Happy Thanksgiving!!! Join us for our Primitive Christmas Open House

Primrose Pincushion-Primitive Gatherings

Pomegranate Runner-Primitive Gatherings

Summer Love-Primitive Gatherings

Hello Everyone…I hope you are all stuffed and either ready to go shopping or ready to stitch or go to our site to shop for our Primitive  Christmas Open House!

Shop Today-Sunday The photos here are the gifts I have designed  for you this year for 2013…They are Free with any $20 purchase you will get all of these 3 patterns along with the kit for the pincushion.  We will send you a random colored pincushion kit.  If you want to order more of them they are available and you can pick your color if you order additional kits. If you are interested in kits to go along with your free patterns they are also on our site under NEW.

Please remember to look for the 2014 Coupon Book and add it to your shopping cart it is no charge during this event.  We charge $10 after this event…so don’t forget….  If you do not put it in your cart we assume you do not want it.  The coupons are good for all of 2014.  All of them are various promotions we run throughout the year for our most loyal customers!

Again I wish you and your family a Happy Holiday Season…Lisa

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APQ Quilt-Along….color decisions…I hope you didn’t think I was going to keep you waiting long…



As soon as I saw the quilt and had to make a decision on how I was to make It  I new I had to make it dramatic using blacks as my backgrounds…so scrappy blacks and then I thought…ok…lets go with black and cream/tan….that will make a neutral quilt that everyone will love, especially men…whom I am surrounded by in my life. So black and tan it is….the directions stated I needed 20 backgrounds or light per pattern…It was pretty easy to pick them…I chose mainly smaller prints and a few medium size prints…all black with shades of cream/tan/brown accents to them…See the 2 photos of the 10 blacks each…



Now in the second photo…do you see the second black that had the gold?  I love this print…so guess what happened, just like that…we are going to have black/cream/butterscotch because…that will make it much more interesting!!! Now off to pull the creams and butterscotches.   Did you notice?  I picked 21 of each of everything…did you count them before i mentioned this?….Here is some of my advice…If you buy a kit and it has many fabrics like this one….I suggest adding 1 or two more of your own fabrics to it.  Why?  A couple of reasons…First-You have now made the quilt a one of a kind…not the same as the 100 other kits that were made… you have added your personal fabric to it.   Now it is unique.  Second, reason to add…lets just say the fabric requirements were not exactly perfect or were very tight and had no room for error…I know you never make a cutting error…but now by adding a fabric or two you have eliminated that issue also.  To me it is a NO BRAINER to add extra fabric to your kit.  If you do not have any that work…oh darn, you might have to SHOP for another FQ (or 1/2yd my preference)…bummer huh…This is just a suggestion…not a must…but it’s what I would do…so I have 21 blacks/tans/butterscotch instead of 20, also keep in mind you might want to collect 1/2yd from now on…they are much more versatile… like for this quilt if I had a FQ stash it I would have had to go shopping..if I needed FQ’s I could cut the half yards in half…and so on…This is why we sell 1/2 yds in our booths…I know I get a few who want FQ’s but hopefully I can change the world…yah right!!!!

IMG_0502IMG_0494IMG_0495I will end up with  21 blocks…but it can go in the sampler quilt with all the other orphan blocks I have made…if it gets made, which it usually does…so NOW all my fabrics are picked…now whats next?

Saturate each fabric with Magic Sizing..it can be this one here or the heavy…I buy whatever is on the shelf and all of it…You also can use your homemade starch if you wish…I use the sizing because it does not flake or build up on my iron.  Spray it generously, let it sit and soak in a minute and then Iron it dry with your iron.  This is really a pain…but SO worth it when piecing little pieces.  This shrinks you fabrics NOW instead of when you are building your blocks…I have lots of different brands of fabric here-meaning some will shrink more than others.  It is amazing to see how some of them will shrink right before your eyes when you saturate them.  I have shown the two pics…see how wet it is and then I am ironing them dry.  Now I am all sized up and ready to cut!….come back for some cutting….Stitch On…LB



American Patchwork & Quilting….Quilt-Along!!


Quilt-Along…What in the heck is a Quilt- Along?….well the Editors of American Patchwork & Quilting have decided to start a Quilt- Along with one of the designs in their newest magazine on news stands December 3rd….some of you will have it sooner if you have the subscription…The designer is my favorite person who shares the same name as me…(but somehow she got an extra “s”)…Lissa Alexander who just happens to be the awesome marketing director from Moda Fabrics…her quilt shown here is in this next issue and we (a bunch of designers) were invited to stitch it “our” way and blog about it!!!  102128533_600COVER_600

The designers are an eclectic group and you are sure to find someone who’s quilting style is just like yours and you may want to take their color advice…keep in mind we all had to sign up to do something different, so all of our quilts turn out different! yeah!!!…The other designers are listed in the magazine or Lissa has listed them all on her blog…click HERE for Lissa’s blog if you cannot wait to see if your fav designer is quilting-along.

