see ALL the Moda All Star Books

Fat Quarter Quilts featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

This little quilt is called Golden Rule in the book, (Be Kind on our website, oops) It takes 8 Fat quarters plus the border fabric.  The quilt and the appliques are flannel and the whole quilt is just so fun and easy to stitch. It ca be stitched by hand or machine AND if you are allergic to wool try using flannel like I did here…you will have to eliminate the one wool piece because I did use wool strips for the stems and vines but they could easily be made out of cotton if you wish; click the button below if you want to purchase a kit for this project, if you win our Friday quilt give-away we will refund your purchase!  We have the book and kit at a special price on the website for this through the weekend!  We have limited number of kits because this flannel is so popular it is almost sold out!Fat Quarter Quilts featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Fat Quarter Quilts featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Here are a couple more projects in the book without giving every project in the book away!

Fat Quarter Quilts featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Fat Quarter Quilts featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Fat Quarter Quilts featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

If you would like to buy a kit for our quilt Golden Rule…CLICK HERE.

I might have borrowed a block from a certain pattern of mine. Do you know which one?                   Twilight Garden!  Fat Quarter Quilts featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanClick HERE if want to know more about Twilight Garden! Twilight is made with wool appliques on a navy flannel background.  It was quilted by long are quilter, Linda Hrcka and is just beautiful beyond words in person, here in this photo…not so much…I am going to do a whole post soon on this quilt alone…

I know some of you are still working on it, and some are almost finished and some of them are done!  If have it finished can you send me a picture of you and your quilt for my post?

Now back on point again, thanks for sticking with me..

If you want win a digital copy of Two, Four, Six, Eight…and at kit

Please leave me a comment by answering this question…What size fabric do you normally buy/collect? Do you collect Fat Quarters, half yards just simply tell us what is your go-to fabric size to collect is?  I will pick a winner by 3/16/2020

To comment click on the words COMMENTS  “at the end of this post after the date, and Leave a Reply will pop up! I am sorry some of you find this difficult but keep scrolling down…at the end of this post and you will find it!

All for now, STITCH EVERYDAY! xxx Lisa

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