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Block 7 Triangle Gatherings

Happy Friday!!!  I hope you all had a wonderful week! I am still on the Oregon Coast until Sunday and I am having a ball…stayed up till 3am last nigh to finish this project for the NC retreat in March! Do you want to come!!!fullsizerender-7 I took a wonderful walk on the beach this morning…44 degrees is wonderful for walking…img_9633 img_9632 img_9631 img_9630



block 7block-7

Remember to post your pics!!!   I look several times a day to see who’s posting…sorry for the short post…the beach WIFI is not letting me post it wants me to stitch!!!  Have a good weekend and stitch some blocks! LB


Block 6 Triangle Gatherings

block-6Print here block-6   My 6″ block below…


Today I am taking it easy…hanging out with Luke and Brooke…making White chicken chili for them and visiting with the baby Emus…here I am holding my two “grandchicks”… there is also a cute video of them walking on Brooke’s IG…archieandbubbles…named after the two parots….they are so cute just learning to walk…

Never a dull moment here in rainy California!!! Yup it’s still raining…I also have a few pics from the quilt show…PG design spottings…img_9593Betty Dinan’s A Primitive Garden…hung high in the entry hall to the show…it was really bright in the hall..don’t know why this turned out so dark…img_9595 img_9596

I did not get a “designer” credit on this one besides the vendor booth…I’m sure Karen just “spaced” the Design Basis part….No biggie..I do love this quilt and we now are able to re-kit it again…both sizes…55″ and 110″ square quilts…with our newest Moda fabric line…Little Gatherings II…contact the shop if you have to have one.920-722-7233.  It’s called 45 and light to go!

Well… its up and early tomorrow morning to go to Portland OR…have fun stitching block 6!




Pinbowl man and Rulerbox man are done…So we are shipping like mad at the shop, We had lots of hand made items and these guys worked really hard to get your items done…..AND….the first load of Jukis have arrived and left shortly thereafter to new homes!!!Nick shipped 44 out today!!!   So look for your orders soon….and if you ordered a JUKI they have to be signed for…so hopefully there will be someone home to catch it we don’t want to leave your new machine on your porch and have someone following the UPS truck and take it on you!!!

I worked from home today with Jean and Amy and we got a whole quilt done!!! Yay…can’t wait to show you….and…I will be sharing something soon…by the end of the week!  Stay warm everyone! BRRR



hurry…two more days for NEEDFUL Things….


Wow…I want to THANK all of you who made the 2016 Needful Things a huge success…I want to tell you that we are just 2 machine sales away from our goal of selling 50!!! So one lucky Quilter will be getting theirs FREE this year again even if we don’t make the 50 its close enough for me!!! I’m so blessed that you all love what we do and Primitive Gatherings and that you spend your hard earned dollars at our store…Please know that I am very Thankful for this and very pleased at your response to our Primitive Christmas Event and the 12 Days of Needful Things…It’s truly Amazing!!! So again…Thank You, Thank You…Thank you ALL!

I also want to give you a gentle reminder that today and tomorrow are the last days to purchase these great NEEDFUL Things…I don’t want you to miss out if you were busy…busy…busy…Had to laugh at my little reminder I got today…from the shop…always thinking ahead…12 DAYS OF NEEDFULTHINGS…img_9323

Speaking of busy…I forgot to show some of our Christmas decorating!!!img_9097

From the front entry door…


 Close-up of antique quilts in cabinet….looks like there’s still some spots open??

Also..never got to fill those buckets….hmmmimg_9093


Kitchen…just a few poinsettias….img_9316

and some wool gingerbread men


Stitch & B*tch night at Anchor Point…



Christmas Punch from Pinterest…a success…no fail on this one..

img_9313The living room…img_9315 img_9078 img_9077 img_9080and some close ups of the shelves…img_9314

The little living room tree…

img_9318 img_9317

The hall behind the kitchen..


