working with Lakeside Gatherings…

Did your local shop order this new line?…Better ask them…cause your going to want it!  I know I have many shop owners that follow this blog…you  have until Labor day to get that order in and order lots…cause I am going to design more cool stuff with it!!!

I think Lakeside is my favorite so far….I just want to keep creating quilts and other “things” with these fabrics!!!  It is timeless….my boys and everyone here has commented on it… how refreshing it is…it could even be termed “modern”, I prefer “current”….it is going to work great when we redo our lake home…with the warm woods…the galvanized accents, board and batten( I think that is what it is called (tall wainscoting)… I can’t wait!!!

Carole Crow is putting this top together on the design wall….wonder what Linda will quilt on these triangles?  Did I mention it has 24 wovens too!!!!  Size them up and they are no problem to piece with…I see so many woven fabrics in my antique quilts!

Love me some grey and yellow…LBphotophoto copy

Summer Block of the Week #6 Update…also Stitch Along

Hey all…just a little info here…I appreciate if you find any errors in this summer pattern as you are my pattern testers….so please email if you think there is a problem or a typo or whatever, like the missing wing in block 6.  We forgot to add a wing to the bird on Block 6 Wool SBOW…we have the wool in the kit but the drawing is missing the wing…we will also add it to Block 9’s direction off to the side so you have a hard copy. Those of you who are keeping up and need this wing now this is for you!!!  Click on it to print the PDF Click here for Block 6 Correction 

We have been getting a few calls about there not being enough fabric in the block kits…The appliqué block kit consists ONLY of the tans and the 4 patches like here….all the other stuff around this is in the pieced blocks.  I also would suggest to only maResizedImage951405011654393ke blocks for now…and finish the appliqués that travel into the pieced blocks when you put the whole quilt together.  This is only  my suggestion…as it will spread the fabrics out…I also did not arrange my blocks in the order you are getting them….but if you do you own thing by piecing rows together…I am sure it can somehow work…but it is not how I have done this quilt and written the directions…

Speaking of directions…PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE  read ALL of my directions! We get calls that are unnecessary if only they would have read the directions.  Also, please remember the girls at the shop have not done this quilt I have…so if you have questions…please email me…you can send it to attn Lisa B and i will answer you…but only if the answer is NOT in my directions….lol..

The Stitch Along Part 2 will be shipping tomorrow and next week…in case you are looking for them…they are starting to ship…

I hope you are all enjoying your summer and taking time to stitch!!! Someone told me once only I am in charge of my time…so if you don’t have time to stitch who’s fault is that?

all for now…LB

10th anniversary stitch along….Pieced version & Part 2

I do not want to confuse anyone so please read everything…

Good Morning…first of all..I want you to know I didn’t forget about a PIECED version instead of the wool version I promised to do…I will be making  the 2 versions…this way I can use whatever I have, (including some fabrics that were never made??? I get 100’s of sample strike-off that are so cool…but can only pick 40 fabrics for a next new line of MODA)…I am sorry to announce we are NOT going to kit this version in parts…BUT we will offer a fabric bundle or two, to those who NEED them so they can use similar fabrics to my sample….The fabric bundle will be 18 fat 1/8ths…6-red,tan and blacks….for a total of 2 1/4 yards…just please understand while there is lots of fabric here and I will use all these  fabrics in future parts, there may be more fabrics and some parts may require more than a fat 1/8 once we get bigger…so you kind of get what I’m saying here….you may add your own fabrics (and it is encouraged)to this bundle and of course use only fabrics from your own collection…

So just to get this straight…this is not another block to go with the first…this is in place of the center wool appliqué block that was posted earlier.  Some people are allergic to wool…some don’t do wool appliqué?  What’s wrong with that?…lol…so this is their center  OR  you can make 2 Stitch Along quilts!!!!!

If you look close  at the pic below…I made half square triangles…but in my instructions I wrote them for flying geese…so either way will work…I was going to do something else but changed my mind and was too lazy to make the flying geese…

Click here to print the PDF…Pieced Stitch Along  Click here for Fabric Bundle  


Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
Stitch Along Pieced center


fabric bundle for pieced stitch along
fabric bundle for pieced stitch along

Now for PART 2–remember the deal…If I have to write the directions…You have to read them….all the information on the piecing of the block is in these PDF directions…example…What to cut your appliqué block to?  It is in the PDF!

Here is the PDF.. click to print  Stitch Along Part 2 

Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
10th Anniversary Stitch Along…Parts 1&2

Here is the actual wool block.

Pieced Version Parts 1 & 2 10th Anniversary Stitch Along

Now here is the pieced version with Part 2- The piecing will be the same for each version unless I specify in separate directions for the blocks.

