12 Days of Needful Things…Day 12.


12 Days of Xmas Ornaments 12

Well it’s the first day of our 12 day countdown to Christmas…I am always so excited to be able to introduce or showcase why these products are MUST haves for our quilting obsessions.  Please remember to leave a comment on this post for a chance to win this item!

I have to admit I have my favorite quilting items…and one of them are Olfa mats and rotary cutters, which we happen to use exclusively in our wholesale kitting department at Primitive Gatherings…There are so many inferior cutters out there and I get to see/use the when I’m teaching.  I love my 60mm Olfa cutter but today I am introducing what I believe is genius!!! A folding mat!  Here are some photos. 2680_-1440513941300images This is the answer for bringing your mat to class or retreats…

When we go to classes that require a mat its always awkward…their big and clunky…They do not like extreme heat or cold and nasty things like permanent warping and breakage happen when they are left in our cars.  We don’t mean to neglect them but life happens and something the results are bad.  Trust me I know…I’ve had it happen to my nice mats…but…Now Olfa has come up with a folding mat in two sizes…11″x17″ and 17″x24″. They are only half that size when transporting them.  They slip nicely into my sewing machine totes side panel or the small one even fits into my plastic project tote. Like I said Genius!!!

When unfolded you do not see the curved seam at all!!!  Now these mats are not cheap..they come with a nice price attached to them, they are worth it but we all cannot afford a $70 mat especially if you are just going to save it for classes/retreats…but we are going to ease this a little by offering the small one for $39.99 reg. $49.99 and the large one for $55.99 reg. 69.99   Save even more if you buy both at 89.99!!! CLICK HERE

I hope you find these mats something you could see as being very useful, and to help you keep that large mat at home and safe from permanent damage…

Remember to leave a comment and you may be notified on Christmas Day that you have won one of these amazing mats!!! If you would like us to HOLD your order until the end or until we hear from you please enter HOLD on your comment section of your order…If you do not say to hold we will ship them asap.  Please allow us time to get these out to you…we don’t know we are going to sell 5 or 50 and may need to re-order from our suppliers…Thanks for your understanding…

Now today it is cookie baking(made the dough last night) and house decorating day!!

If you have not made your Christmas cut-out cookies yet…I swear I have the best recipe ever!  Back when I was worLisa Bongeanking swing shift in the paper mill one of the guys bought in the best ever cut out cookie I have ever tasted…They were soft and fluffy and the frosting was amazing!!! He said his 90 year old neighbor had made them..I said you HAVE to visit her and beg for the recipe.  I love  homemade sweets and these cookies were amazing!  So here’s the recipe I have perfected over the years…you can THANK me later…Star Cut-Out Cookies   Click the link for a printable recipe

PS…They are not the prettiest, but the taste is A-Mazing….I can’t wait to feed Jace one of Grandma’s cookies!!!

My Best…LB


Oh Holy Night…Pattern and recipe changes

PATTERN… ( This is no longer a FREE pattern…you can find them in my Christmas Gatherings book…out April 2016) Sorry about the PDF in the other post. Someone asked about the star…it is stitched in …as well as the shine on baby Jesus and the legs of his cradle…There will be kits for these ornaments…I forgot to write down the price….but I think they were $12.  Will get them on the site soon…when I can confirm on Monday!mangerShepard:sheep

It has been brought to my attention that this recipe calls for T.  I think because they typed in all in CAPS this got mixed up…ALL the T.’s should be TEASPOONS (t.)  …sorry for this mishap…

a post about french fries….

Do you love french fries?  Dumb question, right?!!! We all love them…I have basically given them up because they just are way too fattening…so with that in mind I want to share with you my newest discovery…I am at the Lakehouse with Nick and I wanted to try out one of our Christmas presents…here it is…a Hot Air Fryer…have you seen this?  Hot Air…not dumped in oil!!!photo copy

You can make a bunch of things in it…I not only bought it for the fries but also for all the fish Nick catches…I like baked and  broiled fish but there is nothing like a good ol’ Wisconsin fish fry…but again…too many calories in that oil…so I can’t wait to fry fish too…I also got a new french fry cutter…Shown here, UnknownI have 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ blades….then I had to soak my fresh cut potato fries in water for 30 min…pat them dry…toss in a tablespoon of oil and then place them in the air fryer…here is how they turned out!!!