 Two of my guys…always wrestling on the bed….all for now…we are having our “old” neighbors over tonight…gotta run!!!


Day 1…Needful Things…



So for those of you who have a JUKI’s what we have all been waiting for!!!!  I have to admit…I was skeptical…but…I was happily surprised…I stitched this new miniimg_9171…and it was amazing…I tried to derail it by trying to run over a dog ear…no wouldn’t do it!!! I first put my foot on and it was perfectly lined up with my usual tape bumper…so off came the tape…I happily stitched this whole mini and was very pleased!  The only thing…you have the put the other regular foot on when doing triangle paper…I managed to do TP with it on, but it was very difficulty to see…and I will not do it again…So here is the new foot if you need to order it!!!  NEW 1/4″FOOT– we have them on sale for $   We also have a few other things for you JUKI owners…oil with a spout…remember to oil those machines…and extra bobbins!!! images-phpimg_9120

Now for those of you who do not own a JUKI…Please read…

tl10q_lgEvery year so far people ask…Will you please do the Juki again this year?…. so here it is AGAIN!… popular demand…AND you could win yours free!!!

Now I know we pretty much all have a sewing machine…or two or three or even more…But I just have to talk about the sewing machine I use 99% of the time…It is my #1 Needful thing…Most of you probably have never heard of Juki…so let me just say they are not new to the market…Juki is well known in the garment industry and are mostly industrial machines. I think I have had a Juki for about 10 years now…I also own 2 Berninas, 1060 and a 1530, and a couple of featherweights…one black and one white. I confess this to you so you also know what I am comparing to and you all know I teach all across the country and have stitched on many machines.

I bought the Juki with the intention to use it as a second machine to have set up for machine quilting my little quilts, and also so I didn’t have to change the walking foot from my regular foot on my Bernina…that would have been nice, right?…Juki has entered the quilt world with a semi-industrial machine for quilters. Here are a few of the features that the Juki machines have…all metal…no plastic bobbins, no plastic feet, comes with all sorts of feet including 2 free motion feet and a walking foot, a larger 9″ opening between the body and the arm, so machine quilting would be easier to handle. It has a nice extension table, this is nice for retreats, I have it embedded in my table usually. The machine ONLY stitches straight. Now this might be an issue for some, but I was only going to use this for machine quilting…The fact that it only stitches straight is actually a plus…nice tension all the time, single hole throat plate . It holds large cones as well as regular thread…It has an automatic thread cutter, automatic needle threader , knee lift and stitches 1500 stitches per minute or something like that, in other words it is FAST. It comes with a walking foot and other feet for doing free motion quilting…I use the regular foot and stitch up against a bumper to get a scant quarter inch… Here are all the particulars from the manufacturer:

The NEW Juki TL-2010Q is a high-performance sewing and quilting machine. The TL-2010Q is a single needle, lock-stitch, portable machine, constructed of aluminum die-casting to ensure industrial-quality sewing.

With advanced features, such an industrial sub-tension system, variable speed control slider, and bright white LED lighting, this machine is built for precision sewing. With a large work area of up to 23 inches (with auxiliary table attached), the TL-2000Qi can handle large quilt, sewing or home decor project with ease.

Advanced Thread TrimmingJuki_TL-2010Q_FootControllerjuki_tl-2010q_footcontroller
The New TL-2010Q allows you to trim top and bobbin threads using the Exclusive foot controlled trimming system.

Just rock your heel back on the foot control, and thread is quickly and precisely cut.

Automatic Thread Trimmer Juki_TL-2010Q_ThreadTrimmerjuki_tl-2010q_threadtrimmer
The machine is also equipped with an automatic thread button that simultaneously trims the needle and bobbin threads at the sewing end by lightly pressing the push-button.

Both the Trim Button and the Foot Controller engage the advanced Juki industrial style thread trimming mechanism.

