Spell it with fabric…Moda Blog Hop..


Welcome to another great  MODA blog hop!!! Today Is my day…I’m Lisa Bongean from Primitive Gatherings. LB    My letter for the Blog Hop was P…and here is my block made with the instructions given here:  p_spellitwithfabric IMG_1028

But as you know it is hard being a designer and only making one block when they give you the directions for all of them….so here is what we did at Primitive Gatherings with all the letters…Mini Alphabet Quilt photo Our sample is made by reducing the blocks in half…our whole little quilt is only 42″IMG_9440 I am showing the blocks next to a charm pack so you can judge the size…What a perfect quilt for a grandchild or for yourself!!! I have always wanted to make an alphabet quilt…also…we have kits!!!  The kits are made up using all of my “Gathering” lines from Moda…The kits are priced at $75 and include the pattern.  If you want the pattern only they are $10 and include directions and full color picture of the finished quilt.  This can all be purchased here…Mini Alphabet Quilt

Moda has also given me some great prizes to give away…as well as a kit for our mini quilt from Primitive Gatherings…IMG_9434so please comment on this post and you will be entered to win….we will pick a winner March 5…I will be back from a teaching gig on the 3rd and need a day to get my stuff together and then we will post a winner…We have 5 prizes total…good luck!

I also want to take this time to talk about my new line…which our give-a-ways are from….Homestead Gatherings….Deep Reds, Blacks, Browns and Greens along with Tans paired with all the previous colors on them….I think  this line is my favorite so far…I love the little accent piece with the house..It comes  tan/red, tan/black and black/dk tan….


Look for this line of Moda fabric in your local quilt stores or order it on our website here  Homestead Gatherings.    Pre-cuts are available now and bolted yardage is coming in March/April 2014…We have three quilts made and the kits and patterns will be available soon after the fabric comes in also…Here is a peek at them…Christmas on the Prairie, Homestead and then Hospitality…which is just back from the quilter, Linda Hrcka…and is just fabulous as usual…here is close up…To pre order kits click here:  KITSprairie christmasIMG_2846 2


On this hop you get to learn a little more about us too…here are my questions…

My letter is P..for Primitive Gatherings

What are your initials? LB

My favorite quilt block……….Nine Patch and all star blocks
My favorite memory about school….Playing sports
My favorite book, movie or television show starting with your letter……Phifty Shades of Grey…we all need to read a juicy book or three once in  awhile…I love quilting because…………of all the Patchwork

What if everyday was a holiday?…… I’d be really Pfat!!!
Is there an object, tool or anything that you cannot work without? Pins
Do you have a quote or motto you live ( or work) by?
Something I like……whatever you do…do it the best!!!
Somewhere I have been……I am teaching on a quilting cruise right now…I can’t think of a better place!!!
Somewhere I want to go….I love being HOME at our Lakehouse!!!

So I am trying to get all stuff together for a cruise, plus post so this will post while I am gone…so if I missed anything or if I have typos…I apologize now…

Schedule of Blog Hop Click Here:

a post about french fries….

Do you love french fries?  Dumb question, right?!!! We all love them…I have basically given them up because they just are way too fattening…so with that in mind I want to share with you my newest discovery…I am at the Lakehouse with Nick and I wanted to try out one of our Christmas presents…here it is…a Hot Air Fryer…have you seen this?  Hot Air…not dumped in oil!!!photo copy

You can make a bunch of things in it…I not only bought it for the fries but also for all the fish Nick catches…I like baked and  broiled fish but there is nothing like a good ol’ Wisconsin fish fry…but again…too many calories in that oil…so I can’t wait to fry fish too…I also got a new french fry cutter…Shown here, UnknownI have 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ blades….then I had to soak my fresh cut potato fries in water for 30 min…pat them dry…toss in a tablespoon of oil and then place them in the air fryer…here is how they turned out!!!

Let me just say….they taste as good as any restaurant fries from all those good places we eat out at on the road…when I steal a few of Nick’s of coarse….The only downfall I can see is I may need another one so the fish and the fries can be finish at the same time!  I also can’t wait to try homemade onion rings and cheese curds…are you hungry yet?

