Another new book!!! Shipping March 1st…


Another great book from Lissa Alexander to add to your All-Star collaboration book collection…Lissa, along with a bunch of Moda designers…made quilts made from 5″ charm pack(s)…We could use 1-3 charm packs…I picked one…but I made two quilts…one for you and one for your best friend!  Now if you are doing Triangle Gatherings this is a piece of cake!!! Right?  These blocks are made using one light and one dark 5″ charm square.  I made 18 blocks for the two quilts…The blocks are 3″ and use 3/4″ charm papers…so you might already have them!!!  I have been saving the fabrics from Songbird Gatherings just for this project!!! We only have one bolt that I squirreled away of those fantastic reds from Songbird Gatherings….or if you bought a charm pack of Songbird Gatherings you only need a background and a piece of wool for the hearts…

Get your book HERE!   The FOREVER FRIENDS  kits are available HERE too with a bunch of  dropdown options…..

Here is my quilt(s) in the book…I thought about how nice it is to get a quilt from one of your quilting buddies…the mini quilts are soooooo stinkin cute…which is why they are so hard to give-away…so why not make one for you as well as your favorite quilting buddy…you know…the one who supports your habit…the one who says…”Yes…get that kit…you know you’ll be sorry if you don’t!!!”… Not the one that says…what do you need that for???…I hear it all in the booth at quilting shows…so make sure your not THAT quilting friend…lol…

Lisa Bongean-Forever Friends

Didn’t Martingale do an awesome job of styling these quilts?…So pretty…

Now there are lots of other beauties in this book too, 1Here some of my favorites…can you guess the designers?  img_5332img_5335img_5333img_5334

Do you have the other books in this series?  Order HERE


Love Mini Quilts?…

I want to tell you about another great compilation from Lissa Alexander for Martingale books!  This book is the third in a series of books by a bunch of Moda designers!  I think this might be my favorite yet so far…you know I love me some mini quilts…but there are lots of mini quilts in this book…Here is my contribution to the book, Midnight Garden…a lovely little wool appliqué quilt..which I love the way they stylized it here!  Shown with my favorite perle cotton appliqué Valdani thread for wool appliqué.


Here is the cover of the book! A beautiful cover…


If you are a fan of Primitive Gatherings you are probably into more traditional look than the quilts on the cover…we all know a great design is all we need to “switch” the colors and make it to our own tastes…and there are lots of great designs in the book…but…don’t worry…my friends…my quilt is NOT the only “dark”(as some refer to them) quilt the book this time…Here is Betsy’s awesome!!!b1402_14

and then there is Lynne’s quilt…


Which I love this one too because I know we can make this one in a couple of hours no problem…

Here is Martingales intro for the book…

Join 15 of Moda’s all-star designers as they explore creative small quilt patterns that you’ll love to stitch. These mini-quilts are tailor-made for scraps. With designs ranging from easy to intricate–plus many make-in-a-day designs–these fun little quilts are showcased in photos that will inspire you to display your mini creations as artful accents to your decor.

This collection features patterns by your favorite Moda designers: Pat Sloan, Carrie Nelson, Brigitte Heitland, Camille Roskelley, Me and My Sister Designs, Sherri McConnell, Sandy Gervais, Edyta Sitar, Lynne Hagmeier, Vanessa Christenson, Anne Sutton, Laurie Simpson, Jen Kingwell, Lisa Bongean, and Betsy Chutchian.
Many of the quilts are quick to finish; all are fun to make
Each mini project offers an opportunity to try a different technique–traditional piecing, applique, paper piecing, and even embroidery.

ORDER BOOK AND/OR KIT FOR MIDNIGHT GARDEN…that’s my project in the book in case you have forgotten with how long this post is…

Here are the other titles from our Moda Girls!  Do you have them all?

If not get your soon as they may not be around forever…and I know a little secret about the next one that is in the works…so make sure your collection will be complete!

Get your Stitch On Today! (aka…take time to stitch today)   LB



Bow tie finish…

I have been meaning to post this for a while and kind of forgot about it…but…here is my finished bow tie from the CA’s stores pieced SBOW from last summer…

I got it back from Val while I was in Salt Lake…it took awhile for me to bind it as this years SBOW was more of a priority so it did not get completed until I got home from Texas…

I just LOVE this quilt…I’m so glad I took the time to do it…pieced SBOW are always awesome when finished…but they take a bit of perseverance to keep on stitching!  This year is no exception!


I had to throw it over the couch as everything outside is too dirty to hang a quilt over and I was too lazy to remake and throw it on a bed…but you get the idea here with only half of it showing… As you can see I ended up putting the light fabric binding on…I wanted those bow ties to not be stopped in their tracks by a colored binding…I wanted them to float across the quilt….also here is the backing I used…IMG_6773

Val’s straight line quilting is amazing…she used a light thread going through all the light background and a dark grey to go through the bow ties….I think traditional quilting is best for this quilt…something that would have been done on an antique if there were one like this… In the second pic it shows were Val had to backtrack over…this is extremely hard on a long arm and you cannot tell it from the front of the quilt…but the back shows everything cause the print I used was not very busy….I like what I chose and could possible use this quilt both ways…front or back.

