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Cleveland OHIO…


I love this sign…It takes a lot of work to make your DREAMS whatever they are come to reality…and all of us at Primitive Gatherings know this…we had a rough couple of days….Luke and Jess were involved in an accident on the way home from Florida…they are fine…but our truck and trailer are not…Nick left me in Ohio to go and take care of the situation…Jake & Amy who were on their way to Cleveland OH, picked me up and delivered me to Crown Point IN, where I had a workshop and lecture the next day.  They dropped our Lancaster trailer and then the next day met Nick, Luke and Jess in Cleveland who had purchased a new trailer and loaded it from the wrecked one from FL.  Our truck and trailer’s fate has not been decided yet…they are still in KY waiting for the insurance adjusters opinion of whether “Vin” our first diesel truck will continue on or go to pasture…Did you know that our truck had a “black box” and they could verify the personal accounts of the story and that they can determine all sorts of things???

My son Luke did an awesome job of controlling his truck and trailer during the rainstorm, while a reckless driver lost control of his car, hit the center wall and shot out over two lanes and right in front of his truck.  Luke seemed to see it all happening and by the time he hit the car he was only going less than 40MPH and did not swerve his truck and trailer!!! The officer on the scene told him he did one hell of a job…it could have been a massive pile up…we have been told the driver of the car will survive…Luke is very relieved.

Being on the road is not easy and it wears on you….but the show must go on…so please come visit our booth in Cleveland OH at the IX Center…Jake and Amy have the booth set up and are ready for you…the show hours from 10-6pm…Tomorrow through Saturday!!!

We want to say HI and welcome to our new friends we met in Atlanta, Lakeland and Lancaster!!!  We appreciate you stopping in to our booth and supporting our “mobile” quilt shop!

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support over the past couple of days…it sure helps!

all for now…LB


Happy st. Patties day!


Sending you all lots of “luck”…


Woolen Willow Spring Retreat 2013..coming April 25-28.

Hey Everyone!!! Want to go on a retreat?

The girls who own the Primitive Quilts Magazine are putting on a retreat!!

Visit the site here for infomation…if you want to join in!!!!

We’ll be finishing up any projects that still need worked on…quilting, rug hooking, etc…anything!  It’ll be fun!  And, it’s held at the beautiful Blackwater Falls State Lodge in Davis, WV!

They can also visit The Woolen Willow website and there’s a menu tab just for the Retreat on the side!  (


tulip gathering….

Just in time for Spring….two versions of the same mat…One will be for my lake house and the other my home…These two mats are 26″ and make a great statement on your table!!! The center ring has an opening for flowers, a candle or whatever you can vision…Made of all wool with a cotton backing.

If you are interested in ordering these mats please visit our site here: Tulip Gathering

tulip gatherings light tulip gathering dark


tavern house by maggie bonanomi

Every year I stitch a BOM that I did not design….This year I have picked Tavern House by Maggie Bonanomi…I do this because it is nice not to make every decision when making a quilt.  When I saw Maggie’s quilt…all in warm wools, I knew this was one…Join me in making this 50″x 52″ easy project!

Details are here where you can sign up!  Tavern House BOM 

tavern house


Snowman Gathering Pre-cuts!!!

Hey! Look what came in today!!! All the Pre-cuts for Snowman Gatherings…If you were not as lucky as the blog hop winners you now have get your own Snowman Gatherings Pack(s)…now if you want a little bit of everything in this line we have it for you from a $4 mini charm to a FQ pack -includes one of every sku!  There are 40 different fabrics in the line…If you want to make sure you get yours hop on over to our site and get your order in…before we take them to shows and sell them out!!! Click Here for Snowman Gathering Pre-cuts

ALSO…Our DOVO scissor sets came in that we had on-order since December!!! Shipping them out today too!!!

snowman gatherings precuts

Also something seems a bit off and I want to make sure everyone ordered the right thing…If you ordered a thread kit for your Warm Winter Blessing BOM you ordered the threads on the right.  This is what I used to stitch the BOM…If you ordered the threads for Snowman Gatherings…you ordered the threads on the left…this is just a pack of threads that Valdani put together that matches my fabrics in the Snowman Gatherings fabrics-see them in between the balls…

Please check your orders and make sure you have the right thing coming when we ship with the BOM…and….THANKS!  for signing up for the BOM!!! We have lots of people in it already!!! threads


2012 Coupon Book Winners!!!

Thanks to all of you who support our shop monthly by using your coupons from our coupon book!!! Now to announce the winners…we give away $100, $200 and $500 gift cards to whomever’s name is picked according to how many coupons they used in 2012!!!

Last year we decided to have winners for online and winners for those who can walk in the store…

On-line Winners are as follows:

Barbara Pavlas , Cypress TX  $500 Gift Card

Susan Brown, Crown Point , IN $200 Gift Card

Kathy Barton, Georgetown, KY $100 Gift Card

FYI:  If you were qualified for a larger prize and didn’t win, we still left in for the small prizes…

All of the winners please contact Judy P. at Primitive Gatherings….920-722-7233 or email at:, email is preferred…

In-Shop Winners are as follows:  Stop in to get your gift card!!!

Beverly Heisler  $500 We only had two persons who completed all of the  for the $500 drawing, so we decided to give a conciliation prize to Pat Streim who was the other person who completed all of the coupons…

Karen Van Offeren  $200

Carla Peeterman   $100


Sorry this is a little late…I have been caught up in my quilting!!!    lol….you all understand that…right?

If you want to participate in the 2013 Coupon book…which was given out free during out Christmas Open House…You can purchase it for $10 on our site here?  It is still well worth the ten bucks!!!       Coupon Book Here

Here I am working on Flannel Gatherings!!!   I need a clean up crew!!!  Thanks for participating on our yearly coupon event!!! Lisa BongeanIMG_1664


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