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Wool Summer Block of the Week-2012-Evelyn’s Album

Good morning everyone!  I am back from North Carolina where I taught and met a bunch of really nice ladies…a few of my favorites were Hillie and her friend….it went kind of like this, this is Hilda’s side of the conversation….Now, what is this?…I need that…and what about that?  that too…and what else can you show me?…got to love a woman possessed by our stuff…then their was Stacy and her friends…(sorry girls, but Stacy gave me her card) can’t remember the friends names…they treated my like some kind of Rockstar, and I think soon realized that I am just like them and could be in their sewing group…but honestly….I love being HOME!!!         My two buddies like being home also….they helped me decide what wools needed to go on the borders of our Summer Block of the Week (SBOW)…and then proceeded to snuggle in it…they know what the good stuff is!

Here is the real point of this post….I am nervous about the finishing kits for the SBOW and having enough of them…we have twice as many participants than last year!!! YEAH!   So I want to get things rolling as fast as possible to get as much red fabric for finishing as possible and then order what is not in Moda’s warehouse…but here lies the problem…how many of you are going to want the finishing????  See my dilemma?  So here is what we are going to do …This post is the REVEAL…and we are going to start taking names of you who want the finishing kit… They will be specially priced at $85, nice summer deal…this includes: two pieces of flannel, which will include the binding…and the wools for the 6 center blocks and the wools for the border…and instructions. This price is over 25% off of what it should actually be…

I know right now I have enough for about 2/3rds of you who signed up …so first come first get…and then if we run out you will still get the finishing kit but it might not be  until October?  The only difference here is the wait for the finishing, which I don’t think it will be a problem for some?  Because I know you collect these? but I also know some of you stay right up with this and will want them as soon as you can get them… The one good thing here is, this is a Moda basic…but… lol…they are having a hard time keeping these basics in stock! …who would have thought…everyone would like this dark stuff…lol…

So please sign up for the finishing kit if at all possible on our website: and look under NEW or Blocks of the Month and you will be signed up!

If you have to call the shop that if fine…but if all you call…our phone will be ringing off the hook and we won’t get any work done!  lol

Thanks for your understanding and I hope you love the SBOW as much as I do….and how about those freebies?   Now I have to finish them…

PS…I used 4 balls #8 O196 so far and have not stitched the borders yet…I think I will use a 5th and hopefully not have to go into a 6th…I do not stitch really tiny…so adjust according to your stitching…

All for now…keep on stitching everyday…you know you deserve it!


Road to California?…and some updated info…

Just thought I would send a post out to show you my “Class” project for Road to California Jan.2013…this is called: Home Grown…If I have any Canadians in my class don’t worry…I will  have an option for you….the Class Signups start in July and I am only teaching 1 class so don’t delay if you want to have some fun with me while I am in California…

This weekend I finished all my center blocks for the Summer BOW…even the setting ones…now to square them up and put them together…Most of you should have or will be getting blocks 1 & 2 early this next week if you do not already have them in your possession…thanks for waiting and some of you got a break of shipping because we shipped 1 & 2 together so that is a bonus…but thanks for not calling and being patient…while the fabric was being cut and shipped..

Pieced BOW…I also pieced my 6 blocks for #1 Rocky Mountain …and I have to confess I made all 6 wrong!!!   I had to rip them and now they are done right…so pay double attention to the layout of those pieced blocks…

We are still waiting for the fabric for Jackies Album…Moda said sometime in the middle of June…so I am sure it is going to land soon…we have 1200 yds coming in…that’s a lot of fabric…but I promise this BOM will be worth the wait…

We kind of worked all weekend getting ready to leave for Raleigh NC…Nick leaves bright and early in the morning…I hope to see lots of new Quilters in NC…we have never  been that far on the east  coast…

I hope all of you who visited our booth in MN this last weekend enjoyed your time at  the show and our booth!!!…I think my son, Jake (wool dyer) and Amy, (sister-in-law aka-personal assistant -pattern stuffer)did a great job!  This is the first time we sent someone else besides Nick and I to a show…it is just too much with leaving for NC tomorrow and I think we will be able to vend a few more shows now that they have their “practice” under their belt…I really wasn’t worried at all I knew that would be just fine…we initially were not going to go to MN, but I  had a lot of upset MN quilters when they found out we were not going to vend…so we figured it out and worked our butts off to pull off 2 shows with a very quick turnaround…

all for now…keep on stitching!!!


