more of my favorite quilts from the show…

a little miniature quilt
this is black quilt....the colors are the quilting thread???cool huh!
pretty creative!
scrap quilt---always awesome...

here are a few more quilts that got lost on the last entry…somewhere in blog land….


Road to California….the quilt show…my favorites..

I am out of “quilt show” shape…my legs felt like stuffed pounding sausages last night when i got to bed…… must have been the cute shoes…today i wore the good shoes….Nick and I had dinner at the Panda Inn with Kaaren, Joyce and Jeanie…I think it was Jeanie..i was beat…a great bunch of California girls on Friday night….We meet so many wonderful people both customers and other vendors that we get to be friends with.  That is the best part of going to shows…

I think this was my favorite quilt in the show…it was about 12×50″ I am guessing, but it was small….the detail was awesome…she has done a minature quilt in every category in a show…. the people were great, some had bags with fabric hanging out…some had show programs…i wish i had more time to study it..but i had 20 minute to walk the show…i love her discription too.  She got a judges choice ribbon…

here is a bunch more quilts that I loved….sorry I did not have time to list or write down the makers names.. 

I took lots of picutres of just parts of quilts…maybe the quilting…lots of flowers…even if the quilt might be really whimsical or bright  i can still get  ideas/inspiration from these quilts to use in making folk art or primitive flowers…  Tomorrow i get to see Mary Ellen Hopkins lecture. before the show opens… I know she has been a quilting icon for many years, so I am looking forward to hearing her.  Sunday they are having a Sunday Saleabration we have some stuff we will be adding to our booth that will be discounted… this means we have to go to the booth extra early to set up…then I get to go see Mary Ellen, the show opens at 11am and is only open til 3:30…so i am wondering how that is going to go…never had a sale at a show before…hope it is packed!

great old quilt design...this was a close-up of some quilting on a quiltlove scrap quilts!

one down, three more to go…

nick and rudy

Good Morning! This is your favorite midwest quilting insomniac live from CA!  I have no trouble getting my time in on the treadmill here.  I am still on CST zone and I am an early riser to begin with…Nick seems to have no trouble adjusting to time here.  Here are some photos of the booth opening day…Nick shown here with his favorite quilt/kit in the booth…is all smiles before the show opening.  There are a lot of new “things” in the booth that are not on the site yet…we will get them on when we get home…so don’t worry if you see something you like…one of the things that is going well is Addies Tumbler Quilt.  It is a pre-cut quilt kit…it is hanging in the center of the the booth…it has 80 fabrics both mediums/darks with 1120 pre-cut tumblers, packed in those brown boxes by the quilt.     The last photos is a “sweetheart” that came into the booth and announced that we have the best wools to work with.  She brought her quilt that she used our pumpkin wools on for show and tell.  I am sorry I did not get her name as the booth was packed most of the day.  I got to sit down at about 5pm for a few minutes…Well today I will try and get some my favorite quilts in the show.  There are many police officers in the lobby right now…so i feel really with all there guns and belts with all of there gear…i asked if something was going on…and they said no…there are just here to protect us as added security for the show…wow… I wonder if they can do anything about the gas bombs that are sometimes left in our booth!…no..really we only had one yesterday.  It is a hazard of the job…well got to run…shower time…maybe i can get a little sewing time in yet this morning…

sunny california

Nick & I by the HOLLYWOOD sign

nick & i took the metrolink and subway to hollywood on tuesday.  it was a beautiful day as you can see by the photo here.  Yes! that is the sun in our eyes…you can’t tell but we are wearing shorts!  It felt so nice.  Notice the past tense.  It now if cooler and a little overcast and some rain, but we are working now.  We spent most of the day yesterday setting up the booth.  Today the show will open and we are so excited to be here at Road to California!  I was actually surprised to get a connection so i will blog about the show…each night.  Here is another pic of the view from this senic overlook looking toward LA. 

cool view...except for the smog...i never seen this before...

scrap basket block#2

Ok.. I am getting ready to leave to CA tomorrow…i have added a scrap basket block #2 to the blog below…the first is in the newsletter if you did not know about them.  We are using scraps to make them, so if you start making them you will make a quilt from what we already have.  I hope you like the blocks, I love how the first one turned out.  Carole made this block twice and they look great.  I will show you her 6″ blocks that she is making in a later post. 

 We are vending at ” Road to California”.  This will be our first time…so i don’t know what to expect.  I have spent the weekend doing last minute things…and so on…here is a peak at the booth, sorry about the water bottles????.  Nick is already in AZ, so he will meet me tomorrow in CA.  


Road2Cali booth...set up in our warehouse


I hope to meet more quilter’s in CA.  It is 75 degrees there! Yippee….it is 18 here….so that will feel good.  Well I need to make sure i have all my crap together to get on the plane.  4am will come early…plane leaves at hopefully Jake will get me there in time.