Spell it with Fabric… blog hop winners!

IMG_9447Hey Everyone thanks for leaving a comment on my blog for a chance to win!  We had over 800 comments so I picked a few more prizes  from the last blog give-away that were unclaimed..…I have listed the winners below….make sure it is your post/comment and please send us your address to: sheina.primitivegatherings@yahoo.com

and Sheina will get them sent out to you…Please confirm your prize within one week…

We are mailing Mini Alphabet kits  and patterns out today and tomorrow thanks for all the orders!!!! We appreciate your support of Moda Fabrics and Primitive Gatherings patterns!

The winners and their prizes are stated below…Congratulations to the winners!

Floral Gatherings Charm Pack

DebbyFebruary 24, 2014 at 5:23 am

I absoluitely LOVE your bfabric and designs!

Homestead Gatherings Charm Pack

ChrisFebruary 24, 2014 at 6:14 am

I love the small alphabet and can’t wait to make it. I am a teacher so it will be perfect for my classroom. Your new line of fabric is wonderful

Layer Cake Homestead Gatherings

GailFebruary 24, 2014 at 7:22 am

Beautiful quilting and so many triangles!

Dessert Roll Homestead Gatherings

cheryl ungerFebruary 24, 2014 at 8:12 am

I just love all your fabric lines, can’t wait to start this new quiltl!!

Homestead Gatherings Charm Pack

NancyFebruary 24, 2014 at 8:36 am

For some reason, my eyes were drawn to the sailboat and star blocks in among the alphabet. It really finished everything off! Thank you for all you do for the quilting world.

Homestead Mini Charms 2 packs:

Debbie GFebruary 24, 2014 at 10:57 am

Love this in the downscaled size. I will for sure be placing an order soon. Will definately be on the make for my grandson list. Thanks Lisa.

Mini Alphabet Quilt kit

Dee DFebruary 24, 2014 at 4:23 pm

I love the little quilt -it’s just the right size! Can’t wait to see the rest of the new fabric line – I really like the little houses.

Snowbird Layer Cake roll…

JudyFebruary 26, 2014 at 8:41 am

I really like the whole alphabet quilt and the new fabric line.

Pieced summer blocks of the week…

How is everyone doing on their PIECED BOW!  As you can see mine is all pieced together…I thought I should show you how I put them together…and I am revealing the antique quilt top used for inspiration….In the first photo I am showing the two quilts side by side….the one on the left is the antique, the one on the right is the one from the BOW.  The new quilt is a little more colorful but I love how it turned out…I thought I would show you it before it was sent off to the machine quilter….the antique has some wonderful fabrics…it has a lot of pinks and reds and no blue…there are some very large scale prints that look like wall paper…  Click on the photos to make them larger.

I set my quilt 12 blocks wide,  in 14 rows, alternating light and dark blocks (see the centers)…I am not going to put a border on it as I don’t think it needs one.   My quilt finishes 72″x 84″…now the real questions….Should I have the antique quilted…It is only a top?  What do think?…I would love to know your opinions…

Also…if you would want us to re-kit this quilt let us know if you are interested in buying the whole kit…The kit will be $215.00 plus shipping.  It has 168 fabrics in it and there are some nice leftover pieces after cutting it out to make a couple smaller quilts…If we get enough names we will consider cutting this again. Leave us a reply with an email and we will contact you if we re-kit it.  Just in case you could kick yourself for not doing this one this summer!

This quilt was so much fun to piece…it took my less than 2 hours to cut and piece the 12 blocks each week…Ok…sometimes I had to do more than 12 to catch up!

My best…LB

image image image image

Summer BOW

Summer BOW

After a wonderful week of Wedding (I promise to post about the wedding when we get the pictures back) it is back to work…If you are doing this summers BOW….this week you will be receiving our 6th block…How are you doing? Here is a challenge…each week just try to get them fused down…It is much easier to pick up these blocks if the prep work is done. I find the prep the tedious part…and the stitching the fun part…so try to get them at least fused for future stitching….All my blocks are done…I am working on the “setting” this is the hardest part because I have to find fabric that there is lots available. I also don’t know how many of you are going to order finishing kits….so that makes it hard too…. but it somehow always works out!

Keep Stitching!

Moda’s Designer….Friendship Quilt Along…Blog Hop-repost…missing text sorry

Hello, I’m Lisa, from Primitive Gatherings.  If you are a regular visitor, or here for the first time…I welcome you to sign up to browse through earlier posts to learn more about me and my company…  If you like what you see and want to follow me in my quilting adventures, just enter your email in the box provided on the bottom right of this site…If you are an “old” friend, Welcome back…and thanks for hanging out with me…IMG_0619

Are you here today for the Friendship Quilt Along sponsored by Moda?…the best fabric company in the world…Okay…maybe I am just a little biased….I want you all to know what a joy it is to be able to work with such an “over-the-top” company such as Moda, United Notions…They truly are the best at what they do and support “us” who work with them in many ways to help grow our “little” pattern companies.

