Local Kitchen Tour…

Looking for a fun day out of the house?  Especially since the weather is being so un-cooperative!!!!

This post is for my local following…I am counting on seeing some of you, my friends, old and new neighbors and especially my quilters!!!


I am super excited about being a part of this event…I was asked to present in one of the homes on the tour…this house is the home of a quilter!!!  So we will be there promoting the “love” of quilting.  The most important thing about this event is it is for charity…we are raising money for the NMES- Neenah-Menasha Emergency Society…this group of ladies that been in exsistance for a long time…since 1906…Please read about them and the amazing things they have done in the past HERE.    Didn’t reading this make you want to be in this society?

You can order tickets online at the link below or pick them up at our shop…but I think this will be a blast!!! Get some friends together, have some fun, visit some really cool looking  homes, win some sweet prizes & eat some great food as well!!!  We may even have something special for those of you who tell me you read this post!

Click HERE to read ALL about the homes and the event!

Just a peek at one of the homes you can visit!!!

Now…how can i figure out to see this house and be at another???

my best…Lisa

“Little Man” fun…

Since I have been home, I have spent lots of time with my “little man”…Here at home…just hanging out…

The first thing he says to me is…Mimi what are we going to bake today? We then pull out the book and look at all the recipes and pictures…When I was reading the names of the recipes…he recognized Dark Chocolate…as you know he loves my stash of dark chocolates in my sewing studio…

So we pulled all the ingredients…I have to line them up in order now…because…I easily get distracted or I just can’t remember.  But I sometimes have forgotten an ingredient…but now my newest method of lining them all up makes it easier…Then “little man” steps up and starts putting in the ingredients…and watches them mixWhen we are all done mixing- he can’t wait to lick the paddle…then he moves on to the spatula…Then it’s time to scoop them out..onto the baking sheetsand he doesn’t let me do it…HE has to do it…lol….He is using the large cookie scoop for this recipe…he also was in a hurry to put the dark chocolate chips in before I realized they should have been hand mixed in…the mixer kind of broke them up and you can’t see them…but you can when you eat them!!

we packaged some to freeze and bake later.

They came out so pretty!!!  Click Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies -for another great recipe..Taste testing in the car…and yes..I let him drive his car in the house…he can’t wreck my “real” distressed floor!!

Then we spent the rest of the day…building his new Lego Fire Truck...he has a birthday coming soon so…I might have had a gone a little overboard with his presents so why not play with one now!!!  This one is also easy for Grandma’s to help put together…lol!He was so proud of it after it was assembled!!! He is also starting to play very well by himself…This lego table I found at a flea market was the best $10 bucks I have spent on him…he also has his Daddy’s and Uncle’s legos to play with…I only saved the big duple legos…
I then had to “pack” him a lunch …after lunch we played hide and seek…then he played with Papa when he got home…all I heard was giggles…Nick also wanted me to Thank all of you who asked about him at Road to California…He is doing pretty well after both of his surgeries…the Doc just tells him it will take time to feel 100% and to get his hormone levels to where they need to be, they are watching and testing all the time…He currently is in “Man-0-pause”that was the Docs term…he’s having lots of hot flashes and other such things happening…it’s kind of funny…but not to him of course…He is planning on being in Paducah!!!

Time to start stitching for today!!! I am working on setting 98 blocks…and I know…I will show you soon when I have something substantial to show..I won’t wait til I’m done…I want you to see it in person…not just on paper…We are talking about Triangle Gatherings…of course.

Block 18 & 19 Triangle Gatherings


I hope you all are doing well this morning…I had a busy week..how about you?  So to celebrate the weekend I thought I would post two blocks and catch up to my agenda…Did I mention I LOVE seeing your blocks on Facebook!!…I am still trying to find a prize for reaching over 1000 members…hopefully we won’t have 2000 by the time that happens…I hope you are sharing your blocks with your quilting buddies and telling them how much fun it is to do these simple blocks…I know some of us are doing way more than one a week…but that’s our own fault!!!



