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Today is the last day to get our gifts for being the best customers ever!!! With a $25 minimum purchase you receive the pincushion kit and pattern along with the patterns for the 2 others shown here…kits are also available for the other two and can count towards your $25 purchase…shop here  Primitive Gatherings   We had an full house yesterday…at one point I had to sneak downstairs because there we so many people upstairs so I went down where there were a little less congestion and I could take a small break!!!  It was nice to see so many of you…and I hope that your holidays are the best!!!  We love this event and we are going to revamp it for next year…bigger, better and move the dates!!!FREE PATTERNS/lisabongean



Now on to the next update…I will be participating in a blog hop with a bunch of great designers starting in December…free patterns and good recipes!  I am going to post the recipe for the Ginger cookies we make for our Christmas Gathering…Hop on over to Stacy’s blog for all the participants..

Dec 1 * Quilts by Cheri

Dec 2 * Plumcute Designs

Dec 3 * Gail Pan Designs

Dec 4 * The Woolen Willow
Dec 5 * Ali Strebel Designs
Dec 6 * Cardiff Farms
Dec 7 * Blackberry Primitives
Dec 8 * Wooden Spool Designs
Dec 9 * Heartspun Quilts
Dec 10 * Notforgotten Farm
Dec 11 * Kathy Schmitz
Dec 12 * Crabapple Hill
Dec 13 * Primitive Gatherings
Dec 14 * Buttermilk Basin








Then finally…Our Cruise is filling fast…We have over 100 people going already including non stitchers…we have space for less than 20 quilters left! We can only sew about 100.  This is super exciting…So if you are on the fence I’d hurry up and decide before we are full!!!  You don’t want us to have all this fun without you!  This is an updated flyer…Fort Lauderdale airport is cheaper than flying to where ever we had you coming in before!  Prices include your lodging, kits for classes and lots of special surprises!securedownload


Now for the rest of the day this is what I have planned….I will be going to Lambeau Field to watch the Packers and the Patriots…I was going to wear these shoes…butimages-13


we are in WI and its about 10 degrees today not counting the windchill…so this is more like it..images-11.

Go Packers!!images-12images-14Unknown


do we have our website issue fixed?

Is anyone still having issues with our site…Please let comment if you can now access our site…thanks in advance LB

Here is what I got from Robb our website builder…
earlier I mentioned the person who asked if it was a virginia problem… well, as it turns out…

to make the site load faster no matter where the visitors are, I use a service that pre-caches content on multiple servers globally. that way if you are in california, you get a server that is geographically closer to you, and it sends data to your computer a lot faster than if you had to wait for it to come from michigan or somewhere else.

for some reason, a couple of those servers had been blacklisted by my web server… and one of those servers happened to be in – virginia. and that server provided content to ohio, virginia, parts of illinois, and connecticut… all the main regions of the people who have filled out the contact us page.

the blacklist is being removed as we speak, and the good and patient people who have been helping me to narrow down the cause of this, will be able to enjoy the site once again.

thank you for your patience and trust in me while I worked out the problem and solution!!




images-12I wish all of you a wonderful “THANKSGIVING”  I know we all have lots to be thankful for.

All of the items for our Christmas Gatherings are now loaded on the site under NEW… (I love watching the home screen switch, so cool)…for you to participate in this special event!  You have until Sunday to figure out your order.  You will automatically receive all 3 patterns and a kit for the pincushion.  You will need to make a minimum purchase of $25 to receive these gifts. (No BOM’s please)  If you want kits for any of the patterns you get free, just enter the kit in your cart…do not enter the pattern.

I also forgot to talk a little more about the coupon book you are going to receive also…it has many many coupons for the whole next year…but it also has prizes for those who use them the most…I can’t remember the breakdown…but it is listed in your coupons what they exactly are…but lets say you use 10 coupons next year…you will be entered in a drawing for a $100 gift card…if you use 15…$250 gift card…if you use 20…a $500 gift card…I know the numbers are not correct but the $$$ is…just another reason to use the coupons!!!

We have received some email or Facebook posts saying you cannot access our site…I’ll try to speak “geek” here for a moment…notice the word try…We have completely changed sites from one url to another…if you still have our old url (book marked or cached) it is trying to access that one and it no longer exists…your computer memorizes things and automatically bring them up…you then cannot click on have to completely re type:  in your  browser then when the new site comes up you can book mark it or save it.. If you still for some reason cannot “get on” please tell us what your page is stating so we can have our “tech guy” Rob look into it… You also can call us on Saturday and we will take an order over the phone 920-722-7233-…we will not be in the store on Friday. Hope this helps…we feel bad that you are having troubles… we want your order and we want to send your all the gifts we have ready for you!!!!

