The Magic of Christmas-Block 2

Ready for the next block?…

Thank you for waiting patiently while we shipped out fabrics for all of you wonderful followers who want to make this awesome quilt!…If you are still waiting for yours we only have about 20 orders that did not ship out-we are either waiting for an updated CC or we have not heard from you via email regarding a sub, OR if you just recently ordered it may still be in transit…but again…we THANK YOU!!! for all the orders!
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I have included a black and white PDF in case you don’t want to suck the ink from your home printer…and please share your blocks in instagram at #themagicofchristmasquilt   Mary A…I know you started another # but I can’t find it!!!

Also keep in mind these blocks will in a pattern/book in the near future …if you are so inclined to set yours differently…or anything else…we welcome your creativity and to be apart of this project…if you make it just like ours…we love that too! It’s nice to be apart of something…

I hope you are enjoying these last days of summer…stitching, stitching, stitching…I love having these blocks to do in-between the big projects I am working on…they are like treats!!!

I know it has been awhile since I posted the first block…but they will come A LOT faster now that we have fabric shipped and Christmas is coming!!!



Sorry!!! Our Shop is CLOSED!


We are so sorry the shop will be closed today…We are having water issues with the new road construction.  We are cleaning up and will try and get this remedied as soon as possible to get the store back to normal.

We will be able to ship orders, but there may be some delays as we might need to spend time on getting the store put back together.  We will have to replace some flooring and you know what that looks like in a quilt shop…lots of moving and rearranging.

Thank you for understanding that this is out of our control and we hope to be up and running as soon as possible.  We will keep you updated.

Lisa & the Staff of Primitive Gatherings

Splendid sampler-block 55



The Splendid Sampler
click the link for this pattern and all the patterns up to this date….
My block is called the Dedication Rose in honor of all of those who are dedicated like me to keep this great art of Quilting going strong for many many many years…

As you can see my needle turn appliqué skills need a little more practice…in which I used to be really good at…there are so many ways now to appliqué…like the starch method…and after making this block and noticing how my skills have diminished over the years from not doing needle turn appliqué. I tried the starch method for a quilt in one of my current books which yielded much better results.

I am currently on a retreat with a great bunch of Moda designers, Moda employees and sewers for Moda and Moda designers… A creative and talented group to spend almost a week with.  Anne, from Bunny Hill, just happened to be working on my block….how is that for timing…

Anne’s appliqué is amazing and I am glad she allowed me to share her block with you as well…

As said earlier I am at the Sunset retreat with 20 “dedicated” quilters who happen to be amazing people as well…we laugh so hard our bellies ache and most of us don’t even know each other that well…but it’s very easy to make new quilting friends… My hope is that WE all make new quilting friends by spreading the joy of quilting with everyone you meet!!! We need to keep our quilting industry strong and viable in today’s weird world.  This Splendid Sampler is another way for you to connect with quilters across the world… and we all need to “Thank” Pat and Jane for starting this group for all of us to connect.

Here are some of the design walls at retreat… Some of these are up and coming designs you will see soon…some are just projects we are workin on from our collections of kits… Whatever the case we are creating beautiful things…

I bet you can tell by some of these projects who I am with…but there are some who are working on gifts and personal stuff as well…again I am so lucky to be able to spend time with these ladies….it truly is a  treat!img_5498-2img_5497-1img_5499-1img_5496-2

Have great day!!!!

The magic of christmas update…

I hope you are all enjoying our last month of summer!!! We are getting our driveway put in today!!! Yay!!! It’s winding down…almost finished and then I can blog more about Anchor Point!!!IMG_7435



But I wanted to let you know of this amazing problem I have…we have lots and lots of people who ordered fabric kits for the Magic of Christmas which we so appreciate!!!…and we can fill them all with one little adjustment…

I picked the background fabric for the country version because we had the most of it in our warehouse and was unsure of the brown…but…the one I originally picked and wanted to use Moda had a bunch in their it has all arrived…most of you will get the original version…but we will have to sub some with the tan/red shown here  to make sure everyone gets a kit…Here are the two fabrics side by side…they are both from Miniature Gatherings..some of you may prefer the sub as it really was my first choice but knew we didn’t have enough at the time I chose the fabrics.IMG_7432

So if you absolutely are going to not like your kit if it comes with this fabric instead please let us know before we start shipping which will be really soon…

Also for you “City” versions….we are putting the fabric color numbers in your kits we have sent you in case you need to order more if you are going to adapt yours and need more…just in case!!! Don’t lose them!!!

