Wool Quilt in MN

Mary Chalmers's Wool Quilt

Well we have our first day in, in St. Cloud MN.  I did not get to see all of the quilts yet, but in the room were are in this was my favorite.  It is all wool.  It looks like mostly recycled wools from clothing scraps.  The quilt was embroidered heavily with perle cottons.  Great Job Mary!   She states she got the inspiration from a quilt in a magazine from 1988.  She later was in our booth buying hand dyed perle cottons…What do you think she is going to do with those now????  Below is a close up of the quilt.  As we were going to dinner tonight there were tornado warnings…then came the rain.   We managed to stay pretty dry.  I had almond crusted walleye at the White Horse Inn downtown.  It was to die for and I almost ate the whole thing…we are sewing now and the sun is shining with a fat rainbow forming outside our 5th story hotel room…all for now…LB

close up of one block and the border...

St. Cloud—Minnesota

Well here we are in MN…we have our booth set up, Nick is taking a nap (imagine that) and Carole and I are sewing.  Carole is working on her Miniature Patchwork Alphabet Quilt and I am working on the Blocks of the Week…picured below.  I hope all of you who are in the area take a ride and come see us in St. Cloud this weekend!   We have lots of cool things in our booth!   I will keep you updated on how the weekend goes!

Week 2 Freebie

Week #2 Freebie..

This is the 2nd block of our FREE  weekly blocks that you will receive for making a $10 purchase from our store…I love the freebie blocks…am I working on #4 now and they are all different and will be awesome set together.  The threads I used for this block are as follows: Valdani #12- P12 and P2–Valdani 3-Stranded floss (3SF) o534 and 1645.

The new house-The Gathering

It was official…May 28th..we closed on this house  that we will convert into a retreat and resting place for our customers.  We have figured it can accommodate 12 people in our first phase of remodeling.  If it is a success, we will do a phase 2 remodel to hold even more guests.  We are hoping to have it operational by September.  Remodeling has already been started. Walls are coming out, and we are busy making plans and shopping for paint, counters, lights, appliances and so on….I will post often for you to see it’s progress…we are very excited to be able to offer another service to our customers.

the walls are coming down...