Ok…so I know some of you are new to this stitch-along sorta thing…but here is the info again…

If you want to sign up for the blog posts- this will be emailed to you…you go to the blog and on the side bar on the right…look for this… img_9933

See where it says…you are following this blog…If I wasn’t it should say…sign up and you would enter your email here…This is on the blog…it is easier to find this on the computer than your phone…

now also some of you are asking about blocks you cannot find…they are also on the blog… run through the posts…

you may need to look through a few posts…where by the way  there is a lot of info…block 11 was posted with the winners for block 10…img_9934

Some of you are asking about starching still…again…it is all in the blog posts…There is also a search button on the side bar too…this will help you find certain things… not all the info is on Facebook…

If you are not sure if you are signed up for the blog…or you have but have not received the emails…I can sign you up…but you still have to accept when it sends you an email back…please send me your email…in the comment section here…


Just to clear up another question…I know Jess just posted about the block heads BOW starting in March 8…moda2017blockheadsthumbThere is no place to sign up it is FREE…except to make sure you are following each of the designer blogs that were listed on the original post…again on my blog…search blockheads and it will show up..  If you want to purchase our fabrics which we most certainly appreciate you can do so at each designers blog as well…hope this helps…

Jess also told be about a heated discussion on one of the FB groups/posts….This kind of behavior will not be tolerated and you will be removed/unfriended if it continues…Quilting is about fun…there is no fun in snide comments.

So back to the fun….I’m still looking forward to seeing your Magic of Christmas blocks!!!img_9939

Look at this beauty!!! I know some of you are not on IG so just wanted to share this quilt with you!!! Can’t wait to see a bunch of quilting in those spaces…make sure you are still posting your blocks/finishing tops/quilts  in FB as well and IG!!!

Have a good day!!! I am picking fabrics for one of my fabric lines…Needle & Thread Gatherings!!! Wish I could show you they are wonderful!!!…LB

Block 12 Triangle Gatherings


I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day…I purposely did not post yesterday because I wanted you to enjoy the day…without thinking you had to make this block the minute it came out…lol…but here is it now…

Nick always goes a little overboard…he knows he should only buy me grocery store flowers unless I can plant them in the ground!!! But like a man…he ignores me…

img_9925-2We had a great day stitching yesterday  at my WI Sit & Sew….we only have a few more spots open and we will be full, we have 7 more sessions left for the me if you’d like to join us!!….I baked for everyone….warehouse girls…shop girls…and made White Chicken Chili for lunch…we had a wonderful day…here’s the what Amy and I baked on Monday…fullsizerender


Our Winners for the first 10 blocks are…


Ok…I lied…I said I was going to pick 3 winners…I picked 6!  You’ll see why…

I randomly spun through and when it lands it lands and that is the winner if that category has not been won yet…

The winners are…

First time posting!!! Yay!!! there were a bunch of you…I appreciate it…see it isn’t bad…see how many new friends you have??? 2″ blocks Barbara…you will be a quilting wizard when this thing is all done!!!

img_9877And then the next…” In progress”…img_9878Kathleen…look at how nice your blocks are turning out??? They are going to be fabulous…I hope to see you in the “caught up” group next time…

Then there is the “All caught up group”…Lynn Lahr…we love your blocks…


Ok…then there was this sweety..Pamela…thanks for swallowing your pride and admitting that you didn’t start yet but had the guts to post it!!!


Next….I had to give this gal a prize for thinking ahead….she’s already thinking/planning/worried about what she’s going to do with these blocks and we have 80 more to go!!! Beth…is making more HST’s see this little pinwheels???? We all are loving it!!! I am especially fond of the black.img_9879

Last but surely not least….I picked someone from Instagram…because I forgot to include the IG peeps…so how can we not give someone who has done both versions of the 10 blocks!!! Awesome Awesome Awesome blocks!!!img_9880

Now since I could not control myself and picked 6 winners instead of 3 I will show you your prizes on Monday…but please…FB message me your details to send your prize on its way to you…if you don’t FB you can email Amy here…  she is the prize controller…and will get them into the mail to you…

Congrats to the winners and there will be plenty of opportunities to win more prizes so mush on with all those blocks….I love that you are liking and commenting on everyone’s blocks…and I am also happy to announce we have 951 members…only 49 more to go to 1000 and maybe that can be an extra celebration!!Happy Stitching!!!

wait…I bet you all want another block…

I’m getting old…made this one twice….forgot I made it already!!! So what!!!…it’s going in the quilt…Have a great weekend Y’all…LB


Announcing a NEW block of the week starting March 8th!