Let me just say….they taste as good as any restaurant fries from all those good places we eat out at on the road…when I steal a few of Nick’s of coarse….The only downfall I can see is I may need another one so the fish and the fries can be finish at the same time!  I also can’t wait to try homemade onion rings and cheese curds…are you hungry yet?

I purchased all of this from William Sonoma in case you feel the same way I do about the sinking your fries and fish in the old “hot tub”method.  Plus all the gallons of oil we used…No guilt now…Thank You God for making people so smart that they can figure these things out so we all can enjoy  fries now…have a great Saturday…I am going to stitch now while enjoying the sunshine coming through the windows…LBphoto


A Primitive Christmas…welcome

A Primitive Christmas…

First off you must all ‘THANK” our host Stacy, for this Christmas blog hop with 12 cookie recipes and 12 new ornaments for your tree…It takes a lot of time to organize and get everyone on the same page for one of these events.  Please let Stacy know how much of a gift this was this year…her blog post is on the 21st.

Now I know a lot of the designers have talked about their traditions…As a kid growing up…with all brothers there are a few highlights I remember from Christmas…One was the time when I got a DOLL for Christmas…I was in shock!!! I didn’t want any stupid doll…I wanted a bb gun and big Tonka trucks like my brothers…why did Santa bring me a Doll?…I was so mad I opened the basement door and tossed her down…hoping she would go away!…lol…Another is my Mom is and was a great cook…she would spend days making all kinds of candy and cookies and then freeze them in the freezer for the Big day and the family parties…well one day I heard this scream from the basement…I went running Mom was in the freezer looking at empty candy boxes…One of my brothers ate the whole box!!!  I know I have lots of pictures from Back in the Day…I wish I had time to look through the pictures…but maybe we will do this again…and It is on my list to go through my pics in 2013 so I will be ready for next Christmas…

Here is a peek at our Home decorated for Christmas…A Primitive Christmas explains it perfectly….I love to use lots of quilts.  Someday you will be seeing all these quilts most of which are antiques.  Maybe a calendar, maybe a book, recreating them… or using them for inspiration that may spark a new design or even a fabric line.  Ever since I have been a shop owner I have been collecting them…Mostly because I think these orphans needed a good home…but partly because once you become a shop owner, going to big quilt shows is not the THRILL is used to be…which was all that excitement of what you are going to find, seeing the new fabrics, kits and gadgets that all the shops have to offer.  For me…I seen most of it 6 months ago at Quilt Market and what I loved I bought for our shop…do you kind of get what I am talking about?…so at each show I attend I try to do my part to stimulate the economy by bringing home an orphan antique quilt.  Now antique quilts are kind of like kittens or puppies…you can’t just go home with one is all I am saying…so thus I have a nice collection of antique quilts started….I mostly love scrap quilts…but lately I have been buying red/green appliqué quilts.  The prices of appliqué quilts have come down a bit…usually they were out of my price range…

So take a bit and browse through my pictures and hopefully you can get a couple of ideas for your own decorating…I am a small town girl, living in a my primitive world and loving it.  Double Click on the pics to make them bigger if you wish for a closer look…there are two galleries here…make sure you click on both of them for a close up of the last three pictures…

Hey Everyone!!! Glad you stopped by to see what Christmas is like in our Wisconsin Winter wonderland…we are in for a doozy of a storm tonight (Wed)…like 11″ is predicted…just in time for a nice White Christmas…the kids will be able to go sledding and build snowmen and ice skate!

My recipe…I try something new every year…this year I picked a cookie that is supposed to better for you…no flour, no butter/oil…If you didn’t know it my son Jake is getting married next July and I would like to trim a little fluff off this bod, if you know what I mean….I found this on Pinterest, of course….Let me tell you they did not disappoint!…soft, gooey, chewy even the next couple days after they are baked….good thing it only makes about 24…I ended up with 27 so that means they are even less calories!!!..lol…



And now…for my ornament…Well now what should I do??? It is kind of hard being one of the last ones…I have to admin I did several, but I will save them for a book on ornaments or something like that!!! After decorating my tree I noticed I did not have any sheep on it!  How can that be?  So here is my Sheep ornament decked out in her poinsettia corsage…Click on the PDF here: Sheep ornament

If you would like a kit for this ornament your may also order it here:  Sheep Kit  for $7 per kit.

