Country Fair Blog Post…

This little Piggy did not make it to the “fair” this year…but I love the fair…the animals, the quilts and food entries are my favorite…I have also seen many concerts at our County Fair…too many to name, but I love going, I also think one of my first dates was going to the fair and the tractor was so much fun…I think I was once a farmgirl in a previous life…anyway that is a whole other conversation but I will have to make a promise to myself next year to take time to go to the fair…here are some pictures from a previous fair…

I want to thank Lissa from Moda for putting all this together it is a lot of fun and she keeps us all on our toes…who knows what she will come up with next…but it is really fun to work with such creative people…here are the ???’s that I have answers to…                                                                                                       What’s your favorite fair food?  Fried Cheese! I am from WI

What’s your guilty pleasure?  Massages…I wish I could get one a month!

What’s on your bucket list? I would want to spend a week at a Spa Resort…like Canyon Ranch…that would be awesome…someday…    

 What inspires your work?  Antique quilts and my garden, nature and architecture.    

What movie do you watch again & again?  Pearl Harbor, Pretty Woman & Titanic

What’s on your night stand?   Two pictures, one of my Dad & me and then one of my three boys when they were little making a sand castle on the beach.

Do you sing when no one else is listening?  Yup…right now I am singing Dirt Road Anthem and Don’t you wanna stay…I am getting ready to see Jason Aldean someday….I will know all the words…by then.

Tell us about your pet…Jeets (Jeter, after Derek Jeter of the NY Yankees) and Prez (Presley after the KING).  The two handsome dudes are the best dogs we have ever had…come and see them when you visit Primitive Gatherings!

How many quilts have you made?  A lot…but not enough yet….

Below is my project for the Blog Hop…a little “Thread Catcher” for all of your thread ends or tails….  My block pattern and recipe are also here Lisa recipe and block  These cookies are great and easy to make…they contain oil instead of butter and only have a few ingredients!  The Blocks we have all contributed have been stitched in a quilt made by Lissa A….here it is it is so beautiful…it uses a lot of fabrics from our latest lines….mine is the top left…also here are a bunch of my new friends…these Moda girls are a blast to hang out with at market!

Now for the giveaways…Moda has given me a couple of bundles from my Little Gatherings and Wool & Needle Flannels to give to you wonderful ladies who visit this blog…I will also add some more to the loot…so there will be 12 prizes total…We will do a random picks from the comments you leave…I will post winners on the last day of the blog hop and you have a week to contact me, with you info…thanks for blogging…all for now…LB


my jeter must have been stung by a bee.....raced to find some benadryl...luckily the neighbors had some...he ate with a little peanut buttter and in about an hour he look normal...i was really scared

This week has been a busy one…like them all only slightly different..I have been making flannel quilts with my new flannel line…I have finish 3- two are already at the machine quilter… one is still sitting on my table and I am going to try like heck to get a 4th done before the weekend is over…now keep in mind that these are simple quilts…and yes…these are “quilt in a day” type of quilts…maybe I could re-write a true quilt in a day book! Got to love Ms. Burns…she is a hoot…I have 12 women at the house this weekend most of them from CA, then one from WY and one from MI..they are a blast…they are experiencing WI to the fullest! Just finished making a Layer Salad for my son’s engagement/housewarming party today at 1pm then we have Nick’s 25th class reunion tonight…so that should be a fun time…or we will make it one…time to get on with the day but I thought i would give you a peek at a quilt…just because…it is my tribute to the Red/White quilt show in NYC…that I am still bitter about, that I knew nothing of it until it was way over!!!!!!!! So to ease my pain I used my flannels and made one of them…also a few other pics from the week…have a great day and make sure you stitch a little at least! LB

30+ boxes of moda flannel delivered to the shop this week!!!! yipppiee!!! now I can back these quilts I am making...
comfy flannel easy to make...quilt in a lie

day 2

Wow! Did you visit Ann from Bunny Hill?

How and the heck am I going to measure up to these Moda girls? My post isn’t until Sept 30th…but i better start working on it now!!!! I think you all are in for a great time visiting everyone everyday…
I am in Madison and the Quilt Expo opens tomorrow and I have a couple of new quilts in the booth…one is a 72″x 72″ all wool applique quilt…the other is a scrappy vintage quilt using 120 fabrics…so I have holes in my fingers from finishing them…my summer BOW is off to the quilter…but I have been thinking about quilting…..
hmmm…this past month I taught a “big-stitch” hand quilting class at the shop…it was a huge hit…I thought with all these wool and wool applique quilts we are making…We need to hand quilt them!…using perle cotton and big 1/4″ stitches…These quilts don’t need to have tons of quilting on them…so why not do them ourselves…after all, the beautiful wools and fabrics don’t need a lot of fancy quilting on them…The cost of these quilts is easier to handle knowing that they do not have to be sent off to the machine quilter…so take that into consideration when pondering the price of quilt…there doesn’t have to be a $200 quilting charge also…So, back to the class…what is the best way to learn how to do something…to do it of coarse…so…in class i brought one of my wool quilts that needed to be basted, which is very important part of hand quilting….my students(who all passed this class)…learned how to baste properly to ensure the three layers were sandwiched good before the quilting….The quilt is one of the BOM we did designed by Maggie Bonanomi’s– Settlers Pride…first we basted…then we stitched…then we discussed quilting on some of the projects they brought in….It was a fun night and I think they all learned a lot and are not afraid to quilt their quilts now…sorry about some of these photos…but for education’ purposes only….I am letting you see them…My 8 students did well and the teacher went home with a quilt she could load on the quilting frame…who is the smart one?