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Hope you all are doing well!….I am almost done working in CA and will be on my way home for a long Memorial Day weekend…I has been work, work, work since a couple of weeks before Quilt Market…now it’s time for a little R&R with the family…Luke and Brooke are coming home from CA and hopefully the weather is nice to us so we can play in the water with “little man” and us all together!!!

This is just a little post about us adding some of finished items to our ETSY store….some of the items are shop samples some are the originals from my designs that I have stitched( like this pincushion below)…its time to downsize and get them to new homes!  So if you need some finished items or new samples for your store…please visit our store here…ETSY

talk with you soon and have a nice holiday weekend too!



NEW Wooly Fun to be had by all!!


We are getting ready to go to Market Next week in Salt Lake City and want you to be the first to see all of the NEW Wool Bundles and Charms that we have available!  And to make this post even sweeter, we are offering a promotion on our Wool Bundles and Wool Charms in honor of all of our NEW Wools!!  

We are Show casing our AWESOME New Primitive Woolens in some of these pictures.  We now have  a collection of 30 different Primitive Woolens available for you!  We have colors like, Salmon, Salsa, Lake, Foxglove, Periwinkle, Cranberry, Scarlet, Parsley and even Pigs Ear Pink! We wanted to call that one Oink, Oink, Oink!  Think how much fun that would have been to order over the phone!!!

We have NEVER offered a Sale on our Wool Bundles and Charms because we already have a discount  built into the pricing.  But TODAY is the day we change all of that.  From Today  until Sunday Night at Midnight, if you purchase 3 or more Wool Charms you will recieve 20% off of each one, which will make them only $9.60 per charm pack!  Each Charm Pack has 10 different colors and/or textures  in them.

Or if you purchase 3 or more of any size Wool Bundles you will receive 20% off of each of those as well!!!! Any combination of Sizes, it does not have to be the same size to receive the discount. Each Bundle contains 8 different colors and/or textures in them. With the 20% Discount,  your small bundles will be $16.00; Medium Bundles $30.40 AND your Large Bundles which already comes with $10 FREE in the regular Bundle price to $56.00!! That Large Bundle… about a STEEL, each 12″ x 14″(approx.) piece in there would only be $7!!!!

Not only do we have the NEW colors of Bundles on Sale, we also have all of our older, but still fabulous colors on Sale as well! Holly, Christmas, Union, Chocolate, Mustard, Pumpkin, Buttermilk, Raven, Sheep and so much more for you to choose from!



I could say “Choose wisely” but with all of these yummy colors I don’t believe any one will ever say, “You choose poorly!”  Can you tell I love me some Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?

All discounts will be applied when we ship your order, you will not see it applied on your computer invoice. Thank  you for understanding.

Have a great day!  We are hoping after 3 days of rain and over cast we get SOME Sun today!


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Frivols Winner…

And the winner of our Songbird Frivol is….

Gloria Galiana
April 8, 2016 at 10:34 am
I have been drawn to newsprint fabric lately. You could use sewing words/phrases or even farmhouse words. That seems to be the in thing now. I think maybe drawing colors from your Blue Barn painting would be beautiful…teal, gray, soft black and maybe a touch for yellow/gold. Maybe even make one of your prints on a larger scale to be used as a border. Love everything you do and thanks for the awesome giveaway.

We randomly picked Gloria’s comment and we are sending you the Frivols tin and the necessary fabric to complete the top and binding…Thanks Gloria for being our blog follower!!!images-1

Sorry it took so long for this…but we get side tracked a lot!!!

Enjoy your tin Gloria!

Summer Blocks of the Week…finally!!!

I’m just posting here just in case some of you are not signed up for the shop’s blog…Jessica did a fine job today posting about all THREE of our Summer Blocks of the Week…Please click HERE to read ALL the details that I may not mention in this post…

We all have been working very hard to get all the blocks done..and cutting sheets tested and all the details sorted to bring this to you…So I just want to briefly say a few things about each one…

Among Friends is a quilt I designed after Ardie, who teaches at the CA store…showed me her quilting basket that was made up into 3″ friendship stars…I thought…these are perfect for a “pieced” SBOW…so I came up with an interesting layout and started planning how we could make lots of yummy scrappy stars!  Here is what you will be getting…12 packages of 44 blocks…36 for the body of the quilt and 8 saved for the border…lisa bongeanIMG_6443I’m super excited to piece these weekly and collect little friendship stars each week! I’ll help you stay caught up!!!

Next is this adorable star quilt…I fell in”love” with this design…I usually don’t buy/collect 30’s quilts…but sometimes you have to make exceptions…img_2952LisaBongean/collectionThis amazing quilt HAS to be re-created…Jess named it Clara’s Stars after her grandmother…as she is in-charge of this one…primitivegatherings2016We are kitting it with civil war repos instead of the 30’s…with a choice of cream or tan backgrounds…I am going to try at least to make a runner…since I am in charge of the other two SBOW…I’m not THAT crazy to do all three…remember…we HAVE no choice we have to keep up and I know my limits!

Now the last SBOW…My Crazy Life..(how fitting)

I L-O-V-E how this one is going to turn out…It’s the finishing thats going to MAKE the quilt for me and I will be sharing in about a month after we start..but really if you just put these blocks together that would be fine to…but you know…it will be A-mazing for what I have planned for it …so keep that in mind…

This quilt is FUN…It is easy…the strips will be cut to size for you…as it is very forgiving and you will trim the blocks down, which will set them back straight again… You are looking at flannel backgrounds and wool appliqués…These blocks are so fun…after I finished these 8, they were so colorful and cheery I decided to get the rest of them ALL fused about a day in a half…so this in not intense (like 2015’s was…lol) so if you are all about fun and simple this one is for you…but remember the setting it going to elevate it to awesome!!!lisa bongean 2016lisa bongean 2016

I am supposed to be stitching on a BOM I need to get done for Spring Market…but I got severely sidetracked with this…but now they are ready to stitch…I will bring them along to Market and maybe they will all be done by the time I return…

You will be doing 4 blocks in each package… very do-able!

Now last but NOT least…the FREEBIE!!! I’m not going to say anything but this…might be the best freebie yet…and you know we’ve had some great ones!!!lisa.bongean2016

If you cannot commit to the SBOW you can still get the FREEBIE each week with a $25 purchase from the shop…walk in or internet…but if you are in any of the SBOWs you automatically get them shipped with your weekly package of happy mail!!!

Again…lots of info here but if you want ALL the details you need to visit HERE . It will give you links to the shop’s website where you can sign up for these wonderful projects to keep us inspired and stitching all summer long…We will also have 2 Facebook groups…with exclusive memberships to help, share, encourage, give stuff away and just meet some wonderful people!!! If you were in the group last year comment and encourage those who “don’t do Facebook” to try it…

If you have any questions after reading Jess’s blog post with all the info please email or call the shop…but I think she covered it all…ps…if you already signed up for Among Friends…just make a note on your order if you are signing up for another…or email if you forget.

I have lots to post about coming up…so I will be bothering you more in the near future…all for now….what do you think about Presley choosing to relax on this super cool hexie floor??? A quilter must live here…and a doggie that loves hexies too!

lisabongean2016all for now….LB