If you are going to Paducah…read this post!!!

Have you ever done something just because???  My Friend David is part owner of this BBQ boutique at 321 Broadway, Paducah KY (270-534-5951 phone)…Now I met David while he visited our booth many times over the years…and he has purchased many of my quilt kits from me.. for the last two years he has taken orders from all the vendors in the Finkel Building during the show and has delivered bbq nachos, pulled pork sandwiches.  In other words he has taken good care of us.  I think a year ago they actually opened a store/boutique…Now I have not been to the boutique where….. there is stuff that make women go WOW and stuff to cook your cow/pig…lol..that is  a quote from their Facebook page from a person who has been there..so….

If you are going to Paducah…I have something for you to do Thursday Night April 24th…Meet & Greet Dessert Social with ME!

I will be giving demos on a couple of things and bringing door prizes and will have a special surprise for everyone while supplies last..

Come 7-9pm and lets meet and eat!!!

Help us spread the word….if you know people that are going…tell them…

Also remember the Finkel Building is open on TUESDAY…a day earlier than the rest of the AQS events!

See you there!  LB