Moda Blockheads 3 Quilt Along Project: Block 5 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

Moda Blockheads 3 Quilt Along Project: Block 5

Happy Block Heads Day!  Today’s pattern is found here: Blockheads 3 Quilt Along Project: Block 5 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa BongeanModa Blockheads 3 Quilt Along Project: Block 5 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean

I can’t tell you how much fun this was to make…I had a blast…you have to rewire your brain but when it turns out it is exciting!!!…I suggest coloring the background with something so you know the different when paper piecing it…

I have been in California for a couple of days now…and when ever I go to the shop always has lots going on…. and they have lots of fun!!!

There is a group that meets on the 2nd and 4th Mondays…it is an appliqué/ hand work/ rug hooking group…they were lovely ladies and had some great projects…..if you are looking for a group to stitch with…these ladies were very nice….

Moda Blockheads 3 Quilt Along Project: Block 5 featured by top US quilting blogger, Lisa Bongean



I took a little action video…

Yesterday I had my Stitcher’s Gatherings….

Look at this!!!!Traci…is putting the binding on My crazy life!  

IMG_9319 2

Sandy was new to class…and was learning new stitches faster than fast!!!! I wish I took an after photo!IMG_9320

Kimberly..was working on a new pincushion…

Sandy showed her Wooden Spool quilt…IMG_9325IMG_9326

Caren is gaining headway on Twilight Garden…


She also shared a Kathi Campbell/Heart to Hand pattern…IMG_9330

Caren was working on herAlphabet sampler…IMG_9331

I hope you all enjoyed this little trunk show of what is going on at Primitive Gatherings California….

all for now…Lisa

To Plant a Flower…Freebie Finishing…


Hi All…I just finished my pieced blocks for next week and thought I better inform you all of this…ToPlantAFlower/LisaBongeanHere is the finished 2015 Freebie I had promised…Please order your finishing kit if you are interested, asap so we can start cutting kits!!!

It going to be sent away to Linda to be quilted so we can put the finished quilt on the pattern…The finishing kit includes, flannel for center, borders and binding…with all the wools and pattern for $22.50…If you only want the pattern that will be $10…order here…they will not be shipping out until September, so no charges until we ship. ORDER HERE

If you want to get the Freebie blocks…all you have to do is purchase $17 per week at either WI or CA shops and you can collect 15 blocks free…if you missed out on the earlier ones…they are $5 each kit/pattern.

Its going to be a wonderful day here…I’m off to the Farmer’s Market! Enjoy the day!

New things…wool projects, quilts and triangle papers…

Just an update on some new things coming for Spring that I have been working on…some are already on the site to order…some will be within a couple of days…Hope you like them…I know some of you are waiting for the sunflower items I was stitching while on the road…

Vintage Sunflower Table Mat…30″ Kit and pattern is $95….pattern is $12.  We have lots of layouts in this pattern giving you half of the design….now this is a grand table mat…looks nice on a round table as well and a rectangle…or a big center coffee table…Sunflowers are my favorite…so you will be seeing a lot of them to come…(that was a hint)

Vintage Sunflowers/Lisa Bongean

Wild Sunflower Runner/Lisa BongeanWild Sunflower Runner 15×48…again sunflowers what else can I say…This runner is an easy stitch…Kit and pattern $95  Pattern only $10.

Riding the Storm Out…63×82…quilted by Linda Hrcka, so you know what that means, quilting is a-maze-ing…this quilt is fun to stitch…I have decided to start putting the triangle papers in my patterns from this point on…you may pay a little bit more…but no more searching for what I used and we can custom lay them out in the groupings you need to stitch them in…and don’t worry…they were tested and approved by an expert…the Queen Mother Crow…she was very happy with them…and doesn’t it make sense to use them for accurate piecing?  But I do have to warn you…you cannot COPY these as they will not be correct…They have to be directly PRINTED to be spot on from computer to printer…not copied on the glass…so just to warn anyone ahead of time this would cause major headaches as nothing would fit together nicely as they are going to with the originals… Kit & Pattern $155   Pattern w/triangle papers $12.