No More Twists or QuiversJuki_TL-2010Q_SubTensionUnitjuki_tl-2010q_subtensionunit
The Sub Tension Unit ensures thread feeding to the needle is smooth, even and twist free, no matter how thick your thread is.

It also keeps the thread from quivering when sewing at high speeds and provides accurate, fine tuned thread tension.

Thread Tension ScaleJuki_TL-2010Q_ThreadTensionjuki_tl-2010q_threadtension
The machine also has the thread tension scale, which allows you to adjust the tension according to the thread and material to be used.
Maximum Speed ControlJuki_TL-2010Q_SpeedControl
The new speed control lever gives you complete control over sewing speed.

Set the speed from 200 to 1500 stitches per minute, or any speed in between for free motion, and precision sewing.juki_tl-2010q_speedcontrol

Materials are sewn with Ease
The microcomputer controlled, speed control mechanism, allows the machine to sew materials at low speeds. This provides for accurate feed and perfect stitching when sewing heavy weight fabric, quilting and multiple layers of materials.

PresseJuki_TL-2010Q_PressureFootr Foot Pressure Adjustmentjuki_tl-2010q_pressurefoot
Presser foot pressure can be adjusted according to the fabric being sewn by turning a regulator located on the top of the machine.




Needle Up/Down ControlJuki_TL-2010Q_StopPositionjuki_tl-2010q_stoppositionWhen you stop sewing, the machine will stop with the needle in the down position to allow for pivoting or more accurate free motion work.

To move the needle up or down as desired, simply press the needle up/down button.


Truly Illuminatingjuki_tl-2010q_ledlightThe new, bright-white LJuki_TL-2010Q_LEDLightED lighting, provides an illuminated view of the sewing area and allows for more precise sewing.

Automatic Needle ThreaderJuki_TL-



The push lever automatic needle threader easily threads the needle without eyestrain and allows you to start sewing quickly.




Easy Bobbin ReplacementJuki_TL-2010Q_BobbinReplacement

A new bobbin case latch and an enlarged bobbin case area make it easier to remove and replace the bobbin.

Nothing Free Motion Quilts Better Than  Juki quilting feetquiltingfeet
Juki’s rich tradition in quilting continues with the TL-2010Q.

The feed dog can be raised and lowered simply by depressing a switch. When quilting, the drop feed allows you to sew curved stitches with precision and ease.

Juki 1/4 Inch and 1/5 Inch Quilting Feet
The quilting feet are designed for free motion quilting and free-hand embroidery. Just lower the feed dogs and stitch away.

Juki Even Feed Foot Juki_TL-2010Q_FeedFootjuki_tl-2010q_feedfoot
With its reliable feed, the even feed foot ensures the machine’s ability to produce beautiful seams when sewing difficult-to-feed fabrics such as georgette and velvets, as well as heavy weight materials such as leather.

juki_tl-2010q_kneelifterKnee Lifter Lever Juki_TL-2010Q_KneeLifter
The knee lifter level allows you to lift/lower the presser foot without using your hands. The presser foot can be raised as high as 12mm.


After stitching on this machine and using it. I did not want to stitch on anything else. It “pieces” beautifully…I didn’t have to hang on to my threads at the start, the feed dogs are nice and close together and fed my little pieces in nicely. Having the single hole meant my piecing wasn’t sucked down into that oblong hole… and again…I could stitch, cut my thread with my foot(or there is a button, but I like my hands free to hold on to my patches) knee lift my presser foot and be on to the next thing…I especially love piecing triangle paper on the Juki for all the reasons I just stated…Now I know being fast really should not be an issue, right? We want to be accurate! But let me tell you, if I am stitching strips, borders or you name it…fast is handy…I tried going back to my “regular” machine to piece on…it was almost painful!!! Just shoot me…I loan this machine at The Gathering, but it comes with a warning…if you stitch with it you WILL be going home with it! I think only one person didn’t buy one after she stitched on it for a weekend…lol…They also have updated the Juki recently…I have a TL98Q (old model at home) and the new modelTL2010 Q1 I have in the studio, they have updated to an LED light…they have added a Turtle and a Hare button, if you want to control how fast it can go…and they changed the foot pedal, a bit…I love both of them and even though they are slightly different I can stitch on both on them with no problem even though they have slightly different foot pedals and controls.

