and the winners are…

Well…I promised I’d post the winners today from yesterday’s post and I will…I’ve made it to MI…only an hour getting through Chicago…and when I arrived at my hotel, I thought I could bring everything in at once…and while attempting this I also thought I could throw my garbage out too…well that’s where it all went south…I had a nice 31 bag full of my sewing…my carryon suitcase…my hanging dress for tomorrow’s class and guild meeting, my computer bag…I then decided to throw the dress in the 31 bag…grabbed my half eaten Mc D’s hot fudge sundae and proceeded to dump the melted sundae in my 31 bag when I grabbed it to pick it up…uggghhh…so now I have fudgy, melted ice cream all over my sewing, my dress,  my travel pillow, some patterns I was proofing, my 48 blank paper blocks I was going to sketch for the wool SBOW and some finished new projects I was to show in class!  I had to hand wash my dress in the sink, I dryed it in the hotel dryer..(its now full of wrinkles)…and hand cleaned all the other items the best I could….so all the while I was cleaning I was laughing…this could only happen to me…I should have eaten the whole dang sundae…that IS the real lesson here…

After I posted yesterday I managed to start stitching a few of my SBOW bowtie blocks together from the CA store (the WI store is now running this as a BOM starting soon click HERE if you want to join in..

ALL my bowties are made…so I sorted them all into 42 piles of 36 after I realized I had two the same bowties in a block…there are some extras here so I’ll have some fun with those making something else besides the quilt…now everyday I sit down to stitch, I will have to sew a few blocks and before you know it they will be ALL done, I must get it done before this years SBOW!…you really need a pressing stick for these blocks to press the row seams open…do you have one? Click here to see a post on them. PRESSING STICK


Ok…enough talking about what I’m working on….I really want to tell you I’m so impressed that so many of you read that whole post…we had 640 people comment! I too loved reading about what you are stitching on, really… even if it isn’t one of my designs…it’s fun to know….I recognize a bunch of you from teaching, shows and from being longtime customers of PG…I really appreciate how nice you are to me and how happy you are for Nick and I.  I’m am really blessed with so much…so I can’t wait to send three lucky winners a quilty package…please if you win, share what you got with a pic…I’ll post it here if you send it to me!!!

Also…please email me with your physical address to where I can send the package…

I randomly selected these winners…

Ellen Friewald
Hi Lisa, I’m a member of the SWFl Quilts for Kids chapter. For the past several days I have been sewing on bindings for quilts made by other chapter members.

Karen Guimon
Like most quilters I have several projects in progress but I have recently started to do EPP and have to say I’m a little hooked. I’ve done (and finished!!!) the last few years of SBOW, so I’m excited to see what you have in store for this coming summer!

Diana Kiehl
I just finished Warm Winter Gatherings! I just love how it came out and plan on hanging it in my living room. I’m in progress on 13 two of a kind pin cushions for my sewing buddies and I’m next going to start piecing The 9 patch blocks on Lisa’s Garden (already finished the appliqué. Just love working with your fabrics and patterns! Love your new sewing room and your work

I will send these out early next week…and now it’s time to hit the sack…workshop and a night lecture tomorrow, busy day, hoping I got out all goo from my projects and praying they will be dry by tomorrow!!

my best,



weekend at anchor point…

Well I’ve been home a whole week…still moving “stuff” from the old house to the new…little by little…we are living at Anchor Point…but we still have about 40% of our stuff to move out of the old house…I spent some time sewing in my new studio…I am “functional”, but not “pretty” yet…I want to live in the space before I decide to decorate it…My space is amazing…I have everything from the old home studio plus what I had at the lakehouse, so 2 sewing stations, 2 pressing stations…3 cutting tables and a sitting area…plus a bunch of built in storage…I do not have a fabric vault..but you can’t have it all!  Why does one need all of this?…I plan on working at home Mondays and Fridays and Amy my assistant may be with me some of that time. I plan on going into the work studio tues-thursdays working 12 hour days…so thats the plan…wonder if it will work?

This made be laugh so I thought I would share…Jeter (who is my dog, he was really supposed to be Nick’s but they really choose us) who spends time with me when I stitch…was checking out all the “new” spots in his new studio…IMG_5952IMG_5949IMG_5947

So far I have nothing in any of these cabinets….hmmm I know I have lots of things to put in them…but what should I really put in there???  I promise to show real pics again when it’s decorated.

I am stitching on a quilt from my fabric line…The Farmer’s Son..Wool & Needle Flannels IV.  Does this ever happen to you? IMG_5941 It happens because I layer 4-5 fabrics when cutting…but here is my solution…I may not even need this one as I always have extras but just in case…IMG_5942IMG_5943I have a wonderful selection of permanent Sharpies…IMG_5944I use them when needed…I sometimes have to “fix” things…so I’m prepared…Now you know we will only see a little bit of this right?  Have you ever done this?