NNow on to the Quilt Along… My Friendship block features our newest line of fabric: Snowman Gatherings.  It is to arrive in our stores in April 2013.  What I love about this line is that it has 2 cute little primitive snowman prints, but then all the other prints are little “reproductions” of vintage fabrics in 5 color ways, a wonderful deep navy, a union blue, and then three tones ranging from cream to dark tan.  The prints consist of motifs that remind me of snow, swirling snow, stars and such…  Another bonus is the fabric “goes along” with my other lines…One of the union blues in my block is from “Old Glory Gatherings”.  It is nice to be able to collect fabrics…remember you do not have a “stash”…it is a Collection.  You never have to feel guilting of having a collection.  Collections are valuable!

Are you collecting all 28 blocks?  This next link contains the PDF directions for my signature block,  you can click and print…

Primitive Gatherings Block #4

I want to share some photos of Snowman Gatherings that were taken by Camille Roskelley for advertising purposes…They are so sweeeeeet!!!  Thanks Camille for your camera talents!


COR_1954COR_1947COR_1961370- Warm Winter Blessings-JDog

Warm Winter Blessing is a BOM that will be starting in April/May…depending on when the fabric arrives…I would love to post a link to my store site where you can sign up…but at this moment our site is currently down due to an upgrade….This is a real bummer when there is so much going on right now…The new site will have lots of nice features…but right now half of our pictures and prices are not there and it looks like we were hijacked…no logo and a bunch of random stuff going on…another issue is we didn’t realize our company that is upgrading us is in England! 6 hour time difference…so Please come back and visit when all is back up and running, we have lots of nice samples and wools and inspiration…and keep your fingers crossed it all works our and we don’t have to go back to our “old” site and rebuild it…  If you want to be sure to get a spot in this BOM you may call us…920-722-7233   Sorry for this inconvenience this may cause…I am going to share the link here but it may not work for you right now…but you will come back and visit later, right?  Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

Now back to the Signature Blocks….

I just love signature quilts.  This is a signature block that I had framed and it hangs in my studio.  Back in the day…they had signature stamps.  I would love to have stamp created for me…I guess this is a lost art.  This was not a “rubber” stamp like we have today…I believe they were made of metal…and could be very finely etched…  In the second picture you can see how fine and detailed they were… I have attached a few signature quilts, that I have found, some are antique and some are new…some are little images but just so you can get another idea for a signature quilt.


What is a Blog Hop without a GIVE AWAY!!! Moda has generously donated some goodies…Two Layer Cakes and a Dessert Roll….Do you know what a dessert roll is?  It is a 5″ strip of 20 fabrics from the line….These are NEW to the Moda Bakeshop offerings………If you wish to have a chance at winning one of these “pretties” please leave a comment in my comment section!IMG_8840

If you missed any of my fellow designers posts or need to know where to go next here is a list of the dates and sites….

We also have a Flickr group for you to add your quilt blocks to the gallery.
Click here:

Remember to visit the Moda Cutting Table on March 1st for a finishing layout for all of your Signature blocks!!!

Thank you for stopping by today…and again if you wish to “sign up” for this blog…Please do so at the bottom right… I will pick winners on March 1st!!!  Take Care, Keep Stitching and Good Luck!   Lisa

Day 2…Needful things for quilters…

2 days

Day 2…Circle Templates…and the best marking pen…PT-105(225)wb

Circle templates are very useful and I mostly use them to trace circles onto fusible web instead of trying to trace them from the pattern…I will take my template, figure out what size circle the pattern is using then trace the circles using the template instead of the pattern…You cannot cut  perfect circles if they are not drawn perfect first…and let’s make a point here…there are no perfect circles in my world, but I try  to get them as nice as possible and the circle template does this…

Another use for the circle template is to draw a circular line on your wool penny and then stitch to it!…so your stitches are not random all over the place…See my photos and descriptions below:

Look for circle templates at your local shops or at office supply stores or if you don’t want to bother we will have them on sale here too!   Circle Template

See how my pennies are prepped and ready to stitch?I will stitch to the white marking.
See how my pennies are prepped and ready to stitch?  I will stitch to the white marking.
See how this penny does not have a nice circle in the middle??? This is why I started marking a circle in the center to stitch to…
All stitched up...not perfect but better than just winging it!!!
All stitched up…not perfect but better than just winging it!!!Here are some examples of something I am currently stitching on…see how this might be a big help?  