Yesterday was “little man” day again…he was so happy and fun all day long…So we had to make “Yummies”…and again he was my helper…

Thanks for putting up with me sharing my “little man”…for a reward I’m sharing the recipe with you…This recipe is from Rose Ann Cook from Quilters Emporium in Texas…She made these for one of my workshops and they were awesome!!!  Oatmeal-Walnut-Chocolate Cookies

Also…I think the dough will freeze well to bake at another time…so I am saving a dozen to try it!!!


All for now…How many of you are doing the MODA Blockhead blocks??? We are all crazy quilters!!! Stitch away!!! Who will post the first ones finished?





Blocks 14 & 15 Triangle Gatherings



Morning to All…I’m up early to get all my stuff together to go to VA today…”Little Man” has been with me the last couple of days so not much “work” getting done…but that’s the way it is…so before he wakes I thought I would shoot you a couple of blocks…yes two..just in case I get too busy this week teaching…Also yesterday we baked cookies…Nick’s favorite…Self Frosting Oatmeal Cookies….RECIPE…  easy to make also!img_0034img_0036


“Little Man”…loving the tub…notice he had to have his cookie there too!

Click here to print both blocks:    

I can’t wait to see some of you in sunny 70 degree Hampton, VA this weekend…and the rest of you we will stay in touch here…Have a good week…and remember to keep posting on FB and IG!

Anchor Point…hopefully will be clear of it’s ice when I return….img_9960





After so many have asked if we had more pin bowls….we decided we would do another round of them…Here are your five color choices (I see there are more color shown on the website, but these 5 colors here are your choices)…I think Jake has about 200 of them done…but hopefully you ALL won’t order the same color!…But we will get them done and out to you asap…now why do we need a magnetic pin bowl?

Many many reasons….one they are so stinking cute…and two they are not just for pins…They can hold binding clips, metal bobbins…they stick to the frame of a long arm…here is a pic of the three I have in my sewing room at home…I think I need the aqua one to put my machine tools/feet in so I’m not co-mingling…I separate my pins..I have my fine quilting pins by my machine..that’s why my tools/feet end up in this bowl and then I have larger quilting pins…for pinning up my blocks on the design wall, pinning my sleeves on while I’m stitching the binding on my machine..and then the flat head pins that I use to decorate my pincushion with…see the wool circle on one?

img_0169So the wait is over…you can order your pin bowl here for $15 each  PIN BOWL
I loved reading your comments yesterday…And we are all alike…yes..we truly miss our loved ones who have passed on and would give just about anything to see them again…I am with many of you with a heavy heart at this time…It will soon be 3 years since Lance left us, and I too have lost a father…Even though our hearts hurt we go on…you make sure to  fill your life with love, laughter and fun…because life IS really short.  I believe even if you live to be 100 it’s still short…the years fly by…we all have things that have broken our hearts…that’s what makes us stronger…but OVERCOME and choose to be HAPPY! I believe it a choice…

Lance and I dancing at Jake & Lauren’s wedding Summer 2013img_2455

So let’s see who the ruler box winner are…I admit on this one…I picked a few that made me laugh…the others were random numbers picked….

Laura baumgardner
December 23, 2016 at 7:42 am
I would love this spend the time locked up in your shop or home . (LOL…me too Laura)

Deborah from H Town (Houston)
December 22, 2016 at 10:42 pm
Lisa, what a cute, unique way to display your mini quilts. You give us some much inspiration. I am lucky I can spend this Christmas with most of my wonderful family, I thankful for each and everyday now after having a health scare a few months ago. Merry Christmas to you and your family

Judith Dietrich
December 22, 2016 at 6:56 pm
I would love to spend Christmas with Elton John!! I love his music & have never gotten to see a concert in person. I would just think it would be incredible to learn about him. To think of all the people he has met, and maybe hear a favorite song. Can’t happen, but you did say wish…….Judy..first one to pick a STAR!

