April-Farmer’s Wife Blocks

Here are the blocks for the Farmer’s Wife Block of the Month at the shop…Great Job Sue!

Retreat Photos

This last weekend I attended a retreat in Oshkosh….We had a wonderful time and many quilts were finished…one of the best things that I used was a TV tray padded with quilted ironing board covering and a travel Rowenta Iron.  It made the perfect traveling mini ironing station…great for doing your little pressing like my 1″ triangles shown here.. Look at all those steam holes in this little iron.  Thanks Jeanine  & Rosie for sharing this with me and for the new ironing board, it worked wonderful for retreat.  This iron worked so well I got one for Carole for her birthday and she loved it too.  It is always hard to find a great gift that works so well.  I have a crappy towel protecting my TV tray ironing board here, but if you are rummaging this summer, you can now look for wooden TV trays to make for your quilting friends.

Now for the quilt show…I hope I can remember who’s quilt is who’s.  I only got about half of the quilts that were shown, sorry If I did’nt get yours posted, I didn’t get anything I made either…oh well…Enjoy what I have…

We should get the final proof for our book “Summer Gatherings” today…so maybe I can get some more photos on this blog for you soon.

Colleen Foley- Turkey Tracks---Nice striped setting fabric, this quilt looks over 100 years old
Nancy Dey- Pressing her tumbler quilt rows
Finished Addies Tumbler Quilt-Nancy was done with this by Sat. morning I think...
Barb Herrick with her Civil War-Teaching Quilt-She will use this as an on-going class
Charleen Schafer's Log Cabin Quilt-It was just stunning!
Helen's Quilt-(Char's Mom)- Labor Day Stars
Cathy Bolwerk- Snowflake Quilt- Needle Love Design
Rosie Krieder's- Shoo Fly- nice brown, tan and blue fabric combination
Jean Jeske- A scrappy quilt make with Whimsical's Fabric
Jean Jeske- Scrappy Whimsical Quilt


Secrets Silversands- View from out room

Well we have been home for a few days now, but i left the day after we got home for quilt retreat on Friday.  Our trip was great, wonderful weather, met a lot of nice people, lazed around a lot, ate a lot and read all three of those books i brought.  Played beach volleyball for hours some days, with the 20 year olds.  They didn’t think I was too bad for someone who was as old as their Mom.  I even got Nick to play and he hates Volley ball, just because he isn’t a star athlete at it.  I think he was tired of watching and wondering when we were going to be done, so he just joined in…
We met some cool people and spent time in the pool and eating with them…Noel and Jamie- the honeymooners from  GA.  He is originally from Boston and she from Pittsburgh, so this gave Nick and Noel a lot to talk about with that baseball rivalry between NY and Boston…so they are buds now and have ongoing text conversations…bets about next season and other stuff guys can harass each other about.  They were the cutest couple.  I just love them both…the more time we spent with him the more he reminded me of “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson….this photo below is the one where he looks like him the most…

Lisa and "the Rock"

Jamie and Noel our new friends from Atlanta

Heather & Mark from Minnesota

So after Jamie and Noel left, we just happened to find more new friends…Heather and Mark from MN asked us if we wanted to go deep sea fishing…sure that was on my list-NOT, but oh well, what i don’t do for the men in my life…They found another couple from Detroit to go along, so we got up at 5:00am -to drive to Cancun to go fishing….I will let the pics tell the rest of the story…I don’t want to rub it in too bad…

still looking for that big one...
What the "girls" caught....
the "boy's" catch....but they were prettier!

Monica and Brett were the other couple who joined us on this excursion.  After the day of fishing Nick and I had a lobster cruise planned on a Pirate ship called the “black pearl”  It was a lot of fun…more than catching the fish…

the other pirate ship-we had a fight and the black pearl took the booty....
Nick Sandwich..
the old chick and the young chick...
Nick & Noel----hmmm sounds like bothers names....
Pirate fight!
Last Night....in Mexico---Pedro and Mama Ceta



Well… It’s time for a vacation….Nick and I are leaving for Mexico today.  We have not had a vacation in 10 years, or since we started the wholesale business.  So it’s time to re-connect and have some fun.  I plan on PLAYING REAL HARD. I’m going to do all the activities the resort has to offer. (at least one day)

The big question was–Are you going to bring any sewing?  Well after a lot of pondering ….I am bringing along a penny rug project, a just for me project-nothing for the shop or a pattern.  This will be for airport sewing only. You all know I will go nuts if I just sit there.

I’ve downloaded 3 books into my e-reader, Dear John, Shutter Island and I can’t remember the 3rd one.  Hopefully this will help me relax and veg a day or two.

I am giving you all a peek at two of the 28 projects in our newest book “Summer Gatherings” (real original- I know…)coming out in April.  Carole and I have worked real hard on this book and can’t wait to see it in print.    It is now all in the hands of the graphic designer and the printer.  So hopefully by the time we get home, Carole will already have the first proof in her hands, but I am not even going to think about it once during the next 10 days!

My “Nest” is framed with an 8×10 roughed up frame made by Nick and Carole made “Sparklers” using all vintage fabrics and i think these are about 5″ blocks.  The little dolly quilt is how Carole tests her batting, threads and quilting…She’s so smart….

All for now…LB

Four posts in four days…Shop Hop Time

The weather is going to be beautiful so get in the car and come Shop Hoppin’!  Here is a picture of our Shop Hop quilt, which starts today though Saturday.  You will receive a block KIT for the shop hop quilt from our shop and every other shop you visit, plus the block pattern .  The rest of the pattern is given out at your last shop. You also will receive a 20% off coupon for 1 item of your choice. You have to make it to 7 out of the 8 shops to be qualified for the grand prize “Retreat” at Homestead Cabin in Hillpoint WI.  You must also state why you did not visit the 8th shop??? We want your in-put.  The blocks shown here are the actual blocks from each shop plus a few more we made to make a 12 block quilt. We are taking orders for sashing/finishing kits if you would like one, please let us know.

2010 Spring Shop Hop Quilt