Day 11…Needful Things for Quilters

11 daysThe next “needful” thing that I can’t live without is my “snips“.

I mount this right on my sewing machine, so I always know where it is…I use this tool in place of a scissors when piecing.  When you are chain piecing patch after patch, you have to cut all the chains apart, I reach for this snips because it can be easily picked up and set down, no fingers in the holes…the blades are curved, so I stretch out my chain and begin snipping them apart, with the curved blades pointing toward my threads between my patches…it is much quicker and I feel that I will not cut into anything because it is a short snip and not a cut with a scissors, in which  I would have to pick up the patches and then cut…I can just snip these laying on my sewing table…like shown below… I mount my snips on my machine with a magnet…now I do not stitch on a computerized machine so I can mount it this way…I will talk later about my machine…Oh, I forgot…I have one of these mounted on the handle of my long arm machine too…hopefully all you long armers out there already know about this…



If you are interested in purchasing this “snips” it is again conveniently linked below to my site, however I have no problem with you supporting your local quilt shop and purchasing there.  If you do not have a nice local shop and want to purchase from me…you will receive a 25% discount off it now til the end of the year.  Please understand that your order may take a bit.  We do not know how many we will sell?  It might be 5 it may be 50, hopefully it won’t be 500, I don’t think my supplier would have that many!!!…lol, so we may have to order this for you.  We appreciate your patience and we will ship your order as soon as we have them in our store, if we run out of what we have in stock.  Thread Snips order here

You may wait and place an order at the end of the 12 Days…the discounts do apply until the end of the year.  See I do read your comments!!!

Now for the winner of yesterdays Day 12 post…is Comment #81….Cindy P…I picked the number 81…it was my father’s race car number.

Handmade pincushion and 4x8 ruler!
Handmade pincushion and 4×8 ruler!

Your prize is shown here…please send me your mailing address so we can get this ready to be mailed…PS  I have decided to mail all the winners their prizes at the end of this event…One trip to the PO instead of 12 ! Stop back by tomorrow to see what else you may “need” to help you be a better Quilter!  REMEMBER to leave a comment to win a prize!