Moda Block Heads 2- Block 11


I know…I did not post block 10 yet! (because i did not stitch it yet!)…I had way too many deadlines that week: turned into Moda a bunch of fabric lines-like 5, Warehouse sale was happening, had to write that new lecture, quiltsproject/fabric requirement for 9 quilts- for my next fabric line *Star & Stripe Gatherings* and so on, too much stuff…right?…but since it wasn’t my block…I bet no one noticed…lol…but I will post it when I return home from this teaching trip…but… this week’s block was super simple …it literally took me 10 min.  

Moda block headThis week’s featured block is from Sherry McConnell…th

Go to her blog HERE to get this week’s pattern.  Sherry is one of the NICEST people I know…always smiling and just a beautiful person inside and out!!! Now one of the things I am envious about Sherry is she has a goregous daughter named Chelsea who alsoth-4th-3 quilts and designs fabric with her!!!!! So special and cool at the same time…Sherry also has one of the best quilting blogs where you will find this weeks block…listed above…th-2All for now…this pic is from the pier in Huntington Beach…oh the beatiful things I get to see…all while teaching quilting…how much better can it get…IMG_4268 2.JPGIMG_4269 2

Moon Garden Block 4 -Pattern


I know some of you have been waiting for this!!!  Block 4 is linked below and this weekend the video on the Drizzle Stitch knots and Alternating Chain Stitch  will be uploaded to the Facebook group…Nick is ready to be my camera man and he is super excited for me to be home from Dallas.  If you do not have the needles to do the Drizzle Stitch they can be found HERE.  Get them ordered and you will be ready to go… Here is the link to the pattern  Block 4 has been removed…please see website here to purchase

Please remember to post your progress on the Facebook group…We appreciate seeing your beautiful blocks!!!

I also can’t wait to come home from Dallas and have some time to post all the fun stuff we did and the good times…we had!!!

my best, Lisa

Moon Garden Block 3

Are you ready for the next block???

Here is the pattern!!!

the link for the free pattern has been removed… please visit our site to purchase it

Click HERE to go to the site if you want us to print the patten for you…

Here is my 2nd block that I will be sharing how to stitch the flower petals…and the stem stitch for the leaves…I think that is all that is new for this block?   Anyone think of anything else that I DID NOT already share in a previous video?  Please leave me a comment or in the FB group…

Please note that on the pattern I did not specifically state that I used the #8 O575 for the stem-stitches for the leaf veins This substituted flower wool is a nice one…more so than my original…

Nick and I will be doing a video on this block hopefully posting this weekend…Go to our Moon Garden Stitch Along group on Facebook…we will be doing a give-away there where you can post your blocks to win!!!

Thanks Everyone!!! Lisa


Moon Garden Block #2

Happy Friday!!!…Quickly…I thought I would give you a little insight into my inspiration for Moon Garden…

First off…I have a confession…these blocks were a previous freebie that we did many years back they were 4 1/2″ blocks  finished I believe Ours our 18×18 right now!!!…and to be honest a couple of quilt shops wanted me to make this pattern bigger so they could run it as a BOM…so when I thought about doing the Wool Stitch Along this year I thought it would be the perfect time to enlarge and use these blocks again…but I cannot do anything the same twice…so I have recolored them based on my current gardening obsession and because we have such big blocks and appliques there is lots of room for some fancy stitches…so lots to learn in the Stitch-Along.This is a pic of the Garden Basket quilt but keep in mind our Moon Garden will NOT be finished the same way.  This was the secret discovery some of you made and referred to on Facebook…I told them to keep it a secret until I was ready to reveal…but the quilt will look totally different and I have added to & changed some of the blocks…so really a totally different quilt in my opinion…

Now back to that obsession I talked about…My garden at home is all shades of “white” with a little yellow here and there…so thus the inspiration to update and recolored the basket blocks…Here is a small selection of what is starting to come up around the house…

Now before I get too off track… back to the stitching…

It’s time again for another block!!! I am so impressed with all of your blocks you are sharing on Facebook!!! PLEASE post alot…we love seeing all the activity…I am glad the 6 videos were helpful and THANK YOU  for your kind comments on them…We will be doing videos covering the FLY STITCH for Block 2…I also will go over how to find the end of your balls of thread and how to keep your paper disc with your thread once it falls out…So look forward to these soon.  Also some basic info as I know there are lots of newbies and we love newbies and what you to know how to navigate….if a word is underlined…those are live links…they will take you to where you can find out more info and purchase if you so wish to reward us for our hard work in this Stitch Along.