I know!!! Another block of the week?!!! How could I pass up not being involved in this one…along with 4 ALL STAR Traditional Moda designers- Betsy Chutchian, Jan Patek, Jo Morton, Lynne Hagmeier and the equally famous Miss Rosie, Carrie Nelson!!! All six designers will send out a block of the week in a 6 week rotation…We all can do one more block each week right?  All this fun starts March 8 for 48 weeks….with Lynne from Kansas Troubles starting off…now I have listed all their blogs as well as other social media that you can follow on..make sure you sign up to follow them to get your block each week. You have a month to get ready for it!!

To help with collecting fabrics, each designer is offering 24 fat sixteenths (9″x11″) starter packs to get you going…I am going to make two quilts…one scrappy with fabrics from all designers along with my darker fabrics and one from Primitive Gatherings Red, White and Blue fabrics…I know…it’s a big decision…but that is what makes this so fun…seeing all the different possibilities!!!


img_9842imagesHere is my stack of starched F16ths that I will be using for the scrappy version from all designers… …I did not have a fabric tag pic of Carrie…but found this sweet one  which is much better as it has a Rosie in it…

Our PG starter pack will be $18 plus shipping.  It will include…12 lights and 12 dark prints…Click HERE to order our STARTER PACK   These will play lovely with all the other designer fabrics…img_9852 img_9851 img_9854 img_9853

Betsy Chutchian –
Blog –
Facebook –
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Jan Patek –
Blog –
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Jo Morton –
Blog –
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Lisa Bongean  –
Blog –
Facebook – or
Instagram –  or  or

Lynne Hagmeier –
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Moda’s Collections for a Cause by Carrie Nelson –
Blog –
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Can’t wait for all the fun to begin!!!  We will be using the #modablockheads  for this BOW!


Block 10 Triangle Gatherings



It’s so nice to see more peoples blocks and see how much fun everyone is having!!!  This is block 10! I said I would do a give away at block 10…so here’s the deal…there are almost 900 people on our Facebook group…but not all of you post, most do not…so please….Everyone who posts could win a prize, 3 prizes up for grabs… So here are the categories….

All 10 blocks finished up to date….(I know some might have 11..if you made my oops block)

First time posting on Triangle Gatherings FB ( you can do it, I promise it won’t hurt)

and then, In progress so far…but I’m gonna catch up soon…( we are all here for ya)

so we have three categories to enter….make sure you state which one you are entering just in case I can’t…but it should be pretty obvious…I have 3 great books that my buddy Jennifer Keltner, Chief Creative Officer, or some great title like that, for Martingale Co gave me at retreat and I am going to keep two for myself and give 3 away!!! not too selfish I hope…I’ll throw another small surprise in as well as the book.

Click here to print

So please post I will be picking  winners on Friday…

This is what’s going on with me….I had “little man” yesterday and overnight and today…what a handful I didn’t get much accomplished but being a gramma which is fine with me…..

Great Grandma came over to visit and made Jace peanut butter cookies…img_9793img_9808

PaPa…gave him a short ride in the sled as the temps warmed up over 30 yesterday…img_9797

And…he had lots of fun…trashing MiMi and Papa’s house with his toys everywhere…He’s a monkey just like his Daddy is/was/still is….His buggy is still his favorite toy!img_9830I’ll be watching for your posts on FB! I want to see LOTS of posts from lots of people!!!

I want us all to pray for my(our) my friend Cheri Payne, one of the nicest people on the planet, …We are thinking/praying for you a lot, my friend!!!


Block 9 Triangle Gatherings


Click here to print:   It looks like we are all having fun with these blocks!!!  Here is my 6″…I guess I did my own version…time to get the ripper out and do some froggie stitching…rip, rip…


I mixed up my rows…so not so bad…but I have to admit…I like the other one too…maybe I just created another block!!!  Sorry, see just shows you we all mix things up a bit….

It was a quilt folding day…

img_9740Amy and I folded lots of antique quilts and a few of my quilts today and lovingly placed them in their new home…I am so pleased with how this all turned out…img_9782img_9780img_9783

The good news…there is still some room in here…it would have been a bummer if it was full…

After hurrying to get these all done…it was time for a birthday party!!!! Little Man turned 2 today!!! I quick assembled my most requested Honey Mustard Layered Salad…recipe HERE

He was the sweetest ever tonight…with his little buddies…blowing out his candle…telling everyone how old he is…and opening his presents and sharing them…he’s growing up so fast…jace jamesTwo…I’m two…lol…


img_9761Happy Friday All….sew, sew, sew…