Friends of Primitive Gatherings….More cool finished quilts and wool projects…

Kathy Czuprynski... A Primitive Christmas Book
Kathy Czuprynski…
A Primitive Christmas Book

Take a look at all this talent!!! Good Job Girls!!!

Kathy Bowen Evelyn's Album 2012 SBOW
Kathy Bowen
Evelyn’s Album
2012 SBOW
Nancy Ward her version of Evelyn's Album...SBOW 2012
Nancy Ward
her version of Evelyn’s Album…SBOW 2012
Mary Thomas.. Old Glory Fabrics
Mary Thomas..
Old Glory Fabrics
Kris Arneson Primitive Pinwheels
Kris Arneson
Primitive Pinwheels
Mary Hawk Summer Freebies
Mary Hawk
Summer Freebies

Quilts made from Floral Gatherings & Shirtings…November arrival…way to far away…

Our actual quilts are at the machine quiltlers but here are the digital files….I will repost with the quilted quilts as they come back..

Penny CandyThis first quilt is “Penny Candy”…We all remember going to the five & dime store and getting our brown paper bag full of those little sugar snorkels!  My favorite were the red coins!!! These little blocks are so easy and fun to stitch!  We all here are in LOVE with tiny piecing… and well if you are like one of us this one will do it for ya….Quilt finishes at 70×90 and our kit will be $170.00 with pattern and binding.  Pattern only is $9.  Backing will be sold separately at $55, and will be discounted by 20% if purchased at the same time…Pre-Order yours HERE   Your order will not be processed until it ships in November.

Theresa's TulipsThe next quilt is named after my Mom…who loves herself some tulips!  This year she had old wash buckets full of them at The Gathering…Theresa’s Tulips (51″x68″) is made up of cute 6″ tulip blocks using the fabrics in Floral Gatherings, Seasonal Little Gatherings and Old Glory Gatherings for added colors for the tulips…Our kits with pattern is $165  and can be pre ordered HERE.  Pattern only is $9.  Backing is also sold separately for $44 and will be discounted 20% off if you purchase them at the same time.  Your order will not be processed until it ships in November.  We also have a Aurifil 50wt. thread kit for hand or machine appliqué. Thread kit is specialty priced at $37.80 for a short time.  Regular priced at $42 To order click HEREIMG_0225

inside of box
inside of box

Square Dance QuiltThe final quilt is called Square Dance….this quilt also has some tiny piecing but is only 9 blocks.  Again another great design from an antique quilt from my collection.  We also will be showing a Black version of this quilt soon too!  The quilt kit and pattern is $125.  Pattern only is $9.  Backing is sold separately for $55 and if ordered with the kit we will discount the backing 20% . Pre order- HERE    Your order will not be processed until it ships in November.

Floral Gatherings…coming to stores in November

I would like to show you the next Primitive Gatherings/Moda Fabric collaboration…Floral Gatherings!

Now I know you are thinking WHAT? This is from Primitive Gatherings???? Well now let me confess…I love these colors!!! They are all historical and you know I love Civil War fabrics…now we have done a little tweaking..thats all…we darkened the shirtings to make them look aged….As a shop owner I also know what I cannot buy…like great reds and greens..Cheddar for sure….and then there are the sweet yellows and double pinks….so I’ll let the fabric do the talking here…The first four are 108″ wide backs that is why they are shown twice…Your shop owners are seeing this now…go visit them and ask them if they ordered it?  Tell them to order lots cause I know you will buy it from them!!!

floral gatherings 001 floral gatherings 002 floral gatherings 003 floral gatherings 008floral gatherings 004 floral gatherings 005 floral gatherings 006 floral gatherings 007 floral gatherings 009 floral gatherings 010 floral gatherings 011 floral gatherings 012 floral gatherings 013 floral gatherings 014 floral gatherings 015 floral gatherings 016 floral gatherings 017 floral gatherings 018 floral gatherings 019 floral gatherings 020 floral gatherings 021 floral gatherings 022 floral gatherings 023 floral gatherings 024 floral gatherings 025 floral gatherings 026 floral gatherings 027 floral gatherings 028 floral gatherings 029 floral gatherings 030 floral gatherings 031 floral gatherings 032 floral gatherings 033 floral gatherings 034 floral gatherings 035 floral gatherings 036 floral gatherings 037 floral gatherings 038 floral gatherings 039 floral gatherings 040 floral gatherings 041 floral gatherings 042 floral gatherings 043 floral gatherings 044