It was at the Shipshewana Quilt show in Indiana this weekend…did anyone get to see it in person?  If you missed out on this quilt last year we have made more kits and it can be purchased as a BOM or you can buy the full kit… Click here to sign up for BOM   Call the shop if you want the whole kit all at once…920-722-7233.IMG_6779Tonight I stitched triangle papers for week 4 pieced 2016 SBOW…I feel I need to get a little more ahead than I am and will be able to do so now as my wool SBOW blocks and blog hop commitment are finished…So I am working on finishing for the freebie and the wool SBOW… and getting excited about the upcoming holiday…It was a weekend of work as the wind was too strong to take the boat out…but we are getting closer to completion on our projects…this is the lower patio in front of the boathouse with a fire pit being added too…and see that to the right…it’s grass!!!…the first grass of the year!!! the dogs were in heaven for a little bit…now it has to be soaked for two weeks with no one walking on it!IMG_6933

Nick is prepping the boat for painting…it will house our outdoor shower??? Can’t wait for this…

Have a great week coming up…and make some time for stitching!


Summer Update

I hope you are all having a great summer….I am trying to do some fun stuff along with all the deadlines I have to make!!!

I have been to SeaWorld in SanDiego…IMG_2684I have been hanging out at the Lakehouse with my Family..and friends and trying to see as many Sunsets as I can..IMG_2768IMG_2761IMG_2749I have been teaching ALOT also…At the WI studio..IMG_2740IMG_2745IMG_2743IMG_2744I forgot to take pics of the 2 Day Crazy Mat class…sorry Ladies…

I also want to share some of the samples that were brought in to the CA shop over our Grand Opening!!!

Here is Linda’s Timeless Rose quilt…IMG_2665and then we have Marsha’s Dashing Through the Snow…IMG_2666then some wool pumpkins on Midnight Harvest made by Cindy…IMG_2670It is so awesome when I teach a class and then the next time I’m at the shop someone brings in their finished is Trina and her sample from our Punchneedle class…IMG_2671Then Jo shared a couple of things…little Thimble quilt…see how she placed her colored thimbles?…along with a SEW pincushion..IMG_2664Again…so much going on…I’m stitching ALL the BOW’s.  Both from the WI shop and the Little Bow Ties from the CA shop..IMG_2797 IMG_2833IMG_2821

We also are planning a wedding for the end of summer for these two…I think they were enamored with ‘little man” and want one of their own even more now!!!IMG_2796also last but not least I finished the FREEBIE…I will show it as soon as they get it on the website…lol…so coming soon!  Enjoy the nice weather and get those BOW fused down or cut if you are doing the pieced one…and then when you have little moments of time you can use it well!  Make the best of everyday….and STITCH!  LB

oh…one more thing…I am seeing lots of cool wildlife at the Lake…like this huge toad…he was as big as Luke’s hand..IMG_2779and then this big beautiful Moth…IMG_2754Until next time!!

Summer BOW sign ups!!!

Hey Everyone!!…I hope you are all doing well…

First of all I want to say I am sorry for not getting this out to you sooner…but I think I am “super woman” and can make a bunch of mini quilts for market in two weeks or so…well you know if that is all that had to be done, that might be doable…but when you are teaching/traveling, and running a couple of shops and so on…it’s killer… we leave for Spring Quilt Market today in Minneapolis…and whatever is done is done…and the rest will be overnighted to hotels…for bindings to be added!!! It will all turn out fine and then we can relax…well sort of…but that is how my life goes…
Here is a peek at the wool on cotton version…Somewhere In Time…It will be 16 blocks with appliquéd sashing and the row sashings will be appliquéd as well…and then there is a border too!  This can all be coming to you in the 15 weeks of summer.  The finishing part is built right in and you will be getting a block and a sashing for the first 12 weeks and then..just two blocks for two weeks and then the 15th week the long sashing and borders will complete the kit…The only piecing is the blocks and the sashings together and then the borders…so super simple piecing…but…LOTS of WOOL APPLIQUE!!! The fabrics are from my Miniature Gatherings backgrounds…the wools are beautiful hand dyes…including a new red…Grand Hotel red that was specifically dyed to match THE  red used in all the decorating at the famous Grand Hotel on Mackinack Island MI…This SBOW will cost considerably less than last years…If you need all the specifics they are in Jess’s shop post here….DETAILS  I can’t even think about trying to list all those numbers and things now…but Jess has everything here you will need…she’s thought of everything for you.

FullSizeRender copy
Now here is the pieced version…and again I apologize…only one block is pieced…(I know…I let you down…) BUT this is going to be an AWESOME quilt! img_1490

The fabrics will be amazing!!! and it will be big..90 some by 106 ish(sorry can’t remember)…or you can make 2 lap sized quilts…each week you will make 10 blocks for a total of 156…18 or so HST’s for the inner border and see those little square in a squares you will make 9…those are sashing cornerstones!!! Scrappy heaven!!! Again…here are ALL the details…DETAILS

and all of the signups can be found HERE…on our site under NEW..

There are going to be lots of things coming up…Grand Opening in June at the CA store…details soon…(PS Linda from The Quilted Pineapple will be teaching her wicked amazing machine quilting skills!)

Some new Spring Market items are now on our site for pre-order in September….and a HUGE announcement regarding shipping costs on both our websites CA and WI..

This is what I finished up… quilted…sleeved and machine applied binding to…now let the hand binding on the way to MN begin!!! These cuties are going to Mini-apolis for a Mini Quilt Show in our booth…they will all be in a spiral bound booklet called Little Gatherings!!! with at least 12 minis…maybe more..depending on how many pages we have to fill up!!! These quilts are real miniature quilts…The tree block is 6″…so you can tell that everything else is small..But you can do it with my new Creative Grid rulers and our Triangle Papers and this new book! You can pre order HERE!!!  for an August delivery…Fabric ships in September… Until next time…LBFullSizeRender-3