the family album

Nick & I and Lance, Jake and Luke-our family
Mom & Me
My niece, Addie & Me- I am saving this for when she is 16- I think she' pick'in???
6" block from 2010 Newsletter Block #1

Here are a few photos from Christmas Day…I did sew a little this morning.  I sewed the binding on the Dolly Madison Quilt and finished the 6″ block from the newsletter.  Did you make yours yet?  Maybe after looking at mine and you will want too!  Time to get in the shower and get ready to work at the after Christmas Sale at the shop!

christmas eve morning

It’s way too early to be up, but i still have lots to do… here is a little glimpse of what’s been going on in my world the last couple of days…

getting ready for Christmas…

sewing for featherweight club...blocks are 2"- it is now quilted and hanging in the shop
baked and decorated the cut out cookies
I only make stars with clear sugar crystals on top- Hey a girls got to have a trademark...."remember Aunt Lisa...she only made star cookies at Christmas time.."
a little more decorating...
baked banana bread...damn...still not as good as Carole's
made..homemade "bailey's" Irish cream...for presents...
quilted "Dolly Madison Stars" for a shop sample, made by Colleen looks great Colleen!
the close-up
This is what Nick does, while I am cooking and baking...his Sunday ritual...
I received this quilt last year from the girls at the shop...made a sleeve and hung it in our hallway for all to see at Christmas time.
way too many presents under this tree...Nick loves being Santa.
packing the peanut clusters for friends and neighbors...

Well I hope you all have a great Christmas…I will for sure…I have to get my last chance grocery list ready …I hear little ice/snow falling against the windows…we don’t need this today…but what are we going to do about it.  I am truely blessed to be able to do what I do, and I am very thankful that it is something I love…take care everyone!


winter wonderland…

Our snow-covered house

winter arrived in one big hurry here last week…we had 40 and 50 degree weather and then we were dumped 16″ of snow on Wednesday, with lots of wind…see the greenery on the house blowing in the wind…Nick got to play on his four wheeler, which died in the middle of the job and had to be brought in…something in it’s brain box…that happens to me sometimes.

So, it was a good week to start decorating the house for Christmas…I decorate very simply…not any glitz or glam or glitter…but here are a few pics of what I got done so far…Nick helped me with the tree one night I think we have 1000 or so lights on it…I think we wrapped every branch, except a few in the back. Every year for Christmas, Carole gives me a redware Santa from Eldreth Pottery…can’t wait to see what he looks like this year.

Now to start my list of goodies I am going to make this year…peanut clusters, christmas cookies…molasses cookies…seafoam ( mom will help with this) fudge, carmel corn, banana bread, and some other oreo truffles, that Jeanine had made when we had sewing over there on Monday.  So I got the peanut clusters done so far…

nick on his mini snow "plow"

our mantle and socks
a little green boughs and a red & tan quilt
table test run with new dishes
wooden bowl filled with more greens, old bells, some berries and a velvet heart that holds a candycane in its pocket...
picture with gungy fake poinsettias and more greenery
front door hallway entrance...antique quilt with more stuff...
redware santa collection
tree with homemade decorations and lots of lights
peanut clusters....the start of my christmas candymaking

retreat weekend

view from my sewing spot

I got a chance to get away after the crazyness of the open house.  Carole and I went to Homestead Cabin Retreat in Hillpoint WI- hosted by Patsy and Marty McCluskey… I love it here…I sleep so well in my are a few pics from the weekend.  I got a good start on a quilt for our next book and I almost finished a sample for the shop that I have been wanting to start….If you need to get a way…do it…this would be a good spot… Call Patsy she has some openings and people cancel sometimes…what i really like about this place is you get to meet so many new people…I met Lori from 10min away…Suzanne from across the street, Free and Yo from Waukegan IL, Carol, Chris and Kelly from WI, close by they are in the quilt guild that Patsy belongs to, Renee, Terry, Cheryl and Briget, I think they were all from IL too!  You could even go by yourself and you would have 16 instant friends by the end of the weekend.  This was a potluck weekend so Patsy could sew with us…It was a lot of good food, can’t wait to get all the recipes!  All for now..time to work out and work off all that good food….

the old homestead cabin...hand sewing spot
my nest for the weekend...
the tile work in the cool...
my sewing project for the weekend...1200 half square triangles
Patsy gets to sew with us! Yay! how do you spell yah???
Yolande...makes the best salad...I call her "Yo"...and her friend "Fre" short for Frieda
Chris and Carole...a new friend and an old one...what more could you ask for...
another Carol... Hey! Carol where you black box?
project number 2...I love crows!

the party’s over…

Wow! What a wonderful Open House we had! Thanks to everyone who came or participated via the internet!  It took us all day Monday to sort and pick through orders, and we still didn’t get to them all.  We are cutting kits for the “I’ll be home for christmas” quilt.  We had to make 61 more coupon books just for the people who were at the open house.  So the last two days have been work, work, work…no sewing, but…Here is one of the things…I am working on…my shop kit for the Civil War Tribute quilt came in and I am having a blast making these big blocks…18″, the last blocks I made finished 4 1/2″ so it is nice to do a switch..Here is my kit..

Here is the first months blocks finished…two blocks are in the first month, 18″ and 12″ finished.  It is so fun…and the fabrics are so cool…  

getting back to the open house, we had a great response to the bed turning ….Carole Charles graciously showed some of  her quilts with us….we will do it again! Here is the grand finally of the bed turning…I am looking forward to going this weekend to Homestead Cabin Retreat, in Hillpoint WI, It is pot luck weekend so each few of us is responsible for a meal and that means that Patsy gets to sew with us!  I am trying to pull fabrics together to start working on a new quilt for the next book Carole and I will be doing…along with trying to do my part of the meal preparations…my list is as follows: Strawberry Slush, Chicken Enchiladas…i just have to make the meat, we will assemble there, and Texas Caviar…plus anything else I want to eat…sounds good doesn’t it.  So far, the groceries have been bought and the slush is in the freezer…well it is time to get ready for exercise…and I need to remember to get more sizing….this time i am buying all they have…all for now!