the holidays..

Here are my boys and their girls friends on Christmas Eve….how nice to have all of them in the same place at the same time…we had a wonderful night…                                                                      The rest of the winners in my Holiday give-away are as follows:  winners…please email me your addresses!

Brenda—the runner—Layer cake  Moda

Julie T––Layer cake- Moda–FQ pack of Whimsicals Fabrics–charm pack












2nd round of winners…

Are you scrambling girls?…Wish I was….I can’t do a thing… here is the extent of my day…i can type…upload a picture or my e-mails….can’t cook….can’t drive…can’t pick up the dirty laundry….I am not very useful at all…I was up and around way too much yesterday….helping Carole pin baste her quilt…i sat in a chair and stuck a gazillion straight pins in her quilt around the edges….helped pick out fabrics for some BOMs and other patterns…went to the doc…helped Nancy wrap the design walls with batting at the retreat house…she did most of it…i was just an extra hand or in the way…..My Mom is cooking twice baked potatoes for our holiday dinner at the retreat house while I’m doing nothing here …so I am basically holding the couch down for the rest of the day, but it is getting better, just not fast enough for me!!!!!!!….so I hope I can make someone’s day  a good one!

Here are the winners…

Joyce-jmallendorf——jelly roll

billiemick -bigmick@austin.rr—-jelly roll

Pat—primitive Liberty lady…  (I love this name…it is my son’s girlfriends name too)–mini log cabin pendant with cord…

Merry Christmas Girls…email me with your addresses…to


and some of the winners are…

First of all I would like to thank all of you for your wonderful comments and recipes…This is a present for everyone to get a bunch of great recipes…I wish I was cooking more this year, but that’s just the way it goes…I think I am finally starting to feel what I would call better and not just saying I am better…but i know it will take awhile for me to be 100%.  So I know you are all waiting to see who won some prizes…just so you know this is on the up and up…Amy is here making patterns…see the folded paper…she picked the three winners…I have nothing to do with it…so although I love the comments I cannot be bribed.

The first prize is FQ bundle from Moda-French General-  won by Rachel

the second prize is a charm pack from Moda-Gatherings-won by Patti —

the third prize is a jelly roll from Moda-Civil War Crossing-won by Kathy

WINNERS  please email me your addresses so Santa may deliver….

You still all have 10 more chances to win!  LB

Gifts from me to you!

I have found a bunch of presents for YOU!  I will be picking names from my comments section, so you need to leave me a comment …I would love it if you would give me your favorite Christmas Recipe…cookies, salads, main courses whatever…and you can win one of these prizes!  Names will be randomly picked…names will be put in and stay in the drawing throughout the whole week…Wishing you many Christmas Blessings and a Great New Year! LB

The Quilted Santa's gifts for YOU!

christmas decorating

Hey everyone….I hope you are all busy busy busy…doing your thing for Christmas…I am recovering from some girlie surgery I had on Monday…so there in not much going on here…but before the surgery I had accomplished a few things…like cleaning out some drawers and cupboards…decorating and making my favorite chocolates for Christmas….and a little present from who knows when???? I think it is a potato???I will show more decorating later…LB

peanut clusters drying on my pretty table...
melt your chocolate in your crock pot...much easier...
ingredients for "peanut clusters"
the cupboard where Nick puts everything that he doesn't know where to put it...not too much in it now...

the surprise I found in the pantry.... maybe a potato?

the new organized pantry...