Do you like them??? If am super excited and want to start stitching the next round!!!

Please remember to be patient with this Stitch Along stuff… I didn’t expect this to be what it has become and our girls have a lot on their plate with our normal orders and our block of the week event…We are a little company and cannot compete with Amazon and their shipping times…. so what I am saying is please be nice when calling or emailing…we want you to get your stuff, we purposely are not holding yours hostage to make you mad…we want to please you and we appreciate all of our customers…if something isn’t right we will figure it out and get your your quilting goodies!!!

Now I wish you all a Happy 4th of July and hope you make it FUN!

PS…send me some of your photos I will do a post of everyones I get!!n  Some have sent them…I am holding on to them…



We will ship part 2 at the end of next week…after seeing how many orders we have accumulated

Thanks…here’s some quilting…

Thanks for the support everyone…I do not like it when my girls are treated badly and you always come through for us…saying just the right things to let them think about how much better they might have it cause they can walk in our door….I know we are not perfect and sometimes we do not think of everything, but we try hard at whatever we do and the last thing we want to do is lose a customer or have unhappy ones.  So hopefully they can admit to themselves that this is kind of stupid…and understand our reasons.

Here is some of Linda’s work from her magical needle…I want to see more!!!

Good night my friends…LB



Lisa Bongean/Linda Hrcka 2014
Lisa Bongean/Linda Hrcka 2014

Summer BOW update…please read all of this…comment if you wish

As long as I had to talk to you about the SBOW I thought I would give you another tease…Linda is actually quilting it and she says its her favorite quilt that she has done for me so far…so with that said…here is the peek…

lisa bongean/primitivegatheirngs 2014 SBOW
lisa bongean/primitivegatheirngs 2014 SBOW

I just love these blocks…now here is what I wanted to say…We are getting some of our very loyal walk in customers MAD at us about not being able to prepay for their the SBOW. Some of them to the point of calling my girls Bitches! Really???? These girls are anything but Bitches!!!  They try to explain and reason with the people who don’t understand how it works…just because they may not like the fact that they can not manipulate it to how they want it to work does not make my girls bitches!  By the way..this was not everyone who was upset but just two of them and they call themselves quilters??? Remember girls…this is supposed to be FUN!  I know I personally could not take this from customers…I guess that is why I am stitching and designing.  But remember we are all just trying to do our jobs the best we can…and they are just following the rules of the program.

Now we have set up the PREPAY OPTION for those being shipped  for the following reasons…

If we have to enter the cc numbers for all those SBOW going out each week it costs a lot of time/which is labor…this is eliminated with a prepay….we have no one working up in the store for hours on end running people through who walk in the door…we have time for you…we are there to help you with anything you wish..

The discount we have given is NOT on the SBOW it is on their shipping costs.They have to pay at the minim $56 more than the girls who can walk in our door, so we have taken off about $15 for this…and because the volume of our shipping goes up so much during the summer, we get bigger shipping discounts and we are just passing this on to those who have to use the shipping method and cannot walk through the door.

I am sure they would gladly give up a shipping discount to be able to walk in our door each week…now don’t take that as I have a big head…but I just hear it all the time at shows that they wish they could come to the shop just even once…

We do not have the room or want the pressure of trying to keep track of blocks if you do not come in to pick them up each week…we give out the FREEBIE each week so you do come in and don’t miss it…you have the options to prepay for the following week if you know you are on vacation or something and cannot come in…We want you in the shop each week…we want to see you, visit with you, help you with what you are working on and hopefully you may purchase a little more than just the SBOW…that really is why I do this…it is not a secret…our business slows down dramatically during the summer…I still have the same bills and the same payroll as the rest of the year and 8 years ago started the SBOW to make sure I didn’t fall short…and so far it has worked.  FYI.. we cut 1800 freebies each week we have the material cost and the labor costs for this…everyone who purchases each week in the shop gets one as well if you order online.  Now 1800 freebies…think about that…they are free to you for being a great customer, they are not only for those who are in the SBOW’s.

I also know that I have upped the price this year on the wool appliqué one…but really it is the much more reasonable than previous years…you will be finishing your quilt each week.  At the end you will not only have 12 blocks…you will have 25 and an optional reasonably priced wool appliqué border which I have discounted for everyone.…which by the way just contains scrappiness of the quilt and harmonizes everything for a wonderful quilt.  You will love this quilt!  I can see it entered in shows winning prizes!!!