I purchased all of this from William Sonoma in case you feel the same way I do about the sinking your fries and fish in the old “hot tub”method.  Plus all the gallons of oil we used…No guilt now…Thank You God for making people so smart that they can figure these things out so we all can enjoy  fries now…have a great Saturday…I am going to stitch now while enjoying the sunshine coming through the windows…LBphoto


happy valentines day!

20140214-100044.jpgI would like to share these little heart quilts with you today!!! When I was in AZ at The Old World Quilt Shop…they had a little sample of a heart using our Itty Bitty pinwheel tool…I basically told Dee she had to quickly make kits for them because it was  way too cute!  So if you are near her shop,  go and get a fabric kit! Click here for info on this great shop..Olde Word Quilt Shoppe  The shop is very homey…a lot like mine.

I taught this little quilt on Wednesday night for my Stitch ‘n Bitch girls…who consist of my sisters in law Amy, Tina and her sisters, niece and a few girls from the warehouse and some girls from my hometown…now most of these girls are not diehard quilters and some are not at all…but they all had a blast and they think I am awesome, cause they didn’t think they could and I assured them it was easy!  Most stitch’n bitch nights are mostly bitchin and hardly any stitchin…

If you want to make one of these you need a few things…2 1/2″ squares, borders …and the tool( I know lots of you have them already)…If not, sold here Itty Bitty Pinwheel     This includes a pattern with the complete instructions on how to use the template $10…If you know how to use the templates already you can purchase just the template here…Template  for $8.  If you would like kits for $12 and $20 go here…Heart kits    Kits are for pre-cut squares, borders and binding and will not be exactly the same as shown here, some may, but I don’t know how many of you are going to want a kit from us…I know you all have enough fabric at home, but if I didn’t offer a kit, I would get 50 emails saying…where’s the kit!!!!!, so we are covered.  

From Cream with the red print, Cut 2-2″x 10 1/2″ &  2″x 14 1/2″ then 7- 2 1/2″ squares.  Cut 18- 2 1/2″ red squares from various red prints.

Stitch together as shown below.Heart

Lower your stitch length…Do not use a light thread…I do not care to see white thread in the seams of my red heart.  Press seams open to distribute the bulk of the seams.

Place the template on the top left hand corner of the first red square….place the template face up and place the cross hairs on the seams as shown.  Cut using a small rotary cutter, cutting all four sides making sure not to cut into the next square.photo 3

Continue cutting until you have all the intersections cut.  Place the cut squares back in order.IMG_0210 2IMG_0236 2IMG_0215IMG_0219IMG_0240 2

Now stitch the squares into rows.  Then stitch the rows together.  Pressing seams open.  We then added another cream border back on…Cut 2- 2 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ and then 2- 2 1/2″ x 10 1/2″ Add side and then top and bottom borders.  You can now quilt or frame your little heart… It is 10″….OR…you can make a little quilt making a bunch of heart blocks..The Stitch n bitch girls did a great job…This little heart is a 5×5 grid…The big heart is done with a 7×7 gird…both are shown together on the top photo…The larger one is 14″ with the added 1 1/2″” cream and 3″ cut sized red borders.photo 4

IMG_0251 2Thanks for being there for me…I’m returning some love to you…have a great valentines day and make a little heart quilt….LB

spell it with fabric…MODA blog hop…coming soon!


Hey All…I want to give you a heads up on a new blog hop starting next week…You will not want to miss this…quilt patterns, giveaways, finished quilt ideas and more!!!

It feels so good to be home…just waiting for Nick to make it home now…

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Class project…


I just wanted to share photos of one of my students project from last Saturdays workshop at olde world quilt shop in Cave Creek, AZ.
She brought me her project during the show so I didn’t get her name…hopefully someone can fill me in on that…but anyway…I was so enamored with it that I lost all my senses…all her appliqué was done and it was quilted! She used her new sashiko? Stitch sewing machine…it stitches like hand quilting…hmmmm maybe I need one of these, she said she loves it! Hopefully we will find out her name and I just wanted to share this with you all…
Today is the last show day here in Phoenix… I am ready to go home…and snuggle with Jeter and Presley…I don’t care how cold it is back there…I miss them so much…the weather has been great here but after 20 plus days away…there is no place like home…