Help…..Hershey PA

Anyone at the Hershey quilt show that can help us out? Jake is sick and Amy is in the booth alone… If you can stop by and see if she needs anything I would appreciate it!!!

Block 8 Wool SBOW…

Block 8 pattern states there should be 9 2×11 strips…your kits only have 8. Our block 8 cutting chart only had 8 on it? So I don’t know what happened to that 9th one…but we’ll fix it…

We will add the extra strip to Block 10.  So block 10 will have a total of 9 instead of 8. Then you will be able to make the extra 4 patch that you have 3 strips waiting to pair up with.

Thanks to Jennifer for noticing this so quick…Block 9’s are already packed with your 5×5 extra grey wool piece in it.

Thanks again for your understanding. You guys are great pattern and kit testers!!!  And this social media thing has some great benefits! Instant communication when necessary!


Summer Crazy Table Mat…

Look what I have finished!!! Summer Crazy Table Mat!! It turned out so cool…..I just love it…The kits are  all ready and we are ready to ship…It will also be with us in Charlotte NC next week for the new AQS show….and I actually have Fall all done too…but we are working on the kits and pattern and it will not be ready until mid August…but keep that in mind too…I am surprised at how fast I can get these done…Those crazy stitches are so fun…and I’m sad when I am done…I am taking along the Everyday Crazy Table Mat with me to stitch this weekend when I am visiting in CA and then flying to NC from there on Sunday to set up for the new AQS show in NC…hopefully I will come home with this mat done as well! Winter Crazy Table mat is already on the site…then there is Summer, Fall and Everyday…Maybe I will do Spring also now that I think about it…but we really don’t have spring in WI anymore…we go right from snowstorm to 80 degrees all in a week’s time…The mat is Kit and Pattern for $85…Pattern only is $15…I have taught these mats a lot lately and you get lots of wool for your backgrounds and a great updated pattern with all the crazy stitches shown…I have listed all the threads on the description on the website if you need to check over to see if you need to add some to your ever growing thread collection!!! Take care…time to put the finishing touches on my packing…Here is the link to order kits and patterns if you wish…Summer Crazy Table mat

To my students, who kept asking for the kit that I was working on!!! It’s done!!! Now you can order it!…lol I had to explain that I am stitching the project…it can’t already be in a kit and pattern…I am creating it now…then I have to put all those sizes, numbers and double and triple check everything….…how are you doing on your mat???? Send me some pictures and comments about your class…tell everyone how easy it is, so they think I am not trying to pull one over on them!


Weekend projects…SBOW block 7 update…

Quilters….I want to share my finished APQ Quilt Along quilt….It was a little frustrating quilting it as I broke a tension spring on my long arm at the beginning of a row and didn’t notice it until it was time to advance the quilt….the stitches on the top were fine…but it was all funky on the back starting from where the spring broke….so black on black was fun to rip out almost an entire row…yuck!…and it was the second to last row…so it was kind of tricky…part of the problem was not to pick out the good row…I basted stitches around the perimeter of the row that had to come out with bright pink perle cotton so I would not rip out any good ones… once I figured that out it only took about 21/2 hours to rip…this is why I have someone else quilt my quilts!!! lol…..The quilting design is Royal Plumes from Golden Threads…it was a great design.  I will definitely stitch it again.

If you wanted a kit for this quilt I believe they are ready…hopefully we called you if you were on the list…sorry it took a bit to get them…we had to wait to get 20 good blacks in the store…The sashing is solid black…the border is from my new line Homestead Gathering.

lisa bongean/primitive gatherings
lisa bongean/primitive gatherings
lisa bongean/primitive gatherings
lisa bongean/primitive gatherings
lisa bongean/primitive gatherings
lisa bongean/primitive gatherings