Here is the link to the store it should bring your there for sure… Primitive Gatherings 

Now time for some turkey and pie…my favorites!!! LB




Happy Thanksgiving!!! Are you ready for our Christmas Gathering?







I’m sure everyone is getting their stuff together for their turkey day celebrations!  Take a break for a minute and read about our 2014 Christmas Gathering this year…We have themed it “Heart and Home”…I believe that home is where most of us want to be the most, especially those of us who travel a lot…I love the log cabin block but seriously have not made very many projects ever with it…Using the log cabin block as a starting point I designed 3 patterns for you, if you participate in our Christmas Gathering…what do you need to do to participate if your in town or online???  You can come into the shop on Saturday form 9-3:30…the shop will be brimming with new samples…cookies, coupon book for 2015 and door prizes!  Yes…you know all about all the cool door prizes we have…we also are having our annual bed turning of antique quilts again…at 11am.  You need to purchase $25 in (new-not a bom that you are already signed up for) regular priced merchandise.  You will get 3 Heart and Home themed patterns and the kit for the pincushion.  Here are the projects.FREE PATTERNS/lisabongean  .  Kits will be available for these patterns also.  If you CANNOT come into the shop…you can still shop via the internet! What would we all do without it!!! With a $25 order you will get the three patterns and a pincushion kit, the 2015 coupon book…maybe a door prize…we save half of them for the web quilters…no cookies…bummer, but hey, we’ll post the recipe!  We will accept ONLINE orders from Thursday (27th) through Sunday the (30th.)  If you would like more pincushion kits they will be $6.  You will automatically get a pincushion kit…do not put it in your cart unless you want an extra one(s).  After the Chrimstmas Gatherings Event they will be $7 kit only…so you get a deal if you order more during the event.  They are super cool and easy to stitch!  I love the featherweight machine…everyone should have one of those!  Here are some close-ups of the other projects and their pricing.

the heart of our home/lisabongean

heart of our home …KIT $12      size: 14″x !6″


The heart of our home/lisabongean

Winter Cabin   Kit $32

Winter Cabin Kit $32  16″

Winter Cabin/lisa bongean

Winter Cabin/lisa bongean   16″

SEW pincushion 4x8  extra kits $6

SEW pincushion   size: 4×8        extra kits $6

I also want to tell you about the new mugs we have made for this special event…We have a limited amount of this log cabin mug for 2014, this will be an annual thing…so we can collect them, notice I said we…I lovlisa bongean/ 2014 muge drinking from these mugs…and…they make awesome vessels for presents for your quilting buddies or for yourself…bring it to work so you can be reminded of what your really want to be doing instead of working…lol…unless you work for me!     Mugs sell for $18.50  These mugs are hand made locally in my town. One of Jake’s buddies works there and this is just another way to support another local small business.  IMG_1165-2I love the detail.  We only ordered a limited amount of these mugs…I hope you will want one for you or that special quilting friend. ….Hop on over to see Jess’s post of more pics of the shop on the shop blog… Primitive Gatherings Blog  

I mentioned the 2015 Coupon book earlier that you will get…this is the BEST thing for all of next year we will run specials and you will be able to take advantage of them!  This coupon book is given to you as one of our gifts during this event…After the event we charge $10 for it…but this coupon book has many $$$ of savings in it…one for example is 40% off one item…which you could use on a wool kit!!

I hope that covers all of what I was supposed to share for the Christmas Gathering…but I really want to take the time to say how THANKFUL I am to have this talent and to be able to share with all you quilters…quilters are the best people…I am also thankful for this shop we run and the great people who I work with everyday which allow me to offer all of this to you.  I am also thankful for my husband Nick, and sons Luke and his fiancé Brooke,  Jake and his wife Lauren…you make my life so much more exciting and wonderful.  THANK YOU  and have a GREAT holiday, with your family and friends and eat lots of turkey and fixins!!!


Lisa and the Staff of Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop


10th Anniversary Stitch Along…Part 5




Theres a ton of stuff going on here that I can’t wait to share with you…but soon…I’ll let you all know what other things I have been up too…so there will be lots of posts coming…Now back to the Stitch Along!

Are you ready for Part 5?  If not it’s OK…just keep collecting the patterns… But there will be one more Part after this one… your almost there.  I decided this border needed a some wool…I didn’t want anything too fussy so Ive come up with a simple vine and berry border.  Part 5The quilt at this point is 28 1/2″…Part 5 will be $11.

