Enhance Your Holiday Joy… with SHOPPING!

Good morning everyone (or more like afternoon for some of you)! How is your day going? I was up bright and early this morning and back at the retreat house as soon as I could be. As many of you know, Monday was the first day of my annual week-long Naughty or Nice retreat over at The Gathering. We’ve been having a great time getting to know each other, sharing stories, learning (teaching in my case), eating delicious food, and of course, working on some extra adorable Christmas projects. The projects include a reindeer-themed banner called Reindeer Camp – a quick and easy project that makes decorating for the holiday super convenient, my latest pillow masterpiece Oh Sh*t Pillow featuring everyone’s secret best friend – the seam ripper, and a charming quilt that Alysha designed featuring a snowman and snowflakes. Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to go ahead and make Reindeer Campand the Oh Sh*t Pillow available to pre-order now so that they can ship as soon as we finalize the pattern. As far as the quilt goes, I’m keeping that one a secret for now but it will be available sometime in the future. Both the banner and the pillow are simple and fast projects that you can easily hammer out in a weekend if you put the effort into it. Sound like something you need in your life? Click the link below to pre-order now! Our goal is to have these items shipped by December 12th.How is your holiday shopping coming along? I hope you’ve been able to find some great stocking stuffers during our daily flash sales this month. Most of you know that instead of doing our usual 12 Days of Christmas event, due to the launch of our new website coming in January we decided to take a bit of a different route this Christmas. It’s been a real challenge getting everything ready over the last year in an attempt to hit the ground running with the new site on January 6th, so the time that it takes to pull off 12 Days of Christmas is just not there. To make up for it, this year we’re offering daily FLASH sales during most of the month of December as a way to not only welcome the Christmas season, but also to say thank you to all of our great customers and fans! To take advantage of these generous daily deals all you have to do is check our Facebook store page and/or the STITCH Facebook group each day, where we will be posting the details and a link that will take you directly to the sale for that day! Each daily deal will only be valid for 24 hours only, so if you see something you consider a must-have, don’t wait because it won’t last long! As I mentioned, we will be doing this for the duration of December – at least up until Christmas eve – so if you haven’t found that perfect deal yet, don’t worry. There’s more in store!

Now, I do realize that some of you are not on Facebook and that you don’t always catch our LIVE shows, so to make it easier for you to see the daily sale details going forward I will be making a brief post showing the deal for the day here on the blog. This will be in addition to any other posts I might have for that day, so please watch your emails for post alerts. Not signed up for my emailing list? It’s easy to do! Go to http://www.lisabongean.com and scroll to the bottom of the post. There will be a sign-up area on the right hand side of the page. Don’t miss out on future posts. Sign-up today!

I’m sure by now you’re ready to know what today’s FLASH sale is so with out further ado, here it is… Click the link below to get it while you can!

Alright gang, I’ve gotta get back over next door before they send the dogs to hunt me down. During long retreats like this one I can usually sneak away here and there without causing too much commotion, but I don’t like to stay away too long. We all know while the teacher’s away the students will play… LOL! Before I leave let’s give away some prizes. I’ve gotten so many nice comments lately I just want to keep saying thank you! Sending out a little something-something here in there is just about the least I can do. So, without further delay I’m happy to announce that this week’s lucky prize winners are Tammy W. and Joanne R.! As you know, I don’t post last names or email addresses for your privacy, so if you think you’re one of the lucky winners this week please be sure to check your email! You can also contact Heidi at heidin@primitivegatherings.us if you have not already received a prize confirmation letter from her. She will use your email address to confirm that you are in fact the winner (if you think you are a winner but have not received a prize confirmation email, please be sure to check your spam folder – it’s no often but our emails occasionally will end up there)! Want to be considered for a prize? All you have to do is be like Tammy and Joanne and leave me a comment. It’s just that easy!

I will see you all again tomorrow when I go LIVE on my STITCH with Lisa Bongean YouTube channel at 1:00 p.m. CST. I will be talking all about tomorrow’s exclusive FLASH sale, my Garden Gatherings fabric line, and the pattern release of Stars All Around – one of my Blocks of the Week from last summer. Set your reminder now so you don’t forget! You don’t want to miss out on all the fun – click the button below to watch. See you tomorrow! ~Lisa

Much Ado About Stuffing…

Hey gang. Happy Hump Day and Thanksgiving eve! It’s been an easygoing day so far here at the studio, since things are finally starting to wind down now that Primitive Christmas 2022 is in the books. Thanksgiving day is just about here and many people are already on the road traveling for the big day, so I’m sure that’s another reason why it’s been a fairly quiet day. I put a pretty big dent in my “to-do” list working from home over the last couple of days, so I’m looking forward to focusing on the holiday and family time for the rest of the week. I don’t have any plans to travel, which is absolutely awesome! I’m going to be home making a big meal for my family to enjoy. I have learned over the years that traveling for the holidays is super overrated and more trouble than it’s worth, so I’m quite happy to stay put right here at Anchor Point where I belong. I mean sheesh, I spend all week working hard to pay for the place… You can’t blame me for wanting to spend my time here with my family every chance I get!