We try so hard to run a great program…we never want anyone upset with us or think we are not being fair…We work with a lot of people who lose jobs, and other situations which come up…We love our customers…Try to put yourself in our shoes…we are talking about 1000 customers for this event.  This is kind of a nightmare that we somehow figure out how to work it…we have hired extra college girls to help us and this gives them a good job instead of bar tending until wee hours of the night…or flipping whammies at McD’s…

Hopefully this will reach those who are not happy with us and they will understand a little better and maybe apologize to my girls…but to those of you who continue to spend your hard earned bucks and totally understand that we are here for you… know that  we appreciate you!

One more thing…I will be posting a little more about the pieced SBOW…some think it is patriotic…but it has blacks, pinks, browns, grays, dull greens all the colors as well as reds and blues, so please don’t judge it from the 1st weeks blocks…its fun and awesome to piece it…plus their will be a bonus with the leftovers!

Now just because you read all of this…I am going to show you another block…sorry can’t help myself…Stitch On my friends….LB

PS…I am trying to get the 10th Anniversary Stitch-Along done now that Quilt Market is over…so that will be coming soon too…free online patterns for all!IMG_1204

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary and a sneak peak!!!

PG Stitch-Along

In honor of our 10th Anniversary I would like to do a FREE 10 part quilt pattern and run a Stitch-Along here on my blog…Now I have to admit…I have it designed, but not stitched…I am going to STITCH-ALONG with you on this one…I will post them twice a month or so…and we will be done in November to avoid all the Holiday stuff…

Some of the details…It will be a little quilt, medallion styled…and scrappy!  I will do two versions…one with a wool applique on cotton center and the other a pieced center for those of you who do not appliqué or you may want to do both!!!… (I did not even think about offering kits for it but before I could even post this we have had calls about it…so since I did not start yet…I can pick fabrics and kit them…then I will post again when I have kit details)…The center of the quilt will be 6″…and have 9 more borders added to it.  The patterns will be a free pdf posted here on my blog…hope you want to join in and share your version with us!!!

Also…I know some of you are anxiously waiting for our 2014 Summer Blocks of the Week to be announced…They will go on our site today!  AND…I am very happy…over the top happy that I can say….I am stitching the wool on the appliquéd border!!! So we have all the information for you on pricing, shipping, threads lists…finishing kits and know everything before it starts!  This is what I have been up to instead of blogging…lol… but I can say that everyone in Paducah who saw me stitching L-O-V-E-D IT!  Which is really cool, because… do you know how hard it is to design a project that you can kit 1000 kits for and have everyone like it?  It is always hard to compete with the last years SBOW that I stress over all of these issues to the point where I drive myself crazy….The Crows and I were talking and we figured this is the 8th summer of the block of the week…and it took us a bit but we figured them all out and in order!…without cheating…We were wondering…has anyone done all 8??? and the freebies too?…I would love to know if you have or if you are close to doing all 8…like maybe you did 6?…ok..back on topic here…. I don’t think I’m going to show the FREEBIE, which by the way is all stitched and even quilted!!!…because I am showing you more of the SBOW than I usually do…But you can tell from the pic here that you will be doing 25 blocks?, right?  can you see you have an alternating pieced block??  13/applique,12/pieced

2014 SBOW Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
2014 SBOW
Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
2014 SBOW Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
2014 SBOW
Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings

….for the wool version…and that is why the price is $16 this summer and the finishing kit is only $65…I have shown a little of the border here as well…see no stitching on the border yet…that is because I stayed up till 3am as I did not want to stop until I had the borders designed and cut and pressed down….I was very happy when it was done…I couldn’t stop staring at it!!!!  Quilt is 68″x 68″,  Also you can see a pic of another one of the blocks on our shop NEWSLETTER that has just been placed on the site…Please see our website here Primitive Gatherings for all the details…and don’t forget about the Pieced(no wool appliqué) SBOW called Opposites Attract…14 weeks, 12 blocks each week for a total of 168 blocks…plus you will be piecing the border as well each week!  The blocks finish at 6″…and will finish 76×88, with 168 blocks and a little pieced border…you then can add big borders to make it bigger if you wish…So much fun…this will also give you a chance to try out our new Triangle Papers from Primitive Gatherings that will be included each week!  This is a really great chance to “collect” repro fabrics if you do not want to “piece” these blocks…but these blocks are so much fun…and you know…fast too…

Opposites Attract 2014 SBOW Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
Opposites Attract 2014 SBOW Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings


Thank you for following my blog and supporting our shop all these years…we appreciate you all so much and hopefully I will be blogging a lot more now that the SBOW stuff in out of the way!…It’s like a mega load has been lifted and I can actually say that both projects just maybe quilted and finished before the first block is sent out…This is a first!… and will probably never happen again, unless…I start next years now?

Stitch on…