Well we have made it to long beach

Nick and I have both arrived safely in long beach…yesterday were rode our pedal bikes for miles along the beaches and water ways. We had a lot of fun… Today is booth set up day… I need to go to the store… I somehow forgot to bring any makeup, which isn't the worst thing I have done on this trip, I somehow managed to leave my iPad at LAX! Virginia found it, researched me, called the shop, I called her back and hopefully we will hook up at the show, her mother is a Quilter! I didn't even know I had lost it when she called me…Jess told me I had to call her and it was very important, when I called her she said, Lisa, I have your iPad, my heart just sank…I have over 6000 pictures on mine and most of them are quilts….. She said she had a wonderful time viewing them… Good thing there were no x-rated ones of Nick on it! Lol…I am blogging on my iPhone, it is so little, so I hope my iPad comes home soon…
The photo is of a fisherman and a star fish they trapped from the pier here, we had to check out what they were catching, Nick loves to fish…will blog more later…LB