summer stars from Temecula Quilt Co…


Anyone else stitching along this summer with Sheryl from the Temecula Quilt Co.?  I am…I look forward to her blog post every Friday with a new 4″ little block…I do this just for myself…a little treat at the end of another hard week…visit and sign up to follow her blog and receive these cut little blocks every week…Sheryl specializes in small little quilts.  I visited her shop last year and just loved it.

I was just checking to make sure my link worked and realized I did not get #6….I will have to go now…I am going to stitch it…I cannot be behind…it is all about finishing!  I will be in MI tomorrow…off to teachat Cousins Quilt shop before the Grand Rapids AQS show…I am taking the SS Badger over the big lake…i will be stitching for 3 lovely hours instead of driving in Chicago, can’t beat that!

Quilting with the Stars/ interview with Mary Fons…Love of Quilting

Hey..this is for all my quilting buddies who wanted me to let them know about this interview…this is really exciting for me, this is a first…but if you cannot sleep and are bored surfing the web, you can watch it here…..this is the first part of three parts…click the link below:

I needed to download the flash player and sign in …you might get some wool tips if you have not been able to take one of my classes…do you have the current issue of Love of Quilting?  Part 3 explains the project on page 62.