Part 3 Stitch Along…



Here is Part 3! I am so loving this little project…The pieced version directions are at the end…Click on the Part 3 Icon on the right side bar to print the directions.  The photo is a little funny colored but I’m in a hurry…I should be packing for Grand Rapids!!!  We leave at midnight tonight…and set up at 8am tomorrow…

Hope you are enjoying this…please send me your photos! Name your photo with your own name…thanks!Stitch Along P3 Lisa Bongean

IMG_9773Here is K. Mitchels… Pieced version.  Isn’t that inner border just perfect!!!

kaoru mitchellaurely de Smith



Then Aurely Smith’s, center with pinkish wools…


Then Deb Gepfer sent hers in as well!deb gepfer

Pieced SBOW-Opposites Attract..

I have all 168 blocks done…and 268 4-patches…plenty for some sort of border…now are you keeping up?  come on…You can do another 12…thats what I did…I was waiting for my 12 fabrics from the girls…and some I was making 24 because I was gone that week…but here they are all ready to put together…I wonder how long that will take..Instead of rows I’m going to stitch 9 or 12 patch blocks of blocks…then stitch the large blocks together…does anyone else not like stitching rows?  I think what I dislike the most is laying out the rows…trying not to get the same fabrics together…which always happens anyway…Hopefully I will have it all together by the time you get your last 12…

It’s a beautiful weekend in WI…yesterday I drove my jet ski 64miles!  It was a lot of fun…slept like a log after all the sun and fun!  

Happy Saturday…We are waiting the arrival of Clay and Christy from the Morgan Hoop Company.  They are spending the night at the lakehouse with us…while traveling to Grand Rapids MI for the AQS show next week…Who’s going to go to the show? 



Portland Quilt! Knit! Stitch!…and Block 13 Summer BOW

Q_K_S__largef3e2caJust want to let you all know that Primitive Gatherings is in Portland!!! We are vending at the Portland Convention Center today through Saturday…Stop by and see Luke, Jake and Jess…I miss the west coast since there was no Long Beach show this summer… But they are having a great time in Portland without me…(I stayed home to cause trouble (see next part of post), and get more work done)  There are lots of fun venders and of course lots of  for inspiration for all!


Next week Block 13 is shipping for the BOW”s… I made a correction on the pattern because I was double checking everything before we printed…and I changed 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ to 6″x6″ to give you a little more wool than just a half an inch…the flowers are 2 1/2″…but they already had 1000 of them cut and I didn’t know this…so your patterns will say 6×6 but your wools are cut 5 1/2″ which is big enough because that is what I cut to get mine out of…but I was trying to be a little proactive and it bit me…but I also know that the girls are double checking the pattern against the kits too! ;).  I know this may not seem like a big deal, but I want to bring it to your attention that we already know about this one…thanks to me.

I am sneaking out to the Lakehouse now…I think  I will take my work with me for tomorrow and call it a weekend!

Have a good one…and keep on stitching those blocks…I am going to start piecing my Opposites Attract quilt (this is the pieced SBOW) this weekend!  So I’m ready to reveal it on the 14th week!  I can even cut the pieces out without looking at the pattern!!! 14 weeks with 12 blocks each!!!

Also Stitch Along Part 3 will post on Monday!  LB
IMG_1198 photo

Block 11 Wool Summer Block of the Week-Sunflower Gatherings

We have a new cutting diagram for the branch on Block 11.  This is what happens when I use my block drawing and Teri, the graphic genius,when she redraws everything nice and pretty makes the branch one whole piece and I didn’t…You have plenty of wool, so no panic here…. This is what I did with the pattern you have…I flipped it over, traced the three branches and then added a bit for to lie under the birds..See how it fits on the wool below.  Here is a new cutting sheet for this block. click PDF IMG_9775 Block 11 Cutting Sheet

I have been stitching up a storm…Part 3 Stitch Along will be posting soon!  Hope you are have a great summer…its going by way too fast for me!!!


Last day of warehouse sale… and another cool event for you to attend!

Just want to let everyone know that today from 8-12pm is the final chance to get great fabric, patterns, books, kits, wools and so on…at awesome prices and I am sure they might be a little lower today!  We will also do some web warehouse sales (pattern/books and such) as soon as we get organized and get it all on the site!

Thanks to all who attended yesterday both in warehouse and on the site…we appreciate helping to lower our inventory while building your own!  It was nice to see those I saw the short time I was there yesterday…Linda (thequiltedpineapple) and her family are here with us at the lakehouse and I am not supposed to be working this weekend, so you will not see me at the warehouse today…here are some photos from yesterday…IMG_9732 IMG_9720 IMG_9727


I also want to let you all know about a super fun event you could attend…my friend and fellow pattern designer Stacy West is hosting a weakend on the WI/MN border.  I wish I could take the time to escape…If I did this is where I would be going…Below is her beautiful brochure here:

Happy Saturday! LB