the rest of “old glory”

Ok..I have drawn it out long enough and missed a few days here but here is the rest of the line…I don’t think I have missed any, but i will count later…I have to get ready for a class today…nice rainy 41degree day here in WI perfect for stitching!  By Sunday 75degrees…Yay!!!

light tan with red

Now here are the various tans with reds and a little tone on tone tan…I really can’t wait for these to come to my door in a couple of weeks…I won’t even care that we have to probably stitch all day and night to get the quilts done that I have planned for them.



Thanks to all who came to the Schaumburg show…we had a great time and a wonderful show..thanks to you all…I seen a lot of my friends who have stayed at “my” Gathering house and have met even more new quilters…”welcome” to primitive gatherings…glad you stopped in our booth..

now…a little secret news…We are REMODELING the shop!!!   sometime next week…not this week…but next we will be tearing out the “teal”carpeting in the 1st section and counter area in the store…besides the updated carpeting …we are getting a new counter area and center display table from Dale and Sharin, from Natural Encounters.  We are getting lots of cubbies and will turn this area into our new WOOL section, you will walk into an abundance of wool, just starring at you begging you to take it home with you…then we will proceed to finish the whole store a section at a time to finish the new carpet, paint and sprucing up…I have to confess that the carpet in the store has to be about 40 years old??? eeeww…yuck…and it is so durable and stain resistant I can say since owning the store…I have never shampooed it!!! double yuck…but out with the TEAL carpet…it is time..

now the crappy news–we have to somehow work all around this…we will try to keep the store open and as much stuff “for sale” as possible ….but please be patient with our “mess” as it will be well worth it in the end….. you will have to enter through the back door and navigate both floors to see it all…I will update all of this info when we know more and have the plan in tact…but thought you might want to be in the know…all for now…have a great Sunday!!!

ps..i found this on pinterest….this is EXACTLY how i feel today…can you say nap?

red….I love this red

Today I will show you all the reds but it will be in two separate posts….there are three shades of red and I really like them a lot…do you see the little sheepies? In this line of fabrics I started with some small scale vintage prints, flowers and a shooting star print…added some stars and a star stripe along with my hand drawn sheep with a little star motif and then to really make the line current we added the “old glory” word stripe…. so that basically explains the line…the live totals 49 different skus…more to come…

New flying geese chart and ruler

We have paired an extensive size chart with my favorite Quick Quarter ruler for making no waste flying geese. The pair sell for $5 and will be wonderful for making tiny geese to very large geese. A new must have for your quilting room.

I am showing both sides of the chart at the same time here …. We have them in our booth today …. Don’t know if we have them on the web yet but we will soon…
They also make great gifts for your stitching friends…


light tans with blue

Ok…I need to tell you the name of the line…it is “old glory gatherings”…there are going to be so many things to make from this line… It can’t get here fast enough for me…I also have just found this pattern on pinterest that is going to be perfect…I will have to make sure to order lots of jelly rolls…

we will be ordering this as soon as I get home…got to run…show starts at 10…