I know I could go on with this Needful things for awhile..but I will sneak a couple in…like this marking pen,  it is from Clover…it is liquid chalk…it irons away when you are finished…It does not just rub off like the Sewline white chalk pen does and then I have to remark…I do not like doing things twice…now if I was hand quilting on my frame I would like the Sewline white chalk pen because it would rub off while I am quilting the next rows…and I would not have to remove it…But when I have marked on my wool project I want those lines to stay until I have to remove them…with the Clover it is done easily with steam…

One more thing about the

Clover white liquid chalk marking pen…if you are unfamiliar with it, you may not think it is working…It is a liquid chalk,  you have to lightly roll it on, like a gel pen.  Do not press really hard or the liquid chalk will not come out…You also have to kind of  move it back and forth to get it going and make sure it is marking…then remember it is liquid…it needs time to dry, then you can see the chalk!!! So sometimes you don’t notice it, but then when it dries it is like Oh! there it is…I suggest to play with it when you first get it to see how it works… Here is the marking pen…it will be 25% off automatically if purchased after Christmas for however many we have in stock… Click here for the Clover marking pen: Marking Pen

These 12 posts have been my Holiday Gift to YOU!!!   Now…I know some of you have asked me many questions in your comments …if I did not answer it is probably because there is no pattern, or the answer was in my post, you might not have read it all the way through…I love that fact that you ALL are enjoying this and that is was worth my time and effort…If I did not get an answer and you still need one, please email me and I will answer you…but this time of year is the problem…If I continued to do posts of these Needful things I would have no stitching time!…but I do promise to blog more and Utube is in my future…my goal is to stay home more…I LOVE to teach but it is really hard being on the road…so if I can “teach” from my blog and Utube videos this will make a difference in the quality of my life and for all of you too!!!

Please tell your friends about my blog, my shop  and my Moda fabrics and so on..Pin my stuff on Pinterest as long as it links back to my site or my blog post…if you are unsure about this figure it out it isn’t hard….this is the best compliment you can give me is to spread the word about Primitive Gatherings….I so appreciate you actually reading these posts and commenting,…Keep in mind…I am not a gadget person…I only buy things if they are useful to me and if they make my quilting better…say for instance the binding tool…I don’t use any of them…I can put a binding on perfect without a tool…I don’t carry lots notions in my shop if I don’t need/use them…so I don’t have every gadget under the sun on my site or in my store,  just so I can sell them and make a buck…only things I think are NEEDFUL will I endorse or explain why you have to have one of these…with a few exceptions of course like earrings!!!

Please make sure you watch those Utube videos when they start appearing in 2013…

Now today’s winner from Yesterdays post is: Comment 108…  Arnett…please email me your address so we can hook you up with all three of these new Kit & Project keepers…printed with your favorite shop’s logo!..lol…They are 8×10, 18×20 and 20×20!  See them on our site here:  Kit Keepersproject tote

Arnette JaspersonDecember 23, 2012 at 1:47 pm

Sure wish you were closer Lisa. I love your whole concept of quilting and Christmas!!

Day 6…needful things for quilters

6daysDay 6…Rotating Mats…by Olfa


Its all about accuracy when it comes to cutting.  The less you have to touch or move your fabric the more accurate you will cut.  This mat is a must for precision cutting especially when cutting for small pieces, where accuracy is a must.  Instead of moving your fabric, you rotate the mat around for the next cuts.  I own both sizes of this mat…they are more expensive then regular mats, but well worth the eliminating the headache of things not being precise…this rotating action lets me stack the fabric for faster cutting, cause lets face it…it is not our favorite part…but being able to stack them and rotate them for the next cut is a LOT easier and no shifting occurs…These mats will be on sale til the end of the year on our site…click here: Rotating Mats

As long as we are talking about mats…I want to bring to your attention the Red colored rotary cutting mats…now I have to admit I am kind of tired of the green colored mats…and this red looks so much better in my sewing room than the green…I received one of these red mats as a Christmas present from Moda last year…it is fabulous…we now have them on our site, just in case you need a new mat to start the new year and want a RED one instead of the green…They come in two sizes…18×24 and 24×36…they are a nice price too!  click here to see about the: Red Mats


Please remember that if you order anything from this 12 day series…it might take a bit to get you things…as we may have to order…we have no control over how many we sell and no matter how hard we try, we will not figure out how to know how many we will sell.  So all I am asking is patience and remember this quilting is fun!!! It is not life or death stuff we are talking about here…so thanks in advance for your patience while we get your orders out to you…

With that said…the winner of Day 7’s post is Comment #138  Chris beresfordDecember 18, 2012 at 9:42 pm

I am a recent thimble convert and I am going to save up for one of these. About the starch thing….I am the ironing queen. If I had more time, I swear I would iron and starch my bras! I have used every brand known to mankind, er, womankind. Currently and for some time I have used concentrated staflo. I like the stiffness of a 50\50 mix. No flaking, ever. Give it a try and let me know I am not crazy. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Chris Beresford…Send us your address Chris!!! Anyone loving to press that much needs a prize…

Your prize is a Dessert Roll of my newest line of fabric Snowman Gatherings, that is NOT in the stores til April, but I happen to have a few pieces of it and I am giving you the new Dessert Rolls from Moda…they are 20 prints- 5×44″! The whole line can be seen here if you love, snowmen, little prints or blues and creams!!! Snowman Gatherings… You can pre-order an pre-cuts to make sure we don’t sell out as soon as they arrive!!!     I hope you didn’t think I wasn’t going to post today because of the Primitive Christmas Blog Hop that is going on…PS…You many want to comment on that post as well…PS they have upgraded our winter storm to a BLIZZARD!!! My Puppies are going to love it!!!