All that being said, I don’t have much to talk about today aside from wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. Please travel safely and try not to eat too much (who am I trying to kid – bring on the green bean casserole)! In case you’re out last-minute shopping today, please keep in mind that the shop here at Primitive Gatherings closed at 2:00 p.m. so our staff can get a head start on their own holiday preparations.

We will remain closed to celebrate the holiday through Sunday, November 27th and reopen for business Monday, November 28th at 10:00 a.m. CST. If you are ordering online and happen to need assistance during our time off, please call the shop at 920.722.7233 on Monday after 10:00 a.m. – there will not be anyone answering phones until then.

Alright everyone! I wish you all a very happy, safe, and cheerful Thanksgiving. I know many of you are probably headed to family gatherings that may – or may not – be a wonderful time. LOL! Just remember, life is short and you can choose your friends but not your family. Try to embrace the time you have together no matter the circumstances. Have fun and enjoy one another, and I will see you all soon! Take care. ~Lisa

O’ Say Can You Sew – Clue #7

Wow, can you believe it? We’ve made it all the way through to the final clue release for my O’ Say Can You Sew Mystery Quilt-Along! It feels like just yesterday that we started this little patriotic quilting journey of ours way back in April. If you recall, I came up with the idea for this QAL because I had so many reds, whites, and blue scraps left over from previous projects. I thought it would be a fun and creative way to get an awesome patriotic quilt out of simply recycling my salvage. And because I love to torture you, I also thought it would be entertaining to make this a mystery project – meaning participants did not know exactly what they were making until, well… today! I know many of you are eagerly waiting for the final clue and that you are more than ready to get your hands on it, so let’s get going!

I want to say thanks to everyone who kept up with this QAL all the way through! I understand that a mystery quilt isn’t necessarily everyone’s favorite, so kudos for sticking it out til the end. Clue # 7 consists of the sashings and cornerstones for the quilt, which create little star shapes between the blocks. To complete Clue # 7 you will need 142 1 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ light sashing strips, and from the dark colors you will need 80 1 1/2″ squares for the star centers (40 blue and 40 red). You will also need 640 1″ squares for the sashing points. Whether you choose to go the controlled route or decide to get scrap crazy, using the sew and flip method makes this clue a cinch to assemble! Overall it might seem like a lot of work but trust me – it’s not hard, you just have to do it. In the end you’re going to end up with a gorgeous quilt to show for it! To get your pattern and full instructions for Clue # 7 click the button below!

More of a visual learner? Don’t forget you can always tune in to my online video tutorial where I walk you through step-by-step how to cut and complete Clue # 7. Watch by simply clicking the link below! And by the way, even though we’re near the end I know some of you might be just about running out of scrap fabric in your stash, so we put together some fat quarter bundles that will be just the right amount to get you through to the end. We have blues bundles of 12 fat quarters for $30.00 per bundle (that’s two FREE! – get those by clicking HERE!), and cream bundles of 12 fat quarters for $35.00, which you can grab by clicking the button below! We are currently no longer offering reds in these special OSCYS bundles due to low stock, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re all caught up.

Clue # 7 is available as a FREE download now through Monday November 7th, 2022. After that, it will be available to purchase on our website for $5.00. If you’re just joining me on this Quilt-Along there is still plenty of time to catch up! Links to all released clues are listed in the O’ Say Can You Sew Clue Archive, which can be found in the main menu at the top of this page, and purchased for $5.00 per download.

Alright everyone. It’s another short and sweet post today. I’m about half way through my cruise and finally starting to feel settled in. I have a feeling I’ll be feeling pretty well at home just in time for them to tell me I have to get off the boat LOL! I hope you all are finding ways to keep yourself busy while I’m away – like wrapping up your finishing touches on your Red & White Challenge quilt entry perhaps? Oh! That actually reminds me to remind everyone that is planning to send in entries for the Red & White Quilt Challenge to please remember to include all required paperwork with your quilt! We’re starting to get some quilts arriving for the contest and a couple of them came with zero info! If we don’t have your information, we can’t enter you into the challenge! Also – please be sure to read through all requirements thoroughly so you don’t miss any of the details. We want every entry to make it into the show! Talk to you all soon! ~Lisa

MBH4 Block #27 – “Threaded”

Hey blockheads! They tell me it’s Wednesday again, which means it’s time for another exciting MBH4 block release! This week we introduce Block #27, “Threaded by Michelle White of Moda Fabrics. If the name of the designer rings a bell, it should considering I just did one of her bonus blocks last week as an alternate to Block #26. To give you a bit of background on her, Michelle works in the Moda marketing department, doing a bit of everything from pattern design for in-house patterns, graphic design, photography, designing the Quilt Market booth, and more! She started at Moda back in April 2019, and since then has loved fabric and quilting even more than she ever did before!