If you have not joined our Stitch-Along yet you still can…the most recent pattern is FREE each month and I think we may still have kits left that include the printed pattern and you can now buy block 1.  But the Facebook group is where all the instruction is held…so go to Facebook and type in Moon Garden Stitch Along and ask to join…it is a closed group but we let you join.

Block 2…If you are having problems printing this pattern full size on your printer you can always order the pattern EACH MONTH from us for $5…Click HERE to go to our website for easy ordering and not having to go OUT and have it professionally printed. Click here for Moon Garden Block 2 -(update…this link has been removed…only the most current block is available FREE…please visit our website to order this pattern HERE  

Download it to your computer if you are printing them yourself.  You will notice this pattern now carries a watermark so they cannot be printed and resold…the first one had this too, but I accidentally sent you the wrong one…my bad.

Here are a few close-ups for you as well…

I know some of you get them done as fast as you can and this is great!!! But remember I will let you know ahead if there is a video coming if you want to wait for that part is demo-ed.  But I know some of you may know more than me so stitch on!!!

Be Happy…Be Kind & Be Stitching!







Moon Garden Stitch Along…Block 1

Our wool Stitch-Along is finally here!!! I am hoping you by now you have received your kit if you have purchased it though Primitive Gatherings.  I can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate the overwhelming response to this Stitch Along.  I know most of you have more projects than one person needs but you are still willing to spend your hard earned bucks buying out products…THANK YOU!

For those of you who are using up what have on hand we are supplying the pattern.  The pattern is downloadable but it may be tricky to print on a home computer/printer.  I am telling you this in advance because I cannot help you with your printing because everyones equipment is different….and I am a quilter, not a computer guru…You will have to bring your PDF to an Office supply store and get them to print it for you…The pattern is large and is set up for 11×17 paper.  If you do not want bother with this…you can order JUST the pattern from us for $5 plus shipping.  We trying to make it easy for you  Click Here to order the pattern Only.  Also if you want it every month you will have to re order the next one…there is some reason you can’t do it automatically which again is beyond my knowledge…

I STRONGLY suggest joining our Facebook page for Moon Garden…I will be posting videos and all kinds of funny stuff…for our stitching pleasures….it is an easier platform to host videos and keep things in our group…

I will post the first video this weekend…and these are the Facebook video posts I’m planning—

getting started…tracing , cutting, fusible, Fray check…when to use it?

Laying out your appliqués onto the background

Threading your needle without a needle threader and making a quilter’s knot.

Cross stitching over stems

Blanket Stitch

Colonial knots

Does anyone see something I might have overlooked?…I know there are lots of beginners so I don’t want miss something obvious…so please leave me a comment of what you need to learn…

Click here to download Moon Garden Block 1 Update…this block is not longer FREE here…please go to our websit to purchace Block 1…the current block is always FREE until the next block posts…Please subscribe to this blog to not miss a FREE block.

The blanket stitch here includes a long one in the indents of the flower petals.
Close up of how I cross over (X) over my stems…these and more will be demonstrated on Facebook.

I want to talk about fusible web…I am in the process of launching a new fusible…it’s a dream to stitch with…I love the SAS2 lite, but I am tired of defending it…Some people actually hate “their” gummy needles…and I can see their point.  I do not have this “gummy” experience myself, maybe a little when I first adhere down and start stitching…but I use tons of steam and let the block rest a bit before I stitch…then no issues…BUT….the one thing I CANNOT live without is the tacky-ness of the SAS2L for my stems/vines…the ease of bending them into place before I steam them is such a benefit I will continue to use it for the stems and vines.  As you can see you do not stitch into the stems…you cross over…so those of you who hate and have that gummy needle…this will not be affected…

We are figuring out packaging for the “NEW” fusible…I will be blogging when it is ready…

So look for those Facebook posts starting soon and I will help you along on your wooly journey!!!  I am hoping more of you get your blocks soon!!  I know it’s hard waiting…

my best…Lisa



Moon Garden Mystery Stitch-A- Long!!!



