American Patchwork & Quilting

Look for this little design  in American Patchwork & Quilting magazine.  I think it will come out in December–but I think it is the February issue…I will be submitting more designs to magazines this year. LB

“Sewing Day” show and tell….

A couple of weeks ago, before Market I got to enjoy a sewing day at Joanne Blanks house…here is the fabulous “Show & Tell”…it is mostly all wool…but some wonderful things…this might inspire all 500 of you Wool Crazy Ladies to keep on stitching!  It is a rainy night here…but I am sewing on the FREEBIE  block for summer…Carole was over today so I was able to get some stuff done between phone calls…sorry Carole…LB

Joanne's sister, Frannie's challenge quilt
Joanne's Fall wool crazy mat
Joanne's Winter wool crazy mat
Caroles' "LITTLE Whirley gigs...quilt
Karen's long wool crazy runner
Joanne's Applique Affair hanging in her LR
Joanne's challenge quilt....


Hello everyone…boy, am I tired…we got home from Market on Sunday night late…did all that unpacking, organizing and clothes are in the washing machine…I still have to go to the grocery store to get some food in the house, but I will do that after this and my email to everyone…

Below are some new pattern designers we found in MN…we love their patterns…and they are probably being added to our site as we speak along with all the other new patterns and books we found…kits will be coming soon so if you want to be put on a list for a specific one…let us know by email…and then the girls from Crabapple Hill always have good things….see that new one in the back of the booth to the right….we will be doing our “primitive gathering thing” to that one…

I had a meeting this morning with Jess and Rach to get ready for St. Cloud MN…so we hope to see everyone who is around that area is the first time we are attending the MN Quilt show… so I hope it will be another great show to add to our yearly tour!

I will be back with more soon…LB

Deborah from Red Thread
Crabapple Hill Girls---look all in the booth at once...

the best customers!

I have the best customers!…Jess called and told me we have over 100 people signed up for the block of the week in one day!  That is a lot people for one day…I appreciate your constant patronage to our wonderful shop…It just makes me want to work harder!  I need to tell you all what is also going on…I can’t sleep at night…just thinking about what we are going to do to make this a wonderful place for Quilter’s to hang out…On May 28th after we get home from Quilt Market we are supposed to close on this house below.  It is on 1375 Racine St.  Right down the street from the shop…about a half mile away…we think we will be able to house 12 guests at first…with room to expand if needed.  It sits on almost an acre lot, with a big circle driveway….set back from the road.  My mother has given her notice at her job, cooking for 25 retired brothers and priests, to help us out and cook for our quilters.  She is going to be 63 and needs to quit anyway and take care of her daughter…  There is lots to do…new roof, tear out a wall between the living room and family room, some broken windows, garage door apron needs to be repoured, lots of paint, flooring, bathroom counters, sinks, toilets and showers…who puts pink counters in a 15 year old house?  I guess the same person who puts blue siding on their house…sorry if you have a baby blue house….I am getting used to it…I will have to decorate the outside with lots of red, white and blue.  The backyard is huge with room for lots of gardens…and fruit trees…Mostly cosmetic things have to be done…so I am hoping it all get put together by September!  Anyone need to get away? The Appleton Airport is less than 10 minutes away!

This could be our new "RETREAT HOUSE"

a few more projects to peek at

Here are the last projects I needed to get done before Quilt Market in MN.  Run Chicken Run…is the last tablemat…and the Christmas Journal is for the Sat. Class at Primitive of the Midwest….I had a really fun day yesterday….here is how it went…worked in the morning, went to w/o with trainer, went to Honeymoon Acres again….taught Wooking with Wool…I had 4 girls…all from out of town…Karen came from Omaha NE, Ruth came from Sheboygan WI and Melanie and Ok…I can’t think of the other gals name…please forgive me…came from MI.  The class went well and we all had a great time…then I came home…made something to eat and worked on class descriptions and market brochures until about 11pm…so I actually got a lot done…now I have to order dyes for wool and work on a thread chart that matches our wool chart… Have a good day…LB

Christmas Journal
Open the flap...
Inside back flap..

Summer BOW Preview…

Ok…here we are…this is the only “preview” you are going to get for the Summer block of the Week….it is called “Lisa’s Garden” I have always loved Florence Peto’s Antique Nine Patch and Applique quilt.  So why not do my own Garden Quilt.  Ours will have 48-3″ applique blocks and 63 pieced nine patch blocks that will set on point… I will design the applique blocks and the border-which is still to be determined, like usual…but I think it will be pieced with a little applique.  You will get 4 applique and 5 pieced blocks along with all the fabric for the applique backgrounds the first week.  The next 11 weeks you will receive the 4 applique blocks and the 5 pieced blocks-with a couple more nine patch blocks the last week to make 63.  The 13th week will be the border and the cost will be posted later…I think we will be able to use a lot of the fabric we already have from the nine patches to complete the border with….We are doing at least 9-3″ blocks a week, we are going to use up a lot of the reproduction scrap at the shop-so your nine patch fabrics will not be exactly the same as the photo, but if we use a blue you will have a blue and so on…we are being green and resourceful at the same time and still give you a great “summer” deal….The top applique blocks are the 1st week with the nine patches, the bottom appliques are the 2nd week and I don’t have the 2nd week’s  nine patches done yet….too much quilt market stuff to do yet….It will be $20 for the first week and $10 for the next 11 and then the border the 13th week that is to be determined…I also want to throw this out to any of you who might want to do this….I am thinking about making 2 sets of blocks and doing a 2nd quilt but continuing with the quilt!  Maybe with about 200 applique blocks…so maybe I am crazy or maybe I am not alone and there are others of you who are up for the challenge.  Florence made 2 quilts a big one and a little one… Please let me know…the applique blocks are really simple and easy to do…maybe about half an hour each to stitch.