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Block 16 Triangle Gatherings & Hampton VA




I hope you ALL are enjoying our group on Facebook…I love looking everyday to see who has posted…I only found one little item for our 1000 member giveaway so I’ll have to come up with something else to go with it…I think we will do the giveaway on Sunday later this week…I am getting ready to go to Bloomington IL on Thursday for some more fun with all you crazy quilters!!!

I also want to Thank all the ladies I met in Hampton VA this past weekend!!! We had blast!!! I love that you brought me projects from our last years class!!!

First up was Thursday & Fridays class a two day class making Flower Garden Crazy…This is an awesome class for learning crazy stitches…we lay down that wool base in the morning…work on appliqués in the afternoon…and blanket stitch them….then…on Friday its all about the crazy stitches and combining them together to make awesome works of ART!!!  Pattern and kit available HERE

I know we are missing a few students from this pic…we decided to take it at the last minute!!! Sorry Ladies…img_0107


LISA BOGNEAN FLOWER GARDEN CRAZY…This is Linda Baker…she is such a sweet taking my class again on Saturday…Look at this work from last years class…she probably could teach it!!! EVERYDAY CRAZY MAT pattern and kit


Linda was in Saturdays class…where we had lots of creative things going on…look at the renegades in class!!!  I tristed Trish’s arm to do all white flowers on her blue background… sew sweet!   Scrappy Flower Basket Kit and Patternimg_0127img_0120


Trisha and Loy with their HOME pincushions…Home pincushion kit and pattern...comes with all 50 states…and can also be framed…see pic on website

Loy with her finished mat from last years class..img_0118img_0116

Trisha with her  Traveling Stitchers pillow… Stitching Travel Pillow kit and Pattern. This pillow has a spot to hold your scissors…under the wing is a spot for your needles and you can put your thread in the zipper in back…and comes in three different colors…

Saturdays class had 25 students in it..thats a lot for teaching hand stitching!!!  Thanks again Ladies for a wonderful experience!!!img_0122



Another new book!!! Shipping March 1st…


Another great book from Lissa Alexander to add to your All-Star collaboration book collection…Lissa, along with a bunch of Moda designers…made quilts made from 5″ charm pack(s)…We could use 1-3 charm packs…I picked one…but I made two quilts…one for you and one for your best friend!  Now if you are doing Triangle Gatherings this is a piece of cake!!! Right?  These blocks are made using one light and one dark 5″ charm square.  I made 18 blocks for the two quilts…The blocks are 3″ and use 3/4″ charm papers…so you might already have them!!!  I have been saving the fabrics from Songbird Gatherings just for this project!!! We only have one bolt that I squirreled away of those fantastic reds from Songbird Gatherings….or if you bought a charm pack of Songbird Gatherings you only need a background and a piece of wool for the hearts…

Get your book HERE!   The FOREVER FRIENDS  kits are available HERE too with a bunch of  dropdown options…..

Here is my quilt(s) in the book…I thought about how nice it is to get a quilt from one of your quilting buddies…the mini quilts are soooooo stinkin cute…which is why they are so hard to give-away…so why not make one for you as well as your favorite quilting buddy…you know…the one who supports your habit…the one who says…”Yes…get that kit…you know you’ll be sorry if you don’t!!!”… Not the one that says…what do you need that for???…I hear it all in the booth at quilting shows…so make sure your not THAT quilting friend…lol…

Lisa Bongean-Forever Friends

Didn’t Martingale do an awesome job of styling these quilts?…So pretty…

Now there are lots of other beauties in this book too, 1Here some of my favorites…can you guess the designers?  img_5332img_5335img_5333img_5334

Do you have the other books in this series?  Order HERE



Blocks 14 & 15 Triangle Gatherings



Morning to All…I’m up early to get all my stuff together to go to VA today…”Little Man” has been with me the last couple of days so not much “work” getting done…but that’s the way it is…so before he wakes I thought I would shoot you a couple of blocks…yes two..just in case I get too busy this week teaching…Also yesterday we baked cookies…Nick’s favorite…Self Frosting Oatmeal Cookies….RECIPE…  easy to make also!img_0034img_0036


“Little Man”…loving the tub…notice he had to have his cookie there too!

Click here to print both blocks:    

I can’t wait to see some of you in sunny 70 degree Hampton, VA this weekend…and the rest of you we will stay in touch here…Have a good week…and remember to keep posting on FB and IG!

Anchor Point…hopefully will be clear of it’s ice when I return….img_9960



Block 13 Triangle Gatherings


Happy Friday!!!




Teaching in Utah this summer!!!

I am getting ready to leave for Hampton VA early next week and can’t wait to have a bunch of fun in my classes and while I was thinking about this…it occurred  to me I didn’t post this flyer promoting my friend Joyce’s big retreat in St.George UT this summer…

You know I like to give you a heads up on what is coming and when we can finally hang out or hang out again if we have already!!!  This retreat will be tons of fun with a variety of teachers and some things being taught that go along with our quilting/stitching!

So call Joyce and come have some fun!!! You deserve it!





Here are the prizes for the 6 winners for the first 10 blocks for Triangle Gatherings Stitch Along….Congratulations to all who won… you may win next time if you didn’t this time…Winners look for your prizes soon… wonder which one you will get…



Ok…so I know some of you are new to this stitch-along sorta thing…but here is the info again…

If you want to sign up for the blog posts- this will be emailed to you…you go to the blog and on the side bar on the right…look for this… img_9933

See where it says…you are following this blog…If I wasn’t it should say…sign up and you would enter your email here…This is on the blog…it is easier to find this on the computer than your phone…

now also some of you are asking about blocks you cannot find…they are also on the blog… run through the posts…

you may need to look through a few posts…where by the way  there is a lot of info…block 11 was posted with the winners for block 10…img_9934

Some of you are asking about starching still…again…it is all in the blog posts…There is also a search button on the side bar too…this will help you find certain things… not all the info is on Facebook…

If you are not sure if you are signed up for the blog…or you have but have not received the emails…I can sign you up…but you still have to accept when it sends you an email back…please send me your email…in the comment section here…


Just to clear up another question…I know Jess just posted about the block heads BOW starting in March 8…moda2017blockheadsthumbThere is no place to sign up it is FREE…except to make sure you are following each of the designer blogs that were listed on the original post…again on my blog…search blockheads and it will show up..  If you want to purchase our fabrics which we most certainly appreciate you can do so at each designers blog as well…hope this helps…

Jess also told be about a heated discussion on one of the FB groups/posts….This kind of behavior will not be tolerated and you will be removed/unfriended if it continues…Quilting is about fun…there is no fun in snide comments.

So back to the fun….I’m still looking forward to seeing your Magic of Christmas blocks!!!img_9939

Look at this beauty!!! I know some of you are not on IG so just wanted to share this quilt with you!!! Can’t wait to see a bunch of quilting in those spaces…make sure you are still posting your blocks/finishing tops/quilts  in FB as well and IG!!!

Have a good day!!! I am picking fabrics for one of my fabric lines…Needle & Thread Gatherings!!! Wish I could show you they are wonderful!!!…LB

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