It has been awhile since I have launched a wool appliqué stitch-a-long…I am sure excited to be doing so this year…I know we have done a lot of pieced Stitch-A-Longs but now it’s time to try a wool one, if you have never done wool appliqué before…now is the time to try.  We will be having a Facebook group for this SAL as well.  There will be lots of time for instruction and info…

A Moon Garden at night is a great way to enjoy white or light-colored, night-blooming plants, in addition to those that release their intoxicating aromas in the evening. White flowers and light-colored foliage reflect the moonlight…This is the concept that I have tried to follow here at Anchor Point when planning the flowers & trees..everything booms in white or shades of white.

We have wonderful full moons over the lake so why not stitch a Moon Garden as well….lots of light-colored blooms on a dark backgrounds.  The backgrounds I am using come from the Black prints of Little Gatherings I and II.   

Moon Garden is a 12 block basket BOM.  The blocks are nice and big for easy stitching…I believe they will finish somewhere between 16-17″…I want to leave that option open until I have decided on a final setting…Plan on using a FQ for each block to start with…I have been searching for/and hoarding beautiful light wools for these blooms for a while now, and we will have lots of fun stitching and embellishing these.

The patterns for Moon Garden will be Free on my blog for one month…until the next block is released.  We will be giving you the PDF patterns that will need to be printed on 11×17 paper…so you will have to bring them to a copy place to be printed unless you are able to tile the design and print on 4 -8 1/2″ x 11 sheets.  However we will be offering kits for those of you who love our fabric choices and want to support me/Primitive Gatherings for our hard work on this Stitch-A-long. Our block kits WILL INCLUDE the printed pattern full size, therefore no need to have to have it printed elsewhere…The pieces are big…you will need lots of large medium to light brown wools for baskets…and so on…we will have a couple of options for you to purchase…please read carefully as they are listed below. The green highlighted words when clicked on take you to our site so you can order if you wish to do so.  Again…we appreciate supporting our small family business, we can’t say that enough. 

If you are interested in buying the wool block kits with cotton background  from us as a BOM-we will be giving you the 12th block FREE as a Thank you for again supporting us to the fullest…These kits will be limited because of the cotton background limitations…first come, first serve…we will also throw in a surprise gift as well.  All the prices below include shipping- US=domestic, International is everywhere else…(you will pick your choice when clicking the green link above.)

The blocks will be:        $27 which includes shipping-Domestic                 $33- International shipping


If you are interested in the wool only for the blocks but NO cotton background we will still get you the 12th block FREE.  

The blocks will be:        $23 with domestic shipping                                      $29 for international shipping.


Also…If you wish to pay in full-wool & cotton backgrounds and do not want to deal with 11 payments you will be paying:

$297 for the full kit- surprise gift, and 12th month free…domestic                  $363 for the full kit-surprise gift, and 12th month free-international

Pay in full without cotton fabric background:

$249 for the full kit and 12th month free-domestic                                              $321 for the full kit and 12th month free-international


If you are interested in JUST buying the brown basket textures we have a bundle for that as well- you will have to have your patterns printed at the local print shop.

The bundles are $115 w/domestic shipping    $122- international shipping. The bundle shown is not the bundle you will receive, but just a picture so you get an idea.

I will also try and have starter thread kit available soon as well.  But without having all the blocks done you can see my dilemma…but maybe by the end of March I can have all the blocks stitched!!

We have tried to cover a bunch of options for you and soon it will be time to have some fun…We will be starting this is April…We want all of March to be able to make the kits and get them shipped out….but if we run our we run out…so don’t hesitate if you think you will want a kit!!!  We also will not post the pattern each month until all the kits have been shipped and a few days for you to receive them…

We obviously will be doing prizes as well if you get your blocks done each month as well as some other contests thrown in as well to keep it fun and interesting!!!

Take care all…and have a great weekend!! I can’t wait to get in my PJs and start stitching for the night…