Then after reading Tim Latimer’s blog….He inspired me to get back to hand quilting…so I brought my big frame up to the lakehouse to stitch…got a whole row of fans done yesterday in no time at all…a little each day and it could be done by the end of summer…

lisa bongean/primitive gatherings
lisa bongean/primitive gatherings

Now for the block #7  update…Randy who is doing the SBOW sent me an email while I was in MI last week stating the stem was not reversed on the pattern, he works on them as soon as they are delivered to keep up…which is good for all of us…I couldn’t do anything about it being gone so today…I pulled it out to figure it out…the wool is only 2 x 9 1/2″ so what I did was cut fusible web 1/2″ x 9 and then cut the stem with the rotary cutter, like stems in any of the previous blocks…Teri the graphic designer added the stem to the traced shapes and I did not catch this while proofing…so do not trace the stem in block 7.  Cut it at 1/4″ and then taper it down to 3/16….

lisa bongean/primitive gatherings

Then in about 100 kits, the the gray wool for the watering can was substituted and was actually darker than the dark wool for the handle spout and top…so what we are going to do is send everyone a new 5×5 grey wool piece in block 9 it will be stapled to the out side of the package…this way you should have plenty of wool to choose from and we don’t have to worry about missing anyone…if your kit was right…you get a bonus…its just easier to do all then try to have everyone email who’s is wrong… We need to adjust the size of the cement (handle, spout and top) wool a little bigger also as it is a little tight.  If you find that things are not fitting, there is a problem…please email as you are my testers you are not bothering us!!! If you tried to get the stem on or need a little more green wool send you a small scrap if you email us…or some have said they used leftover wool from a previous block.

We are so sorry for this inconvenience…if you have any issues contact us and we will work everything out…

also need to let some of you know…

Your shipping for these blocks or anything that is shipped from our shop is a little more than just basic USPS shipping…our shipping has delivery conformation, so we can track all of our shipments…it is a little more expensive but worth it when things go wrong…and they do…we are not making money on shipping and we charge no handling.

If you signed up late for the SBOW and missed out on those weeks freebies…you can call and get the back ones…but I’d advise you to just use to your scraps because the pattern is the same in all of them….

Also the cut off for ordering Wool SBOW Finishing and Freebie kits is August 8…look at your labels….does it say Finishing kits?  If not, we don’t have you signed up…If yes…you are good no need to contact us..

If you sign up this week and next week’s doesn’t say it…it might take another week or two…we print labels once a week….So by week 12 they all should have them on if you order by the August 8th date…

Thanks again…for being part of this SBOW!!! and for subscribing to my blog…I had a blast teaching in MI last week…met a bunch of nice ladies…and they rocked their crazy stitches and wool appliqués!!!!


Block 6 Correction for wing


Summer Block of the Week #6 Update…also Stitch Along

Hey all…just a little info here…I appreciate if you find any errors in this summer pattern as you are my pattern testers….so please email if you think there is a problem or a typo or whatever, like the missing wing in block 6.  We forgot to add a wing to the bird on Block 6 Wool SBOW…we have the wool in the kit but the drawing is missing the wing…we will also add it to Block 9’s direction off to the side so you have a hard copy. Those of you who are keeping up and need this wing now this is for you!!!  Click on it to print the PDF Click here for Block 6 Correction 

We have been getting a few calls about there not being enough fabric in the block kits…The appliqué block kit consists ONLY of the tans and the 4 patches like here….all the other stuff around this is in the pieced blocks.  I also would suggest to only maResizedImage951405011654393ke blocks for now…and finish the appliqués that travel into the pieced blocks when you put the whole quilt together.  This is only  my suggestion…as it will spread the fabrics out…I also did not arrange my blocks in the order you are getting them….but if you do you own thing by piecing rows together…I am sure it can somehow work…but it is not how I have done this quilt and written the directions…

Speaking of directions…PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE  read ALL of my directions! We get calls that are unnecessary if only they would have read the directions.  Also, please remember the girls at the shop have not done this quilt I have…so if you have questions…please email me…you can send it to attn Lisa B and i will answer you…but only if the answer is NOT in my directions….lol..

The Stitch Along Part 2 will be shipping tomorrow and next week…in case you are looking for them…they are starting to ship…

I hope you are all enjoying your summer and taking time to stitch!!! Someone told me once only I am in charge of my time…so if you don’t have time to stitch who’s fault is that?

all for now…LB