Then…there are the Floral Gatherings Shirtings…As a Moda designer we have to pick 40 skus for our lines…so things are consistant for the pre-cuts…but I really wanted these shirtings…they just were way too good to let go by the wayside….I really wanted to beg for these, like really hard…but instead I just rolled them up and attached a notes saying something like…We all should be “COMMITTED” if we do not do something with these…and left it with that…OK maybe I didn’t use the word committed but you get the idea…so I got a call saying I could do a happy dance because they are going to print 20 of them!!!

This was great news!!! So here are the 20…Think of the possibilities!  Shirtings with pink, cheddar, green!!! Whooo hoo…it was hard for me not to control myself….I am sure you all will agree here…

floral gatherings 045 floral gatherings 046 floral gatherings 047 floral gatherings 048 floral gatherings 049 floral gatherings 050 floral gatherings 051 floral gatherings 052 floral gatherings 053 floral gatherings 054 floral gatherings 055 floral gatherings 056 floral gatherings 057 floral gatherings 058 floral gatherings 059 floral gatherings 060 floral gatherings 061 floral gatherings 062 floral gatherings 063 floral gatherings 064

See the projects from these fabrics in the next post!!!


Optional Finishing kit for Summer Blooms…our freebie project for 2013

Hey all…sorry to bother you three times in one day…but I must have a lot to say today…

I hope your summer is going well…I have been swamped!!! That is the reason for no blog posting…but here I am and you are not getting an email from me everyday( only 3 in one day) so hopefully you are not bored with me and just delete them without even reading them…who does that? not me…ok…maybe some emails….but back to the REASON for this post…

If you are collecting our free blocks we are giving out with a weekly shop purchase….I have the Summer Blooms (25″x25″) done!  Here are the details for the OPTIONAL finishing kit….If you like how mine turned out you can order a kit with the pattern, wools and fabric and binding…Now please do not think this was hard to do…there is no needle turn applique going on here…this is so SIMPLE you are just going to LOVE it….so no worries….We need to know how much fabric to order and how many to make…so please if you would like a finishing kit for your FREEBIE please email us and then you do not  have to enter all of your info in the cart or you can place an order on the site…If you have paid in full for your SBOW kit-we will still have your cc number to apply this finishing kit to it, just let us know by sending us an email here:   EMAIL SHOP CLICK HERE  make sure in the email you include your full name as some emails have double top secret identities…lol….If you are ordering the whole kit, blocks and all you must go to the site and place an order as we do not have any of your information…you cannot just email the order…we need you to go to the link below and order from the site…

freebie finishing 2013

If you want this kit it will be $30.

Now if you did not participate in the SBOW and did not get any FREE blocks this summer we may have some extras to sell as FULL kits with 13 blocks…borders, binding and pattern…They are $75. Order it in the dropbox  HERE

Let me know if you like how this turned out…If you order a finishing kit and leave me a comment, we will give a finishing kit away FREE to one lucky person!!!

Hope this inspires you to get them fused down and ready to STITCH…

stitch everyday…LB


I need everyone’s help…Let your local shop owners know about this! Forward it to them or all the info is on Moda’s website:


I will be there giving a talk on what it takes to be a successful quilt shop and will also be doing a hand applique demo using my next fabric line!

There are lots of incentives and goodies for them plus we can buy Moda Fabric ON SALE!!!!

I am looking forward to seeing Mark Dunn antique quilts…the wine might be apart of that too, but just a little bit!!!  We shop owners need to have some fun too…