Well really there is a lot going on here in my world.  I have the pieced SBOW figured out..we are also doing an EPP(English Paper pieced SBOW too, and I think I might have settled on the wool appliqué one……just thought I would touch base and let you know I’m working hard and will be sharing soon!

I also got to hang out with “little man” today…he was so much fun…he’s gonna be a little dare-devil…IMG_5963gee I don’t know where any of that comes from!!! IMG_5961Happy Sunday!!!


PS…If you have read this to the end…It’s National Quilting Day…Leave me a comment at the end of this post on what you are stitching on and I will pick some winners!  I will pick tomorrow night when I’m in my hotel room in MI for a workshop and guild meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday…they will be mystery packages!  So fun!

Missing home…already

I know its been awhile since I’ve done a post and as promised I will post more…more about what I’m working on…more about our travels…more about classes, more about everything and yes…the Lakehouse too!

So while I’m here in CA I’m thinking about the house, I lived there almost a week…we are 75% moved in after the home was shown on our local builders, Parade of Homes event… what I am thinking about is…. not wanting to remove the Lakeside Gatherings quilts off from the beds…so what can I do to make that real?  Put the remaining kits we have for these quilts on sale while I show you the 3 bedrooms in the Lakehouse…business and fun at the same time…I will post again showing you more after we are 100% moved in…promise.

Here we go…Lisa Bongean1the master bedroom in the house…has the a great boarded ceiling with the large reclaimed barn beams.  The walls are 10 foot but then this room has the added vaulted ceiling, the white circles are speakers and lights. The curtains are light gold and cream with wide stripes, they really don’t cover the windows…they are just to soften all the hard edges of the room…Lisa Bongean2

I have a great morning view of the lake…this pic is of the staged house before we actually moved in…so it is partially furnished….see the quilt hanger?  Wonder what I will put there?

Here is one of the two guest rooms…Lisa Bongean5its grey walls were the perfect spot for Ladies on the Lake to live…It is not a queen sized quilt but this bed is…so just roll down the sheet a little further to make up for the smaller quilt.  Our bed and nightstands are from Uban Evolution...a made in America again store using reclaimed woods and materials to make cool stuff…Nick and I buy lots of our home furnishings from them…They are featured in catalogs like Sundance..but here in Appleton WI is there home/outlet where things are much more affordable. If you get a chance stop in there… say I sent you!!!

Ladies on the Lake info is HERE.  It’s beautiful grey and yellows are so loved by everyone…doesn’t matter if you make it for a guy or gal…they will LOVE it!


Then last but not least…Anchor Point…Lisa Bongean3which most of you are familiar with…and have read my posts about it…it has a predominant place in our home…You can have your own Anchor Point…it comes in 3 sizes…102″, 60″ and 24″square. Make it for your  home, your sailor, your cottage/lakehouse or your fisherman in your life.  It’s an easy but awesome quilt!!!

This is our stairs to the second level of our home…that is the 102″ quilt!  Its so amazing here…like it was made for it…my builder even hung it for me…they wanted it there for the home show…The stairs are 3/4 carpeted with 1/4 black stained where the iron railings are connected…the newel posts and the hand rail are stained wood…..a another view from the upper level…Lisa Bongean4how cool is our “chandelier”…nothing sparkly or shiny in my house…lol….love those Edison bulbs too!!! Here is a quilt made by my friend Randy, using this pattern, isn’t he clever!!! The star block is the mini size and he made 4 of them!!!4f1d59891ffdc4b8a3f558fcdfb8112e

Almost forgot the last bedroom…there are only a pair of antique quilts on the beds here…but I know you will still love this room…Lisa Bongean6I worked with Bellwether Interiors when building our house…I loved Leslie and Christa…they helped make sure things went smoothly and I didn’t make any foolish or out of date choices…it was amazing and our house we built is indescribable…when I came home from the cruise and seen it for the first time all done…I had to sit down…there were tears streaming down my face…I could not fathom that this was OUR home…even though I was there making all the final choices it just was overwhelming beautiful…I’m glad I got to come home and not see that week clean up and staging…even when they decided to use a different bed and they when to our Menasha home and disassembled that pencil post black bed…hmm it hadn’t been moved in many many years…so can you imagine?  But oh well…Leslie wanted that bed instead of the other we had and she got it!!! One thing Leslie taught me about painting a room a dark color, this is navy…use a FLAT finish, not even satin…looks amazing!!! These beds we made from a looking at a Pinterest photo and were in the old lakehouse, they still look lovely here.  I also love that the lights that we used on the beds are the same as the lights on the outside of the new house…easy to clean the bugs off when living at the lake.

Please help me get the kits for these sold…if you know someone who might be interested in one please let them know about it…They won’t go any cheaper..we will take the kits apart and cut into FQs or F8th’s or something…this fabric is getting hard to find.  We have only a few Ladies on the Lake kits and more of the others…

Thanks for letting me show you the house pics!!! I have some great ideas coming up for you to use in your house too!…until next time…keep stitching!!

my best