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projects from retreat….



Here are most of my projects that I worked on at this past weekend retreat…bunches of blocks for a little Featherweight Club project…then I made a 6″ star block for shop hop…I don’t really care for the block.  I wish the star points were the same instead of alternating…but if I would have used a different fabric to set the star in it probably would have looked better…It is made with 1/2″ triangles…THANGLES  of course…then I fused and stitched the 9th block of Settler’s Pride a quilt designed by Maggie Bonanomi…I love this quilt…Can you guess where it is going to hang?..I also stitched a little table mat for my mother…it has chickens and a log cabin block…I gave it to her without taking a pic first…we are having a snow blizzard now…see what the window of my sewing room looks like?  Can you say snowday tomorrow???  LB



Pics from Retreat

my buddy....Zeus...

Nancy’s Civil War Tribute

Eloise's quilt

Nancy's purse she made for Stacy West...

Bridget's quilt

another quilt from Chris

Patsy's bunnies she made for her nieces and nephews

Cindy's bunnies

As always, a fun weekend was had by all…here are some of the attendee’s projects…i will show off mine tomorrow…enjoy…

Cheryl’s festive quilt

Yolanda's quilt blocks from a guild fabrics

"city girl" Nancy feeding the chick, chick...

they love scraps too!

group shot...

Cindy's wool pincushions

Nancy's old fashioned pincushion

Carole's little Thimbles....206?

Chris's hand dyed flannel with minke back

view from above...can you tell where my messy spot is?


Jan Schneider’s Bed Turning at Primitive Gatherings

Jan Schneider is a remarkable quilter.  When I was thinking of who could pull off a bed turing for our open house, her name was one of the first on my list.  I had to prod her a little and tell her is was not going to be all that bad and that once you start talking about your quilts the nervousness goes away, who knows her quilts better than her, I told her?  Besides being a great and prolific quilter Jan is super nice person as well as a classy lady who supports all of the quilt shops in our area.  I have tried to name and point out as many quilts, patterns, designers and so on as I could remember, but there are many I can’t recall, this is only a part of her 25 years of quilting…so enjoy!

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weekend getaway…

Theresa from YORE a primitive store in Gotham WI

We stopped at YORE primitives in Gotham WI on the way to Patsy’s Homestead Cabin Retreat…this shop was wonderful…it went on and on…room after room of Christmas and primitives…what more could you want…I bought lots and can’t wait to put it out with my Christmas decorations…here a few shots of the shop and Theresa it’s owner…more on the retreat later…LB


Guess what?

Guess where I am going today for the weekend?   Can you RETREAT!  Yes! Lucky me I am leaving to go to my favorite retreat place…Homestead Cabin Retreat…in no where (Hillpoint) WI…no just is a perfect place for a retreat house…no cell reception, just in the middle of farm country….I love going to Patsy’s and hope that our retreat house has the same inviting atmosphere where quilter’s gathering for what they love best!   I should be packing, instead of being on this computer…but I just put together my Settler’s Pride BOM to finish the last block and start the borders…here it is …i will be working on it this weekend along with another little quilt for Featherweight Club…just thought those of you doing this would want a peek…I sewed the wool blocks together with 1/2″ seam allowances on my machine using my walking foot…then pressed the seams open.  This worked so good I think MY next BOM that I design will be wool on wool…it is so fun to work with…FYI you will not hear from me for a few days…but I will report back on Monday of what fun I’ve had…LB


Comments on the Gathering…

Hey…thanks eveyone for the wonderful comments…and yes you can move in!  To answer a bunch of questions at once…The black quilt in the main dining room is call Wisconsin Whig Rose…I designed it for our Guild’s raffle quilt a few years back and I knew the woman who won it…I told her if she ever wanted to sell it please let me know…well, about a year later she needed a little money to help with some of her kids college education.  So I purchased the quilt from her and now it is mine….I just love this quilt!  It has ruched flowers in the center of those blocks and it is just special to me….The snowman quilt with the big snowflake is called Winter Garden…which is also a pattern both are still available, but you may have to call or write in your request in the comment section if you want to purchase these patterns….but maybe they are under Our Designs under Quilts…..You can tell that you southern girls are not used to snow…the airports around here hardly shut down due to snow…and besides…if we are having a blizzard, which hardly ever get to stay until it is over!  How bad is that?  We get lots of snow storms, but they usually only last a day and are over, but the airports don’t delay because of snow…Blizzard and strong winds yes…but not a normal snowstorm…You girls are just CHICKEN…to come here durring our winter…just admit it….we love winter here….it is a lot of fun and very pretty….LB


Photos from the Gatherings Open House…


Well I promised I would show all of you “The Gathering” as far as it was on the Open House.  We are still going through the internet orders and will pick a winner soon….for the free weekend Jan-March.  It is snowing here today…I think our first or at least the prettiest snowfall we have had yet…I think some of you CA and Southern Girls should come to The Gathering and visit the snow this winter…wouldn’t that be cool…you could just look at it through the window and sew away….then go back to your warm home weather after the weekend…here are the pics..everything looks a litle brighter than it is because of all those daylight lights…I missed a few shots but here is what I have for now…I will fill in the voids later…you will be sick of me talking about it in the next couple of weeks…we are working on the headboards for the upper rooms…the bathrooms on the lower level and then just a little more tweeking and hunting for bedside tables and such….curtains and you know…stuff!….LB

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