Wool Summer Block of the Week- Important notice…

This is just an FYI…Joanne called and told me her fabric in her kit was barely 44″.

We need to get 4-11 blocks out of each 11″ strip.  So please cut your 3-11″strips.  Unfold them and cut off the white selvage, just the white part and then cut your 11″ blocks.

If you have a little of the holes from the dark selvage in the last block, this is OK as we will be trimming all the blocks to 10 1/2″.

You can also cut them 10 3/4″ and you will just have less to trim after the applique is done.

I measured my flannel fabric that I cut my blocks from and I have 44 1/2″???? Why does this happen??? I don’t know????

So just a heads up to be careful….thanks again for following our shop!!!


Most of the blocks have not shipped yet as we are waiting very impatiently for our background flannel to arrive…it is on the truck coming…so please bare with us…

Technology can be a good thing??? Instant information…luv it!!!



Pat Doyle

Sandra Fraenkel’s…Fresh Cut Daisies…this was a silent auction quilt.

Pamela Hintze’s….Garden of Stitches…

s…Sunflowers & Bittersweet.

Been working on lots of stuff….how about you? are you stitching?  I hope so…we all deserve it…Nick and I returned from Baton Rouge finally on Wednesday after being stuck in Atlanta again….had another airport nightmare that i don’t really want to discuss…every time i fly with Nick something happees and we end of spending too much time in airports and another unexpected night in a hotel….but we ran away for a long weekend and attended, Bayou Country Fest, went to the French Quarter…and visited with our friend Kathy and then onto a big Plantation…I want to live on a Plantation…I will work on turning The Gathering into a Quilting Plantation…

I thought I would get a lot more done this weekend.I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend…It sure went fast for me…we took a boat ride yesterday so that was a lot of fun and today, all day we put up a fence at The Gathering, so Mom can start planting our garden vegetables…she wanted to make sure  no critters ate her bounty…that meant a 4 ft high closed picket fence went up…now I usually hire people to do things that require a lot of work and carpenter skills, but with the boys and our friend Scott, Nick, I and an online video, we managed to get it all done today but the gate…17 post holes, then the garden was very uneven, so this meant a lot of trenching for the fence panels to be hung straight…it was hot, it was fun and we got it done!!!  Mom is very happy and that is the main point…but I will be very sore tomorrow and I learned some things…next time…Hire the contractor…

My last post I asked if anyone wanted to share one of my designed that they have tweaked and these are the replies I got…The first pictured is Pat Doyle’s….Sunflowers & Bittersweet..she lightened up the fabrics…and added flowers instead of my berries…

The second is from Sandra Fraenkel…this is a tweaked Fresh Cut Daisies from Summer Gatherings Book…

The last quilt is from Pamela Hintze…this is her version of Garden of Stitches…very lovely….we “tweaked” Garden of Stitches and it is now Petal and Pennies…see it here on our site click here

There are lots of new stuff on our website that has been added since returning from Quilt Market…lots of books and patterns…we will be listing on our website, the kits as soon as they become available for these great new projects we have found!!!  So look back often…NEW!! click here

Also remember our Summer Block of the Week starts this week, along with our”Freebie”…to qualify for the freebie you have to come in, or shop online with a $12.50 purchase to get all the great little blocks…see previous post…I have 10 of my SBOW blocks done, and 5 of my Freebies…i so wanted it to be all done before the first block shipped, but maybe the second week…I am working on our quilt for the summer’s State Shop Hop that starts on Friday, June 8th…so that put a halt to my SBOW…


The last photo was from the airport…Nick was so bored he wanted to learn how to blanket stitch and stem stitch…lol…

The other photos are my Nephew’s quilt, his Mother (Tina, our wool dyer)pieced it and I am quilting it…this is totally out of my box for me…but it is cool and Ty will love it…even though I can only quilt one row and then take a break…this is a weird quilting pattern for me…


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