Sheep ornament from Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
Sheep ornament from Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings

cooking??? what is that….Penne Rosa (like at Noodles & Co)

I actually cooked tonight!  We can’t remember the last time I did, I mean from a Recipe…not just Chicken breasts or something like that…I love to cook, but lately there has not been enough hours in the day…but the goal is to make more time for me, Nick and my family…I actually miss not cooking…so I decided you might be in the same boat or maybe you need a new recipe to try…I love pasta and this one doesn’t seem so bad for us! Limit the red pepper flakes if you don’t like a little kick, it’s just a little…not overwhelming at all…

  1. Pene Rosa

1 box Penne pasta

1lb of boneless chicken breasts, cut up in small chunks

1 box of frozen chopped spinach-unthawed and drained of all excess water-i lay it between paper towels and press all the water out.

1 can diced Italian style tomatoes

1 14oz jar of Alfredo sauce-can use light-the recipe called for 2 I only used 1

1 8oz can of tomato sauce

8oz of sliced mushrooms

red pepper flakes

parmesan cheese

Boil noodles with a nice dash of pepper flakes

Cook chicken with a little oil browning it a little.  Set aside.

Sautee mushrooms with a little butter.

In a large sauce pan combine, alfredo sauce, tomatoes, tomato sauce, mushrooms, spinach and more red pepper flakes.  Simmer on low until everything is heated through…do not scorch, watch carefully.

In a large serving bowl, mix noodles, chicken and sauce, stirring well.

Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and serve with garlic bread…

Hope you love it like Nick and I did…Nick had two servings and we have some nice leftovers, so I would say it made about 6 servings.

Nick stated that it had great flavor but I needed to work a little more on my presentation…guess i shouldn’t have used the plastic plates and he needs to quit watching “Chopped”.


Summer Block of the Week… Flower Penny Garden….and the best double chocolate chip cookie recipe ever…

I have been home a few days now from Salt Lake City…it was fun to hang out in Moda row…all the designers are a great bunch of girls…it was hard learning the ropes and being the “new” kid on the block…but now I know what is expected…Nick and I are packing up the boat to dump it into the lake tomorrow, I am so looking forward to that…but I did not for get about the Summer Block of the Week…Here it is….

I am going to use this red, dark pink and purple theme throughout all of the  13″ applique blocks…along with with the layered wool flowers…I think this is going to be the best summer BOW that I have done so far…I am only going to show this one block of the Summer BOW and I am not going to show you the “freebies” either…I know I am MEAN, but hey…that’s just the way it is!
you just have to trust me that it is going to be great!  The freebies will be all wool that is all I will give as a hint…

The freebies are for any $10 regular priced purchase to anyone  who comes in or purchases online.  The freebies will run for 13 weeks.  The Summer BOW will  run 14 weeks as there will be 2 weeks of optional finishing kits, inner border/cornerstone appliques and then scrappy sashing and border fabrics.   If you sign up for the Summer BOW you are only committing to the 12 blocks.  The first week will be $25 and will include all the background fabric…the rest of the blocks will be $10…  Finishing kits will be optional after you have seen the finished quilt.  Then you decide…Only the Penny Garden BOW and Summer Stars can be shipped together.  Please see our Newsletter on our website for the Summer Stars info….This applies to everyone EXCEPT for our International customers…we can arrange shipping monthly as your shipping charges are a lot more please advise us on if you would like monthly shipping.  SHIPPING BOW’S will be every Wednesday, starting June 1st…so please be patient and do not call just because your friend got hers and you didn’t…I know you are anxious but it will come…

So please feel free to sign up for our BOW’s now that you have seen a block…don’t wait…we only are going to do so many…Here is a easy recipe for Double Chocolate Cookies…I actually made them on Wednesday night…I needed to “nest” a little…here is the recipe:  THE BEST DOUBLE CHOCOLATE COOKIES EVER   ENJOY!

It is also the first nice day here actually 70 degrees…I must take the puppies for a walk now…later….LB