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scrap basket block #2

I thought I should get this second block finished since I have already have giving out the directions.   Carole is making them in shirtings and other vintage fabrics…here are hers too…just finished my ad for Patsy at Homestead Retreat for her newsletter…so now I can sew basket blocks for the book…i finished laying out the last 39 blocks…bagging them- so I just have to drop them out, assemble and sew them.. I have 61 done so hopefully i will get the rest done by this weekend…If I get them done I will photo the stack…Nick is playing poker tonight with  the neighbor guys so I am go to put on the sweats, the History channel and…sew… the directions for this block are either in your recent purchases or in Jan 11 2010 post- just click on the underlined text and it will appear.

Carole's Scrap Basket Blocks...she is making 2 of each...but not as scrappy as mine...aahhh the possibilities!

Scrap Basket Block #2


wonderful trip to Iowa…even with the blizzard

Just want to say what a bunch of great Ladies and Bill in Iowa!  We had a full house for the morning lecture and 12 people in class in the afternoon despite the blizzard on Monday.  There was nothing keeping those tough Iowa quilter’s from missing their guild meeting.  The evening lecture only had 28, but still 28 is alot when there are highways closing and events.  Thanks to Jennifer and Debbie who took us out for dinner and for Lynn Stansfield who signed me up to come to Cedar Rapids IA in the first place.  There is still a lot of devestation there from the flood, from June 2008.  I cannot imagine what they went through.  We stayed at the Belmont Hill B&B which was also wonderful!  Here are some photos from the day…

This is Bill's show & tell. This was my favorite. I still have not made a big log cabin..I am jealous..his even looks like something i would pick out!

Sunflower Trio 4 hour workshop.


farmers wife sampler month 2-Febuary

farmers wife sampler month #2

as long as I am adding these i might as well do Febuarys now too….these blocks are made by Sue Huettl.


farmer’s wife sampler month 1 blocks

i am posting the blocks for those of you doing this bom..these are your blocks from January.

Month #1 6 blocks


more from Iowa..

seasonal mini candlemats...with BEADS! one of my students work...

my blog can be a pain in my butt…i don’t know why these pics would not load in the last entry…

primitive garden in progress!


packing for Eastern Iowa Heirloom quilter’s workshop and lecture/trunk show

here is a peak at the quilts and wool things being packed for the trip on Sunday… Nick is worried about the weather, after his drive home from CA in all that mess…we escaped CA just in time…hope all our “friends” are doing OK… it was a great time at Road To California…I will be filling out a teaching form for next year…so hope to see you in a class, if you can.

I have a morning lecture, afternoon class and then an evening lecture on Monday in Cedar Rapids IA… I am looking forward to meeting more new quilting friends then…

I am also packing projects to sew and getting things fused when an ebay package arrived…look what was in the box..a scrap hexegon quilt top!  It is in fairly good shape..along with a note from one of the family members from 1968 passing in on to a relative for her to quilt.  It said the quilt has been in the family for awhile and that is was used in a “puff”…I think that means like a duvet, because i can see some left over stitching just around the edge.

close up...yummy old browns, madders and shirtings..

my sewing project for the drive are the blocks up top…there are four all long as i am showing you some ebay stuff…here are a few more i rescued from ebay a while back, like december…quilt are cheaper in december…dealers want to sell…so I just could not pass these two up..

this one was from a kit, I admired it one year in a store front window in Paducah KY

Carole's 2009 Christmas present from me....i would have shown you it sooner, but for obvious reasons....Eldreth Pottery from PA made it from my Redware Crow design from our Autumn Gatherings book..

some of Carole's redware collection...

Carole's livingroom showcasing her prize winning quilt

other side of LR...see the box of mini quilts...

dining room...what can i say....its perfect..

gameboards...up the stairs...that cupboard is filled with quilts (wall hanging size)

It was a hectic week at home, but i got to do a little sewing with the girls on wednesday at Carole’s house…it is filled with antiques and prim decor…i wish i would have had her open that black primitive cupboard in her living room..i think there are about 100 quilts in it…big ones…we weren’t invited in the sewing room this time..but maybe the next..(too many new book projects in progress, she didn’t want to disturb)…so i will get the quilt picture of them in the cabinet then..something for you to look forward to.

all for now…LB


more of my favorite quilts from the show…

a little miniature quilt

this is black quilt....the colors are the quilting thread???cool huh!

pretty creative!

scrap quilt---always awesome...

here are a few more quilts that got lost on the last entry…somewhere in blog land….

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