Marilyn Hopkins
December 22, 2016 at 7:27 pm
Of course I would want to spend it with my family, but that would include my Dad who passed when I was 18. Oh, what a fun time that would be!!

WINNERS please contact AMY at ahoefler.new.rr.com with your name and address to claim your prize!!!

Someone asked about the metal clips for hanging my mini quilts…you can get them from Amazon below are the details…img_9203-2

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Do you want to win a pin bowl?  Tell me one of your Christmas Traditions…do you play games? Do you go to the movies…do you just hang out?  Do you have a great idea for group exchanging gifts?  Do you drink too much Slush?  Hey I have a GREAT recipe for SLUSH click to print…christmas-slush by lisa bongean  It is also great without the alcohol….I usually make one with and one without…As a kid….I just wanted to drink the slush like everyone else!!! but NOooooooooo…so I make sure the kids can have slush here..christmas-slush-by-lisa-bongean

12 Days of Needful Things…Day 12…

Sorry my post had a broken link…

12 Days of Xmas Ornaments 12

Well it’s the first day of our 12 day countdown to Christmas…I am always so excited to be able to introduce or showcase why these products are MUST haves for our quilting obsessions.  Please remember to leave a comment on this post for a chance to win this item!

I have to admit I have my favorite quilting items…and one of them are Olfa mats and rotary cutters, which we happen to use exclusively in our wholesale kitting department at Primitive Gatherings…There are so many inferior cutters out there and I get to see/use the when I’m teaching.  I love my 60mm Olfa cutter but today I am introducing what I believe is genius!!! A folding mat!  Here are some photos. 2680_-1440513941300images This is the answer for bringing your mat to class or retreats…

When we go to classes that require a mat its always awkward…their big and clunky…They do not like extreme heat or cold and nasty things like permanent warping and breakage happen when they are left in our cars.  We don’t mean to neglect them but life happens and something the results are bad.  Trust me I know…I’ve had it happen to my nice mats…but…Now Olfa has come up with a folding mat in two sizes…11″x17″ and 17″x24″. They are only half that size when transporting them.  They slip nicely into my sewing machine totes side panel or the small one even fits into my plastic project tote. Like I said Genius!!!

When unfolded you do not see the curved seam at all!!!  Now these mats are not cheap..they come with a nice price attached to them, they are worth it but we all cannot afford a $70 mat especially if you are just going to save it for classes/retreats…but we are going to ease this a little by offering the small one for $39.99 reg. $49.99 and the large one for $55.99 reg. 69.99   Save even more if you buy both at 89.99!!! CLICK HERE

I hope you find these mats something you could see as being very useful, and to help you keep that large mat at home and safe from permanent damage…

Remember to leave a comment and you may be notified on Christmas Day that you have won one of these amazing mats!!! If you would like us to HOLD your order until the end or until we hear from you please enter HOLD on your comment section of your order…If you do not say to hold we will ship them asap.  Please allow us time to get these out to you…we don’t know we are going to sell 5 or 50 and may need to re-order from our suppliers…Thanks for your understanding…

Now today it is cookie baking(made the dough last night) and house decorating day!!

If you have not made your Christmas cut-out cookies yet…I swear I have the best recipe ever!  Back when I was worLisa Bongeanking swing shift in the paper mill one of the guys bought in the best ever cut out cookie I have ever tasted…They were soft and fluffy and the frosting was amazing!!! He said his 90 year old neighbor had made them..I said you HAVE to visit her and beg for the recipe.  I love  homemade sweets and these cookies were amazing!  So here’s the recipe I have perfected over the years…you can THANK me later…Star Cut-Out Cookies   Click the link for a printable recipe

PS…They are not the prettiest, but the taste is A-Mazing….I can’t wait to feed Jace one of Grandma’s cookies!!!

My Best…LB