So if you are ever in the market for a machine, please check out the Juki’s and you can read all the technical words I should have used to explain it. I sell only the Juki 2010Q1 at my store in WI…I could sell other machines but remember what I said, I only sell what I use…therefore I sell the Juki’s. I am placing the Juki 2010Qi on sale now until the end of the year at a special of $899-(yes…not a typo $948.95 if you are in WI we have to add tax) which includes shipping too. This is a great deal. We will order more for this same price as long as you order before the end of the year. JUKI In 2016 they will go back to $999.00 still a great price when you think about what you all get with this machine! Please allow a few weeks for delivery…Click HERE to order.  Your card will be charged as soon as you place your order with out new compliant cc processing. If you are the winner we will be crediting your card back.

Last year we sold over 50 machines…and gave one away to  ALBERTA BAILEY… If we make it over 50 this year…one of you who purchases will get theirs FREE too!!! Those odds are pretty good!!!

I will be posting the winner for the machine on NEW YEARS DAY …

The 5 winners of the pin bowls are:

Cindy siefferlen
I just saw your blog on how i spend or wish to spend Christmas. I spend Christmas on call for my hospital emergency surgery dept. I have done this job for45 years. Since i have no more small children in the group i have chosen to take call so others can spend the day with their small children. This may seem like a thankless gesture but the day after to hear all their family stories and the smiles on my co workers faces. It was worth it. Thank you for your inspiring thoughts. MERRY CHRISTMAS! CINDY

Hi Lisa, That picture of you and Lance is just lovely. I agree with you, 100 is too short too, my Grandma was 102 and full of the Irish. Traditions…I love watching all the Christmas movies, and my crude sense of humor cracks up watching “Mr Hankey’s Christmas Special” with my son. Hidee Ho! Jakey

Janet O.
December 23, 2016 at 10:50 am
Our Christmas is so steeped in tradition I don’t even know which one to choose, but they evolve as the family dynamics change. I don’t continue to do what doesn’t work anymore just because “it’s tradition”.
I guess my favorite was as we were raising our family. Every year for over 20 years we would get a hotel room in Salt Lake City across from Temple Square, which is a magical fairyland of lights during the holidays. We would visit the Square, go shopping in the nearby malls, visit the candy window displays of a local department store, eat out (which we rarely did when our kids were little), and enjoy a new experience each year–from a trolley ride, to a carriage ride, a planetarium display or a children’s museum. Always something different. It wasn’t always easy to come up with the funds for these excursions, but what memories we made!
This was a touching post, Lisa, and I loved what you said about choosing to be happy. A friend whose beloved Grandma passed on Christmas years ago has never loved Christmas since. But her grandma loved Christmas, and I think she would be sad to see her granddaughter mope through this special season because of her passing.

Ellen R
December 23, 2016 at 11:20 am
We still wait for Santa on Christmas Eve..seriously Santa lands on the roof. As he gets older we help him out with a ladder.

My grandfather and uncle started the tradition and hearing boots on the roof takes me right back to being a kid.

Merry Christmas to all!

Kathleen Brown
December 24, 2016 at 7:06 am
We pretty much stay at home, call the kids & g-kids, and watch football. Close to being done with many weeks of chemo so resting and looking forward to 2017. Merry Christmas once again. Still trying to win goodies.

I loved reading your traditions and Thank you for taking the time to write them…I know its a busy time…There is no need to comment today…Be Happy…and Enjoy the moments with your family and friends these next couple of days while you celebrate.