I’ve waited to post this until we have had the kits done.  They are starting to ship them today…The quilt will be about 36″ when it is completed!!!  I still would not mind if you sent your “in progress” Stitch Alongs to me…I will post them when I get a bunch…

Now for the “pieced” version…I changed things up a bit here…because I just do that sometimes…The last border is 3″ instead of 2″.  This version is turning out pretty cool too! Pieced Part 5



Quilted Living Book tour winner is…

QL Book TOur Banner-01


Darly Dulion
November 11, 2014 at 12:24 pm
Lisa, I have a 10 ft long farm table also so your version of Gerri’s new design is perfect. Thank you for pointing out the technique Gerri uses for star points. Look forward to seeing you at Road2CA in January.

Darly…Please send your address to and we will get your book out to you…ENJOY!!!quiltedliving-cover-850_1_2


Quilted Living Book Blog Tour

QL Book TOur Banner-01Welcome to the first day of Geri Robinson’s Quilted Living Book Tour…I’m Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings144A1746 - Copy…I was delighted to be asked to stitch a project in Gerri’s newest book and be a part of this book tour.  What an awesome job I have… right?  This was the first thing on my list to stitch after arriving home from 2 weeks in Houston for Quilt Market & Festival.  I looked forward to “just stitching” …pick my fabrics and just make the runner… As a designer…I have to aways be thinking about writing everything down, figuring out every measurement, how many pieces of what and so on…so none of that here…just stitch the runner.  After studying my project  Liberty Table Runner….I decided to tweak it a little different from the pattern.  I was supposed to make it and put my twist on it.  I love long skinny runners… so I made the decision to only make 1 row of stars for my big farm table at the Lakehouse.  My color theme at the there is cream, grey and yellow…which just happens to be included in my newest fabric line, Lakeside Gatherings, due out this coming December and I happened to have some leftovers from all the quilts that we just made so this part was  super easy…no real decisions again…I added a few extra stars for a total of 15 instead of 13.   I then found some  leftover backing from Winneconne Waves quilt that will work, without having to piece a back, or use a bunch of yardage for a little  long runner.IMG_0999


See the Pam Buda BOM the Crows are working on??? I thought I’d leave that in for a little eye candy…

It is the weekend before this post so I’d better quilt it and get a binding on it right away…just in case something happens…I’ll be ready for this post instead of saving it all til Monday…So on the long arm it goes…IMG_1024


I picked a small edge to edge pattern (Paisley Max) and got it done…I used a cream thread and the  runner was done in one pass…That is noIMG_1027t the thread I used…just a prop so you can see the size of the pattern…



imagesI just love how this runner worked out…but the best part was piecing the stars! Look at them close…they share the same parts…square in a square units instead of flying geese, traditional star blocks.  It was  fun to piece these this way and it went together in a snap…If you have a shorter table…make less stars…this pattern is easily adaptable to any size, length or width.  I also changed the longer strip order…nothing major but a slight change… Here are two of the runners in the book…great also in Americana colors…I enjoyed stitching this runner I am going to make one for the summer holiday in drab red, tan and blue or maybe the quilt…yes…it was that fun!IMG_1025

I sat and went through all the other projects in the book…Nice directions..very clear and concise.  I tend to be more traditional and use more of a warm color palette in most of my projects.  The book’s projects are made from Gerri’s newest fabric line called Summer Cottage from Red Rooster Fabrics which is very fresh, clean and summery…but I can see that these patterns could handle many fabric choices that work with traditional blocks.

My Lakeside runner turned out to be 14″x 64″  Linda( and I shared projects  and she asked if I am going to have kits???.  Well I guess the answer is… yes we could!….If you would like to pre-order  (december) a kit using the same fabrics as ours the price will be $30.  See our website here for the kit.  You can get the book from Planted Seed Designs, Fat Quarter Quilt shop and we will also stock it at Primitive Gatherings It listed with the runner in the drop down box.

quiltedliving-cover-850_1_2If you wish to win this book leave me a comment! We will pick a winner at the end of the tour.  I want to CONGRATULATE Gerri on her newest book and fabric line…I know how much hard work this all takes.  Well done!

If  you have not already been there…hop on over to Linda’s Blog to see what she has worked her quilting magic on! I have not seen it quilted yet, but It will be awesome!

Here is the rest of this Book Blog Tour Schedule:

November 11th
Fat Quarter Shop kicks off tour!

November 11th
Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings
Linda Hrcka of The Quilted Pineapple

November 12th
Gail Pan Designs
Erica Jackman of Kitchen Table Quilting

November 13th
Kathy Brown of The Teacher’s Pet
Thearica Burroughs of Pigtales & Quilts

November 14th
Helen Stubbings of Hugs N Kisses
Gerri Robinson of Planted Seed Designs ends the tour!

Good Luck and keep those needles moving!





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