Christmas with the boys…and shop Winter 2012 newsletter

Here is a peek at Jeter & Presley’s Christmas from Mom & Dad.  I will show you later what they got from
Aunt Nancy when we use it…Do you see my new Grand Puppy Brutus?  I call him Bruty he is no Brutus yet!!!  I spent the day after Christmas just playing…laid down this cute snowman mat from Primitives by Lynda…it will be available in the shop soon to purchase…the pattern is in the Summer issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.  The kits will be $40 and we have a few of that issue magazine left for $10 if you missed that issue.  I am sure Lynda will be making a pattern for this soon also…LB    By the way the new Winter 2012 Newsletter is on our site ready for you to print or I will just link it here  Winter 2012 Newsletter final.

Confession time…I ran away for the weekend?


Nick and I have run away from home…. can you guess where we were???

We had a blast and it was the perfect get-a-way!!!!

Our warehouse employees have participated in a little Holiday Cheer and each have decorated a stocking to decorate the warehouse…


I am a little impressed with one in particular..




Can you tell what it is?  My son Jake loves his Jetski…can you see the man hanging on while he is doing a flig?  Notice the waves??? I must advice him a little on his sewing skills though?  He used mostly staples…LOL..

In my last post I showed you my cookies I make every year…here is the recipe:  Star Cut-Out Cookies  Enjoy!!!!LB

Oh my Stars!

Finished cookies!!! I didn’t eat all the dough and here is the proof…I make the same kind of cookies every year.  Stars only with clear sugar crystals….They are sooo good.  I can honestly say I am a Christmas cookie snob…no one makes them better than these…I got this recipe from a 90yr old grandma of one of the guys I used to work with at the paper mill.  He brought them in and I made him go call her for the recipe that day.  I love home made sweets…and that is why I have to work out so hard…but truthfully since I have been home from Houston..a little over a month now…I have worked out with a trainer, kicked boxed or have done body combat for at least 5 days a week if not 6 most of those weeks…I mean I have worked very hard for a middle aged woman…I have watched my eating close as I can for a quilter who is around so much food….and guess what?  I have only gained 3 lbs…no really I have lost a few but not all that I have gained this year with being at the Gathering so much and eating Terri’s home cooking…you girls know what I am talking about who have been there…..Thanks to Mom and Ames we finished these cookies in about 3 hours.  The recipe is in our Primitive Christmas book….try them and you will become a Christmas cookie snob too and ruin it for anybody else’s cookies you try…

PS  I had a wonderful day reading all of the comments you posted to the email I sent out earlier this morning.  I don’t think I laughed that much in a long time….THANKS!…I also forwarded each and everyone to my shop girls so their day was filled with great comments and laughs too!  WE LOVE YOU QUILTING CHICKS!!!!Image




stitching with flannel…

ImageIt is so nice to sew and not have to worry about directions…I decided to stitch this new design I found at market…In the Meadow we can build a snowman…it stitches up very fast and the piecing can’t be simpler.  Look for this soon as a new kit at the shop…Today was pretty relaxing…when to Yoga/Pilates….took Nick, Jeter and Presley for a walk…decorated the Christmas tree…watched the Packers will #13 in a row…worked on stitching Christmas presents-can’t show you them yet…and then put the borders on this flannel quilt- this quilt needs buttons on her coat and some snowflakes in the background of the wool appliqués…but I will stitch that on after it is quilted….now I have to clean my sewing room!!!  LB

winners…blog hop

the winner are:


Winter Remembrrrrd…

and…wins the just because i made a boo boo…and thought she was a first at one of the ?’s…Nick must have read some of my emails and i was only reading the unread…husbands…no more explanations needed right?

Send me your addresses girls!

I will post your prizes when I get back from shopping today!!!LB


Moda Blog Hop…

Welcome to another great “blog hop” from Moda…Nick and I are busy, buying lots of presents…the outside of the house is all decked out…our neighbor hood looks like the Griswald’s Christmas.  All we need is some snow!  Yes I really said that…Let It Snow!  Please!!!

I am hoping to go to a couple of country shops today to get inspired and finish off my “inside” decorating…sometimes I need just that new thing to get me excited…a day off with the GFs and lunch will help also…the tree is up but not decorated…so I think after today I will want to finish everything.

I just want to take this time to mention what a special blessing it is to be part of Moda.  Words cannot describe how great this company, and it’s employees are to work with.  Being a Moda designer is the icing on the cake for me.

Below is my recipe and block we all did from Spring Market…you can just click and print.

recipe and block

I am starting my Christmas baking and candy making…I made a new concoction for my Christmas Wool Weekend at the Gathering this last weekend…The big bowl was empty!  It is the perfect combo of sweet and salty…I think next time I make it I will add some red and green M&Ms for a little color…it is all about the color.. CHRISTMAS SNACK CONCOCTION

Now Christmas is all about surprises….and I have 3 to give away…first one with the right answer to one of these questions …you can only win one of the prizes, that is only fair.                                     PS-Primitive Gatherings employees are not eligible to win these prizes…lol

What year did we open Primitive Gatherings?

What is the name of my first book?

What color wool do I most use in my patterns?  example: cowpatty wool  is a light brown…but not the right answer…we name all the wools on the patterns…so look at my patterns!!!  don’t just say red…get it?  I knew you would…

good luck!

Check back as I will be blogging a lot this month…here are the other bloggers in this hop…be sure to visit!  Lots of good things…all for now…LB

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