Also I know some of you are asking when is BLOCK 2 coming…as I stated in the Block 1 post I was going to wait until we shipped all the kits so you weren’t way behind before you got yours…I asked for two weeks…so when I get back next week I will post another blocks or two?

Thank you so much again for joining our SAL…we are going to have a blast!!!

I am going to Dallas tomorrow!!! That means a visit to MODA and a retreat with a bunch of the designers and Moda staff members!!! So its going to fun, fun, fun!!!


The magic of Christmas…Stitch Along Block 1

Ahh…theres nothing like a red and white quilt…img_5445After seeing this photograph taken of my guest bedroom from the American Patchwork & Quilting photoshoot, I want to make my own red/white sampler quilt.  To make sure I really do it I decided to do it as a Stitch Along…I am calling it “The Magic of Christmas”…and I want to do it two ways…City and Country versions….or Modern and Primitive  or Traditional and Vintage….all of these names would all work…but we are going with City and Country versions.

What I know for sure about the SAL (Stitch Along)…25 blocks..6” blocks…before Christmas…instead of doing them the 25 days to Christmas Dec.1 -25…. I decided to spread it out a bit so we ALL can get it done by Christmas!!!

The patterns will be a Free downloadable until Christmas here on my blog.

If you appreciate our time and effort of maintaining this SAL you can reward us by purchasing your fabrics from us. Here are our offerings for fabric kits.  City version, bella solids…you can order the 3 yds of red and 3 yds of white as a special price kit for only $35 for both fabrics  OR  you can order them separately for $21 with no discount.  Order HereCity/Lisa Bongean

Country version…will be 12 FQs of reds and one 3yd light tan country background as shown here in the block. Country/LisaBongean The kit will be $55 for the kit…You can also order just the red FQs for $33 and the tan background for $33.  There is also a discounted backing option too.  Order Here

I am not totally sure about the setting yet…but for what I do have in mind there may be a possibility we can get the whole quilt out of these fabrics… you never know….but I promise to try and get it out of the fabrics here…I love a challenge.

We have some of this fabric in our warehouse…however, we do not know if we are going to have 5 or 500 people sign up…kits are first come until we run out…the city version we will not run out of…we can reorder that…but the country version will be limited if you want these exact fabrics.   I will NOT send out a 2nd block until all of the kits have been shipped…the block took me less than an hour from starch to finish…ha..did you get that?  So you will not be several blocks behind if you order our kits…we will not get another block for almost 2 weeks.

I have to get 24 blocks in in less than 15 weeks so some weeks there will be 2 or 3 who knows…my postings will be random…like my life…It will be fun and we can also have that red/white quilt of our own just like my cupboard of antique red/white…. This quilt cupboard photo was used with permission form American Patchwork & Quilting. If you want to see more photos from the photo shoot not in the magazine click HERE…like this closeup of the quilt on the bed…img_5446-1

Again Thank You for following me on this blog and I hope you join us for the SAL!!! We appreciate your continued support!!!

Click HERE for a printable PDF of block 1 of “The Magic of Christmas”.  We will probably make this into a pattern so be sure to print them right away as they will not be on the blog forever!!!  If you have trouble printing the PDF. I have tested it and it is working…So please update or find a young person to help you figure out why you cannot print the PDF.  Here is a picture of the pattern, in case you are having difficulty, but will to do this for all the blocks…

For those of you who love to go above and beyond…maybe we can publish a few different finishing options for these blocks, and publish your quilts along with ours.  So lets see what develops here! I’m also thinking we should do some giveaway at Christmas time ,for those of you who finish their quilt tops can enter into…so it doesn’t have to be quilted, yet.


Copyirght 2016 Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings/The Magic of Christmas-Block 1

This pattern is only for personal use.

Quilt shops cannot print and use this in their shops. HOWEVER!!!!… If you want to sell Primitive Gatherings fabrics (like the above red FQ bundle and a light print) and guide them to sign up for our blog to get the FREE patterns THAT the right thing to do AND is much appreciated.  We please ask that you do not abuse our FREE pattern intended for our loyal customers and that your fabric bundles be only PG fabrics.  I am sure you can understand our reasons and support our hard work by honoring it.

Now after all that…whew..

Today I am going on a Pub crawl/scavenger hunt/on a bicycle to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes…should make for an interesting day!  But for now I must stitch on my BOW Among Friends…I may be a little behind…need to catch up!!!

Happy Saturday!!!