Michelle considers herself a more ‘modern’ quilter, falling somewhere on the line between modern and traditional styles. She loves non-traditional quilt blocks and working with bold color and solids. Inspiration for Threaded came from a somewhat unusual source. As it happened, she was in the middle of assembling a pair of bookshelves and found inspiration in the threaded anchors that were part of the included toolkit. Go figure! You just never know what’s going to spark creativity! I enjoyed this block because it allows you the option to create totally different looking results depending on how you piece the fabrics. Her intention was to design a block where you can play around with fabric placement and what direction you angle you blocks without worrying too much about how it will all come together in the end. I love it – you know how I love a block with several options! To get the full pattern and instructions for Threaded hit the link below!For my version of Threaded I stuck with simple yet again, and used grayscale fabric selections from my Urban Farmhouse Gatherings line. As usual I stuck with a medium orange Bella Solid called “Ochre” for my background. Looking for some dynamic grayscale fabrics for your next project? We still have Urban Farmhouse Gatherings in stock but inventory is low. Grab it while you can by visiting our website!

If you’re new to MBH4 and wondering what this QAL is all about, you can visit the Moda Blockheads 4 Archive for more information, including all the previously released MBH4 blocks that I’ve done. The archive link is listed in the main menu of links at the top of my blog page.  You can also visit Moda’s Inspiration+Resources Center Page for additional resources and help, along with all released bonus blocks by clicking HERE! 

Well everyone, it’s going to be a short and sweet post today because as you know, I’m about set foot on a cruise ship destined for Hawaii within the next 48 hours. Needless to say, I still have a lot to do before I leave the fort and head to paradise. Before I go want to give a quick shout out to Lorraine W. for her comment here on the blog last week! Thank you for keeping up with my blog posts Lorraine! I really appreciate the time you took to leave me a comment so as a way to show my gratitude, I’m going to send you something nice! As usual, I don’t post last names or email addresses for your privacy, so if you think you’re the lucky winner this week please be sure to check your email! You can also contact Heidi at heidin@primitivegatherings.us if you have not already received a prize confirmation letter from her. She will use your email address to confirm that you are in fact the winner! Thanks again! Your support means the world to us. If you’d like to be considered for a prize each week be sure to leave me a comment! I always love hearing from you. 

Just one more quick reminder before I go – there will not be any LIVE broadcasts while I’m gone unless we decide to do something fun on a whim – but no promises! I really have no idea how much connectivity I’ll have once I’m on the boat, so it’s all going to depend on that. Make sure your “STITCH with Lisa Bongean” YouTube channel notifications are ON so you don’t miss it in the case we do decide to do something impromptu… Alright gang, I’m off! I sure wish you could all join me. I’ll promise to do my best to share a picture or two as the days go by. Again – no promises! Hard to say how busy we’ll be and how much spare time I’ll have. “Maybe” will just have to do! I’ll see you all soon. Take care! ~Lisa

Farmhouse Friends “Just Flowers” Stitch-Along Block #12 – Hydrangeas

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I’m excited to say that it’s finally it’s my turn to post my block for this year’s Farmhouse Friends “Just Flowers” Stitch-Along. I saw all of the other blocks and knew these hydrangeas had to be BLUE! Just look at these hand-dyed appliquéd flowers. They almost look real with all the light and dark variations of color in the wool. I know there are a lot of flowers here, but look at the results! There’s also a lot of cutting, but trust me it’s worth it. Plus, this block is super easy to stitch so you’ll save yourself some time there!

As you can see I also added the date on my block, which is always a fun addition. Ready to make yours? We have several options available for this block! Download and print your own block for FREE by hitting the link below!


I really had a lot of fun with this block – and I have to say I’m pretty proud of it, which is why I love sharing it with all of you! No printer? No problem! You can purchase a printed version of the pattern for a small charge of $5.00! Click the link below to order your printed pattern now!


To add to the fun we’re also offering KITS for this gorgeous block! They are also available by hitting the link below. Not only do kits make life easier for you, but the profits also help us to continue to bring you these Stitch/Quilt-Alongs. Thank you for your purchase – we appreciate you all!

Click Here to ORDER Your KIT!

If you need to find any of the prior blocks for this Stitch-Along you can visit the Farmhouse Friends facebook group or more information and links to each block!

CLICK HERE for Previous “JUST FLOWERS” Stitch-Along BLOCKS!

As always, you can catch me every Thursday at 1PM CST on my Stitch with Lisa Bongean YouTube Channel! And don’t forget to leave me a comment here on the blog for a chance to win a prize! Are you participating in this Stitch-Along? How are your blocks coming? What’s your favorite so far? Let me know in the comments! That’s all I have for now – I’ll be back soon! ~Lisa