After so many have asked if we had more pin bowls….we decided we would do another round of them…Here are your five color choices (I see there are more color shown on the website, but these 5 colors here are your choices)…I think Jake has about 200 of them done…but hopefully you ALL won’t order the same color!…But we will get them done and out to you asap…now why do we need a magnetic pin bowl?

Many many reasons….one they are so stinking cute…and two they are not just for pins…They can hold binding clips, metal bobbins…they stick to the frame of a long arm…here is a pic of the three I have in my sewing room at home…I think I need the aqua one to put my machine tools/feet in so I’m not co-mingling…I separate my pins..I have my fine quilting pins by my machine..that’s why my tools/feet end up in this bowl and then I have larger quilting pins…for pinning up my blocks on the design wall, pinning my sleeves on while I’m stitching the binding on my machine..and then the flat head pins that I use to decorate my pincushion with…see the wool circle on one?

img_0169So the wait is over…you can order your pin bowl here for $15 each  PIN BOWL
I loved reading your comments yesterday…And we are all alike…yes..we truly miss our loved ones who have passed on and would give just about anything to see them again…I am with many of you with a heavy heart at this time…It will soon be 3 years since Lance left us, and I too have lost a father…Even though our hearts hurt we go on…you make sure to  fill your life with love, laughter and fun…because life IS really short.  I believe even if you live to be 100 it’s still short…the years fly by…we all have things that have broken our hearts…that’s what makes us stronger…but OVERCOME and choose to be HAPPY! I believe it a choice…

Lance and I dancing at Jake & Lauren’s wedding Summer 2013img_2455

So let’s see who the ruler box winner are…I admit on this one…I picked a few that made me laugh…the others were random numbers picked….

Laura baumgardner
December 23, 2016 at 7:42 am
I would love this spend the time locked up in your shop or home . (LOL…me too Laura)

Deborah from H Town (Houston)
December 22, 2016 at 10:42 pm
Lisa, what a cute, unique way to display your mini quilts. You give us some much inspiration. I am lucky I can spend this Christmas with most of my wonderful family, I thankful for each and everyday now after having a health scare a few months ago. Merry Christmas to you and your family

Judith Dietrich
December 22, 2016 at 6:56 pm
I would love to spend Christmas with Elton John!! I love his music & have never gotten to see a concert in person. I would just think it would be incredible to learn about him. To think of all the people he has met, and maybe hear a favorite song. Can’t happen, but you did say wish…….Judy..first one to pick a STAR!

Marilyn Hopkins
December 22, 2016 at 7:27 pm
Of course I would want to spend it with my family, but that would include my Dad who passed when I was 18. Oh, what a fun time that would be!!

WINNERS please contact AMY at with your name and address to claim your prize!!!

Someone asked about the metal clips for hanging my mini quilts…you can get them from Amazon below are the details…img_9203-2

Product Details
QTMY Stainless Steel Clips with Hook for Curtain, Photos, Home Decoration Pack of 30
$ 6 89 Prime
Get it by Tomorrow, Dec 24
4.5 out of 5 stars 2
Product Features
Package Content : 30pcs x Curtain Clips
Home & Kitchen:See all 1,318 items

Do you want to win a pin bowl?  Tell me one of your Christmas Traditions…do you play games? Do you go to the movies…do you just hang out?  Do you have a great idea for group exchanging gifts?  Do you drink too much Slush?  Hey I have a GREAT recipe for SLUSH click to print…christmas-slush by lisa bongean  It is also great without the alcohol….I usually make one with and one without…As a kid….I just wanted to drink the slush like everyone else!!! but NOooooooooo…so I make sure the kids can have slush


Half Square Triangle Chart

Thanks for letting me know the empty ruler boxes are not on the site to purchase…I have notified the web people and they will get to it as soon as they can…sorry for this oversight….but here is the “pretty” chart I promised…Click the link at the bottom to print it out.


CLICK HERE FOR A PDF TO PRINT:  half-square-triangle-formula-1

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