I hope that you dig through your COLLECTION (not stash, collections are “of value”….we will talk about this later) like I did and use some  that fabric you just had to have….or maybe this will inspire you to try something out of your box, like Lissa did…Isn’t her quilt awesome?…I am so glad they asked me to join as I have not made this pattern before and I knew I could tweak it in my primitive sort of way… So THANKS again to Jennifer and Elizabeth (APQ Editors)for creating something different…and again to Lissa for a great design to work with…

Welcome to my Half Yard fabric collection…you are looking at a half yards of all of the reproduction fabrics that we have had in our shop…not ever… but for awhile now…I wish I would have thought of this sooner!…this is what the benefit package of a shop owner looks like… I never really get to use this collection…so this is really fun to pick this quilt from this glorious group of fabrics…. When I design or pick fabric for quilt I have to use fabric in the shop so we can kit it…looking at this picture it doesn’t really look like a lot does it?  I didn’t think so…if you are ever in need…you may have to count on me to help you out with that 5″ square that you need to finish that kit you bought 5 years ago????   lol…I am here for you…..This retirement collection will be making lots of scrappy quilts someday…as I said nothing bigger than a half yard, I don’t ask for much???…I will be back in another post with my color choices…any guesses????    Stitch on…LB

My Half Yard Collection...

Floral Gatherings has arrived…

Our UPS driver just had to laugh this day when his truck was full of our newest fabric line…Floral Gatherings…He was happy that we were so happy!!! Just in time for us to cut it for our last show in Overland Park Kansas,  our Christmas Open House and start cutting the 3 kits for the quilts we have shown here…If you have been waiting for this to arrive it is here in yardage now…See our site HERE  to view Floral Gatherings!!!  It is all put away in our mini MODA/Primitive Gatherings warehouse!
IMG_2281IMG_2288Penny CandySquare DanceTheresas Tulip

Layer Cake Lemonade….blog post


Hey Everyone…You are in for a treat today…I want you to meet Kimberly from Fat Quarters Shop…She has asked us to join her in promoting her new Layer Cake pattern called Layer Cake Lemonade…Click on her photo for a Tutorial and the top banner for a PDF of the pattern.   This pattern is perfect for beginners or if you need a quick quilt for donation to your cause….I had my new assistant make it and she has NEVER made a quilt before, so this was perfect to teach your non quilting friends or maybe your grand daughters/sons ect! …All you need is one Layer Cake from Moda…and guess what??? Fat Quarters Shop is having a 20% off all of their Layer Cakes just for you!  So Click on the 20% button at the bottom of this post and shop til you drop…Maybe a Floral Gathering, or Floral Gatherings Shirting will be your choice along with all the other Moda fabric choices that are available!

Now I want to show you both quilts from Primitive Gatherings line…Floral Gatherings and Floral Gatherings Shirtings….Now doesn’t this make the perfect neutral baby quilt?  Amy made this from the Shirtings.  Now here is the other one…Even the more colorful one is nice…Sheina used all the dark colors in the 10″ squares and then used the tans for the 10″ that were cut in half.  I have shown some close ups so you can see the fun easy quilting designs!!!IMG_0573IMG_0575IMG_0576IMG_0574


the 100 quilt blocks magazine winners are…

Dad wCarRecently was given this photo from one of my aunties…Gladys…I do not know how old my Dad is here but I am guessing late 20s.  If your husband isa car nut, can you ask him what make and year this car is? I would love to know and appreciate it…but anyway…my Dad painted cars for a living…he knocked out their dings and reshaped them back into “like new” again.  Did you notice that this car is in “primer” meaning he is working on it.  My Dad would buy a smashed up car…put new parts on it or use fiberglass to “mud in” its defects and then sand and shape then prime and  paint it…but usually the painting part was always “put off” for a bit and I remember my Mother driving several cars in primer until my Dad found another car to fix up…then it was time to paint the previous one and sell it so he could move on to the “new” fixer upper…and the cycle would keep repeating… I remember we had a Dodge Charger, Chrysler New Yorkers…Cordovas…and so on….He never had time for our cars because he was too busy painting everyone else’s, because everyone in town wanted him to fix his car…My Dad has been gone for 10 years now…I miss him and wonder what he would think about what I am doing now…but thinking about it…I really do know what he would think….We recently lost Nick’s Dad…and are still dealing with that loss as well…But life go on and I we have to make the best of what life we all have left because we really don’t know or can count on it…it is out of our hands…

So… I LOVE your guesses…I would picture my Dad being a farmer…or all of the professions…and this made me laugh…Everyone loved my Dad….and yes…he also loved to hunt, fish, play the harmonica, stump fiddle (hummstrumm), spoons and even the accordion…He had lots of buddies to do all of this stuff with as well as us kids and Mom…

Now the winner are…

Kathy W comment 33, Rosemary Redhead comment 39  and Karen S.comment 56….Now if you notice i have disqualified my first cousin Mary…MDquilter..really Mary??? I would think you should know better you smarty pants…..but I will give her my 4th copy because I a good cousin…she and Fred are going on the Quilting cruise with us in Feb 2014!!!   Will the winner please send me their addresses at info@primitivegatherings.us  please and I will send their magazine to them…if you are in a BOM with Primitive Gatherings we might send it along with that…I will pay the extra postage…no worries…thanks Ladies for the fun…LBIMG_2269