Riding the Storm Out/Lisa Bongeantriangle paper/lisa bongean

riding the storm out/lisa bongeanTiny Tears/Lisa Bongean…Primitive Gatherings


Then there are the little quilts…Tiny Tears…is 15×18 and looks hard but was very easy to stitch, assemble and quilt.  120 blocks total…We have kitted it with 2 sizes of charms…Kit and Pattern w/triangle papers incl. $40  Pattern w/triangle papers $9

Four Dozen…this quilt is 14 1/2 x 17…Now I know some of you are “afraid” of those tiny quilts you see in the our shop/booths….this is the quilt to try your hand at it…I am 95% percent sure you can do this…(I have learned there is always the exceptions…lol)  This is a great gift quilt also…looks a lot more impressive than it is to make.  Kit and pattern w/triangle papers $25  Pattern w/triangle papers $8.

IMG_1114We also have had some inquiries for a kit for Stairway to Heaven…If you are SERIOUS about wanting us to put something together for you…you need to email us with want you wantf or yardages…like 1/2 yds of black…FQ of lights and so on for the golds…then you need to tell us how many you want of each…20?  I know some of you are calling and saying I want to make mine Queen.. I want enough for only 9 blocks…Again…we would appreciate an email with the exact number of colors, yardages and if you want a border too…thanks for your understanding…our e-mail is below:


AQS Des Moines…Wool Classes…

It has recently come to my attention that we did not have the workshops listed on our website that I am teaching in Des Moines in the beginning of October the 2nd -5th.  If you are attending the show, know someone else who is going or if you want to take a Working with Wool class, Please look at joining in on this workshop or tell someone who may be going about it!!!  We appreciate your help in letting people know about this opportunity.  I promise even if you have worked with wool…I will be able to teach you many things to help you with your wool projects….

I have included all of the info here so please pass it around!

If you have taken one of my classes please leave a comment here if it was worth it!!!

Again…I appreciate any help we can get to fill these two classes.

My best…LB


DM3502              Working with Wool – Christmastime Table Mat
Member:  $48                   Retail:  $60
Lisa Bongean
Skill Level: Beginnerchristmas time tablematTime: Wednesday, 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Room 306

Get more details »

pumpkin trio

DM3512              Fall Table Runner
Member:  $48                   Retail:  $60

Lisa Bongean
Skill Level: Beginner

Time: Saturday, 8:30 – 11:30am

Room 306

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Optional Finishing kit for Summer Blooms…our freebie project for 2013

Hey all…sorry to bother you three times in one day…but I must have a lot to say today…

I hope your summer is going well…I have been swamped!!! That is the reason for no blog posting…but here I am and you are not getting an email from me everyday( only 3 in one day) so hopefully you are not bored with me and just delete them without even reading them…who does that? not me…ok…maybe some emails….but back to the REASON for this post…

If you are collecting our free blocks we are giving out with a weekly shop purchase….I have the Summer Blooms (25″x25″) done!  Here are the details for the OPTIONAL finishing kit….If you like how mine turned out you can order a kit with the pattern, wools and fabric and binding…Now please do not think this was hard to do…there is no needle turn applique going on here…this is so SIMPLE you are just going to LOVE it….so no worries….We need to know how much fabric to order and how many to make…so please if you would like a finishing kit for your FREEBIE please email us and then you do not  have to enter all of your info in the cart or you can place an order on the site…If you have paid in full for your SBOW kit-we will still have your cc number to apply this finishing kit to it, just let us know by sending us an email here:   EMAIL SHOP CLICK HERE  make sure in the email you include your full name as some emails have double top secret identities…lol….If you are ordering the whole kit, blocks and all you must go to the site and place an order as we do not have any of your information…you cannot just email the order…we need you to go to the link below and order from the site…

freebie finishing 2013

If you want this kit it will be $30.

Now if you did not participate in the SBOW and did not get any FREE blocks this summer we may have some extras to sell as FULL kits with 13 blocks…borders, binding and pattern…They are $75. Order it in the dropbox  HERE

Let me know if you like how this turned out…If you order a finishing kit and leave me a comment, we will give a finishing kit away FREE to one lucky person!!!

Hope this inspires you to get them fused down and ready to STITCH…

stitch everyday…LB

Summer BOW

Summer BOW

After a wonderful week of Wedding (I promise to post about the wedding when we get the pictures back) it is back to work…If you are doing this summers BOW….this week you will be receiving our 6th block…How are you doing? Here is a challenge…each week just try to get them fused down…It is much easier to pick up these blocks if the prep work is done. I find the prep the tedious part…and the stitching the fun part…so try to get them at least fused for future stitching….All my blocks are done…I am working on the “setting” this is the hardest part because I have to find fabric that there is lots available. I also don’t know how many of you are going to order finishing kits….so that makes it hard too…. but it somehow always works out!

Keep Stitching!